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World of Warcraft Reforged 3.5

Open world role-playing game funmap for Warcraft III: Reforged based on World of Warcraft Reborn featuring computer AI support which allows you to play the map offline.

SD GRAPHICS: This map is currently restricted to SD graphics due to performance issues with HD graphics in multiplayer. You can easily enable the HD graphics (see below).
Open Source: The map is unprotected and you are free to modify it but I would prefer you to give me feedback for my version to get it improved.
If you create your own version of this map please give me at least credit like I did to EvilPitlord and DeMoNiKuS.

  • Open World.
  • Many custom heroes with custom spells.
  • Reskilling heroes: Customize the 5 hero spells of your hero.
  • Custom backpack system with up to 180 extra items and a custom UI to manage them.
  • Custom equipment system allows to equip additional items and use additional hero spells.
  • Many different custom races including the 4 standard races from Warcraft: Naga, Blood Elf, Demon, Draenei, Furbolg, Goblin, Dwarf, High Elf, Kul Tiras, Dalaran and many upcoming races.
  • Different Game Modes: Warlord or Freelancer.
  • Different difficulties.
  • Computer AI support: The AI chooses between Freelancer and Warlord and gets a random race and random hero. It levels its hero and improves the army. You can ally and unally Computer players. AI settings can be configured in a custom UI.
  • Maximum hero level 75 with maximum hero ability levels 15.
  • Up to 3 heroes per player.
  • Savecodes: Save your hero XP, gold, lumber, stats, researches, units, items and buildings with codes which can be loaded in other games.
  • Quests: Many different quests with items as rewards.
  • Bosses: Many different bosses in dungeons for interesting fights dropping legendary items.
  • Respawning, leveling creeps: Creeps and items will respawn and creeps level with the lowest hero level in the game.
  • Different professions allow crafting items.
  • Clans: Join clans with your friends.
  • Demigod: Become a powerful demigod.
  • Goblin Bank: Increase your gold and lumber.
  • Flying Mounts: Transport your heroes around the world.
  • Portals: Everything is connected with portals and you can build and connect your own portals.
  • Dynamic trees: You can regrow and cut down trees as you want to. Trees have increased HP.
  • Useful chat commands: Everything can be done via Warcraft's chat.

Usually, it is the best to ally one Freelancer with one Warlord from the beginning.
The Warlord can support the Freelancer with units, resources and XP and the Freelancer can level faster.
Alliances can be made via Warcraft's menu. Build many custom goldmines as Warlords to collect gold much faster.
Defend your base with towers and close the gates if necessary.
Strong bases are almost impossible to conquer.
Find some good creep spots or enemies (maybe Warlord AI) to level your hero constantly.
A big army helps leveling much faster, so either train and upgrade units or get support from a Warlord.
Prevent hostile players from leveling and completing quests by hunting them down constantly.
However, this could lead to making them leave quickly and it's not the best strategy if you want to play a long game.
You can change alliances and offer others your services to get an alliance in return.
This strategy works best for new players who need some support in the beginning.
Killing bosses and completing quests will give you better items and a big advantage during fights.

You can easily enable the HD graphics for the map.
Open the map in the World Editor and go to "Scenario -> Map Options" and select for "Supported Modes:" (at the bottom) "HD and SD".
Make sure that the JassHelper is enabled when saving the map.
Go to the "Trigger Editor" and click on "JassHelper" and enable it.

The map supports savecodes which are restricted to the player name, game type, game mode and either singleplayer or multiplayer.
This makes sure you cannot give your savecode to any player and you cannot level with cheats in singleplayer and then use the savecode in multiplayer.
Save codes are stored in text files, so you can copy them easily.
They contain the hero experience, resources, important upgrade levels and stats.

The map supports Computer players. If you select a Computer player for a player slot, the player will randomly choose either Warlord or Freelancer and as Warlord randomly choose a race depending on the race which was defined in the lobby.
Freelancer Computer players start on one of four islands depending on their team with an invulnerable hideout. They just level their hero.
Warlord Computer players start with a town hall and 5 workers in addition to their hero and build a base and an army.
Computer players use Warcraft AI scripts which can be modified to improve their strategies.

You can find older versions in the GitHub repository and the releases folder there.
Older versions have also been uploaded at the Warcraft 3: Reforged - Map database.

Here are some of the new features compared to the original version:

  • Increased player number.
  • Added different teams to the lobby.
  • Increased maximum hero level.
  • Increased maximum hero ability levels.
  • Backpack system.
  • New heroes: Standard heroes from TFT patches, Akama, Furbolg Ursa Warrior, Mountain Giant, Wizard, Antonidas, Fel Beast, Dwarf Mage, Khadgar, Carsten, Ranger, Goblin Heavy Tank, Void Lord, Razormane Chieftain, Thalorien Dawnseeker, Ner'Zhul, Blackhand, Samuro, Goblin War Zeppelin, Priest, Gunner, Hydromancer, Elune, Druid of the Claw, Druid of the Talon, Engineer, Goblin Shredder, Necromancer, Darth Vader, Yoda, Jedi, Jedi Twilek, Count Dooku, Palpatine, Jango Fett, Gran Jedi, Zeus, Warlock, Antonidas, Uther, Jaina, Arthas, Arthas wielding Frostmourne, Muradin, Kel'Thuzad in Necromancer form, Arthas (evil), Anub'arak, Maiev, Tyrande, Ghost, Illidan, Cairne Bloodhoof, Thrall, Grommash Hellscream with custom ulti Chaos, Shado Pan, Iron Fist, Sorceress, Goblin Prince, Mal'Ganis, Bishop, Dark Knight, Banshee, Abomination, Military Tribune, C-3PO, R2-D2, General Grievous, Leprechaun, Boromir, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Darth Maul, Gandalf, Frodo Baggins, U. S. General.
  • New spells: Evolution Stone, Selfdestruct, Mana Ward, Drain, Dark Summoning for heroes, Aura of Darkness, Lordearon Villagers, Ride Down, Open Portals, Revive, Charge
  • New bosses: Archimonde, Kil'Jaeden, Nether Dragon, Sea Giant, Keeper of Ashbringer, Murloc Sorcerer, The Eye of Sargeras, Spider Crab Behemoth, Rumblefitz and Tinkerer Gizlock, Avatar of Sargeras, Mathog, Gul'dan, Sea Witch, Queen Azshara, Old Gods, Ragnaros, Antonidas, Sylvanas Windrunner, Elune
  • New appearing bosses: Deathwing, Cenarius.
  • New hero standard abilities: Magic Sentry, Repair, Dark Summoning.
  • New areas: Outland, Island with Murloc Sorcerer on the sea, island with The Eye of Sargeras on the sea, island with boss fights on the sea, island with Spider Crab Behemoth on the sea, island Kezan, dungeon with Avatar of Sargeras, portal room connecting sea dungeons, area in Lordearon with Mathog, new island next to Maelstrom with new boss Sea Witch, Clan Island, Pandaria, Dalaran, Sylvanas Windrunner's place, Elune's place.
  • New quests: Forsaken quest "Legendary Items", Lich King quest "The Burning Legion".
  • New professions: Sorcerer, Runeforger, Dragon Breeder, Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, Pirate, Archaeologist, Witch Doctor, Merchant
  • New mounts: Dragonhawk Mounts, Kodo Beast, Horse, Mammoth, Giant Sea Turtle, TIE Fighter, Imperial Shuttle, Jedi Starfighter, Dragon, Eagle, White Tiger, Apache.
  • New races: Demon, Draenei, Furbolg, Goblin, Dwarf, High Elf, Dalaran, Kul Tiras, Roman Empire, Pandaren, CIS, Galactic Republic, Troll, Tauren.
  • New units: Blood Elf Sorceress, Blood Elf Ballista, Cage, Wagon, Neutral Citizen, Engineer, Engineer Ship, Save Master, Coral Golem for Naga, Naga Whaler, Gnomish Submarine, Spellbreaker and Dragonhawk Rider for Human, Pack Horse.
  • New buildings: Naga Shop, Shipyards for all races, Power Generator, Portal, Neutral Goblin Laboratory and Neutral Mercenary Camp for Freelancers, Engineer Buildings Gates, Walls and Bridges, Research Tent, Phoenix Egg building for Blood Elf, Walls, 3 Naga Tiers, Naga Shipyard, Naga Pyramid of Serpant, Crafting Stash, Trading Post, Furniture, Item Storages, Antimagic Ward, Marketplace, Dragon Roost, Anti Air Wall, Spell Book.
  • New special buildings for Warlord races: Fountain of Blood which trains Fel Orcs, World Tree for Night Elves, Lich King for Undeads, Magic Vault for Blood Elves, Arcane Observatory for Humans, Book of Summoning Pedestal for Demons, Outland Dimensional Gate for Demons, Statue of Azshara for Naga, Corrupted Ancient Protector for Furbolg, Draenei Prison for Draenei.
  • New researches: Evolution, Improved Mount, Storm Protection to avoid death in Maelstrom, Improved Air Transport, Improved Navy, Improved Creep Hunter, Improved Trading
  • New neutral buildings: Outland portals on land and sea all over the map connecting the whole world, Arcane Academy of Theramore, Clan House, Goblin Bank, Water Gold Mine, Tomes Library, Zoo, Bonus Book Shop, Goblin Merchant for Star Wars, Thieves Guild.
  • New creeps: Shivarra, Pirate Battleship, Reaver, Core Hound.
  • New items: Magical Cutter, Magical Creep Summoner, Feed Bosses, Feed AI, Potion of Greater Restoration, Restoration Stone, Gold Bar, Board, Branch, Rock, Healing Herb, Mana Herb, Ore, Gold Bar, Magical Item Summoner, Exchange Lumber for Gold, Beast Whistle, Item Locker, Magical Rune Wards, Stasis Traps, Locked Item Summoner, Orb of Wind, Dragon Egg, Jedi Drone, Mana Ward, Orb of Royality, Scroll of the Ghosts of the Sea, Unlimited Bag of Gold, Escape Portal, Random Artifact.
  • New chat commands: help, repicking, discord, alliances, camera settings, hero suicide, enable/disable hero death sounds, player info, pings, votekick, convert buildings into tiny items, passive mode, save/load, info, camlockon/off, presave, loadp, loadpclan, presaveclans, clans, maxbosslevels, anim, camrpgon/off, sel, zoneson/off, revive, pingm, accounts, enchanter, asave, aload, dice, lightsabercolor, lightsabertype, pingportals, host, pingaistarts, vips, items, pickup, order, h1/2/3, p1/2, r1/2, cooldowns, gaiaon/off, ffa, lobby, auto, unlock, lock, helpping, helpclan, gold, lumber, grail, dig, raceui, baginfoon/off, baguion/off.
  • New custom systems created only for this map: [Black Arrow System](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/barad%C3%A9s-black-arrow-system-1-0.339157/) which is [part of this repository](./systems/), Turret System which is [part of this repository](./systems/). [Item Respawn System](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/barad%C3%A9s-item-respawn-system-1-0.340746/) which is [part of this repository](./systems/), [Unit Group Respawn System](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/barad%C3%A9s-unit-respawn-system-1-0.341099/) which is [part of this repository](./systems/), Group System which is [part of this repository](./systems/), Item Crafting System, [Item Unstack System](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/barad%C3%A9s-item-unstack-system-1-0.339109/) which is [part of this repository](./systems/), Jump System, Vote System.
  • Multiple heroes, professions and races at higher hero level.
  • Allow repicking your game mode, hero, race and profession.
  • Every hero can learn the ability 'Attribute Bonus'.
  • Increased boss hero levels.
  • Trees have 5000 hitpoints which allows longer harvesting before restoring the trees.
  • Night Elves workers harvest 10 lumber per interval as balance.
  • Race scepter items can be dropped.
  • Naga villagers can walk on water.
  • Increased the maximum supply to 300 and the supply cost levels to 100 and 200.
  • '-nowin' replaced 'nodefeat'. The game can be won by killing the final boss in the Outland area.
  • Hand of God at higher hero level.
  • Ability 'Reward Freelancer' in all main buildings.
  • Ability 'Give Units to Another Allied Player' in all main buildings.
  • Freelancers gain more experience than warlords from killing hostile units.
  • Basic support AI for computer-controlled warlord players.
  • Unit limits: towers, housings, special buildings and Power Generators.
  • Bonus heroes at higher hero level.
  • Acolytes can build goldmines on Undead housings.
  • Ships and Zeppelins cost food to keep their number limited.
  • Theramore contains a market with killed creeps and dropped items.
  • XP bonus from Tier 2 and Tier 3 for every hero.
  • No Chaos damage for Naga and Blood Elf anymore.
  • Blood Elf researches are not visible to Human anymore.
  • Hideouts have Portal abilities from the new Portal buildings.
  • Default Computer players The Burning Legion with Demon race, The Alliance with Naga/Blood Elf race and Gaia with rescuable units.
  • Bosses respawn.
  • Life and mana regeneration auras of citizens do not stack anymore.
  • Dark Ranger has Black Arrow again instead of Dark Portal based on a [Custom Black Arrow System](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/barad%C3%A9s-black-arrow-system-1-0.339157/) which supports targets with unit levels greater than 5 and which is [part of this repository](./systems/).
  • Death Knight has Animate Dead again instead of Shadow Word Death.
  • Demons summoned by Demon Master have timed life now.
  • No annoying global sound for Demon Master anymore.
  • Dark Ranger has Charm again instead of Unholy Spirits.
  • Charm kills worker units instead of changing their owner.
  • Item Pickpocketing.
  • Mask of Death is only available as unique item.
  • Disable Undead/non-Undead restrictions for quests.
  • VIPs.
  • Random events.
  • Hidden bases.
  • Player stats multiboard.
  • Paladin on Theramore heals non-Undead units.
  • Save/load system.
  • Undead and Night Elf citizens can directly build their goldmines instead of housings.
  • Walls from start bases are invulnerable.
  • Bosses have orbs to attack air units.
  • Becoming a demigod requires a Nether Dragon.
  • Allow deactivating Divine Shield.
  • Improved custom race support with different music themes and UIs.
  • Hall of Fame.
  • Standard hero abilities like Invisibility and Berserk have a level matching the hero's level now.
  • Reveal neutral buildings for Freelancers from start.
  • Clans.
  • Bounties.
  • Item Stacking: Enable Warcraft's Item Stacking and [Custom Item Unstack System](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/barad%C3%A9s-item-unstack-system-1-0.339109/) which is [part of this repository](./systems/).
  • Automatically improve summoned units per hero ability level.
  • Easter Egg.
  • PvP Arena.
  • New player selection based on Taverns with random selection support moved to the Outland area.
  • New game options at the start of the game: Game Types, Tomes, Themes.
  • Different Game Modes.
  • Show highest known hero level in Hall of Fame floating text.
  • Balancing changes.
  • New quest log entries describing the game.
  • Increase space for the base at Malfurion.
  • Block certain areas from construction structures like portals.
  • Change hero ability hotkeys to QWER and A for Attribute Bonus.
  • Arcane Academy of Theramore allows changing standard hero ability.
  • Do not highlight hotkeys in the tooltips anymore.
  • Unlock all races and professions at maximum hero level for all heroes.
  • Equipment Bags at higher hero level.
  • Prestored savecodes.
  • RPG key movement system.
  • Feed Boss Heroes.
  • Mailbox on Theramore.
  • Replacing hero abilities for certain heroes.
  • Game setting Tomes.
  • Increase required XP per level.
  • Themes game option.
  • Change model and icon of Human housing to a granary.
  • Neutral building Goblin Merchant at every possible base.
  • Increased stocks of Bundle of Lumber and reduced stock interval.
  • All bosses carry orbs now to attack air units.
  • Creeps do not die in Maelstrom anymore.
  • Stonemaul Arena Master has ability Resistant Skin.
  • Changing the owner of enemies in the arena drops items as well now.
  • Freelancers can collect gold, construct structures and train units.
  • Creep Stormreaver Warlock gets its original abilities back.
  • Reset stats of Undead heroes to default.
  • Creeps spawning in arena do never sleep at night.
  • Custom models for Blood Elf and Night Elf Female Citizens.
  • Citizens have a hotkey now.
  • Give Captured Maiev Spell Immunity to avoid using it as teleport target.
  • Make Undead citizens actually Undead and give them the Restore ability.
  • Fix cooldown of Roar of Stonemaul Arena Master Belt.
  • Pets have a hotkey now.
  • Use hidden icons from Warcraft.
  • Add hero glow to Hand of Destruction.
  • Use a custom treasure model with hero glow and hence a visible team color for items.
  • Neutral Cages buildings "drop" Wind Riders.
  • New building Lever to open/close gates and bridges which won't be used by AI.
  • Added a gate to the World Tree base.
  • Night Elf Runners can cast Reveal now.
  • Add ability Enable Wander to all citizens, pets and summoned Scouts.
  • Disable Wander ability for all citizens and pets by default.
  • Entangled Gold Mine uses a custom icon.
  • Creeps drop items.
  • Fix Shroud of Protection area.
  • Hero spells can be customized for certain heroes.
  • Holy Grail.
  • Fix icon of heroes Berserk buff.
  • Custom UIs for different races based on [CustomConsoleUI](https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/customconsoleui.328354/) by Tasyen.
  • Add creep spot with blue dragons to Northrend.
  • Customized Engineering Upgrade.
  • Reduced build time of Haunted, Entangled and Enchanted Gold Mines to balance initial mining time.
  • Cheats for testing.

Besides it contains fixes of several bugs from the original map:
  • Maiev can be moved to Illidan.
  • Creeps will respawn again after buildings around them have been destroyed.
  • Summoned units won't respawn again like creeps.
  • Undead housings are Haunted Gold Mines.

2023-05-01, Version 3.5:
- Register more hero abilities.
- Register more heroes.
- Fix registered zones.
- Add icon and description to zones.
- Generate locations page for website.
- Fix function SetQuestRequirementToLast.
- Use custom model for Young Furbolg units.
- Add creep Berserk Fire Elemental.
- Add creep Enraged Fire Elemental.
- Add creep Lava Spawn.
- Remove gold cost of standard hero ability Bloodlust.
- Fix tooltip of hero spell Unholy Frenzy.
- Add learnable hero spell Teleportation.
- Fix revival tooltip of Medivh.
- Add hero Velen.
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Holy Light.
- Improve tooltips of Evolution and Cheap Evolution.
- Remove column for maximum charges for items on website.
- Fix tooltip of Admiral Proudmoore.
- Initial Gnome race.
- Add creep Val'kyr.
- Change level of items Unique - Portable Tinker Factory and Unique - Elune's Moonstone to 7.
- Add learnable hero spell Chemical Attack.
- Add learnable hero spell Pillage Aura.
- Fix effect of Life Aura.
- Ability Ghosts of the Sea only affects non-summoned units.
- Ability Ghosts of the Sea only works now if it has been researched.
- Add learnable hero spell Mana Aura.
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Death Coil.
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Doom.
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Sleep.
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Hex.
- Remove wrong abilities from Equipment Backpacks.
- Disable item crafting for Equipment Backpacks.
- Add Raptor mount.
- Fix spell The Ring of Power (Sauron).
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Charm.
- Add learnable hero spell Mass Control Magic.
- Hero ability VIP Spell Book is only allowed for VIPs now.
- Add hero standard ability Randomize.
- Add learnable hero spell Phoenix Fire for slot 5.
- Add learnable hero spell Sentinel.
- Add Pandaren unit Cloud Serpent.
- Add Pandaren unit Druid.
- Add hero Spellbreaker.
- Fix hotkeys of High and Blood Elf heroes.
- Add learnable hero spell Spell Steal.
- Add learnable hero spell Reduce Food.
- Add Demon unit Legion Ship.
- Add Demon research Space Travel.
- Fix hotkeys of Void Lord Commander heroes.
- Fix changing spell pages for Void Lord Commander heroes.
- Add special hero standard ability for Void Lord Commander heroes.
- Fix learn hotkey of hero spell Replenish Mana and Life.
- Make Demon Dark Conversion much faster.
- Disable Sleeps flag for mounts.
- Add creep Legion Ship.
- Add learnable hero spell Feedback Aura.
- Add chat command "-damageon/off".
- Fix hotkey for item Firework.
- Fix hotkey for item Lock Pick.
- Initial Worgen AI support.
- Rename race Trolls into Troll.
- Fix icon of Troll unit Bat.
- Fix tooltip of Troll unit Bat.
- Fix icon position of Troll unit Batrider.
- Troll Gatherer constructs Troll Spirit Lodge now instead of the Orc one.
- Fix model and missile model of Troll unit Manhunter.
- Change hotkey of Troll unit Manhunter.
- Fix training tooltip of Troll unit Forest Troll.
- Limit Troll Housings.
- Limit Tauren Housings.
- Add mount Bat.
- Shadow Hunter and Rokhan use mount Bat now.
- Add Troll unit Darkspear Troll Rider.
- Add Troll building Ice Troll Hut.
- Add Troll unit Zandalari Throne of War.
- Add Troll unit Troll Golem.
- Add Troll research Troll Tribes.
- Remove Troll unit Forest Troll Warlord.
- Scale down model of building Altar of Blood.
- Add Troll research and ability Berserk.
- Add Troll research and ability Troll Regeneration.
- Fix Berserk ability of Orc Headhunters.
- More items use custom models. now.
- Add item Orb of Blood sold by Trolls shop.
- Add item Orb of Light.
- Initial Troll AI support.
- Shadow Hunter is a Troll hero now.
- Reduce the number of player entries in the Computer Players GUI to allow seeing the whole combo box.
- Add learnable hero spell Stasis Trap.
- Add hero Witch Doctor.
- Add learnable hero spells Mass Mana Burn.
- Remove leak for Mass spells.
- Place dummies for Mass spells at the casters position.
- Revise maximum damage values of many hero spells.
- Give creep Centaur Khan anti air attack.
- Change icon of Goblin Sorceress.
- Fix tooltip of Arcane Sanctum for race Kul Tiras.
- Add learnable hero spell Summon Doom Guard.
- Replace spell Unholy Frenzy with Summon Doom Guard for hero Warlock.
- Fix tooltip of hero spell Horn of Gondor.
- Fix Eagle mount from Lord of the Rings.
- Add hero Human Battleship.
- Show unit movement type for cheat "-unitinfo".
- Hero spell Cripple Player enables bounty for enemy players.
- Fix moving floating revived heroes into the sea.
- Remove gold costs from standard hero abilities.
- Races Troll, Tauren and Pandaren are no bonus races anymore.

2023-04-16, Version 3.4:
- Add Modern Warfare AI support.
- AI builds housings and lumber mills before other stuff to get more resources in the beginning.
- Add chat command "-helpai".
- Add chat command "-helpally".
- Add chat command "-aiexpansions".
- Use custom icon for Modern Warfare workers.
- Add column Expansions to AI Player Settings GUI.
- Preselect "Random Warlord" as standard race in the AI Player Settings GUI.
- Add IdleWorkersSystem and hide idle workers button of custom UIs if there are no idle workers.
- Add hero Master of Time with custom spells.
- Add neutral building Turnstile.
- Add item Hourglass.
- Add item Wand of Future.
- Add item Winged Clock.
- Add item Wand of Time Clone.
- Add chat command "-aiinfo".
- Add chat command "-aitargeton/off".
- Add chat command "-aitarget".
- Add race Sauron's Forces.
- Add hero Samwise Gamgee.
- Add hero Peregrin Took.
- Add hero Meriadoc Brandybuck.
- Check if game mode, hero, race and profession have been picked before accepting the player selection.
- Use system New Bonus by chopinski for custom spells.
- Reduce the mana costs for the hero ability Control Magic.
- Add a cooldown per slot for learnable hero spells which is not checked in the hero selection to prevent mass castings of spells.
- Remove standard hero ability Resistant Skin which made no sense for heroes.
- Rename tavern "Bonus Heroes Reskill" into "Bonus Heroes Void Lords".
- Add heroes Void Lord Commander X.
- Dwarf AI builds towers now.
- Simplified Dwarf AI script.
- Goblin AI builds Rocket Towers now.
- Remove effects from ability Force Jump.
- Fix target players for AI chat commands.
- Fix attached Light Saber models for Sith units.
- Fix sound effects of summoning Star Wars mounts.
- Fix initial spell pages for the towers in the player selection.
- Add hero Sauron.
- Add building Record Player.
- Add Roman Empire AI support.
- Add Ballista to Roman Empire race.
- Add ships to Roman Empire race.
- Add neutral building Real Estate Agent.
- Add Roman Shipyard to Roman Empire race.
- Add Chariot to Roman Empire race.
- Use custom model for Roman Workshop.
- Add Marketplace to Roman Empire race.
- Add Siege Tower to Roman Empire race.
- Add Roman Military Engineer to Roman Empire race.
- Roman Tents can train Roman Legionaries.
- Fix dependencies of Guard Towers of Roman Empire race.
- Add Palisade Gate to Roman Empire race.
- Fix icon for Roman Race in stats multiboard.
- Add spell Telekinesis.
- Add spell Full Regeneration.
- Add reskillable spell Demolish.
- Add reskillable spell Disease Cloud.
- Add reskillable spell Monsoon.
- Add reskillable spell Summon Mercenary Camp.
- Add reskillable spell Vengeance.
- Add spell Cripple Player.
- Add item Camera.
- Fix chat commands "-clanwgold" and "-clanwlumber" and use SimError for error messages.
- Queen of the new Citadel has life and mana regeneration aura.
- Fix XP rate shown in player info.
- Increase boss hero respawn time to 10 minutes.
- Lock boss hero AI guard positions to prevent bosses from attacking player bases.
- Try to fix speed bonus of research Improved Navy.
- Increase auto save interval from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
- Decrease the cooldown of ability Spell further per level.
- Add reskillable spell Town Portal.
- Add reskillable spell Find Artifacts.
- Add Blood Elf building Altar of Magic.
- Add Blood Elf building Elven Farm.
- Add Pandaren AI support.
- Improve the performance of CopyGroup.
- Select Turrets ability does not interrupt the vehicle's actions anymore.
- Change icon of Select Turrets ability.
- Improve turret system.
- Fix stats of bonus hero Maiev.
- Add missing minimap ping for Demon Quest 1 when meeting the Commander.
- Add Pandaren quest 1.
- Add chat command "-pingoldgods".
- Add all quest ping chat commands to the help text and quest log.
- Improve spell Slide.
- Use alternate form for hero Shado Pan.
- Move portal to Pandaria to the Outland portal room.
- Scale down neutral Waygates.
- Add bonus hero Jesus Christ.
- Add item Flamethrower.
- Add spell Flamethrower.
- Fix spell Escape Portal.
- Decrease minimum movement speed for units to 0.
- Increases maximum movement speed for units to 1024.
- Add neutral building Goblin Vehicle Shop.
- Add unit Taxi with Taxi missions inspired by GTA.
- Add missing scepters to Bonus Scepters shop.
- Fix effect of vote "-notomes".
- Add hero Gnomish Submarine.
- Add hero Goblin Submarine.
- Add hero Ironclad Submarine.
- Add hero Submarine Pilot.
- Add start location Water Base.
- Replace building Goblin Hut with Goblin Sheep Processor.
- Droid Control Ship revives dead heroes.
- Add CIS AI.
- Decrease duration of spell Slide.
- Add spell Burning Oil.
- Add spell Flamethrower Turret.
- Add hero Flame Shredder.
- Add level effects to many spell tooltips.
- Add spell slot to tooltips of learnable spells.
- Add spell tooltips to learnable spells.
- Add learnable spell Dark Ritual.
- Add learnable spell Summon Meat Wagon.
- Add learnable spell Summon Bladestorm.
- Add learnable spell Summon Cripple.
- Increase the maximum creep level for hero spell Control Magic up to 75.
- Increase the maximum creep level for hero spell Devour up to 75.
- Increase the maximum creep level for hero spell Charm up to 75.
- Increase the maximum creep level for hero spell Transmute up to 75.
- Increase the maximum creep level for hero spell Doom up to 75.
- Add level to learn tooltip of hero spell Dark Summoning.
- Fix casting duration per level for hero spell Dark Summoning.
- Add a maximum creep level to the hero ability The Ring of Power.
- Add learnable spell Death And Decay.
- Add learnable spell Locust Swarm.
- Add learnable spell Carrion Beetles.
- Add learnable spell Kaboom!.
- Add learnable spell Crushing Wave.
- Add learnable spell Heal.
- Add item Advanced Goblin Night Scope.
- Add Pandaren quest 2 with reward item Advanced Goblin Night Scope.
- Add hero spell Frost Bolt.
- Add hero Naga Royal Guard.
- Add mount Couatl.
- Add boss War Queen.
- Add legendary item Ancient Bow.
- Fix stopping Scroll of Town Portal and other teleport spells to units leading to endless casting.
- Fix Cargo Hold of mounts after level 15.
- Do not sell AI citizens in Thieves Guilds.
- Fix memory leak on adding units to Thieves Guilds.
- Improve the performance of retrieving race information about object IDs by using two hashtables.
- Reduce the duration of Impale.
- Add Galactic Republic AI.
- Increase area of effect for Flame Strike.
- Fix making boss heroes available at hero level 50.
- Increase slowdown by ability Frost Arrows.
- Revive 1 more unit per level for Resurrection.
- Fix tooltip of spell Anti-magic Shell.
- Add spell Scream of Terror to hero Banshee.
- Increase percentage by Thorns Aura.
- Increase percentage by Evasion.
- Reduce percentage by Vampiric Aura.
- Change chances of Drunken Brawler.
- Fix hotkeys for spell Howl of Terror.
- Fix hotkeys for spell Incinerate.
- Add learnable spell Incinerate.
- Fix hotkeys for spell Soul Burn.
- Add spells to tooltip of Gul'dan.
- Fix hotkeys for spell Council of Six.
- Fix hotkeys for spell Time Portal.
- Fix learn tooltip for spell Time Portal.
- Fix hotkeys for spell Raven Form.
- Fix learn tooltip for spell Raven Form.
- Fix help text for chat command "-raceui".
- Add bonus hero Tyrannosaurus Rex.
- Prevent Dark Summoning from player selection.
- Add hero Saruman.
- Add Sauron's Forces AI.
- Add spell Horn of Gondor.
- Add craftable item Iron Bars.
- Add CIS research Blasters.
- Add CIS research Iron Plating.
- Rename Jedi Starfighter mount into Jedi Interceptor.
- Add unit Jedi Starfighter to Galactic Republic.
- Add unit Jedi Interceptor to Galactic Republic.
- Add research Jedi Interceptor to Galactic Republic.
- Add research Jedi Adept Training to Galactic Republic.
- Move neutral buildings in start location Outland Black Citadel.
- Give neutral building Waygate pathing texture to avoid AI crashes in Outland Black Citadel.
- Use SimError on changing the hero selection mode.
- Use GetHighestHeroLevel to determine the hero selection mode.
- Give hero Boromir the spell Defend.
- Add learnable hero spell Defend.
- Give Male Citizens of Galactic Repbulic missing abilities.
- Add JASS functions GetHeroXP1, GetHeroXP2 and GetHeroXP3.
- Limit special building Coruscant to 1 and remove Take Off ability and fix scaling.
- Add altar building to Galactic Republic.
- Add altar building to CIS.
- Add female citizens to races Kul Tiras, Sauron's Forces, CIS, Galactic Republic and Tauren.
- Add housings to races CIS and Galactic Republic.
- Add JASS function IsCitizen.
- Replace text "not your race" with green and red text color for save code infos.
- Reimplement caching for unit type data like levels, defense etc.
- Weaken Siege Golem summoned by Dwarf Mage.
- Reduce the cooldown of spell Mithrandir to 0.
- Add spell Elven Cloak.
- Add learnable spell Jetpack.
- Add custom icon to spell Jetpack.
- Create stats multiboard after voting for all settings to make sure to remove special players if necessary.
- Remove The Alliance.
- Fixed the Evolution bug which did not apply changes immediately.
- Rename The Alliance island to Magic Island.
- Add creeps to Magic Island.
- Add spell Summon Dinosaur Nest.
- Allow deactivating multiple abilities.
- Add spell Mass Devour.
- Add hotkey to item Lock Pick.
- Give Sith units of race CIS red light sabers.
- Add research Shield to race CIS.
- Add research Battle Formation to race CIS.
- Add research Backpack to race CIS.
- Add ability Enable Wandering to male citizens of race CIS.
- Building Techno Union Ship attacks units now.
- Scaled down building Techno Union Ship.
- Scale down MTT unit.
- Add hero Paul Bäumer.
- Add mount Zeppelin WWI.
- Add bonus race Germans WWII.
- Move professions and races prestored icons triggers to their folders.
- Add hero German Kaiser.
- Add item Unlimited Tree.
- Add race Vrykul.
- Dragon Roost for all races has a team color now.
- Add start game area to player selection.
- Change model and icon of Altar of Magic.
- Remove highlighted hotkeys from profession abilities.
- Remove wrong item requirements from profession ability tooltips.
- Create race start items on repicking races.
- Add mount Polar Bear.
- Add hero Thane.
- Add spell Rain of Arrows.
- Add race Worgen.
- Add more possible item abilities to item Random Artifact.
- Add spell Life Aura.
- Add ability Running Wild.
- Add hero Worgen Death Knight.
- Add hero Deathclaw.
- Mount and spell shops use PagedButtonsSystem now.
- Remove Bonus Mounts shop building.
- Change models of neutral buildings which sell hero spells, hero abilities and mounts.
- Mention Credits in quest log on loading screen.
- Add neutral building Crafting Stash.
- Add mount Bear.
- Add chat commands "-bossicons" and "-nobossicons" to enable/disable boss icons on the minimap.
- Heroes Kael and Anasterian Sunstrider have a Dragonhawk mount by default now.
- Add chat command "-aishared".
- Add chat command "-ainotshared".
- Add column "Shared Control" in AI settings GUI.
- Add Pandaren quest 3.
- Add hero Herald of the Deep Mother.
- Add passive icon for Aura of Darkness.
- Reduce cooldown of Dark Conversion with every level.
- Remove special effects from Freelancer Summon Mercenaries spells.
- Apply summon unit bonus for converted Zombies by Dark Conversion.
- Limit time of summoned Zombies and villagers.
- Add missing Attribute Bonus, Invisibility and Summon Frost Wyrm Mount abilities to hero Mal'Ganis.
- Shroud of Protection cast by Hideouts should work now.
- Use SimError for Hideout messages.
- Remove message on constructing and losing a hideout.
- Fix duplicated hotkeys in Player Interactions.
- Fix tooltip of ability Give Units to Another Allied Player.
- Add learnable spell Dark Conversion.
- Add item Firework.
- Add spell Flare.
- Add spell Fragmentation Shards.
- Add spell Summon Telescope.
- Add spell Split.
- Add hero Mortar Team.
- Fix hotkey of Storm, Earth, Fire spell.
- Add default race entry "Random Warcraft" to AI player settings GUI.
- Include Scroll of Healing into randomly dropped items.
- Include Scroll of Mana into randomly dropped items.
- Use custom models for several item types.
- Use custom model for Dwarf Citizens (female).
- Add hero Balrog.
- Fix tooltip of Pit Lord hero.
- Add hero Doom Guard.
- Add dummies to player selection area.
- Make summoned units in player selection area invulnerable.
- Add chat command "-helpvisual".
- Add chat command "-teamcolor X".
- Mention advanced chat commands at hero level 75.
- Revise player selection validation.
- Show messages on dropping race and profession items.
- Add Cloud Serpent mount.
- Give Pandaren heroes the Cloud Serpent mount.
- Reduce shadow of Pandaria Tree Wall.
- Add neutral building Alchemist Lab.
- Add spell Flame Whip.
- Add spell Flame Storm.
- Fix hotkey of spell Poison Arrows.
- Give Inquisitor a custom icon.
- Add reserach Soul Theft to Demon race.
- Give Inquisitor ability Soul Theft.
- Fix tooltip of Inquisitor.
- Massively increase cooldown of Dark Conversion for Demon race.
- Darl Conversion for Demon race costs mana now and Sacrifical Pits have mana and mana regeneration.
- Fix tooltip of Demon Gate.
- Fix tooltip of Sacrificial Pit.
- Remove Dalaran research from Kul Tiras AI script.
- Change order for sending AI Dalaran workers to Housings and the Gold Mine to Harvest.
- Change Demon race icon to Gan'arg.
- Fix hotkey of Demon Sacrificial Pit.
- Fix tooltip of Demon unit Overlord.
- Mention ability True Sight in tooltip of Demon Greater Voidwalker.
- Fix coloring of Demon Jailer.
- Give Floating Eye and Eye of Sargeras a custom icon.
- Add cheat "-website".
- Simplify adding new heroes for AI and random selection with JASS function AddHeroWoWReforged.
- Translate hero name of Magni Bronzebeard back into English.
- Translate hero name of Anduin Wrynn back into English.
- Use custom icon for Divine armor type.
- Add chat command -qr/questrewards.
- Change icon for Night Elf quest 3 from passive to normal.
- Change icon for item Royal Paladin Hammer from passive to normal.
- Fix icon path of mount Wyvern Mount back to BLP.
- Add ulti spell Spell Immunity.
- Add vJass library FileUtils.
- Add vJass library QuestUtils.
- Fix items from VIP room being moved to Theramore.
- JASS function StringTokenEx supports a separator longer than 1 character now.
- Add spell Spell Shield.
- Fix Enchanter crafting tooltips.
- Remove Wander ability from CIS Citizen (male).
- Remove duplicated Healing Wards item from save code objects.
- Sylvanas Windrunner boss causes Chaos damage now.
- Sylvanas Windrunner boss has Holy Light instead of Scout now.
- Sylvanas Windrunner boss has True Sight now.
- Sylvanas Windrunner boss has no Invisibility anymore.
- Sylvanas Windrunner boss has no Sumon Dragonhawk Mount anymore.
- Ragnaros boss has True Sight now.
- Simplify adding legendary items with new JASS function AddLegendaryItem.
- Add spell Discharge.
- Add spell Revive.
- Add hero Spirit Walker.
- Rename old spell Revive to Revive Heroes.
- Fix condition for spell Revive Heroes.
- Fix Dwarf Mine Shafts giving 0 gold when being constructed in upgraded version.
- Add missing purchase tooltip to item Unlimited Bag of Gold.
- Add missing gold cost for item Winged Clock.
- Add more effects to item Dwarven Celestial Orb of Souls.
- Reduce the number of revived units by item Dwarven Celestial Orb of Souls.
- Reduce gold cost of item Dwarven Celestial Orb of Souls.
- Fix level of item Dwarven Celestial Orb of Souls.
- Add race unit category for Spellbreakers.
- Add item Clockwork Penguin to be dropped.
- Change ulti of Dwarf Mage from Mass Teleport into Transmute.
- Shorten save code file names with "WoWR-" prefix.
- Add hero Elite Rifleman.
- Add custom icon to Dwarf research Mithril Armor.
- Increase damage of Dwarf unit Steam Fortress.
- Add spell Bayonet Charge.
- Dwarf unit Steam Fortress can transport units now.
- Fix level requirement for spell Mass Devour.
- Add hero spell Spirit Link.
- Add spell Mass Cripple.
- Remove leaking dummies for mass spells.
- Fix hotkey of spell Doom.
- Add spell Mass Faerie Fire.
- Replace Faerie Fire for heroes Furbolg Ursa Warrior, Druid of the Claw and Druid of the Talon with Mass Faerie Fire.
- Add spell Phoenix Fire.
- Add banner to player selection.
- Add neutral units to save objects.
- Add many items to save objects.
- Add Thieves Guild to Theramore.
- Make all quest reward items invulnerable.
- Move all floating revived heroes automatically back into water on Theramore.
- Fix the game mode shown in the floating text during the player selection.
- Allow item Black Powder to be sold to merchants.
- Allow item Rocks to be sold to merchants.
- Fix a bug which reset the Freelancer and Warlord researches when a hero gains a level.
- Replace Wander with Enabled Wander for Save Master units.
- Fix a bug which disabled hero transformation when dropping a legendary item with the new hero transformation system.
- Set the maximum number of illusions for spell Mirror Image to 9 to avoid the hero disappearing.
- Increase the percentage of dealt damage with every level of spell Mirror Image.
- Deathwing's AOE damage should only damage neutral and enemy units now.
- Change damage type of Tinker boss from Hero to Chaos.
- Categorize bosses as campaign heroes to show the proper hero name.
- Disable cooldown for buying spells because it is annoying for Equipment Bags.
- Do not remove backpacks on using "-repick".
- Remove model of building Statue of Azshara after death.
- Revise tooltip of Thieves Guild.
- Try to fix Thieves Guild selling.
- Fix ability ID for learnable spell Storm Bolt.
- Add learnable spell Summon Vicaresses of Elune.
- Add learnable spell Replenish Mana and Life.
- Fix tooltip of building Blue Dragon Nexus.
- Use custom icon for ability Ride Down.
- Scale down building Techno Union Ship.
- Remove ground texture from building Techno Union Ship.
- Scale down building Guard Tower of Roman Empire.
- Add building Dummy constructed by Engineer.
- Replace custom Dwarf UI with standard Human UI since it is broken.
- Add spell Target Divine Shield.
- Fix hotkeys of Goblin heroes.
- Support restoring hero skills when transforming back from a reskillable hero into the original form.
- Unskill hero completely before restoring skills to make sure all skill points are back.
- Set landing delay time to 1 second for all higher levels than level 1 for hero spell Crow Form to fix removing bonus when landing.
- Do not require a hero level or VIP or unlocked stuff for reskilling heroes but only the hero type except for equipment bags.
- Add neutral citizens and pet to be trained by Hideout buildings.
- Thieves Guilds sell enemy units who changed their owner for example by Charm.
- Add Dummy Pig to player selection.
- Change hotkey of Fortified Hideout.
- Change hotkey of Neutral Citizen (female).
- Consume requirements for recipes which summon units.
- Check food limit on summoned units from recipes.
- Add callback support for summoned units from recipes.
- Fix Crafting Stashes.
- Non-charged items crafted by recipes are created separately instead of charged.
- Add hotkey to Dwarf War Golem.
- Change training tooltip of Dwarf War Golem.
- Fix gold set to 0 when Dwarf mines are being destroyed or upgraded or research or cast.
- Play sleep animation when Dwarf War Golem casts Sleep Form.
- Add hotkey to item Stone Token.
- Add hotkey to race shops item Magical Seed.
- Add Breed ability to breeding Dwarf Gryphons to summon Gryphon chicks.
- Fix unavailability of Diamong Mine Shafts for research Ore Mine Shaft.
- Add building Pandaren Housing.
- Add research Backpack for Pandaren race.
- Add research Improved Bows for Pandaren race.
- Add many new IDs to the Pandaren AI script.
- Add ability and research Drunk Panda to Pandaren race.
- Add unit Shaman to Pandaren race.

2023-02-01, Version 3.3:
- Staff of Silence is not included into random choice for dropped items anymore.
- Fix icon position of Open Gate.
- Allow enabling/disable AI attacking for enemy players.
- Ring of Superiority should not be dropped by creeps anymore.
- Move Feral Spirit to slot 3 and fix its hotkey.
- Fix learning Summon Bear.
- Fix learning Pocket Factory.
- Killing summoned AI units won't lead to multiple "Defeat AI" messages anymore.
- Removed a memory leak when checking for AI defeat.
- Let Dalaran AI enable Dalaran Shield whenever possible.
- Configure unit types for all races, so they won't get removed on repicking the race: Trading Post, Antimagic Ward, Pack Horse, Ground Wall, Air Wall.
- Improve race Free People of Middle Earth.
- Reset music if no matching race music is found when using chat command "-raceui".
- Item Scepter of the Sea Giant transforms your hero into a Sea Giant now since changing the movement type did not work.
- Items Scepter of the Sea Giant and Angel Wings work on every hero now no matter its movement type.
- Configure initial game mode in the player selection to Warlord for every player.
- Recreate backpack and equipment bags on picking up Angel Wings and Scepter of the Sea to fix hero icon positions.
- Only list UIs for "-raceui" which are supported.
- Show usage for "-gold" and "-lumber" chat commands.
- Add system WoWReforgedHeroTransformation for item based hero transformations.
- Add systems to allow reskilling heroes: WoWReforgedLearnableSkills, WoWReforgedHeroSkills and WoWReforgedLearnableSkillsShop.
- Fix ulti of bonus hero Kel'Thuzad.
- Add many hero spells to be skilled from towers.
- Avoid spawning Tomes of Retraining by resetting the heroes ability cooldowns when reskilling.
- Add building Spell Book.
- Add hero spell Mana Ward.
- Fix setting level of Healing Ward aura ability on summoning it.
- Add hero spell Fountain of Power Ward.
- Add hero spell Slide and give it to hero Shado Pan.
- Add item Spell Book.
- Add mount White Tiger.
- Add Discord UI to copy the URL.
- Reduce maximum stocks of item Tiny Clan Hall to 1.
- Add hero spell Repair Aura.
- Improve race Modern Warfare.
- Add custom icon for Research Tent.
- Do not sell summoned units in Thieves Guilds.
- Fix skip level requirement for Summon Sapphiron.
- Add mount Apache.
- Add hero spell Mana Flare.
- Scale down Marketplace and Thieves Guild buildings.
- AI builds Antimagic Wards, Marketplaces, Thieves Guilds and Dragon Roosts now.
- AI researches Dragon Roost research now.
- AI sends chat message back when you enable/disable them attacking.
- Change soundsets of Wall buildings.
- Improve info text for enchanter.
- Give Spell Book, Research Tent and Event House ground textures.
- Disabled unit sound sets for turrets.

2022-12-29, Version 3.2:
- Add race Free People of Middle Earth.
- Add hero Boromir.
- Add hero Aragorn.
- Add hero Legolas.
- Add hero Gimli.
- Improve the performance of custom spell Ride Down by disabling periodic checks when nothing is casted.
- Add Chinese Soldier unit to Medieval race.
- Add neutral building Chest.
- Add item Lock Pick.
- Add hero spell Disarmament.
- Allow skilling Silence, Disarmament and Preservation on Theramore.
- Add chat command "-playercolor".
- Add chat command "-rename".
- Add chat command "-scale".
- Research Improved Trading increases hit points and defense instead of movement speed.
- Remove food cost from units Acclamator and Droid Control Ship and adapt their gold and lumber cost to a Town Hall.
- Add hero Darth Maul.
- Add hero Gandalf.
- Add hero Frodo Baggins.
- Rename ability Jedi Master into Force Master.
- Increase attack speed and movement speed reductions per level for ability Force Master.
- Add Eagle mount for The Lord of the Rings heroes.
- Allow buying Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Medieval mounts.
- Fix making Star Wars mounts unavailable from start.
- Item Jedi Drone gets a custom icon.
- Add reskillable ability Summon Bear, Summon Quilbeast, Summon Hawk, Pocket Factory, Cluster Rockets, Engineering Upgrade, Rain of Fire, How olf Terror, Black Arrow, Healing Spray, Chemical Rage and Acid Bomb.
- Replace Silence with Disarmament for hero Bishop.
- Add chat command "-tomes".
- Add chat command "-notomes".
- Add race Modern Warfare.
- Add building Anti Air Wall.
- Use wall system by The_Silent.
- Revised hero abilities of General Grievous.
- Add hero U. S. General.
- Fix air attack for heroes Mountain Giant and Iron Fist.

2022-12-27, Version 3.1:
- Fix food maximum in player info.
- Add XP rate to player info.
- Change colors of Jewelcrafter items.
- Add item types of Jewelcrafter, Enchanter, Pirate, Witch Doctor and Merchant professions to savecodes.
- Add different Claw item types to savecodes.
- Add Orb of Wind and Orb of Royality to savecodes.
- Add worker and male citizen unit types for more races.
- Add farm and altar unit types for more races.
- Disable tier 2 and 3 XP bonuses.
- Remove all hero equivalents.
- Increase food maximum to 600.
- Add male CIS citizen.
- Add item Tiny Scout Tower to Market of Medieval race.
- Decrease damage base of building Trebuchet of Medieval race.
- Increase selection scale for building Trebuchet of Medieval race.
- Limit building Encampment of Medieval race to 2.
- Increase selection scale for building Encampment of Medieval race.
- Add helmet attachment to Crossbowmen of Medieval race.
- Unit Swiss Guard of Medieval race gets ability Shockwave.
- Move icon position of ability Quarter of Medieval race.
- Increase scaling of building Barracks of Medieval race.
- Increase gold and lumber costs for age buildings above Age III of Medieval race.
- Remove units Swiss Guard and Samurai from building Barracks of Medieval race.
- Remove units Archer and Crossbowman from building Encampment of Medieval race.
- Increase selection scale of building University of Medieval race.
- Increase scale of building Siege Workshop of Medieval race.
- Rename unit Knight of Medieval race into Knight on Horseback.
- Add unit Knight to Medieval race.
- Add unit Hussar to Medieval race.
- Building Farm of Medieval race can be upgrade to Plantation now.
- Building Plantation and Farm of Medieval race give more food and have higher costs now than a House.
- Add research Fletching to Medieval race.
- Add research Town Watch to Medieval race.
- Add research Wheelbarrow to Medieval race.
- Rename unit Peasant of Medieval race into Villager.
- Mention Age of Empires II in the tooltip of Medieval race.
- Add research Heresy to Medieval race.
- Increase the range of ability Quarter of Medieval race.
- Add research Cavalery Plating to Medieval race.
- Remove Human and Kul Tiras researches from Medieval race.
- Fix Kul Tiras Ghost spawn.
- Change owner of Legendary Artifact building next to Archimonde to bosses to avoid attacks by AI.
- Scepter of Healing regenerates 5 % of life.
- Thieves Guild sells killed units from enemy players.
- Marketplace has a limit of 11 slots for items now.
- Add building Kul Tiras Advanced Shipyard.
- Fix tooltip of unit Peregrin Falcon.
- Move floating text for lumber from Pack Horses down, so players can see the gold text.
- Pack Horses are sent to the Trading Post and town halls furthest away now instead of the closest.
- Pack Horses collect resources for all allies as well.
- Add JASS function GetUnitFurthestAway to simplify the code for Pack Horses and reduce memory leaks.
- Add gold and lumber items to Pack Horses and Trading Posts which indicate the transported resources.
- Do not send Pack Horses to Town Halls if they get 0 resources from Trading Posts.
- Apply upkeep rates to earned gold and lumber from Pack Horses.
- Move floating texts for lumber bounty for Merchant profession and Trading Horses to the left.
- Move Equipment Laboratory to Theramore.
- Reduce damage caused by Eye of Dalaran.
- Fix coloring of Night Elf Citizen (female).
- Reives building Night Elf Housing.
- Make building Night Elf housing unavailable for AI.
- Make building Entangled Gold Mine unavailable for users.
- Change hotkey of special building World Tree.
- Dalaran Housings start with 10 000 gold.
- Add pathing blockers to the walls of Sylvanas' spot.
- Change hero Hydromancer to intelligence based hero.
- Remove cheats "-attacktypes" and "-defensetypes".
- Add cheat "-unitinfo".
- Fix replacing hero with Archangel with the correct primary attribute.
- Fix icon positions for Kul Tiras town halls.
- Fix icon position of Kul Tiras research Devour.
- Fix icon position of Kul Tiras ability True Sight.
- Ring of the Trading Guild can not be used to increase charges with Bill items anymore.
- Fix Ring of the Trading Guild bonus on selling items.
- Try to reorder race initialization to fix GetItemRace.
- Use SimError for item pick up errors due to different race and profession.
- Fix icon of ability Send to Trading Post.
- Reduce life healed by Tranquility per level.
- Reduce maximum stacks of Ankh of Reincarnation to 2.
- Host is player 1-20 in this order instead of the actual host.
- Add system UnitEventEx from Spellbound with all of its dependencies.
- Create custom system CargoLocationSystem to get a unit's X and Y even when being transported.
- Move transported heroes to their transporters location to fix VIP floating texts and Equipment Bag locations.
- Do not allow certain spells for Equipment Bags: Starfall, Tranquility, Stampede, Volcano, Big Bad Voodoo.
- Increase gained XP from creeps from 50 % to 60 %.
- Decrease previous value factor for required XP per hero level from 1.1 down to 1.0 and increase the constant factor from 0 to 100.
- Do not show info about second and third hero picks every time when leveling up.
- Fix entering Boss Fight Island at hero level 55 instead of 70.
- Add column "Attack" to AI player settings.
- Fix icon position of ability Charge.
- Add bonus hero Leprechaun.
- Change movement speed bonus of research Improved Mount from percentage to absolute value to fix a bug.
- Add Clone spell as reskillable spell.
- Fix resetting Trueshot Aura on reskilling.
- Reduce the Damage Reduction per Target for ability Healing Wave.
- Reduce the percentage per level for ability Command Aura.
- Increase percentage per level for ability Trueshot Aura.
- Reduce duration of ability Tranquility to 8 seconds.
- Place a Thieves Guild on Theramore.
- Revise quest log info.
- Release 3.1

2022-12-24, Version 3.0:

  • Fix tooltips of ability Stampede (Fel Beast).
  • Fix leaving units from Khadgar's Time Portal.
  • Pack Horse from Marketplace is affected by Evolution now.
  • Freelancer Tower requires Ground-pathable now.
  • Freelancer Tower has damage type Normal now.
  • Advanced Freelancer Tower has increased costs now.
  • Update the tooltip of Research Tent and Event House.
  • Make Freelancer Protection Tower way stronger.
  • Do not increase the mount Cargo ability by one level for the first level of Improved Mount to avoid losing the ability.
  • Add Destroyers as saved units.
  • Add JASS function SimError to simulate ability cast errors.
  • Improve Khadgar's Time Portal ability.
  • Add more deposit values to Goblin Bank.
  • Apply Evolution to loaded units from savecodes.
  • Apply Evolution for summoned units from Hand of God.
  • Apply cooldown of Hand of God to all town halls with Spell Book Tier 3.
  • Move all units and items after PvP fight back to the portal area.
  • Add High Elf Shipyard building.
  • Apply Evolution to sold units.
  • Chat commands "-camlockon/off".
  • Reduce the slow factors of Cold Arrows and mention the bonus damage in the tooltip.
  • Improve Orb of Orbs.
  • Remove all 6 Orbs on crafting Orb of Orbs.
  • Add cheat "-orbs".
  • Add non-leaking JASS functions for minimap pings.
  • Ping all legendary item rects for Forsaken quest pings.
  • Add 3 Naga Tier buildings.
  • Add Naga Shipyard.
  • Add Coral Golem to Naga.
  • Replace Fish Market by Treasury Of Tides,
  • Add Pyramid of Serpant to Naga.
  • Add Naga Whaler.
  • Add chat command "-racerepick2".
  • Add and use JASS function DropItemAtRectFromHeroByItemType.
  • Summon Divine Golem with Hand of God.
  • Add War Eagle Taming and Dragonhawk Taming researches to Dragonhawk Aviary.
  • Allow High Elf Archers to mount Dragonhawks.
  • Add chat command "-presave" with prestored savecodes.
  • Convert Soul into hero unit type so you can find it easily.
  • Add Easter trees to IsDestructableTree.
  • Give Soul Blink ability and increase the movement speed.
  • Add chat command "-loadp X" to load prestored savecodes.
  • New bonus hero Razormane Chieftain.
  • Allow choosing Game Mode before hero selection.
  • Allow loading savecodes during hero selection.
  • Show highest known hero level in Hall of Fame floating text.
  • Shipyards require sea-pathable ground.
  • Increase width of the player name column.
  • Prevent Blinking and teleporting into hero selection.
  • Increase Damage Multiplier of Critical Strike.
  • Crafting Stash requires ground-pathable.
  • Do not rename summoned units with " Level X".
  • Wards are affected by Evolution now.
  • Revised player selection with Taverns.
  • Add quest log entry for Hall of Fame.
  • Add missing food cost to many bonus heroes.
  • Add bonus hero Thalorien Dawnseeker.
  • Maximum hero level is 75 now and maximum level of all hero abilities is 15 now to improve the loading time.
  • Add auto Blink ability to Book of Sargeras.
  • Store flag if Demigod has ever been picked and allow picking demigod heroes during the hero selection.
  • Fix updating hero level researches when loading savecode without a hero unit.
  • Fix permanent disabling of Gate ability when teleporting into Gul'dan's dungeon.
  • Fix marking Forsaken Quest 2 as discovered.
  • Register Frostmourne as legendary artifact.
  • High Elf AI revives heroes now.
  • Improve Naga and Dwarf AI scripts.
  • Simplify AI scripts by moving duplicated code into common.ai file.
  • Fix wrong Dwarf AI script IDs.
  • Add missing AI research for Goblin Sorceress.
  • Add special building to Human AI script.
  • Make Spellbreakers available for Human AI.
  • Autofill Dwarf Mines with workers.
  • Human AI trains Flying Machines.
  • Night Elf AI trains Faerie Dragons.
  • Undead AI trains Abominations.
  • AI only researches Improved Mount every 10 levels of Evolution.
  • Increase space for the base at Malfurion.
  • Use percentage for Power Generator heal to fix the issue of low healing.
  • Add prestored clan savecodes.
  • Add chat commands "-loadpclan X" and "-presaveclans".
  • Block area at Demon Quest 2 prison for buildings and ground units to avoid AI issues.
  • Make Statue of Azshara only placable on ground-pathable ground.
  • Make The Alliance Naga only.
  • Move Water Gold Mine further away from The Alliance start location.
  • Add more trees to The Alliance start location.
  • Replace shallow water by normal ground at The Alliance start location.
  • Fix ability research icon for Summon Golem.
  • Remove research dependency for hero ability Control Magic.
  • Apply summoned unit effect to Siege Golem from Summon Siege Golem.
  • Always summon one Siege Golem for Summon Siege Golem.
  • Fix the tooltips of Summon Siege Golem.
  • Add custom tooltips to Goblin buildings.
  • Move Goblin research Chemistry into Fuel Pump.
  • Change hotkeys of multiple Goblin units.
  • Decrease upgrade time for Mine Shaft buildings.
  • Every force has 5 players now.
  • Fix icon position of Defend research for High Elf.
  • Add custom unit inventory ability for High Elf.
  • Add bonus race Dalaran.
  • Add bonus race Kul Tiras.
  • Add Pirate Battleships as creeps.
  • Crafted items for Runeforger profession do stack now.
  • Change hero ability hotkeys to QWER and A for Attribute Bonus.
  • Arcane Academy of Theramore allows changing standard hero ability.
  • Do not highlight hotkeys in the tooltips of Summon Mount abilities anymore.
  • Add chat command "-info X" to show info about a player.
  • Add bonus hero Ner'Zhul.
  • Add bonus hero Blackhand.
  • Rename Spell Book of Sargeras to Jeweled Scepter of Sargeras matching the lore.
  • Add bonus race Roman Empire.
  • New boss Deathwing appearing after some time.
  • Research Tent allows training a limited number of Divine Golems.
  • Divine Golems cause Chaos damage and have anti air attack.
  • Add bonus hero Samuro.
  • Add hero standard ability Magic Sentry to the Arcane Academy of Theramore.
  • Add back Gold Mine to dungeon with Keeper of Frostmourne.
  • Add Old Gods in dungeon next to Avatar of Sargeras.
  • Fix changing abilities in Arcane Academy of Theramore.
  • Do not kill Backpack or Boss units in Maelstrom.
  • Add bonus hero Goblin War Zeppelin.
  • Add Turret System.
  • Add bonus hero Void Lord.
  • Add prestored clan TheElvenClan with a custom island.
  • Add spawning bosses Deathwing and Cenarius.
  • Add chat command "-clans".
  • Change defense type of bonus hero Cenarius to Hero.
  • Eggs crafted by Dragon Breeder can be stacked now.
  • Set fixed number of 2 summoned Spider Crab Behemoths and Sea Elementals with increased stats.
  • Unlock all races and professions at maximum hero level for all heroes.
  • New chat command "-maxbosslevels" at maximum hero level for all heroes.
  • New chat command "-anim X" to play unit animations.
  • Register chat command events only for users to improve the performance.
  • Add new profession Jewelcrafter.
  • Add Equipment Bags at higher hero level which are also stored in the savecode.
  • Add Potion of Greater Restoration and Restoration Stone to the Crafting Stash.
  • Fix auto revival for AI players with multiple heroes like The Burning Legion and The Alliance.
  • Simplify code for auto moving backpack to the hero's location.
  • Fix losing when cancelling town halls in game type Hardcore.
  • Only users can lose the game by losing their town hall in game type Hardcore.
  • Fix Clan Hall Spell Book ability on upgrading the building.
  • Clan AI player does not spend its own resources when sharing with the clan members.
  • Add new profession Enchanter.
  • Add new chat command "-camrpgon/off" to allow an RPG camera in singleplayer with arrow key controls.
  • Only summon 1 Owl for Scout which has increased sight range and movement speed per level.
  • Add researches to upgrade all Dwarf mines instead of a single one.
  • Fix storing XP of hero 1 and 3 in the savecode when the hero is not present.
  • Fix calculating the levels from XP only for the save code information.
  • Do not remove hero 3 and clan halls on repicking.
  • Increase the Command Aura level for the clan hall with the research.
  • Add quest log entry "Known Issues".
  • Add chat command "-sel" allowing to select a barrel to fix the multiplayer selection bug.
  • Add chat command "-zoneson/off" to enable/disable zone hints from WoW Reborn.
  • Fix applying Evolution only if the lowest hero leveled up even when all other heroes are in hero selection.
  • Allow loading prestored items, units, buildings and researches savecodes.
  • Add more prestored savecodes.
  • Support Draenei and Furbolg researches in savecodes.
  • The Eye of Sargeras and Old God bosses have amphibious movement type but can only move very slow and with a special Blink ability.
  • Add bonus hero Priest.
  • Allow Engineers to build furniture.
  • Allow Warlords to hire Engineers.
  • Disable AI script for The Alliance to prevent crashes.
  • Fix icon position of researches Storm Protection, Arch Cleric Adept Training and Strength of Silvermoon.
  • Use JASS function DropItemAtRectFromHeroByItemType to simplify dropping items on hero deaths.
  • Academy of Theramore allows changing the mount now.
  • Add IJKL movement system to the new RPG camera.
  • Add portal to Goblin Bank island.
  • Add bonus race Pandaren.
  • Add bonus hero Gunner.
  • Add mount Kodo Beast.
  • Add mount Horse.
  • Allow mounts for all 3 heroes.
  • Add hero Hydromancer.
  • Add Pandaria area.
  • Increase the radius of Pick up all Items.
  • Add delay to opening portals to The Burning Legion to delay their attacks for new players.
  • Change Pickpocketing item to steal an item on killing any unit with inventory.
  • Feed Boss Heroes will increase the level of all heroes owned by player Bosses now.
  • Add chat command "-revive" to select your altar on Theramore which helps new players.
  • Add chat command "-players" to the list of chat commands in "-help".
  • Readd correct Undead Housing to Undead Male Citizens.
  • Do not allow to build structures next to portals.
  • Force of Nature summons Protectors at level 4.
  • Add chat command "-pingm" to ping all mounts.
  • Add chat command "-accounts" to list all known accounts.
  • Add shallow water entry to The Alliance base.
  • Items Magical Cutter, Magical Creep Summoner and Magical Seed can be stacked now.
  • Update Evolution for creeps when a player leaves the game.
  • Add chat command "-enchanter".
  • Add mailbox on Theramore with savecodes for letters.
  • Allow VIP players to select bonus races from start.
  • Add custom icons to some High Elf buildings.
  • Add more floating texts to describe Outland portals.
  • Add profession Pirate.
  • Support for replacing Attribute Bonus at the Arcane Academy of Theramore.
  • Engineers can build Item Storages now.
  • Gates constructed by Engineers have a custom icon now.
  • Add chat commands "-asave" and "-aload".
  • Reset more researches like Improved Navy, Improved Power Generator, Improved Hand of God etc. on full hero repick.
  • Change icon of Wheel of Fortune.
  • Custom GUI in the beginning of the game to change AI player settings.
  • Add Reaver creeps.
  • Restore Gold Mines on Dwarf Mine Shaft deaths.
  • Fix Dwarf unit tooltips.
  • Fix Dwarf icon positions.
  • Female Citizens can build Antimagic Wards now.
  • Add chat command "-dice X".
  • Tomes game settings with a Tomes library on the Goblin Bank Island.
  • Reduce the increased stats by Evolution.
  • Add bonus hero Elune.
  • Increase required XP per level.
  • Add neutral passive building Zoo to buy pets.
  • Add hero Druid of the Claw.
  • Add hero Druid of the Talon.
  • Item unstacking will stack the next slot's item if it has the same type.
  • Add bonus hero Engineer.
  • Goblin unit Flame Shredder is mechanical now.
  • Goblin Flamethrowers have a faster attack now which causes less damage.
  • Fixed tooltips of Flame Shredder and Goblin Flamethrowers.
  • Add bonus hero Goblin Shredder.
  • Fix tooltip of Flame Tank.
  • Fix tooltip of Assault Tank.
  • Add Evolution Stone ability at max hero level.
  • Add hero Necromancer.
  • Add item respawn system.
  • Add ore items which respawn.
  • Allow crafting item Gold Bars from ores.
  • Add bonus race CIS.
  • Add bonus race Galactic Republic.
  • Add bonus hero Darth Vader.
  • Add bonus hero Yoda.
  • Add bonus hero Jedi
  • Add Themes options and themes All, Warcraft, Star Wars and Ancient.
  • Remove many unused destructible types from object data.
  • Add ability Toggle UI to backpacks.
  • Add UnitGroupRespawnSystem which replaces the custom creep respawn system.
  • Automatically generate all savecodes before full hero repick.
  • Add bonus hero Jedi Twilek.
  • Add bonus hero Count Dooku.
  • Add bonus hero Palpatine.
  • Add chat command "-lightsabercolor".
  • Add chat command "-lightsabertype".
  • Fix tooltip of Dragonhawk Aviary.
  • Add bonus hero Jango Fett.
  • Add bonus hero Gran Jedi.
  • Reduce items in VIP room due to item respawn system.
  • Fix enabling VIP mode by default.
  • Show messages on picking up and dropping all backpack items.
  • Destroy/recreate backpack UI on saving/loading in singleplayer to avoid crashes.
  • Add more creeps to the Goblin boss island.
  • Add GroupSystem which supports group for more types than units and players.
  • Add bonus hero Zeus.
  • Add function DropBackpack and fix not clearing backpack on dropping all items.
  • Naga Whalers can harvest lumber now.
  • Coral Golems can cast Replenish now and do have mana.
  • Coral Golems can learn Resistant Skin instead of Spell Immunity now.
  • Coral Golems have movement type Amphibous now.
  • Pyramid of Serpent can be used to return lumber now.
  • Remove hotkey highlighting from Murloc Hut.
  • Add chat command "-pingportals".
  • Add Jump System.
  • Change model and icon of Human housing to a granary.
  • Fix town hall spell book on upgrades for all town hall buildings.
  • Goblin Oil Platforms only drill oil now if the research has level 1.
  • Update savecode alphabet with all ASCII symbols which should lead to shorter savecodes in some cases and allows using more letters for letter savecodes.
  • Increase maximum stacks to 1000 for many item types.
  • Allow stacking Healing Wards.
  • Appearing bosses can be summoned in the Event House now.
  • Add item Magical Item Summoner.
  • Add neutral building Goblin Merchant to every possible base.
  • Add item Exchange 100 Lumber for 100 Gold.
  • Increase stocks of Bundle of Lumber and reduce stock interval.
  • Change Imp worker unit type from Demon race into Gan'arg Engineer.
  • Reaver units can be trained by Demon race.
  • Add War Stomp to Fel Reaver.
  • Add boss Ragnaros in dungeon Molten Core.
  • Add Core Hound creeps.
  • Increase the delay until the portal to the Buring Legion opens.
  • Crafting Stashes are not limited to 1 anymore.
  • Crafting Stashes are not invulnerable anymore.
  • Add more craftable items: Gold Bars, Boards, Healing Potions, Mana Potions, Stone Tokens.
  • Add more respawning items: Branches, Stones, Healing Herbs, Mana Herbs.
  • Add respawning orbs into VIP room.
  • Increase item respawn time to 180 seconds.
  • Remove researches from Neutral Goblin Laboratory which are available in the Research Tent.
  • Change the icon of the Hideout spellbook ability.
  • Add many more building types for Freelancers and all races to savecodes.
  • Fix spelling mistake in Portal tooltip.
  • Remove requirement of Power Generator Regeneration icon.
  • Add ability Connect wtih Destination to Portals.
  • Allow connection portals with smart order.
  • Add research Arcane Portals and ability Select Location to Portals.
  • Change High Elf Citizen icon.
  • Rename Frostmourne to The Ashbringer and give it a +5 extra damage bonus.
  • Add cheat "-craft".
  • Goblin Barracks have a custom icon now.
  • Goblin Tank Factory and Goblin Town Hall switch models.
  • Goblin Town Hall has a custom icon now.
  • Goblin race has 3 different tier buildings now.
  • Goblin Tower has a custom icon now.
  • Scale down the Wall building.
  • Fix updating the backpack on picking up items.
  • Add research Burning Oil for Ogre Goblin Squads.
  • Fix some icon positions for Goblins.
  • Rename Altar of Goblins into Altar of Engineering.
  • Goblin Rocket Towers have custom icons now.
  • Allow crafting Goblin Land Mines.
  • Orb of Orbs has a custom icon now.
  • Add bonus profession Archaeologist.
  • Add item Beast Whistle to Arcane Academy of Theramore.
  • Support Demon Slayer Axe for enchanting.
  • Add building Goblin Turret.
  • Advanced Goblin Rocket Tower is affected by Goblin researches now.
  • Fix some hotkeys of Gobilins.
  • Allow expanding walls.
  • Add ability Selfdestruct to walls.
  • Change hotkey of Wall to W.
  • Add respawning items to the VIP room.
  • Disable Divine Shield of Anduin.
  • Remove highlighted keywords from several tooltips.
  • Ability Selfdestruct has Death animation now.
  • Improve Marketplace system.
  • Fix showing item charges in custom backpack UI for non-perishable item types with more than 1 charge.
  • Goblin Citizens (male) can construct Marketplaces now.
  • Add ability Order Backpack.
  • Reduce maximum life of Marketplaces.
  • More items can be enchanted.
  • Allow Summoning The Burning Legion in Event Houses.
  • Show player teams with chat command "-players".
  • Do not allow picking up non-profession and non-race items with the Pickup all Items ability anymore.
  • Add item Item Locker which allows you to claim items to protect them from enemy players.
  • Add JASS function CanItemBePickedUp to check if any item can be picked up by any player.
  • Add item Magical Rune Wards.
  • Add item Stasis Traps.
  • Add bonus profession Witch Doctor.
  • Allow linking Crafting Stashes.
  • Decrease many stock item charges from 100 to 1.
  • Save item owner for backpack items.
  • Add item Locked Item Summoner to Goblin Merchant.
  • Heart of Aszhara adds AOE damage.
  • Rename several rects into English.
  • Add chat command "-host".
  • Fix setting udg_Hero for AI players.
  • Add Ironforge as separate start location.
  • Add Fountain of Power to the Clan Island.
  • Fix feedback message of "-clanlumber X" chat command.
  • Add bonus race Troll.
  • Reduce sight range bonus of research Improved Mount.
  • Improved Mount researches adds maximum life to the mounts.
  • Lich King carries an Orb of Frost now.
  • Do not let creeps die in Maelstrom anymore.
  • Adapt tooltip of Improved Creep Hunter and explain it only helps unit abilities but not hero abilities.
  • Add Resistant Skin ability to Stonemaul Arena Master.
  • Changing the owner of enemies in the arena drops items as well now.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Mount to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Creep Hunter to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Navy to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Power Generator to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Hand of God to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Masonry to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Clan to 75.
  • Reduce maximum level of research Improved Clan Hall to 75.
  • Freelancers can train Green Drakes instead of Green Dragons now.
  • Life and Mana Regeneration of Clan Hall does not require any research anymore.
  • Add bonus race Tauren.
  • Allow backpack UI in multiplayer.
  • Chat command "-savegui" works in multiplayer.
  • Add ability to Backpack to show the savecode GUI.
  • Show the bag number per slot in the custom backpack UI.
  • Fix removing bonuses of Storm Crow and Bear Form from Druid heroes.
  • Antimagic Wards prevent enemy portal targets in area.
  • Fix error message for pinging targets of portals.
  • Buildings constructed by Engineers are only affected by the Glyph of Fortification but not any race specific research.
  • Make Immortality of World Tree an instant ability with unlimited range.
  • Make range of Power of Cenarius of World Tree unlimited.
  • Show error messages and fix memory leaks of of Immortality and Power of Cenarius of World Tree with SimError.
  • Find Artifacts ability summons 2 random items now of any type.
  • Add new Orc hero Warlock.
  • Creep Stormreaver Warlock gets its original abilities back.
  • Reset stats of Undead heroes to default.
  • Add research Improved Trading to Marketplaces.
  • Support saving item Mantle of Intelligence +3.
  • Let no creep spawning in the arena sleep at night.
  • Allow using "-c" for chat command "-clear".
  • Add chat command "-pingaistarts".
  • Add Unsummon Building to Engineers and Engineer Ships.
  • Fix icon of Tiny Dwarf Town Hall.
  • Replace Orc Shipyard with Demon Shipyard for Demon race.
  • Becoming a demigod by loading a savecode keeps your heroes position or moves the hero to Theramore.
  • Add Water Way Gate to Outland.
  • Add item Orb of Wind which is sold from the Kul Tiras shop.
  • Add new boss Antonidas in new area Dalaran.
  • Use custom models for Blood Elf and Night Elf Female Citizens.
  • Fix Magic Sentry of unique item Murloc Scroll.
  • Allow crafting Rings of Protection and Claws.
  • Allow crafting Demonic Figurines.
  • Deathwing won't damage himself anymore.
  • Reduce damage caused by Finger of Death.
  • Revise bonus hero Goblin Shredder thanks to Uncle from HiveWorkshop.
  • Improve abilities of Goblin Heavy Tank.
  • Improve ability tooltips of Goblin Gunner.
  • Fix hotkeys of Funny Bunny.
  • Use custom model and icon for Altar of Hell.
  • Add boss Sylvanas Windrunner with new area.
  • Citizens have a hotkey now.
  • Save Masters have a hotkey now.
  • Fix icons and effects of Save Master abilities.
  • Move code of external systems into trigger folder "Libraries".
  • Demon and The Burning Legion AI train Reavers now.
  • Fix tooltip of High Elf research Defend.
  • Give Captured Maiev Spell Immunity to avoid using it as teleport target.
  • Make Undead citizens actually Undead and give them the Restore ability.
  • Use custom icon for ability Dalaran Shield.
  • Use official vJass library SimError made by Vexorian instead of a custom function.
  • Player Interactions has a hotkey now.
  • Add paid fans to player selection.
  • Change weather effect on Sunstrider Isle.
  • Remove Fountain of Life for players Gaia and The Alliance.
  • Reorder Fountain of Life buildings on Theramore.
  • Bonus hero Void Lord can be picked at maximum hero level and can change his hero abilities on Theramore.
  • Improve abilities of bonus hero Antonidas.
  • Fix cooldown of Roar of Stonemaul Arena Master Belt.
  • Chat commands "-i" and "-info" have the same effect now.
  • Chat commands "-e" and "-enchanter" have the same effect now.
  • Chat commands "-r" and "-revive" have the same effect now.
  • Pets have a hotkey now.
  • Only show item charges in item savecodes if items are stackable.
  • Fix hero variables for The Burning Legion.
  • Hydromancer has standard ability Invisibility now.
  • Fix creating quest marker on Queen of the new Citadel after charming the last Draenei.
  • Decrease the damage from Gul'dan's damaging power generator.
  • Fix leaving Gul'dan's dungeon to blink and teleport again.
  • Remove elevators from Gul'dan's dungeon.
  • Make Sargeras' laugh a 3D sound, so it won't annoy all players all the time.
  • Add a timer window for the Draenei waves in Demon quest 4.
  • Reduce the number of spawned Draenei in Demon quest 4.
  • Increase the level of spawned Draenei in Demon quest 4.
  • Demon Reavers cause Siege damage.
  • Added note about Siege damage and harvesting lumber to tooltips of Demon Reavers.
  • Enchanting formulas can be stacked up to 2 items which both will improve the enchanted items.
  • Mention exact bonus values and defense type hero in tooltip of item Draenei Slayer.
  • Increase the damage bonus against heroes from Draenei Slayer.
  • Fix tooltip of Orb of Sun and mention the exact values.
  • Increase the caused damage against summoned units from Orb of Sun.
  • Increase the destroyed mana against units and heroes from Orb of Sun.
  • Fix maximum research and ability levels for AI.
  • Research Improved Mount to the maximum for AI when Evolution and Improved Power Generator reached their maximum.
  • Add portal from Black Citadel to New Citadel and back to Outland.
  • Add chat command "-vips".
  • Show a player's clan and VIP status in "-players" chat command's output.
  • Move code from "src/Systems.j" into different triggers and vJass libraries.
  • Use hidden icon ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNeredarRed.blp for many Eredar units.
  • Use hidden icon ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNPickUpItem.blp for Pick up all Items.
  • Use hidden icon ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNStaffOfPurification.blp as Scepter of Dalaran.
  • Add option STACKING_NEXT_ITEM_FROM_START to the custom ItemUnstackSystem which changes item unstacking behavior and release version 1.7 on Hive.
  • Change icon of item Dungeon Key.
  • Rescuable units from player Gaia respawn now.
  • Units Warden, Naisha, Shandris and Night Elf Runners are affected by Evolution now.
  • Add bonus hero Uther.
  • Add bonus hero Jaina.
  • Add hero glow to Hand of Destruction.
  • Add bonus hero Antonidas.
  • Use a custom treasure model with hero glow and hence a visible team color for items.
  • Show clan name and VIP status in player list.
  • Show player list and player info longer.
  • Recolored crafted profession items to identify them.
  • Draenei Banner cannot be sold to merchants anymore.
  • Disable anti air traps and preventing to teleport and blink in Gul'dan's dungeon and rename the floating text to the Unknown Dungeon after killing all three Old Gods for the first time.
  • Hide Goblin Air Field model on death.
  • Increase the lumber cost of Glyph of Omniscience.
  • Divine Golem have ranged attacked by default now.
  • Add Demon building Legion Transporter.
  • Remove manual hotkey highlighting from Demon buildings and researches.
  • Change "hire" and "summon" in Demon tooltips to "train".
  • Scale down Goblin War Zeppelins from 2.0 to 1.2.
  • Demon can build Sacrificial Pit now.
  • Add Demon unit Jailer.
  • Add Demon unit Inquistor.
  • Fix a bug in Demon Quest 4 which made it possible to complete the quest before killing the final wave.
  • Reduce PvP countdown to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where starting the PvP fight led to heroes leaving their teams immediately.
  • Add floating texts for Team 1 and Team 2 to the PvP arena.
  • Support more professions for AI.
  • Add cheat "-legendary".
  • Change icon of Medivh's Spell Book.
  • Update all 3 heroes for player bosses all the time.
  • Demon Shipyard does not sell but train ships now.
  • Add ability Change to next free Bag to backpacks.
  • Add ability Change to first Bag to backpacks.
  • Add ability Change to last Bag to backpacks.
  • New chat command "-it"/"-items" shows all backpack items.
  • New chat command "-pi"/"-pickup" picks up all items around your hero.
  • New chat command "-o"/"-order" orders your backpack.
  • Add cheat "-aicraft".
  • Add cheat "-respawnall".
  • Shorten clan member info in Save GUI.
  • Keeper of Ashbringer (previously Keeper of Frostmourne) causes Chaos damage now.
  • Magical Creep and Item Summoner use SimError now.
  • Magical Creep and Item Summoner are stopped during the casting event instead of the channel event which should prevent the hero from already using mana.
  • Power Generators do only affect structures but not mechanical units anymore.
  • Fix setting level of Auto Repair Icon ability for Power Generators even when loading savecodes.
  • Add Demon research Fel Transporting.
  • Cages "drop" Wind Riders.
  • New building Lever to open/close gates and bridges which won't be used by AI.
  • Add gate to World Tree base.
  • Add gate to Sunstrider Isle.
  • Add gate to Illidan's base in Outland.
  • Magical Frog and Magical Albatross have hotkeys now.
  • Fix icon position of Starfall in Power Generator.
  • Add bonus hero Arthas.
  • Add bonus hero Arthas wielding Frostmourne.
  • Add bonus hero Muradin.
  • Add bonus hero Kel'Thuzad in Necromancer form.
  • Add bonus hero Arthas (evil).
  • Add bonus hero Anub'arak.
  • Add bonus hero Maiev.
  • Add bonus hero Tyrande.
  • Add bonus hero Ghost.
  • Add bonus hero Illidan.
  • Add bonus hero Cairne Bloodhoof.
  • Add bonus hero Thrall.
  • Add bonus hero Grommash Hellscream with custom ulti Chaos.
  • Add towers to player selection which allow players to reskill the Void Lord.
  • Add chat commands "-hero1", "-hero2" and "-hero3" to pick and repick all three heroes.
  • Add chat commands "-profession1" and "-profession2" to pick and repick both professions.
  • Add chat commands "-race1" and "-race2" to pick and repick both races.
  • Add chat command "-cooldowns" to show the repicking cooldowns.
  • Fix spawning eggs for hero Funny Bunny without skilling Egg Multiplier.
  • Night Elf Runners can cast Reveal now.
  • Scale down Demon special building Dimensional Gate.
  • Add research Improved Devour to Demon race.
  • Add cheat "-idleworker".
  • Add respawning item Dragon Egg.
  • Allow summoning dragons in Crafting Stash.
  • Add ability Enable Wander to all citizens and pets and disable their Wander ability by default.
  • Add Bonus Book Shop to Goblin Island.
  • Crafting Stash, Event House and Research Tent are buildings for all races now.
  • Fix gold value shown in custom backpack UI for charged items.
  • Crafting Stash uses a custom icon now.
  • Add chat command "-gaiaon/off".
  • Entangled Gold Mine uses a custom icon now.
  • Add quest log entry Portals.
  • Add quest log entry Crafting Stashes.
  • Add quest log entry Void Lords.
  • Add Demon research Anti-magic Shell.
  • Use custom model and icon for Goblin Bank.
  • Improve Warlord AI configurations.
  • Murloc Hut and Goblin Hut use a custom icon now.
  • Draenei quest 1 reward is a Ring of Protection +5 now instead of a Ring of Protection +2.
  • Draenei quest 2 reward is a Claws of Attack +15 now instead of a Claws of Attack +12.
  • Remove food costs of several spell dummies.
  • Add standard hero ability Repair.
  • Add standard hero ability Dark Summoning.
  • Add ability Enable Wandering to summoned Scouts.
  • Disable automatic camera distance updates and chat commands "-far", "-close" and "-camdistance X" due to camera distance settings in Warcraft Reforged.
  • Add more creeps in an area at the Burning Legion realm.
  • Change icon position and hotkey of building and research Book of Summoning Pedestal.
  • Add quest log entry "Enable HD Graphics".
  • Support replacing Demon race on repick.
  • Fix and revise hero ability Harvest of Goblin Shredder.
  • Add custom Vote System.
  • Add chat command "-ffa" to change the player alliances for all Warlord players to Free For All.
  • Add chat command "-lobby" to change the player alliances for all players to the lobby teams.
  • Simplify stats multiboard due to freezing bug with the new font in Reforged.
  • The Burning Legion and The Alliance have random professions now.
  • Add Goblin Merchant for Star Wars to Boss Island.
  • Add purchasable item Jedi Drone.
  • Item and ability Mana Ward with custom model and icon.
  • Reduce the chance for creeps of dropping items and increase the chance to drop low level items.
  • Add hero ability Drain for Gul'dan.
  • Add custom icons for High Elven buildings.
  • Add hero Shado Pan.
  • Add hero Iron Fist.
  • Many bonus Goblin heroes are regular Goblin heroes now.
  • Add hero Sorceress.
  • Funny Bunny gets Easter Egg directly spawned into its inventory.
  • Add chat command "-auto".
  • Do not auto kill air heroes in Gul'dan's dungeon.
  • Rename Marketplace for all races to Trading Post.
  • Add building neutral Marketplace to all races.
  • Add quest log entry for Trading Posts.
  • Add hero ability Dark Summoning available for Void Lords.
  • Add neutral building Thieves Guild.
  • Add bonus hero Goblin Prince.
  • Add hero Mal'Ganis.
  • Add hero ability Aura of Darkness.
  • Add ability Aura of Darkness to Antimagic Wards.
  • Give Mal'Ganis boss Inferno, Carrion Beetles and Death Coil abilities.
  • Add ability Lordearon Villagers for Mal'Ganis instead of Soul Preservation.
  • Add boss Elune.
  • AI does not attack players by default but only with the help of chat commands.
  • Add chat commands "-unlock" and "-lock" to unlock everything.
  • Add chat command "-helpping".
  • Add chat command "-helpclan".
  • Allow Equipment Bags to change hero abilities.
  • Fix Shroud of Protection area.
  • Remove manual highlightings of several hotkeys.
  • Neutral Goblin Laboratory can train Female Citizens and Pets now.
  • Add bonus hero Bishop.
  • Add item Orb of Royality.
  • Legendary item Sea Witch Tail only blocks negative spells now and adds 20 damage instead of 10.
  • Add chat command "-gold".
  • Add chat command "-lumber".
  • Add hidden item Holy Grail and chat commands "-grail" and "-dig" to find it.
  • Add building Dragon Roost which can be constructed by Female Citizens.
  • Add human hero Dark Knight.
  • Make Hydromancer a regular Human hero.
  • Add item Scroll of the Ghosts of the Sea.
  • Add item Unlimited Bag of Gold.
  • Give Dark Knight the new hero spell Ride Down.
  • Revise info quests.
  • Fix icon of heroes Berserk buff.
  • Add CustomUI system from Hive.
  • Add custom UIs for races Blood Elf, Naga and Demon.
  • Add hero Banshee.
  • Add spell Open Portals.
  • Add chat command "-raceui X".
  • Add spell Revive.
  • Add item Escape Portal.
  • Add cheat "-items".
  • Add chat command "-baginfoon/off".
  • Add creep spot with blue dragons to Northrend.
  • Add spell Charge.
  • Add hero Abomination.
  • Add chat command "-baguion/off".
  • Add profession Merchant.
  • Add hero Military Tribune.
  • Cache item type information for better performance.
  • Add hero C-3PO.
  • Add hero R2-D2.
  • Add hero General Grievous.
  • Customize Engineering Upgrade, so it does not need extra abilities with levels which would slow down the loading time and require extra logic in AI scripts (fixes AI skilling for hero Engineer).
  • Do not limited Haunted or Entangled Gold Mines anymore.
  • Fix food maximum number in stats multiboard.
  • Fix icon position of research Flame Grenade.
  • Change hotkey of unit Goblin Flamethrower.
  • Change hotkey of unit Ogre Goblin Squad.
  • Change hotkey of research Repair.
  • Fix icon position of High Elf research Defend.
  • Reduce build time of Haunted, Entangled and Enchanted Gold Mines to balance initial mining time.
  • Fix tooltips of Beastmaster hero abilities.
  • Apply summoning bonuses to preplaced tentacles.
  • Fix icon of item Tiny Goblin Town Hall.
  • Show numbers of foot levers in Gul'dan's dungeon as messages to the owner of the entering unit.
  • Do not allow giving units to other players exceeding their food maximum.
  • Reduce base damage of heroes Gul'dan and Ner'Zhul.
  • Add item Random Artifact.
  • Enable cheats for player red with name Barade#2569.
  • Do mention links in quest log entries "Reforged Version" and "Credits" instead of listing everything.
  • Add Repair to some citizen units since AI uses them to construct structures.
  • Release 3.0.

2022-04-17, Version 2.0:
  • Fix number of Adventurers in the map description.
  • Add cheat "-savegui".
  • Add more unit, building, item and research types for savecodes.
  • Fix defense type for Turtle Shell item.
  • Increase death time of creep/boss heroes to avoid their permanent removal from the game.
  • Disease Cloud of Corrupted Ancient Protector does not require a research anymore.
  • Recreate Furbolg Tribal Center on AI destruction.
  • Do not remove Sargeras for non-Boss players on death.
  • Set mana cost for all levels of Mirror Image to 80 which was 125 from level 4.
  • Fix effect of item Amulet of Martial Arts and remove Unique from its tooltip.
  • Add new boss Spider Crab Behemoth.
  • Rename Sea Giant boss to King Deepbeard.
  • Reveal certain neutral buildings to Freelancers.
  • Show hero journey messages with colors, sound and in correct order when leveling up.
  • Increase Archimonde's hero level to 150 and the level of his Dreadlords to level 60.
  • Disable hero level up for Mirror Image of bosses because of Evolution.
  • Move town halls of The Alliance next to the goldmines.
  • Add line break to the defeat message.
  • Translate victory message into English.
  • Add chat command "-wrapup" which converts all buildings into tiny items.
  • More general approach nor not picking up items which do not belong to your races.
  • Add portal to and from Alliance island.
  • Change color of portal to Archimonde to the The Burning Legion player color.
  • Add portal to and from Boss Fight Island.
  • Add chat command "-passive" for a passive mode against enemy players.
  • Engineer Ships can build Haunted Water Gold Mines.
  • Engineer Ships can place Goblin Water Mines.
  • Increase stock number and decrease stock delay for Engineer Ships.
  • Haunted Water Gold Mines can train ships and Sky Barges.
  • Add research Improved Air Transport to the Power Generator.
  • Add Mercenary Camp from the Future to the Boss Fight Island.
  • Increase hitpoints and mana bonus from 50 % to 60 % for Evolution.
  • Increase hero ability levels to 100.
  • Show the percentage in the tooltip of Brilliance Aura.
  • Increase hero level of Archimonde to 500 which is the maximum hero level skill points can be spent.
  • Remove irritating boss marker at mages creep spot in Lordaeron.
  • Add new boss Mathog.
  • Allow deactivating Divine Shield.
  • Reduce cooldown and duration of Divine Shield.
  • Add new boss Gul'dan.
  • Simplify triggers to drop legendary artifacts on hero deaths.
  • Add JASS function AssignAllUnitsToCurrentGroup to assign all units at once to a creep respawn group.
  • Add global unit group variable udg_CurrentRespawnGroup to add all respawning creeps to it.
  • Replace useless Embassy of Theramore with an Arcane Academy of Theramore selling mana-related items.
  • Remove useless Tavern of Theramore.
  • Add new island next to Maelstrom with new boss Sea Witch.
  • Play Naga or Blood Elf Theme if you choose the corresponding races.
  • Reduce the number of air units and increase the number of ground units for Demon/TBL AIs.
  • Add new boss Avatar of Sargeras with legendary item which can convert units to different races.
  • Fix worker counter in stats when using Charm.
  • Add more unit and building types for savecodes.
  • New race Goblins.
  • Add save code for researches and chat command "-loadr XXX" to load it.
  • Allow voting for Only Freelancers for AI in the beginning.
  • Generate dragon units and good items savecodes with cheats.
  • Replace Tier 1 - 3 equivalent texts with "Tier 1", "Tier 2" and "Tier 3" instead of listing all town halls.
  • New island Kezan with boss Rumblefitz.
  • Allow disabling AI The Burning Legion and The Alliance via votes in the beginning.
  • Add chat command "-racerepick" to repick your first race as Warlord.
  • Add Hall of Fame floating text to hero selection.
  • Add building type Research Tent for all races with important researches to save icon space in tier 3 buildings.
  • Fix hotkeys for bonus hero Medivh.
  • Add chat command "-savec" to generate savecodes into files without printing information for a long time.
  • Remove weather effect from hidden island.
  • Add learn hotkey to ability Summon Sea Elemental of bonus hero Admiral Proudmoore.
  • Remove message "Upgraded Evolution.".
  • Reduce Demon Housing model scale to make build area visible.
  • Let Naga AI build special building.
  • Add more Hidden Bases.
  • Add chat command "-saveautoon/off" and auto save the hero every 10 minutes.
  • Adapt Warlord and Freelancer descriptions.
  • Add portals to different boss islands on the sea.
  • Always summon Sunken Ruin mercenaries for Freelancers when the regions are unknown.
  • Fix respawning The Alliance AI at the correct start location.
  • Add chat command "-help/-h" to list all chat commands.
  • Becoming a demigod requires a Nether Dragon.
  • Add chat command "-pingdragons" to ping all Dragon Roosts.
  • Power Generator causes damage in area of boss Gul'dan.
  • Add secret combination to enter Gul'dan's dungeon.
  • Add treasure with trap to Gul'dan's dungeon.
  • Fix hero revival for Furbolg AI.
  • Support more heroes for Freelancer AI.
  • Add leaderboards quest log entry from the original Reborn map.
  • Invisibility and Berserk have 100 levels now and are set to the hero's level up to level 100.
  • Both Pit Lords in Outland carry an Orb of Fire now to attack air units.
  • Initial Towers of the Arcane Academy of Theramore allow changing hero abilities.
  • Add fixed Computer player Gaia who provides some units on the map which can be rescued.
  • Add research Improved Navy for all races.
  • Human, Night Elf and Undead ships are affected by Evolution now.
  • Added shipyards to The Alliance for initial navy AI support.
  • Fix soundset of Nether Dragon boss.
  • Use the hero proper name of bosses in the message for all players when defeating them.
  • Add build blockers to the Outland portals area.
  • The Alliance and Blood Elf AI build special building Magic Vault.
  • Reset hero level researchs on full repick.
  • Try to fix alliance change reaction by AI players by swapping player parameters.
  • Add Water Waygates.
  • Allow Engineer Ships to build Portals on water.
  • Do not allow to load save objects which do not belong to your race.
  • Decrease the save code IDs by splitting them up into units, buildings, items and researches.
  • Increase maximum level of research Evolution from 100 to 1000.
  • Do not increase the area of effect for War Stomp with each level to avoid lags.
  • Disable AI special players by default to avoid crashes.
  • Move creep dragons further away from the Orgrimmar start location.
  • Add chat command "-pingkeys" to ping all keys which are not in black mask for a player.
  • Replace Spell Immunity of bonus hero Archimonde with Invisibility.
  • Add research Improved Creep Hunter which increases the maximum creep level of certain unit abilities.
  • Fill savecodes with fixed number with remaining zeroes to always have a fixed length since we do not store the number.
  • Fix cooldown for savecode researches.
  • The chat commands "-save" and "-savegui" open a custom GUI in singleplayer only which allows managing savecodes.
  • Do not load research levels from savecodes if your current ones are higher.
  • Do not load savecodes if they are empty.
  • Store Improved Navy level in the hero savecode.
  • Fix an issue of loading not existing hero level 2 from the savecode.
  • The savecode stores if your hero has become a Demigod or not.
  • Add two more creep unit types (one healing) to the Neutral Mercenary Camp of Freelancers.
  • Translate abilities of Tinker back into English.
  • Allow saving fragment items required to become a Demigod.
  • Reorder columns in the stats multiboard.
  • Give Kil'Jaeden boss Banish ability.
  • AutoSkillHero and simplify Boss Island boss creation.
  • One single cheat "-levelX".
  • New cheat "-cheats" to list all cheats.
  • Ping Water Goldmines with "-pinggoldmines" chat command.
  • Make Sargeras boss much stronger by giving him some powerful unit abilities.
  • Do not allow to pick Sargeras boss as second hero.
  • Add item Feed made by the Research Tent which increases the hero level of all bosses.
  • Add third hero at hero level 100 with chat command "-thirdrepick".
  • Add cheats "-orderon/off" to debug orders by all players to find crashes.
  • Attribute Bonus has 1000 levels now.
  • Sorcerer and Runeforger craft items with 4 charges instead of 3 now.
  • Allow enabling AI for yourself at hero level 200.
  • Clans.
  • Reset abilities of mercenary and creep Dark Wizard to default.
  • Give Maiev a Shadow Orb to attack air units.
  • Add Demon Quests 3 and 4.
  • Lower the priorities for Research Tent and Power Generator to avoid AI crashes.
  • Bounties.
  • Store item names, descriptions, tooltips and extended tooltips in backpacks to avoid losing dungeon key information.
  • Add Goblin Bank.
  • Enable Warcraft's Item Stacking.
  • Give boss Ancient Dragon Turtle and Spider Crab Behemoth an orb item to attack air units.
  • AI cannot buy Random Events or Alliance with the Burning Legion anymore.
  • New bonus hero Antonidas.
  • Add random bonus hero support.
  • Do not allow to load savecodes which have been generated during the same game to avoid duplicating stuff.
  • Enable visibility for bonus heroes from start for VIP players.
  • New bonus hero Fel Beast.
  • Add Shivarra creeps.
  • Add quest entry Lore.
  • Allow filling auto savecode file with the custom save GUI.
  • Fix the icon positions for the abilities of bonus hero Wizard.
  • Allow defeating AI and show defeat in stats.
  • New boss Akama in Outland.
  • Allow Paladin bosses to be included as counters for Forsaken quest 3.
  • Allow Paladins to complete Forsaken quest 3.
  • Make sure players are enemies on killing for Forsaken quest 3.
  • Allow saving all 3 tier buildings for Freelancers.
  • Add cheat "-foldername".
  • Mention that Legendary items and quest rewards are not saved.
  • No hero equivalents anymore in gameplay constants which treats all hero types the same way.
  • Add cheat "-foldername".
  • Use a folder for all generated savecodes.
  • Consider hero XP from heroes in repick when increasing creep Evolution.
  • Only load gold and lumber from savecode if it is higher than your current gold and lumber.
  • Fix changing creep Evolution level when loading heroes with levels not having modulo 10 = 0.
  • Disable AI special players by default.
  • Remove AI special players from stats if disabled.
  • Remove Neutral Hostile and Neutral Passive from stats.
  • Sell expensive Glyph items in Arcane Academy of Theramore.
  • Show bonus heroes for VIPs on repick.
  • Neutral Laboratories for Freelancers can be used to return gold and lumber.
  • New bonus hero: Dwarf Mage.
  • Refactor trigger names and move them into folders.
  • Add building Event House.
  • Freelancer Towers.
  • All tier town halls use a spell book for the player interactions.
  • Fix quest markers over Illidan for Draenei quests.
  • Fix quest markers over Queen for Demon quests.
  • Give Medivh's Spell Book a shared cooldown to prevent mass casting.
  • Fix Magma Giant tooltip and costs.
  • New hero: Khadgar.
  • More preplaced creeps with random dropped item types instead of fixed ones.
  • Add Scroll of Town Portal to the list of dropped item types by creeps.
  • Make Maiev's guards vulnerable during the quest, so the player can kill them.
  • Fix removing quest marker from Kael after Naga Quest 1.
  • Refresh backpack before getting and after releasing control of Illidan to fix its hero icon position.
  • Power Generators do not sell Crystal Balls anymore since they are a reward for a Naga quest.
  • Limit Goblin Artist colors to 10 in total per player.
  • Random events spawn 20 units at maximum to prevent massive lags.
  • New bonus hero: Carsten.
  • Decrease the rate for Transmute.
  • Massively decrease the damage multiplier for Drunken Brawler.
  • Add item Feed AI to increase the hero level of AI heroes.
  • Neutral Shop sells Magical Cuter and Magical Seed.
  • Add Discord to loading screen.
  • Do not share vision during hero selection and repick to prevent black mask areas from allies.
  • Fix unwanted level up effect on Mirror Image caused by Evolution.
  • Fixed area for Thunder Clap to avoid lags.
  • Increase cooldown for Boss Fight Island.
  • Divide the boss level in Boss Fight Island by 2.
  • Give Impale a fixed stun duration.
  • Decrease the life drain percentage of Death and Decay.and Dalaran Shield and give them a fixed cooldown.
  • Reduce the percentage of Cleaving Attack.
  • New hero: Ranger.
  • New race: High Elf.
  • Remove level values from Cold Arrows tooltip.
  • Replace ulti of Sylvanas Windrunner with Banshee Form.
  • Increase number of levels for hero ability Battle Roar.
  • Add missing learn hotkey to hero ability Cripple.
  • Black Arrow abilities support units with levels greater than 5.
  • Reset full repick flag on normal repick to prevent game mode dialog showing up.
  • Add Dragonhawk mounts for High Elf and Blood Elf heroes.
  • Human can train Spellbreakers and Dragonhawk Riders again.
  • Add Phoenixes and Phoenix Egg building to Blood Elf race.
  • New hero: Funny Bunny.
  • Add chat command "-discord".
  • Add cooldown for hero savecodes.
  • Give Bosses on Boss Fight Island orbs.
  • Remove splash damage from Guards of Sargeras to prevent them from killing Sargeras.
  • Disable many quest items and rewards to be sold by the Theramore Marketplace.
  • Immediately check for enough votekick votes after starting which fixes votekicks in singleplayer.
  • Use summoned level 4 unit types from World of Warcraft Reborn again.
  • Many summon hero abilities have stronger but less summoned units now.
  • Do not allow alliance chat commands with player The Alliance.
  • Hide The Burning Legion and The Alliance from score screen if disabled.
  • Recreate stats multiboard on alliance changes to hide Warcraft's multiboard for full shared control.
  • Remove votekick timer window and reset votes on timer expiring.
  • Do not allow votekicks against The Alliance.
  • Rain of Chaos and Call of Drakes summons always 4 units now.
  • Add missing learn hotkeys of Crushing Wave and Watery Minion hero abilities.
  • Change Multiplayer detection to work with only 1 player left.
  • Do not reset gold and lumber on repicking and picking Warlord.
  • Made AntiDenseMan#1202 a VIP.
  • Add all alliance chat commands to the separate quest log entry Alliances.
  • Fix AI alliance responses.
2022-02-22, Version 1.9.9:
  • Save XP of hero 2 in savecodes.
  • Replace bugged Frost Armor ability of Crown of the Lich King by Item Attack Frost Bonus.
  • Fix soundset of bonus hero Medivh.
  • Give bonus hero Malfurion Invisibility and Summon Mount abilities.
  • Remove ability Spell Immunity from bonus hero Wizard. Otherwise, it would take too many slots.
  • Add missing learn tooltips to ability Summon Sea Elemental of bonus hero Admiral Proudmoore.
  • Try to revive Illidan immediately before changing his ownership to avoid a bug while he is being revived.
  • Make items in backpack always droppable to fix the drop bug with Illidan's Ring of the Dark Legion.
  • Increase the produced food of Hideouts and all upgraded versions from 25 to 55.
  • Add ability Invisibility to bonus hero Anasterian Sunstrider.
  • Fix ability Storm Bolt in the description of bonus hero Rexxar.
  • Turtle Shell and Frostmourne use fixed defense and attack type values now to avoid bugs.
  • Remove Neutral Citizen Female from Goblin Laboratories to get the Reveal slot back.
  • Add new boss Murloc Sorcerer on a new island with creeps.
  • Add Gnomish Submarines.
  • Replace Taunt of hero Mountain Giant with Hurl Boulder.
  • Replace War Club of hero Mountain Giant with Demolish.
  • Add note how to repick your second hero when picking him/her.
  • Add new boss The Eye of Sargeras on a new island with creeps.
  • Add Boss Fight Island.
  • Fix mount in description of Brewmaster, Tinker and Alchemist.
  • Change recommended start location of Pit Lord to Outland.
  • Crystal Ball is sold by Power Generator.
  • Add new fixed computer player The Alliance.

2022-01-18, Version 1.9.8:
  • Disable hidden island prevention for AI.
  • Lich King special building is a building now and requires ground-pathable placement.
  • Skill more abilities for bosses heroes.
  • Add pathing texture back to Power Generator which led to crashing the game.
  • Enable Freelancer AI by default.
  • Only allow custom UI for backpacks in singleplayer since it causes desyncs.

2022-01-16, Version 1.9.7:
  • Allow Undead and Night Elf citizens to directly build their goldmines instead of housings.
  • Add missing hero icon for Cenarius.
  • Fix level of Auto Repair ability when constructing a new Power Generator.
  • Fix singleplayer detection for generating savecodes.
  • Hero Mountain Giant is not affected by Improved Mount anymore.
  • Mention Single/Multiplayer in stats multiboard title.
  • Remove Cyclone from Cenarius.
  • Set the level of research Cheap Evolution from a savecode as well.
  • Replace Demon Infernals by creep Infernals for Dark Portal from Archimonde at level 3.
  • Store the hero level in the savecode file name.
  • Add missing hero icons for Admiral Proudmoore.
  • Fix counting sold workers in the stats multiboard.
  • Make walls invulnerable.
  • Use player colors for font in the stats multiboard.
  • Translate tooltips of Summon Lava Spawn into English.
  • Increase range of True Sight from Arcane Observatory.
  • Revise savecode messages and print a message during hero selection.
  • The lowest hero level of playing users will determine the Evolution level of creeps and bosses.
  • Improved Mount research increases the sight range and the cargo slots of mounts.
  • Fix tooltip of Improved Mount research.
  • Add Neutral Goblin Laboratory and Neutral Mercenary Camp to Freelancers to separate upgrades and units from the Hideout.
  • Freelancer AI builds these buildings as well as a Power Generator and uses more upgrades.
  • Give multiple melee bosses orbs, so they can attack air units.
  • Freelancer AI attacks with trained creeps.
  • Give Freelancer AI some start resources.
  • Enable Freelancer research for Freelancer AI.
  • Add missing hero icon of Anasterian Sunstrider.
  • Add hero glow to Anasterian Sunstrider.
  • Add walls and gates to be constructed by female citizens.
  • Add Neutral Citizens (female).
  • Haunted and Entrangled Goldmines train female citizens and pets now.
  • Female Citizens can place Goblin Land Mines now.
  • Add Pick up all Items to the backpack.
  • Refresh backpack on using Demigod cheats.
  • Initial savecodes for items, units and buildings.
  • Orc AI trains Red Dragons now.
  • Warlord AI final waves train more air units and less ground units.
  • Orc AI trains Batriders now.
  • Update tooltip of special building Lich King.
  • Give Power Generators a higher priority.
  • Add research Storm Protection which prevents you dying from in the Maelstrom.
  • Add Ancient Turtle Shell to counted carried Legendary Artifacts.
  • Count Storm Protection and Demigod Blueprints for Warlord technologies.
  • Fix tooltip of Fel Stalker from Demons.
  • Give special buildings some build time.
  • Fix AI respawn dialog yes button which prevented enabling AI respawn.
  • Decrease damage reduction by Divine armor a bit.
  • Add two missing legendary item types to Forsaken quest 4.
  • Replace Frost Armour of Crown of the Lich King by an ability based on another one.
  • Fix Naga quest 4 ending: backpack not getting invulnerable anymore, hero getting vulnerable again.
  • Update second hero counter at certain situations like Naga quest 4 or picking a hero.
  • Rename Demon Fire research of Demons and Draenei to Improved Demon Fire which just improves the ability.
  • Neutral Male Citizen requires you to be Freelancer.
  • Add Engineer and Engineer Ship.
  • Add Water Gold Mines.
  • Let Shipyards return gold.
  • Add Selfdestruct ability to buildings.
  • Add many heroes to the Freelancer AI script.
  • Add special building for Demons: Outland Dimensional Gate.
  • Add special building for Naga: Statue of Azshara.
  • Add special building for Furbolg: Corrupted Ancient Protector.
  • Night Elf AI might use Mountain Giant hero now.
  • Add special building Draenei prison.
  • Male Citizens can mark units and structures for savecodes.
  • Classify Shredders as Workers.
  • AI Laboratories produce food.
  • Power Generator requires ground-pathable placement.
  • Make Power Generator and neutral Freelancer buildings smaller.
  • Increase hitpoints of trees on Freelancer islands.
  • Preplace neutral buildings for Freelancer AI to fix AI scripts.
  • Freelancer AI attacks with trained units now.
  • Freelancer AI counts hideouts properly now with a modified common.ai script.
  • Revise loading screen text.
  • Make Freelancer AI islands much bigger and place heroes at correct rects.
  • Fix Freelancer AI crashes by creating the heroes after starting the AI scripts.
  • Add custom UI for backpacks.
  • Add Freelancer Protection Towers to the four Freelancer islands.
  • Keep backpack item types and charges up to date on picking up and dropping items.
  • Fix name of research Improved Power Generator.
  • Store if item is perishable and if it is invulnerable in a bagpack to avoid bugs.
  • Add Save Master to Goblin Laboratory.
  • Do not hide minimap boss icons when bosses die.
  • Translate tooltips of Serpent Ward back into English.
  • Summon 2 Serpent Wards at level 4 instead of 1 Cobra Ward.

2022-01-02, Version 1.9.6:
  • Increase food upkeep levels by 50.
  • Ignore buildings from The Burning Legion on respawning creeps to respawn Archimonde.
  • Add Nether Dragon to creep respawn group to fix respawning it.
  • Remove ground texture from AI Laboratory.
  • Decrease costs of Evolution.
  • Add missing boss heroes and town halls to game type Hardcore.
  • Keep Freelancer AI Hideout invulnerable after an upgrade.
  • Add missing hero icon for Mannoroth to the multiboard.
  • Drop Undead trophy for human quest 4 on hero death.
  • Enable VIPs by default.
  • Make Demon Mater non-permanent fix more general to hopefully fix more issues.
  • Ping units, show a message and use player colors with player names on giving units to another player.
  • Rename Ogrimmar to Orgrimmar in the info text for Beast Master and during Orc Quest 1.
  • Update stats on repicking and giving units.
  • Update stats number of buildings after computer AI started.
  • Improve the terrain of the new Citadel.
  • Give item Scepter of Mastery from the Queen some mana cost and cooldown.
  • Remove second Forgotten One group from Paladin bosses.
  • Furbolg Tribal Center can be upgraded to Temple of Light and Darkness.
  • Do not transfers many upgrades such as Evolution with Unit Ownership anymore.
  • Add line break before showing loaded/saved savecode for better comparison.
  • Store additional information in a save code: gold, lumber, evolution level, power generator level, hand of god level, mount level and masonry level.
  • Add level skip requirements to tech upgrades of ability Robo-Goblin.
  • Store savecodes in text files in C:\Users\<your user>\Documents\Warcraft III\CustomMapData.
  • Add save/load system vote dialog after other settings votings.

2022-01-01, Version 1.9.5:
  • Add Socrethar to Outland.
  • Add Demon Quest 1 and 2.
  • Magic Vault of Blood Elves requires ground-pathable placement.
  • Fix converting decimal number into save codes (stop when quotient is 0).
  • Fix shifting and obfuscating deobfuscating a save code using a string hash.
  • Make hash numbers smaller by modulo operation to keep savecodes shorter.
  • Obfuscate savecodes with the hash of the player's name.
  • Remove space from savecode when using "-savecheck".
  • Print different output on using "-savecheck".

2021-12-31, Version 1.9.4:
  • Add and fixed caused damage in tooltip of Finger of Death.
  • Reduce effect of Holy Light.
  • Increase food cost of Couatl from 2 to 3.
  • Remove Forgotten creeps from Paladin bosses.
  • Remove 2 Paladins from boss creep group and reduce the level of two from 40 to 35.
  • Reduce the level of Nether Dragon boss from 90 to 65.
  • Research Evolution for Boss player as well.
  • Show player name of player who caused Evolution upgrade for all creeps.
  • Reduce bonuses from Evolution a bit,
  • Reduce time of research Improved Mount.
  • Add two Fountain of Powers to Archimonde's area.
  • Move some creeps in Kalimdor away from the start base.
  • Translate Storm, Earth, And Fire back into English, add the number of forms to the tooltip and mention that the number of warriors is increased.
  • Fix number of workers in the stats multiboard by considering summoned workers as well.
  • Simplify creep hero revival system to avoid future bugs.
  • Add Wizard to Bonus Heroes.
  • Add new boss Sea Turtle.
  • Skull of Gul'dan does not summon Demons permanently anymore.
  • Add chat command "-professionrepick".
  • Reset stats of Spellbreakers back to default.
  • Allow Hideouts receiving gold and lumber and Neutral Citizens collecting gold and lumber.
  • Make Paladin on Theramore invulnerable.
  • Fix value in tooltip of Improved Lumber Harvesting for Furbolg.
  • Let all AIs except Night Elf buy 1 Shredder.
  • Add Black Market, Fountain of Power, Goblin Laboratory, Mercenary Camp and trees to each Freelancer AI start island.
  • Add more Doodads to Archimonde's area.
  • Fix tooltips of Furbolg researches.
  • Do not respawn creeps from spots next to AI buildings.
  • Freelancer AI buys Shredder and hires Neutral Citizen.
  • Freelancer AI collects gold and lumber.
  • Support more heroes in Freelancer AI.
  • Let AI use random paths and defend players.
  • Add building AI laboratory to train Shredders, Sappers etc. for AI only.
  • Handle player leaving while voting for the game type.
  • Add game type Easy.
  • Add column handicap to stats multiboard.
  • Prevent starting constructing or harvesting on Freelancer AI islands for user players.
  • Remove many black border areas between the east Ocean and land area.
  • Change some unit soundsets of citizens fitting their models.
  • Increase interval of stats multiboard updates to improve the performance.
  • Update stats workers from the beginning and after AI has started.
  • Do not apply Evolution to heroes which change the owner which reset some hero levels to 1.
  • Make sure Illidan control release changes Illidan and not the triggering hero preventing the entering hero from becoming invulnerable.
  • Only show user players in stats when you are an ally of them not when you ally them.
  • Reduce summoned Nether Dragons of Nether Dragon boss.
  • Replace Evasion from Nether Dragon boss with Devotion Aura.
  • Do not increase the area of Earthquake with every level to avoid massive lags.
  • Add basic save/load system which stores XP only and is restricted to your game settings.
  • Mention in the tooltip of Demon Slayer Axe that it stacks.
  • Show elapsed time in the stats multiboard title.
  • Add chat command "-clear".
  • Remove annoying sound from Archimonde when a hero entered his realm.
  • Add number of successful save code loads as column to the stats.
  • Only one single multiboard with stats for all players to improve the performance.
  • Enable AI freelancers by default.
  • Allow Neutral Shop to train some mercenaries.

2021-12-29, Version 1.9.3:
  • Increase number of respawn groups to fix missing respawns of creep bosses.
  • Add The Burning Legion and Bosses to the player stats multiboard.
  • Show level of Evolution in player stats.
  • Show player stats multiboard from start but minimized.
  • Rename AI players to AI.
  • Increase gold of housings to 100 000.
  • Add lost units and technologies to player stats.
  • Fix tooltip of Improved Lumber Harvesting for Furbolgs.
  • Hide Blood Elf Cage model on death.
  • Increase number of farms and workers for Naga and Furbolg AI.
  • Add quest log entries Hidden Bases and Hero Journey.
  • Add Mountain Giant to tavern.
  • Kil'Jaeden, Tichondrius, Eredar Warlock and Keeper of Frostmourne cost food now.
  • Rename Ogrimmar to Orgrimmar for several heroes.
  • Furbolg Tribal Center, Green Dragon Roost, Pig Farm and Dragon Roost require ground-pathable to be built now.
  • Dragon Roost for Orcs costs 200 gold now.
  • Fel Peon cost as much gold as regular Peons now.
  • Keep Tier 2 XP bonus on repick and for second hero.
  • Add many missing heroes to hero equivalents in the gameplay constants.
  • Only show VIP welcome message if VIPs are enabled.
  • Remove votes for leaving players from the votings in the beginning of the game.
  • Add Goblin Laboratory and Black Market to many more start locations to make the game more fair.
  • Add entry by the Ocean to Sunstrider Isle.
  • Add black borders on the Ocean to Outland.
  • Add quest log entry for the stats multiboard.
  • Reduce quest log entries to Special Race Building.
  • Reduce costs of Improved Power Generator.
  • Add ability Drop all Items to Backpack.
  • Add research Improved Mount which increases the movement speed of your mount.
  • Add research levels to the tooltips of different researches with 100 levels.
  • Fix icon of Unique - Legion´s Hate.
  • Rename quest log entry "New Features" to "Reforged Version" and move it down.
  • Fix icon of Engineering - Adept.
  • Reduce collision size of Souls.
  • Give Archimonde bonus hero Bash of Eredar Warlock.
  • Add Neutral Shop which can built by Neutral Citizens and sells Orbs.
  • Add names of VIPs to the VIP room.
  • Reduce stock initial delay for Neutral Citizens to 0.
  • Fix Orgrimmar name in floating text.
  • Translate tooltip of Illidan´s Blade back into English.
  • Add "-suicide" chat command description to quest log entry Hero Death.
  • Allow Pickpocketing on The Burning Legion and Bosses.
  • Fix values of RaceUndead and RaceNightElf.
  • Increase number of levels of War Stomp from Tauren Chieftain from 3 to 12.
  • Reset Naga building HP to the original values.
  • Fix completing Lich King Quest 4.
  • Add some missing tooltips for bosses.
  • Add Nether Dragon boss to tavern in Outland.
  • Fix icon position of Rain of Chaos of Book of Summoning Pedestal.
  • Make Book of Summoning Pedestal a building, add pathing and requires ground-pathable.
  • Drop legendary and quest items on Boss and The Burning Legion hero deaths, too.
  • Ping only visible allied heroes with "-pingh".
  • Add chat command "-pingl" to ping legendary artifacts on the ground.
  • Remove Forgotten One from Paladin bosses.
  • Give Paladin bosses orbs, so they can fight air units.
  • Give Dreadlord and single Paladin bosses orbs, so they can fight air units.
  • Add missing food costs and tooltips to Boss heroes.
  • Boss heroes as second heroes require level 60 now.
  • Add missing icon and tooltip texts to Life Steal from Nether Dragon.
  • Respawn creep groups also when a creep changes the owner (not only death).
  • Increase array sizes of respawn groups, rects etc. for creep respawns which will avoid bugs.
  • Count exact number of respawn groups for certain groups to reduce the number of loop calls.
  • Try to fix respawning heroes of creep groups by adding them with the exact member index.
  • Add hero level 50 requirements to all heroes for Taverns.
  • Add Wizard to Tavern heroes.
  • Classify Fortified Hideout as Town Hall.
  • Clear hero equivalents list to make all heroes equal.
  • Add cheat "-share" for better testing.
  • Spend unused skill points of bosses on their hero abilities.
  • Change colors of Keeper of Frostmourne to boss colors.
  • Fix tooltip values of item Unique - Mask of Death.
  • Change order IDs of Freelancer Summon Mercanaries to avoid conflicts with abilities.
  • Fix Freelancer AI hero start locations.

2021-12-26, Version 1.9.2:
  • Revise some voting calculations and triggering in the beginning.
  • Use vote dialogs per player.
  • Add vote dialog which allows skipping all votes by using default settings.
  • Book of Summoning Pedestal and Arcane Observatory are limited to 1.
  • Paladin on Theramore heals non-Undead units.
  • Let Demon Master summon Fel Beast and Fel Stalkers only for the first two levels.
  • Add Resurrection Stone to Furbolg to revive dead heroes.
  • Fix tooltip of Unique - Skull of Gul'dan.
  • Reward Freelancer works anywhere on the map and mentions the exact rewards.
  • Retranslate tooltip of Storm, Earth, And Fire back into English.
  • All ulti hero abilities have a level skip requirement of 3 now.
  • Move Freelancer AI Hideouts to 4 different islands which can be reached via portals.
  • Fix crafting Rune of Rebirth for Runeforger which actually summons creeps now.
  • Add hero Mountain Giant.
2021-12-25, Version 1.9.1:
  • Drop Frostmourne upon death.
  • Fix GetUnitXXXByType functions.
  • Fix spelling mistake of Orgrimmar.
  • Fix maximum mana value of Siphon Mana from Magic Vault.
  • Disable hidden base message after having been shown once.
  • Make Archmage of Human Quest 1 invulnerable.
  • Only allow effects of Frostmourne and Scepter of the Sea Giant to heroes.
  • Give Stormbringer Neutral Hostile Lightning Shield instead of the Orc one.
  • Make Eredar Warlock available as second hero.
  • Replace Charm for Sea Giant with Monsoon.
  • Remove Goldmine and hidden base from the mountain because of the new boss.
  • Change some mounts and recommended starting locations.
  • Fix Dreadlord and Death Knight creeps respawning together with their bosses.
  • Add Fel Orcs to Orc AI.
  • Let Fel Peons build Fel Burrows, Pig Farms and Dragon Roosts.
  • Replace Dark Conversion with Reanimation for Lich King building.
  • Add special building Arcane Observatory to Humans.
  • Add auto summoned mercenaries for AI Freelancers.
  • Add special building Book of Summoning Pedestal to Demons.

2021-12-24, Version, 1.9.0:
  • Add chat command "-aiattackson/off X".
  • Do not ally leaving players with all players.
  • Left players react to changing alliance settings towards them.
  • Add missing tooltip to Orc Frigate.
  • Fix victory condition of killing Archimonde being enabled when voting for it (was switched).
  • Add special building Lich King to Undead.
  • Add expiring timers for votes in the beginning.
  • More space on the hidden island.
  • Update map descriptions.
  • Add hidden mountain base.
  • Replace ulti of Admiral Proudmoore with Battleship.
  • Replace Summon Water Elemental by Summon Sea Elemental for Admiral Proudmoore since Sea Elementals walk amphibiously.
  • Translate tooltips of Summon Water Elemental back into English.
  • Try to fix AI alliance reactions to allying or unallying.
  • Add chat commands "-aigold/wood X".
  • Increase Draenei shop build time.
  • Fix allowing to research Thorium Armor for Draenei.
  • Fix tooltip of Unique - Scepter of the Sea Giant.
  • Add Magic Vault to Blood Elves.
  • Add spell book to multiple tier 3 buildings including demigod temples.
  • Add chat commands "-statsshow/hide" to show/hide player stats in a multiboard.
  • Make Fountain of Life an Altar equivalent which is important for AI.
  • One single Freelancers AI script enabled randomly for AI which gets Freelancer game mode.
  • Give Freelancers AI Hideouts at Theramore in the beginning of the game.
  • Furbolg Tribal Center produces food.
  • Add missing random event cooldown event to make it available again.
  • Increase random event cooldown to 180 seconds.
  • Try to fix Paladin respawning.
  • Add vote dialog for AI Freelancers and spawn AI afterwards.
  • Add chat commands "-aishipson/off".
  • Add some strong Dreadlord boss heroes to Archimonde to make it even harder.
  • Add new boss to Azeroth with legendary artifact Frostmourne.
  • Safely set back the movement type to the correct type even with some unit transformation for the Scepter of the Sea Giant.
  • Completely disable waygate abilities for all AI players.

2021-12-21, Version 1.8.9:
  • Improve stopping harvesting and building on hidden places.
  • Fix minimum numbers for Demon Master (thanks Runeblade14) which led to a crash.
  • Fix spelling mistake Banshee for Lordearon start location.
  • Increase Freelancer XP rate bonus from 10 % to 30 %.
  • Limit Fountain of Blood to 1.
  • Fix units in Bosses group.
  • Allow leveling legendary elemental book fire ability.
  • Add World Tree to Night Elfs.
  • Add tavern for second hero with Bosses.
  • Fix preventing changing alliances with player bosses.
  • Do not allow starting votekicks against Bosses or The Burning Legion.
  • Fix buildable buildings and affecting upgrades for Fel Peon.
  • Add Sea Giant boss to Sunken Ruins area who drops an item which allows you walking on water.
  • Try clearing dialogs to avoid repick bug.
  • Mention cooldown for Random Events in tooltip.
  • Fix showing race selection dialog on repick.

2021-12-20, Version 1.8.8:
  • Reveal the initial town hall location to all players in the beginning.
  • Unpause Harpy Queen when starting Orc Quest 2.
  • Pan camera to hero after leaving the portal.
  • Add chat command "-pinggoldmines".
  • Add VIP flags for Undead, Night Elf and Orc as well.
  • Move creeps fruther away from Northrend West start base.
  • Setup alliances for bosses during the map initialization instead of after 0 seconds which might prevent the creeps attacking one boss bug.
  • Add VIP marker item with the players name and some text.
  • Move VIP room portal to the left.
  • Restrict constructing buildings at hidden bases to hero level 35.
  • Add second hidden base in the Ocean.
  • Fix colors of crafted items of Dragon Breeder and Sorcerer.
  • Add Hero Glow to bonus hero Gul'dan.
  • Add custom Siphon Mana and Life Drain abilities with correct icon positions and tooltips to bonus hero Gul'dan.
  • Move VIP portal to the Outland portal area, so you can enter it more often.
  • Add Fountain of Blood to Orc Warlords.
  • Do not allow dropping regular items in the VIP room.
  • Massively reduce the damage multiplier of Critical Strike and reduce the chance with every level.
  • Make Dark Portal summoning for bonus hero Archimonde time limited.

2021-12-20, Version 1.8.7:
  • Fix some Battle.net ID for a VIP member.
  • Fix setting race to None in the beginning which allowed to purchase the Human race items for Freelancers.
  • Fix allowing VIPs to enter the Bonus Hero chamber even with VIPs turned off.
  • Disable permanently summoned units from Archimonde's Dark Portal.
  • Fix tooltips of profession books and race scepters.
  • Remove research Evolution from Guardian's Citadel.
  • Reduce Evasion of Drunken Brawler.
  • Reduce number of summoned Demons from Demon Master by 1 per level.
  • Reduce chances of stunning for both Bash abilities from Mountain King and Eredar Warlock.
  • Replace healing ability of Stonemaul Arena Master Belt with Roar ability.
  • Add upgrade Improved Power Generator to all AI scripts.
  • Check for a second hero in "-secondherorepick".
  • Make some Draenei units weaker.
  • Correct tooltip text of Reward Freelancer.
  • Translate tooltip of Blood Elf Arcane Sanctum back into English.
  • Fix the text in the tooltip of Blood Elf Barracks.
  • Change Unit Inventory (Undead) ability for Blood Elf Lieutenant's to Unit Inventory (Human).
  • Give Blood Elf Swordsmen and Blood Elf Archers Unit Inventory (Human).
  • Change Spirit Wolf and Reincarnation from Akama hero to adapt the tooltips for the hero.
  • Fix tooltip of Draenei Shop.
  • Fix tooltip of Tiny Boulder Tower.
  • Fix train tooltip of Draenei Laborer (Blizzard's mistake!).
  • Remove Unit Inventory from Young Furbolg.
  • Furbolg Marketplace sells custom Talisman of the Wild now which summons a Furbolg who benefits from Furbolg upgrades.
  • Remove Hide ability from Lumber Camp.
  • Increase maximum hitpoints of Furbolg Barrack to 1200.
  • Fix Battle Stations of Furbolg.
  • Remove old Young Furbolg version from the World Editor.
  • Give Furbolg Dire Wolves Unit Inventory.
  • Make Draenei and Furbolg units not neutral hostile anymore to hide their creep level.
  • Give Outland base with Illidan much more space (required for the AI).
  • Give Sorceress custom Invisibility ability which won't affect herself and has the correct icon position
  • Do not research the Scorceress Adept Training upgrade for all players from start.
  • Invisibility for heroes does not require Sorceress Adept Training anymore.
  • Move icons of Gryphon Rider and Storm Hammer to the left.
  • Remove Spellbreaker info from the tooltip of Arcane Sanctum.
  • Add floating texts to portals in bonus hero chamber and VIP room.

2021-12-19, Version 1.8.6:
  • Disable researching creep Evolution when The Burning Legion increase their hero levels.
  • Make sure Evolution becomes available for The Burning Legion.
  • Change victory requirement voting from chat command to dialog.
  • Increase item charges to 3 for crafted items from Runeforger and Sorcerer.
  • Increase item charges to 2 for crafted items from Dragon Breeder.
  • Add VIP room for VIPs.
  • Add special VIP items for VIPs.
  • Make WorldEdit a VIP by default to allow testing it.
  • Allow secret chamber for VIPs from the beginning.
  • Disable bonus hero picking for heroes with low level (if they entered using a teleport ability).
  • Fix learn icon position of Town Portal from Medivh.
  • Add Black Markets and Goblin Laboratories to all goldmine bases in Outland since the creeps between bases are pretty strong.
  • Add Embassy of Theramore which sells race scepters.
  • Add Tavern of Theramore which sells profession books.
  • Fix flying height of Medivh in Raven Form.
  • Add timed life buff for Last Alliance summons from all Raven Forms of Medivh.
  • Fix making Legendary Artifact vulnerable after killing boss Nether Dragon.
  • Reduce healing effect of the item Stonemaul Arena Master Belt.
  • Add chat commands "-aion/off" to enable/disable AI of allied players.
  • Add random event item to Power Generator which starts random raids on the map.
  • Add Neutral Citizens for Freelancers to the Goblin Laboratory.
  • Translate tooltips of Charm, Wind Walk and Brilliance Aura from Medivh's Spell Book back into English.
  • Limit every hero type per player to 1.
  • Limit total heroes of a player to 3 (including backpack).
  • Add Tavern of Outland to hire an additional hero at level 50.
  • "-suicide" kills all selected player units.
  • Fix icon positions of Shadow Strike for Akama hero.
  • Add Furbolg AI support for Night Elf.
  • Rename quest entry Secret Chamber to Bonus Heroes.
  • Add Engineer profession to AI.

2021-12-18, Version 1.8.5:
  • Power Generator auras affect ancients and regular structures.
  • Fix allowing to write "-yes" when no votekick is running.
  • Add professions Weapons Smith and Armorer to AI.
  • Fix completing Lich King quest 4 by entering the Frozen Throne area which was not possible before.
  • Fel Orcs are affected by Evolution.
  • Satyr and Salamander aren't summoned permanently anymore.
  • Kil'Jaeden's summoned demons aren't permanent anymore.
  • New Paladin in Azerorth respawns now after being killed.
  • Fix Lich King revival location after being killed by Illidan.
  • Readd quest marker to revived Lich King if necessary.
  • Add Furbolg Dragon Roost with Green Drakes.
  • Increase AI crafting interval from 30 to 120 seconds.
  • Only 0 - 2 instead of 0 - 3 dropped items for creeps.
  • Drop more different items to creeps above level 8 than only Inferno Stone.
  • Full shared control, XP etc. from AI when you ally.
  • Remove Arena Wendigos message.
  • Give another hint in Lich King quest 4 to buy all Draenei unit types.
  • Human quest 4 and Forsaken quest 3 cannot only be discovered by non-Undead or Undead heroes.
  • Add player color to becoming Demigod messages.
  • Remove level skip requirement from evil demigod ulti Finger of Death.
  • Add exact damage to the tooltip of evil demigod ulti Finger of Death.
  • Remove message for all players "Pressed Hand of God!".
  • Let all allies of the killing player of Archimonde with him/her.
  • Translate the defeat message after Archimonde has been killed into English and extend it.
  • Make Ring of the Dark Legion droppable after dropping it from Illidan.
  • Lower Evasion percentage bonus from 5 % per level to 3 % per level.
  • Lower decreasing seconds to 20 per level for Reincarnation.
  • Fix level and defense from Evolution for units whose owner has changed. This might fix issues with using Charm on high level creeps.
  • Sapphiron has no Resistant Skin to prevent Charm.
  • Do not let AI take over control over Illidan.
  • Level 9 arena boss drops Stonemaul Arena Master Belt now instead of Mask of Death.
  • Add new boss Veraku to Outland who drops unique Mask of Death.
  • Fix allowing "-suicide" during the game.
  • Night Elf quest 4 can be completed by Undead heroes now.
  • Human quest 4 can be completed by Undead heroes now.
  • Lich King quest 3 can be completed by non-Undead heroes now.
  • Readd the Nation's Battle Standard to Lich King quest 3, so not anyone can complete the quest.
  • Make the Nation's Battle Standard droppable and drop it at the location of the destroyed town hall when the hero dies.
  • Disable dropping the Lich King's reward when the hero dies.
  • Add ping for human quest 4 and fix/improve some human quest pings.
  • Add pings for all Night Elf, Orc, Naga, Forsaken and Lich King quests and fix some.
  • Add chat commands "-pinghuman", "-pingnightelf", "-pingorc", "-pingnaga", "-pingforsaken", "-pinglichking" and "-pingdraenei" for more specific quest locations.
  • Prevent Charm on workers from Medivh's spell book.
  • Change owner back when Charm is used on workers instead of killing them.
  • Do not remove Charm anymore from summoned ladies.
  • Replace Dark Ranger text with Hand of Destruction in tooltip of Touch of Darkness.
  • Add cheaper Evolution for Freelancers.
  • Reset Evolution level to 0 on full repick.
  • Fix icon of item Crown of the Lich King.
  • Increase Frost Armor bonus from 5 to 8 for Crown of the Lich King.
  • Fix backpack becoming vulnerable after completing Naga quest 4.

2021-12-14, Version 1.8.4:
  • Fix skilling Rain of Fire for Pit Lord for The Burning Legion.
  • Do not instantly kill summoned units when Evolution has been researched.
  • Fix hero skills for Undead AI.
  • Use a fixed item table for item drops of creep spots.
  • Simplify entering arena message.
  • Add "-race2" chat command at hero level 30 to choose a second race for Warlords.
  • Fix conditions for "-profession2".
  • Add chat command "-fullrepick" which removes 3/4 of your XP but allows you to change the game mode.

2021-12-11, Version 1.8.3:
  • Power Generator can only be built next to a town hall.
  • Remove all buffs from the dummy which is used to get the base defense and level for Evolution.
  • Remove profession item of profession 2 when repicking the hero.
  • Add auto crafting for AI heroes but give AI only Herbalism and Alchemy for the start.
  • Fix fog distance.
  • Fix Evolution effect for summoned unit instead of summoning unit.
  • Fix Evolution level bug.
  • Create Evolution dummy outside of the map and add spell immunity to avoid negative armor.
  • Fix auto voting yes for the player who starts the votekick.
  • Votekick needs more than the half of votes to kick and not half only.
  • Fix DropAllItemsFromHero which did not drop the last item
  • Add Starfall and mana to Power Generator.
  • Enable "-far" from start.

2021-12-11, Version 1.8.2:
  • Only increase the unit levels from Evolution every 10 levels.
  • Increase unit defense by 1 from Evolution every 10 levels.
  • Translate tooltips of item type Full Vial back into English.
  • Death Knight has Animate Dead as ulti now.
  • Kil'jaedens Chaos Stone cannot be sold anymore.
  • Add chat commands "-deathsoundson" and "-deathsoundsoff".
  • Update and fix AI scripts thanks to Runeblade14.
  • Life and mana regeneration auras of citizens do not stack anymore.
  • Dark Ranger and Evil Sylvanas get Dark Portal replaced with Black Arrow.
  • Remove True Sight from bonus hero Lich King.
  • Use correct unit type for bonus hero Magtheridon.
  • Add timed life of 60 seconds to Demon Master and reduce the cooldown to 100 seconds.
  • Add Night Elf quests 1 and 2 to the chat command "-ping".
  • Remove global sound effect from Demon Master since it hints what is going on in hidden areas and it is annoying.
  • Add bonus hero Medivh.
  • Dark Ranger and Evil Sylvanas get Unholy Spirits replaced with Charm.
  • Charm instantly kills worker units instead of changing their owner to prevent building a base with another race.
  • Fix Auto Repair icon for Power Generator.
  • Fix creep unit level and defense from Evolution.
  • Add upgrade Improved Power Generator.
  • Add voting for AI respawn in the beginning of the game.
  • Add item Alliance with the Burning Legion to the Power Generator.
  • Add votekick chat commands.
  • Add item Pickpocketing.

2021-11-28, Version 1.8:
  • Archimonde is owned by Bosses.
  • The Burning Legion and Bosses are neutral now.
  • Add more forces to let players start allied to each other.
  • Add Death Knight and Paladin heroes to Bosses for quests.
  • Reduce cooldown and duration of Divine Shield to avoid endless waiting.
  • Reduce chances for Bash but increase damage and stun duration a bit per level to avoid endless stunning.
  • Make Evolution available and use it for creeps at hero level 10.
  • Upgrade creeps every 10 hero levels at once.
  • Evolution adds more HP, attack dices and mana to units per level.

2021-07-30, Version 1.8:
  • Fix Undead and Night Elf AI building a Power Generator.

2021-07-23, Version 1.8:
  • Fix counting of Blood Elf Scout Towers.
  • Make more space at the Burning Legion base.
  • Add food cost, increase gold cost and add tooltips to the Captain available in Sunstrider Mercenary camp.
  • Allow Evolution at hero level 20 instead of 30.
  • Make Harpy Queen invulnerable from start.
  • Fix The Burning Legion AI by removing constants for farms and towers.
  • Add Goblin Laboratories to both Northrend bases.
  • Remove repick time limit.
  • Reset buff to Hero for custom hero glows.

2021-07-21, Version 1.8:
  • Use custom target locations per Outland portal to improve path finding.
  • Fix setting 3 heroes for the Burning Legion AI.
  • Disable Carrion Beetles for Anub'arak NPC.
  • Translate tooltip of Carrion Beetles into English.
  • Kill neutral hostile units in the Maelstrom.
  • Set unit level of Boss Kil'jaeden to 60.
  • Use Archimonde boss as guard of the Burning Legion base.
  • Reset cargo hold number for Gobiln Zeppelins from 3 to 8.
  • Reset level skip requirement for ability Shadow Word Death.
  • Replace Dreadlord Inferno with Rain of Chaos.
  • Change owner of creep spot Akama to Bosses to fix hero revival.
  • Remove buff from custom hero glow ability.
  • Fix counting of Blood Elf and Demon town halls and of Draenei Boulder Towers and Fortified Infernal Juggernauts for AI to reduce the number of buildings.

2021-07-13, Version 1.8:
  • Add Book of Mercenaries for Freelancers to summon units depending on the current area.
  • Add hotkeys and fix icon positions for Furbolg buildings.
  • Fix tooltips of Furbolg upgrades.
  • Increase the priority of the Power Generator.
  • Change icon of Corruption.
  • Change unit skin of Corruption.
  • Add inventory ability to more Furbolg units.
  • Add chat commands "-far", "-close" and "-camdist X".
  • Add Lumber Camp to Furbolg.
  • Add upgrades for abilities to Furbolg.
  • Remove Chaos damage from Furbolg Champion.
  • Add Corruption to Furbolg Shamans.
  • Add Shadow Meld to Furbolg buildings.
  • Add Auto Repair aura to Power Generators.
  • Add two more abilities to the Freelancer book.
  • Add neutral passive buildings to Archimonde's area.
  • Add chat command for hero suicide.
  • Add Give Units to another Player and Reward Freelancer to Furbolg Tribal Center.
  • Add tower limit to Furbolg towers.
  • Fix some icons and requirements for the Furbolg race.
  • Add housing limit to Furbolg housings.

2021-07-12, Version 1.8:
  • Green Dragon Egg summons a Green Dragon now instead of a Green Drake.
  • A leaving player is still hostile to Neutral Hostile, The Burning Legion and Bosses players.
  • Add new building "Power Generator" to protect your main base.
  • Add percentage of damage bonus to the tooltip of Command Aura.
  • Add new race "Furbolg".
  • Make Furbolg Tribal Center a tier 1-3 and altar equivalent.
  • Furbolg Huts produce 20 food now.
  • Add more heroes to the hero equivalent in the gameplay constants.
  • Reset hero ability skip level from 3 to 2.
  • Remove spiders from the Furbolg Cage to reduce the number of possible units.
  • Increase defense and hitpoints of Furbolg buildings.
  • Change classification of the Furbolg Tribal Center to town hall.
  • Add Furbolg Backpack upgrade.
  • Add Naga Backpack upgrade.
  • Swap crafted items for Advanced and Adept for profession Runeforger.
  • Increase collision and pathing of the Furbolg Tribal Center.
  • Add Battle Stations to Furbolg Huts.
  • Add warrior upgrades to Furbolg Barracks.
  • Reduce the number of Polar Furbolgs to be available for the race Furbolg.
  • Rename Furbolg Cage to Wolves Cage.
  • Replace abilities of Furbolg Ursa Warrior and remove Chaos damage.
  • Add ability Ensnare to the Furbolg Trackers against air units.
  • Remove Chaos damage from Furbolg Elder Shaman.
  • Add Devour to Giant Wolf of Furbolg.
  • Add upgrades for Furbolg Shamans.
  • Massively reduce the range of the Power Generator.
  • Reduce the defense bonus of the Power Generator to 7.
  • Reduce the damage of Draenei units.

2021-07-11, Version 1.8:
  • Reduce gold bonus for Undead and Night Elf AI from 10 to 5.
  • Start with full number of lumber workers for AI.
  • Add chat commands like "-friends".
  • Change icon of the Magical Cutter.
  • Add item Magical Creep Summoner to respawn dead creeps.
  • Add new profession "Sorcerer".
  • Add second profession selection at hero level 25.
  • Decrease the cooldown of Blink with every level.
  • Fix the number of Avatars in the tooltip of Vengance.
  • Fix registering dialog button events for higher player numbers.
  • Translate tooltips of Frost Armor back into English.
  • Add new profession "Runeforger".
  • Add new profession "Dragon Breeder".
  • Sorcerer crafts now a Wand of Reanimation.
  • The Illusion summoned by the Sorcerer's Wand of Illusion causes 10 % damage.
  • Fix resources bonus upgrade for game type fast.
  • Add checks before changing the construction and upgrade progress in game type fast.
  • Disable fast hero revival in game mode fast to avoid game crashes.
  • Add new hero "Furbolg Ursa Warrior".
  • Make Akama hero in hero selection invulnerable.
  • Add custom hero glow to Eredar Warlock and Furbolg Ursa Warrior.
  • Blood Elf Castle requires Altar of Kings now instead of of Blood Elf Lumber Mill.
  • Add Hand of God to Blood Elf Castle.

2021-07-10, Version 1.8:
  • Replace creep Akama with hero who is not invulnerable.
  • Respawn level 22 Dreadlord in Azeroth.
  • Revive creep heroes instead of recreating them to keep their XP.
  • Respawn creep bosses.
  • Reduce the chance of dropping items for creeps.
  • Disable wrong Evolution available message.
  • When a player leaves make him ally with full shared control to all players and drop all of his items on Theramore, so quest items from the backpack won't ever get lost.
  • Replace mount on summoning it.
  • Show some feedback as game message when using the alliance chat commands.
  • Profession books use shared cooldown again to prevent cooldown reset.
  • Add function GetPlayerNameColored and use it for the player name of the killing player for bosses and leaving players.
  • Fix tooltip of Shadow Word Death.
  • Add AI resources bonus to Blood Elf workers.
  • Fix gold AI bonus for Night Elf.
  • Magical Cutter has 1 charge but is 3 times in stock.
  • Increase the map size to make it equal width as height again and fill the areas with water.
  • Use custom unit type for Undead non-AI goldmines to add gold bonus to the regular ones.
  • Do not enable Demon Fire by default to fix technology requirement.
  • Add missing technologies to Blood Elf AI.
  • Blood Elf Archer, Worker and Swordsmen is affected by Evolution now.
  • Make more space on Sunstrider Isle.

2021-07-09, Version 1.8:
  • Fix Eredar Warlock Bash tooltips.
  • Increase attack damage and not dices with Evolution.
  • Increase target levels by 1 and make the final level 100 for Transmute and Doom.
  • Improve the Infernal unit for the ability Inferno and increase AOE and stun duration.
  • Make AI upgrades for lumber and gold harvesting affect workers.
  • Increase AOE of Blizzard, Flame Strike, Frost Nova, Healing Spray and Cluster Rockets with every level.
  • Translate tooltips of Healing Spray back into English.
  • Move the Northrend portals and increase their area to avoid blocking.
  • Replace strong Demon creeps at The Burning Legion's base with Draenei creeps.
  • Goblin Laboratory sells Magical Cutter to cut down trees.
  • Increase the Evolution attack damage bonus from 1 to 2 and increase the maximum mana as well.
  • Increase Evolution for creeps only every 5 hero levels to keep the creep levels lower and the creeps a bit weaker.
  • Increase collected resources with game type fast.
  • Add game type descriptions to the dialog.
  • Show the game type in the quest title.
  • Change number of players to 23 in the map description.
  • Add delay to game type fast to finish the construction of a building.
  • Increase the hero revival speed in game type fast.
  • Fix portals.

2021-07-07, Version 1.7:
  • Fix Pit Lord Rain of Fire ability code for AI.
  • Fix Tauren Chieftain War Stomp ability for AI and change the ability in object data.
  • Give Undead and Night Elf AI a gold harvesting bonus of 10.
  • Always drop the Mask of Death when Orc quest 3 is enabled and not completed.
  • Translate tooltips of Volcano back into English.
  • Finger of Death of Eredar Warlock can only target enemy and neutral but no allies anymore.
  • Fix the chance in the Bash tooltip of Eredar Warlock.
  • Translate tooltip of ability Infernal back into English.
  • Fix formula for Evolution level.
  • Increase attack dices by 1 per Evolution level.
  • Fix skilling of hero ability Shadow Word Death for Death Knight in Undead AI.
  • Give all races a lumber harvest bonus of 10 for AI.
  • Move Outland creeps away from the Naga base.
  • Fix automatic recreation of the town hall of the Burning Legion.
  • Move the creeps away from the base of the Burning Legion.
  • Translate Chemical Rage back into English.
  • Add Summon Wyvern Mount to Alchemist.
  • Add Summon Wyvern Mount, Invisibility and Attribute Bonus to Alchemist morph form.
  • Give Rexxar Storm Bolt of Mountain King.
  • Translate tooltip of Summon Bear back into English.
  • Fix the duration for the last 3 levels of Inferno.
  • Translate tooltips of Summon Hawk back into English.
  • Translate tooltips of Summon Quilbeast back into English.

2021-07-04, Version 1.7:
  • Decrease the handicap of creeps in hardcore gametype from 500 % to 200 %.
  • Fix setting the rect for creep spawns which are based on existing units which fixes not respawning them when buildings are around.
  • AI revives all dead heroes at random altars which should help the Burning Legion to revive their heroes.
  • Try to fix alliance chat commands by setting all aspects.
  • Move the portal to Archimonde to Outland.
  • Add a portal description to the Archimonde Portal.
  • Move the lever on Sunstrider Isle.
  • Remove a Doodad on Sunstrider Isle to make more space.

2021-07-03, Version 1.7:
  • Drop Skull of Gul'dan on hero death.
  • Demon Parasite uses Unholy Strength and Armor from Demon instead of Undead.
  • Translate Forked Lightning, Tornado, Robo-Goblin, Transmute and Stampede into English from German.
  • Make more space for the base at the World Tree.
  • Finger of Death of Eredar Warlock can target non-heroes.
  • Decrease the chance for Bash of Eredar Warlock by 5 for every level.
  • Try to close a gap between trees in Ashenvale.
  • Try to move creeps in the Arch Lich dungeon away from the border.
  • Fix number of Ziggurats for Undead AI.
  • Fix message when Hand of God becomes available.
  • Fix enabling/disabling the bridge at Sunstrider Isle.
  • Increase space at Sunstrider Isle.
  • Cobra Wards and Zerberus do not cause Chaos damage anymore.
  • Increase the cooldown with higher levels of Serpent Ward.
  • Increase cooldown of Hex and decrease the duration for regular units.
  • Increase cooldown of War Stomp.
  • Immediately hide Demon buildings without proper death animation.
  • Draenei buildings and Engineer towers require Ground-pathable pathing to be build.
  • Set fixed number of workers, buy Zeppelin and attack with mount for all AIs.
  • Give Slyvanas Evil bonus hero Invisibility ability.
  • Give Lich King bonus hero Berserk ability.
  • Give Tichondrius bonus hero Invisibility ability.
  • Add all hero descriptions for bonus heroes.
  • Add missing mount unit types to AI scripts.
  • Add initial Draenei unit upgrades.
  • Increase number of workers matching the housings.
  • Add game mode selection in the beginning of the game with the initial game modes: Normal, Fast and Hardcore.
  • Fix the exact level for Evolution for existing units by creating a dummy with the original level next to the unit.
  • Game mode hardcore uses handicap to increase the creep HP instead of Evolution.
  • Add player The Burning Legion with a base around Archimonde to make the game more interesting.
  • Do not allow to change alliances to every player.
  • Disable town hall recreation for AI in hardcore game type.
  • Add custom minimap preview.
  • Draenei Demolishers are affected by Draenei damage/armor upgrades.
  • Salamanders get Devour even though they have to research for it.
  • Draenei Thorium Ranged Weapons and Thorium Unit Armor have no requirements anymore.
  • Fix the trained unit types of Draenei.
  • Increase HP of Draenei shops.

2021-06-29, Version 1.7:
  • Add more descriptions for Bonus Heroes.
  • Reduce Eredar Warlock initial life, mana, life regeneration and mana regeneration.
  • Add life and mana regeneration auras to Blademaster of Blackrock Clan.
  • Make Portals unavailable for AI.
  • Remove commented lines for portals from AI scripts.
  • Add more basic towers to AI scripts which can be upgraded.

2021-06-28, Version 1.7:
  • Fix Akama hero for Draenei AI.
  • Disable Portals for AI to prevent game crashes.
  • Add Scout Towers to Human AI to allow upgrading them to Watch Towers.
  • Reduce initial attribute for Eredar Warlock.
  • Disable Splash damage for Eredar Warlock.
  • Reduce base damage for Eredar Warlock.
  • Create loop to fix number of workers for Demon AI.
  • Add second attack for harvesting trees to Demon Imps.
  • Move Doodads at Sunstrider Island to make more space.

2021-06-27, Version 1.7:
  • Add Eredar Warlock as selectable hero.
  • Move Dreadlord to the Demon heroes.
  • Move Dark Ranger to the Undead heroes.
  • Switch Dreadlord with Dark Ranger in the Undead AI.
  • Add Eredar Warlock to the Demon AI.

2021-06-26, Version 1.7:
  • Hand of God requires Hero Level 35 upgrade.
  • Improve Demon AI: More Imps, more gold collecting Imps and lumber harvester and purchase a Zeppelin on attacks and use the mount if it exists.
  • Upgrade Spirit Walker research to level 2 and Orc backpack for Orc AI.
  • Upgrade Evolution to level 100 for AI.
  • Fix Demon citizen tooltips.
  • Add Portal abilities to Hideouts.
  • Fix Night Elf AI to build Chimaera Roost and less Moon Wells.
  • AI builds one Portal.
  • Fix hotkeys of Portal abilities to avoid same hotkeys as Hideout abilities.
  • Add Hideout info to the Portal abilities tooltips.
  • Only Advanced Boulder Towers for Draenei AI.
  • Add missing upgrades to Night Elf AI.
  • Less towers and frost towers for Undead AI.
  • Less Blacksmiths and Houses for Human AI.
  • Less workers and exact numbers of gold and wood workers for Human AI.
  • Less workers, Houses and more Towers for Naga AI.
  • Fix the bridge model for Sunstrider Isle.
  • Archimonde boss causes Chaos damage.
  • Add Waygate ability to Hideout buildings.
  • Empty Vial has an English tooltip now.
  • Remove Monsoon Ulti from Alchemist.
  • Remove Elf Runner from Sunstrider Island Mercenary Camp.
  • Disable abilities for AI Portals to avoid crashes.

2021-06-25, Version 1.7:
  • Restrict to classic graphics again to avoid lagging players.
  • Readd increment to upgrade Evolution.
  • Allow allying and unallying computer AI.
  • Add chat commands to change alliances.
  • Only allow setting destinations to fully constructed Portals.
  • Reset summoned mount on repick.
  • Fix Lich King quest 4 Demon spawn after hiring Draenei units.
  • Reduce duration and cooldown for Divine Shield.
  • Add upgrade Temple of Demigods Blueprints to the AI.
  • Add Hand of God as ability to the Tier 3 halls.
  • Allow upgrading Evolution in Guardian´s Citadel already.
  • Remove ground texture from Guardian's Citadel.

2021-06-22, Version 1.7:
  • Increase maximum unit level to 200.
  • Add Draenei Haven to auto revival for AI.
  • Add Portals.
  • Blood Elf Lieutenant is affected by Evolution.
  • Evolution HP bonus is not increased with every level.
  • Evolution requires Temple Blueprints.
  • It should be possible now to walk around the Fountain of Blood.
  • Summoned Doom Guard is affected by Evolution.
  • Tiny Great Hall will always build a Great Hall.
  • Fix level bonuses from Evolution of trained, summoned and respawning units.
  • Add Select Unit later to Mercenary Camp for Lich King Quest 4 to enable sold units.
  • Fix defense in tooltip of item Cloak of Flames.

2021-06-20, Version 1.7:
  • Fix AI recreation of town halls for: Naga, Blood Elf, Demon and Draenei.
  • Add condition to avoid building multiple town halls for Blood Elf and Demon AI.
  • Allow Death Coil to target the hero himself.
  • Add Blood Elf Workshop with additional new unit types Ballista and Cage.
  • Fix the Forsaken Quest 4.
  • Add Lich King Quest 4.
  • Add talk to me special effect to the Lich King from the start.
  • Fix enabling Lich King Quest 4.
  • Decrease Blizzard damage of Runeblade.
  • Add Improved Siege Weapons upgrade to Blood Elves.
  • Add Burning Oil upgrade to Blood Elves.
  • Blood Elf Wagons and Cages can only transport organic units.
  • Increase the transport size of Blood Elf Wagons and Cages to 4.
  • Fix capturing of Blood Elf Cages.
  • Add food cost to Blood Elf Cages.
  • Improve the bonuses of Crown of the Lich King.
  • Add new unit types and upgrades and the Workshop to the Blood Elf AI.

2021-06-20, Version 1.6:
  • Add Evolution upgrade to AI.
  • Nether Drakes for Demon and Draenei require any tier 2 hall and have a Demon Fire icon now and Demon Fire requires the upgrade first.
  • Evolution requires hero level 30 not 40 now.
  • Replace Dispell Magic from Succubus with Incite Unholy Frenzy.
  • Add all spells to tooltips from Succubus and Eredar Sorcerer.
  • Add Draenei quest 1 to the "-ping" chat command.
  • Add a second Outland portal to Northrend East.
  • Add boss quest markers to all bosses.
  • Replace reward item for Draenei quest 2 (Legion Doom-Horn) with a Claws +12 since the horn is available in the Black Market.
  • Increase hero level of Magtheridon and give him Demon Master.
  • Add Forsaken quest 4 Legendary Items.
  • Tranquility restores trees.
  • Add Attribute Bonus to Magtheridon.
  • Murloc Sorcerer has Crushing Wave now.
  • Bonus hero Illidan causes splash damage in alternate form and has Attribute Bonus and unit abilities.
  • Rokhan's Voodoo Spirits has 9 levels now.
  • Increase cooldown of Monsoon.
  • Use standard hero abilities for Chen and Rexxar.
  • Automatically haunt all goldmines in range when recreating the town hall for the Undead AI.
  • Change the hotkey of Breath of Fire to G for Anasterian Sunstrider.
  • Fix the required hero level in the info quest for Evolution.
  • Remove buff of Weaponsmithing - Novice.
  • Rename map to World of Warcraft Reforged.
  • Allow HD graphics.
  • Add Guards to Kil'Jaeden and move old creeps to Orc base.
  • Add weather effect to Kil'Jaeden.
  • Rename Kil'Jaeden from Warlock to The Deceiver.
  • Release 1.7.

2021-06-19, Version 1.6:
  • Draenei Haven can be upgraded to Demigod temples and has Reward Freelancer and Give Units to Another Allied Player now.
  • Prevent creating buildings on Theramore.
  • Increase cooldown of healing Paladin and restoring Jaina to 60 seconds.
  • Add new bonus heroes: Illidan Evil, Drek'Thar, Rexxar, Rokhan, Chen, Anasterian Sunstrider, Magtheridon and Murloc Sorcerer.
  • Kill summoned Mount below hero level 20, so other hero abilities won't summon it.
  • Replace Summon Nether Mount base ability to prevent summoning with Feral Spirit.
  • Tichondrius has a Frost Wyrm mount now instead of a Nether mount.
  • Dark Ranger has a Frost Wyrm mount now instead of a Nether mount.
  • Beastmaster, Brewmaster and Tinker have Wyvern mounts now instead of Nether mounts.
  • Add Invisibility to Akama.
  • Improve Earthquake: Reduce Area of Effect to reduce lagging, increase damage per second to buildings, slowdown percentage and duration with each level, make trees a target for each level, keep mana cost at 125.
  • Add research Evolution.
  • Give bonus heroes Berserk or Invisibility.
  • Remove two unit abilities from Admiral Proudmoore.
  • Translate Monsoon from German into English.
  • Give Admiral Proudmoore Monsoon as ulti with only 9 levels.
  • Add initial info for bonus heroes.
  • Remove Hide from Akama.
  • Add Evolution to unit types.
  • Make Evolution available at hero level 40.
  • Increase costs of Evolution, do not increase time and decrease HP bonus.
  • Add unit and item types with 1 initial charge to the marketplace on Theramore.
  • Add quest explaining the marketplace on Theramore.
  • Limit Housings to 4.
  • Limit Towers to 15.
  • Add unit type Nether Drake to Draenei to give them a flying unit type.
  • Fix number in quest update message for Orc quest 4.
  • Try to fix not summoning Mounts.

2021-06-13, Version 1.5:
  • Demigod heroes gain XP bonus from tiers.
  • Drop Maghteridon's Heart from killed heroes.
  • Reduce life regeneration from 20 % to 10 % for the quest reward item of Night Elf quest 2.
  • Turn global distribution of hero XP on.
  • Add tiny town hall items to Warlords in the beginning.
  • Translate tooltips of Death and Decay into English.
  • Reduce the percentage of Death and Decay.
  • Do not reduce the cooldown for Avatar for higher levels.
  • Cold Arrows has 12 levels now instead of 3.
  • Fix the tooltips of Unholy Spirits.
  • Increase the cooldown of Impale with each level to avoid permanent hero stuns.
  • Increase the cooldown of Hex with each level to avoid permanent hero hex.
  • Do not create profession items for AI.
  • Increase the boss unit levels to prevent AI from attacking them as creep camps.
  • Change color of Archimonde to boss colors.
  • Add Outland boss Kil'jaeden with legendary artifact Skull of Gul'dan.
  • Add name Archimonde to the victory condition text.
  • Add initial Demon AI with either Dreadlord of Pit Lord as starting heroes.
  • Remove Forgotten One building and Demon Monster unit from race Demon.
  • Add Blood Elf Lieutenant to Blood Elves.
  • Add unit Wagon to Blood Elves.
  • Fix hero selection info for Akama.
  • Add Draenei AI with Akama as hero and with a 50 % chance to be used by Orc players.
  • Release 1.6.

2021-06-06, Version 1.5:
  • Fix giving profession items to Warlord AI instead of creating the item at the map's center.
  • Store player profession and race as integer variable.
  • Prevent picking up a profession and race item which does not belong to the player by checking the integer variable.
  • Remove profession and race item on repick from the backpack correctly.
  • Paladin´s Head (Trophy) can be dropped.
  • Only summon 2 permanent Sappers for Engineering - Adept instead of 2 permanent and 2 limited.
  • Disable Charm for summoned units to prevent taking over other workers and building a base.
  • Do not allow becoming a Demigod when controlling Illidan.
  • Give feedback which Dragons are missing when becoming a Demigod.
  • Add note about +10 fire damage bonus to the tooltip of Mithril Long Sword.
  • Add note about +12 lightning damage bonus to the tooltip of Blessed Dragon Lance.
  • Change the hotkey of Light of Righteousness to U to avoid collision with the hotkey of Gate.
  • Use a custom unit type for the Bonus Hero Sylvanas to avoid sold unit types.
  • Fix Akama hero type when selecting him as hero.
  • Change number of centaurs in tooltip of item Totem of Thunder Buff to 7.

2021-06-05, Version 1.5:
  • Add links to Discord and Hive to the quest log.
  • Fix setting summoned Mount correctly.
  • Fix disabling Illidan for the repick block when completing the quest.
  • Make Undead Head (Trophy) droppable and invulnerable.
  • Translate item Heart of the Harpy Queen into English.
  • Heart of Aszune can heal now.
  • Fix wait in final attack wave of Naga AI.
  • Add Blood Elf AI.
  • Remove Chaos damage from Naga units.
  • Add Hideouts to the requirement tooltips for tiers.
  • Fix creep respawn rect of group 141 which removes creeps from the center of the Maelstrom.
  • Move some Dragons away from the goldmine in Azeroth.
  • Remove some trees at the entry of the goldmine at the Tree of Life.
  • Dragonhawk Rider does not cause Chaos damage anymore.
  • Mention upgrade "Blood Elf Animal War Training" in the tooltip of Dragonhawk Riders.
  • All heroes have now Any Tier 2/3 Hall as requirement and no Altar which fixes the tier XP bonus.
  • Make Spell Breakers and Control Magic unavailable to Human.
  • Translate Cleaving Attack tooltip into English.
  • Translate Howl of Terror tooltip into English.
  • Massively reduce the percentage of Cleaving Attack to a maximum of 150 % instead of 300 %.
  • Add many more upgrades to the Human, Orc Blood Elf and Naga AI.
  • Let Orc AI train Spirit Walkers.
  • Reduce the number of attacking units of the final wave for Human and Orc AI.
  • Add Sorceress to Blood Elves.
  • Update game information.
  • Add Akama as selectable hero.
  • Add initial Draenei race.
  • Fix hero skill levels of Akama.
  • Fix removing quest effect from Illidan after completing the 4th quest in Outland.
  • Fix storing Illidan's owner to prevent repicks.
  • Add more upgrades to the Undead and Night Elf AI and reduce the number of units for the final wave.
  • Fix some upgrade levels for other AIs.
  • Replace the ability of the item Shield of the Undercity Forge with a Death Coil based ability instead of a Holy Light based ability.
  • Fix Hideout gold cost to 1000 gold (makes Fortified Hideout cheaper).
  • Fix gold repair costs of all hideout tiers.
  • Fix requirement of Sorceress Master Training to any tier 3 to make it work for Blood Elf.
  • Human and Blood Elf AI upgrades Masonry to level 3 now instead of only level 2.
  • Increase the cooldown of Demon Master.
  • Fix icon dependency of Animal War Training for Blood Elf.

2021-06-04, Version 1.5:
  • Fix tooltip of Murloc Hut.
  • Add Naga AI.
  • Add some more information to the README.md file.
  • Reduce the number of units from the final waves for all AIs.

2021-06-03, Version 1.5:
  • Use fixed races set in the lobby for computer player Warlords.
  • Add portal to Theramore.
  • Improve Warlord AIs: Remove spell breakers, add more upgrades, reduce the number of buildings and units.
  • Remove ability Invisibility from AI heroes.
  • Add lever to enable/disable the bridge at Khaz Modan.
  • Do not use Town Hall Outland 4 position for AI.
  • Add note to item Tiny Hideout that it can only be used by Freelancers.
  • Add more notes to the quest log about repicking.
  • Do not allow repicking while having control over Illidan.
  • Translate the tooltip from German to English of the Demon building "Dungeon of Pain".
2021-06-02, Version 1.5:
  • Use variables for races in the trigger editor.
  • Remove the Fountain of Life on Theramore for AI which is Warlord.
  • Recreate Undead town hall for AI.
  • Remove Goldmines, citizens and housings from Night Elf and Undead AI to fix progressing.
  • Rename some variables into English.
  • Undead AI starts with 3 Acolytes and 1 Ghoul.
  • Move start locations of AI closer to goldmines.
  • Fix completing Night Elf quest 4.
  • Increase cooldown of War Stomp with higher levels to avoid permanent stuns.
  • Night Elf AI creates less Trees of Life.
2021-05-22, Version 1.5:
  • Change the game data set to the latest patch.
  • Add Attribute Bonus to all bonus heroes.
  • Add mount abilities to all bonus heroes.
  • Change damage and defense type of all bonus heroes to Hero.
  • Show the player leaves message to all players.
  • Fix translations and tooltips of Guardian and Destroyer hero abilities.
  • Lord Garithos' Avatar has 9 levels.
  • Lord Garithos' Shockwave has 12 levels.
  • Archimonde has his original Dark Portal ability with 12 levels.
  • Gul'Dan has Hero damage.
  • Change Finger of Death of Lich King.
  • Mannoroth's Reincarnation has 9 levels.
  • Replace Mannoroth's Earthquake with Demon Master.
  • Kill existing Mount when summoning a new one.
  • Berserk does not require any upgrade anymore.
  • Fix setting udg_Hero for computer-controlled heroes.
  • Hideout buildings work as Tier 1 - 3 now which increases the XP rate for the hero.
  • Change hero abilities of Admiral Proudmoore to the ones from the campaign.
  • Let computer players revive their hero automatically in a random Altar every 15 seconds.


World of Warcraft Reforged 3.5 (Map)

I see no reason why an enhanced version (especially 24 players) wouldn't be approved too. I has not gotten any updates since 2007. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map...


Map Reviewer
Level 63
Jun 4, 2009
I see no reason why an enhanced version (especially 24 players) wouldn't be approved too. I has not gotten any updates since 2007.

If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
I have updated the map with the following changes:
  • Outland Portals
  • Outland Creep Spots
  • More English Translations.
  • Fixed research dependency for Backpack of Demons.
  • Maiev will be revived.
  • Fixed enabling control over Illidan.
  • Made the Lich King much stronger.
  • Made some quest items invulnerable.
  • Improved hero selection camera.
The whole map contains many dark portals now which allow you to enter the Outland area and to return to the different areas.
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Another update with more English translations and new features:
- Repicking in the repick area does not reset the level to 1 anymore.
- Increased food limit to 999.
- Added research to improve infernals from the Hand of God.
- Added demigod research to the large demon gate.
- Increase the number Demons summoned by Demon Master.
- Added upgrade for the hideout to improve the armour and hit points.
- Add spellbook for hideout.
- Reset hideout flag on repicking.
- Hideouts produce more food.
- Fixed some icons.
- Fixed duration of big bad voodo.
- Added Draenei quest.
- Fountain of Life produces more food.
- Increase repick time limit to 60 seconds.
- Repicking is not allowed when enemies are withing a certain range.
- Players can give units to another allied player (except buildings, workers and heroes).
- Changed next and previous icons.
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
The file name is fine when hosting manually, therefore the hostbot is broken.

I cannot reproduce the desync since I am not able to host games. Are you getting the desync when the camera pans to the selected hero? I had removed this pan before, so I will remove it again.

The only thing I can do about the lag is to pre-create all heroes somewhere and remove them.

I made these updates:
  • Filename is now "wowtsr.w3x".
  • Preload heroes in the beginning (the units are created for player neutral passive and removed immediately afterwards).
  • Disabled camera pan in the beginning which hopefully fixes the desync.
Last edited:
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Another small update:
  • Reduced the supply freelancers can have since warlords can give them units now.
  • Freelancers gain 10% more XP from killing hostile units.
  • The game mode cannot be rechosen when repicking. Otherwise, you could level a freelancer and then repick to build a base.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting a random hero.
  • More English translations.
Level 4
May 21, 2018
with army its a little easy to defeat the boss... but only me without the army its much better, but more difficult

And for the base there is some upgrade that it can be upgraded, like the primal structure

and i think its some bug with the quests...
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Nice remake of an old classic.

- I think you should do something about mob spawns. It would be nice with each artifact boss being an actual boss fight instead of just a very strong creep using a few auto abilities. This would improve the map tremendously. Same can be said for Freelancer play in general. At times it is just a camp feast with no variation.

- The quest system should be reconsidered. In the old versions by Pitlord, every player could race against each other for a quest, but in your version, first player to get the quest item has basically won. I don't think that is fair.

- Consider all heroes - do they have meaningful abilities? Maybe allow heroes that would be useless as freelancers to have slightly modified abilities: An example would be the Paladin. He is strong except for the fact that his lvl 6 ability is useless with no army. Maybe give freelancer paladins a modified level 6 spell - something dealing a bit of damage for instance.

- Consider improving the terrain with better models. Now we can have huge file sizes for maps in Warcraft 3, so you may as well add some higher poly beautification.

Nice map overall!
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Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Thanks, I will consider your suggestions. I think the quest system was the same in the previous map. If you pick up a quest item and your hero gets killed, the quest item should be placed at the location of the quest giving NPC. Maybe this doesn't already work with the backpack.

I will consider improving the gameplay for freelancers. In the latest version freelancers and warlords should play together in a team. A warlord can give units to the freelancer which the paladin could revive. Besides, a warlord can reward freelancers which should increase their XP.
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Also a bug:
There are only 12 revive fountains with 24 players!

Furthermore: this map has a problem with the game memory limitation. Since you can easily play for hours and hours, the WC3 crash ruins the map at a certain point. I'm not sure what to do about it. Hopefully Blizzard will fix the hopelessly outdated system soon.
Level 1
Oct 12, 2014
Remake seems okay, few minor bugs though
1. Magtheridon heals himself and everyone around him even when you fight him
2. Illidan's immolation in Outland damages you
3. Sylvanas orc skeleton quest is bugged and does not end when you give her the skeleton
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Please add AI to the map. A simple freelancer ai with ally/unally functionality would be fine, but of course more advanced ai would be a blast.

Also, please make a Discord for the map. It's almost impossible to find people to play it.
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
What do you mean by ally/unally functionality? You want to ally/unally a computer player? I could maybe try to add AI to build a base. I am not sure if the AI of Warcraft III can handle the Freelancer mode.

I have created an issue with some suggestions: Add AI support · Issue #85 · tdauth/wowtsr

I think it will be hard to create the main building with the current staff and to start an AI for creeping.
I would wait until the human players choose their start location and then choose them for computer players and make only one Warlord per Goldmine.
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Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
yes Barade, that's what I meant by ally/unally. The RP aspect of the game is through interactions, and so if the AI is to be meaningful you have to be able to do basic things such as ally or fight them.
Level 5
Sep 22, 2011
Loved the map since i first played some 10 years ago and i love what you did whit it.
Some suggestions:
1) The cliffs in Outland really break the immersion, use the other ones that have been used on other continents, also place some dootats to obscure it and make it more pleasing to look at, for example Northrend looks like it despite the map being made in the sunken ruins tileset.
2) Since the new zone you added covers the Burning Crusade Expansion and Legion Expansion somewhat, i would suggest you scrap the Maiev, Kil'jaden and Ilidan vs Lich king quest and place Pandaria there with some new quests... (Even a new panda race would be nice, but i realize that is just to much to ask :D)
3) Lich King could be an awesome boss battle (This would cover the Wotlk expanison)
4) Adding some more quests and changing some existing ones to be more lore like, for example Thrall could send you to battle some Burning Blade Warlocks instead of the letter to Tyrande.
5) And, I strongly believe this map would benefit from custom heroes and custom abilities, also using some custom models from the site for heroes, citizens and the like.

All in all, only the first suggestion I believe is a must, the other ones are entirely up to you :)
Also if you decide to edit heroes and make custom ones i volunteer, you have my crappy triggering skills at your disposal :).
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Loved the map since i first played some 10 years ago and i love what you did whit it.
Some suggestions:
1) The cliffs in Outland really break the immersion, use the other ones that have been used on other continents, also place some dootats to obscure it and make it more pleasing to look at, for example Northrend looks like it despite the map being made in the sunken ruins tileset.
2) Since the new zone you added covers the Burning Crusade Expansion and Legion Expansion somewhat, i would suggest you scrap the Maiev, Kil'jaden and Ilidan vs Lich king quest and place Pandaria there with some new quests... (Even a new panda race would be nice, but i realize that is just to much to ask :D)
3) Lich King could be an awesome boss battle (This would cover the Wotlk expanison)
4) Adding some more quests and changing some existing ones to be more lore like, for example Thrall could send you to battle some Burning Blade Warlocks instead of the letter to Tyrande.
5) And, I strongly believe this map would benefit from custom heroes and custom abilities, also using some custom models from the site for heroes, citizens and the like.

All in all, only the first suggestion I believe is a must, the other ones are entirely up to you :)
Also if you decide to edit heroes and make custom ones i volunteer, you have my crappy triggering skills at your disposal :).

thx for the suggestions. I agree that the Outland terrain needs some work. Unfortunately, I didn't play World of Warcraft so I decided to add missions matching the lore of the Frozen Throne alliance campaign.
I guess that I would have to play WoW or at least read about its lore to add better quests but I am not sure if I have time for that.

Custom heroes are always nice but hard to balance.
Even the existing heroes are really hard to balance. At the moment I am trying to balance/make the gameplay as freelancer more interesting for example with the features of rewarding freelancers with XP and gold or giving them units.
It would be great if someone could play a long game with many players and report issues.
I guess that warlords do always have a benefit of big armies etc.
Level 4
Jun 9, 2017
Actually i kept trying to become a demigod but nothing worked. i kept trying to put each dragon in their respective place,on the rune,in the fire,in the circle itself. nothing worked
Level 5
Jun 7, 2016
There is a bug in a Champion Belt reincarnation (A Item which you get after finishing Arena Contest Quest)
If you got reincarnated from it and then died again, your hero disappear permanently and you can't revive it. I use Mountain King for this when this bug occur.
Also if you do the Illdan's Quest to kill Arthas, Arthas won't fight you, it just stand there like statue. When you killed Arthas, it doesn't respawn which makes impossible to acquire the quest to him after you completed the anubarak and Kel'Thuzad quest.
Btw why the Doom Guard sometimes spawn in the Maelstrom? Lol
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Hey, the final Lich King quest could not be done because you were not an Undead hero. The final quest can only be done by Undead heroes. I will add a hint when you enter the quest area as non-Undead hero. I could also revive Arthas after you killed him as Illidan.

Btw. Illidian did not drop his item from slot 2, I will fix that (I hope he has no special item in this slot).
Besides, the Lich King will attack Illidian after getting neutral hostile.
I will also create a magic circle which indicates that you can take control of Illidan.
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Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Updated the map:
  • Show a message how to revive your hero when he/she dies for the first time.
  • Fix bug Champion Belt reincarnation bug: Fix reported bugs · Issue #88 · tdauth/wowtsr
  • Fix villager icons and soundsets.
  • Fix Fish Market English tooltip.
  • Neutral hostile buildings belong to neutral passive now.
  • Basic Computer-controlled AI.
  • Better description on the loading screen.
  • Hide mount abilities in hero selection.
  • Chat command '-players'.
  • Naga can build Murlock Hut with researches.
  • Add magic circle for Illidian's control.
  • Lich King is neutral passive in the beginning.
  • Lich King's crystal gets neutral hostile when it becomes vulnerable.
  • Do not pause Lich King in the beginning of the game.
  • After losing control over Illidan drop his item from slot 2 as well.
  • Add hint for LichKingQuest3 for non-Undead heroes.
  • Only allow completing LichKingQuest3 when destroying the town hall of an enemy.
  • Legendary artifacts are moved to the initial locations when the hero dies.
  • Add JASS function "DropQuestItemFromHeroAtRectByDyingUnit".
  • Add cheat "-revive".
  • Do not use JASS function "UnitRemoveItemFromSlot" in "DropQuestItemFromHeroAtRect" anymore which led to dropping the item.
  • Fix JASS functions "DropBackpackForPlayer" and "DropQuestItemFromHeroAtRect" for items which are visible on a page which has not been changed yet.
  • Reduce black area in Outland.

The basic computer AI has a main building, five workers and a hero but at the moment it seems that the computer player is not able to build buildings or to go creeping.
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Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
And another update:
  • Restore something like the old hero selection.
  • Show supply limit message on "-give" command only once.
  • Show info message where items are dropped on repick.
  • Show player colors in chat command "-players".
  • Do not revive Maiev anymore after capturing her.

Especially the fix of the Maiev bug helps to prevent Maiev running around with level 20 and killing your stuff.
The old hero selection was easier to use for many players. Hence, I have tried to restore something similar.
I would like to improve the AI support since I do not get more than 4 or 6 players on Battle.net to join at the moment and many players leave as soon as their hero dies.
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Another update which adds basic AI support for computer-controlled players:
  • Show hint after choosing the hero to choose a portal.
  • Male citizens are classified as workers to fix the computer AI.
  • Improve the Human AI to build more buildings and units.
  • Support all human heroes for the Human AI.
  • Create AI main buildings etc. in the beginning.
  • Translate armoring abilities back into English.
  • Hero revival does always take only 30 seconds.
  • Improve the description on the loading screen.
The AI is now able to build stuff, collect resources and attack players/go creeping. However, only Humas are currently supported.
Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Another update:
  • Do not destroy the backpack trigger when a player leaves or repicks the hero.
  • Do only remove the backpack unit if it has already been created.
  • Fix the color of Orc citizens.
  • Fix highlighted hotkeys of Beast Master abilities.
  • Limit the number of towers for all races.
  • Automatically reconstruct the townhall for computer players when necessary.
  • Disable slow chopping for the AI to collect more resources.
  • Wait before launching AI attacks.
  • AI builds upgrades as well.
  • Use constants in AI script.
  • Add support for Orc AI.
  • Add support for Night Elf AI.
  • Hero selection has been moved to the Outland area.
  • Add note for Outland that it contains very strong creeps.
  • Give goldmines which human players would use a lower priority for computer players.
  • Add hero to the attack groups for computer AIs.
  • Add secret chamber at level 40 with special heroes.
  • Fix restoring XP on repick.
  • Translate Dark Portal back into English.
  • Translate Unholy Spirits back into English.
  • Classify Undead housing as Undead.
So basically computer can choose between Human, Orc and Night Elf now. If his base will be destroyed, the town hall will be reconstructed again. The AI does not use necessarily use goldmines where players spawn.
The AI works much better now and should use their hero as well.
The secret chamber at level 40 allows you picking heroes from the campaign.
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Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
And another update:
  • Make Kel Thuzad invulnerable in secret chamber.
  • Share full control with allies when a player leaves.
  • Goblin laboratory sells lumber.
  • Add initial "-ping" command.
  • Citizens can construct harbours.
  • Ships and the Goblin Zeppelin cost food to keep the number of units lower.
  • Stock gets killed creep unit types and dropped item types.
  • Undead housings can be used as Undead goldmines.
  • Fix black mask for secret chamber.
This basically means that when an ally leaves the game you can control his army and hero. Otherwise, the units would just stand around. Selling lumber helps freelancers to get it even without a shop from an allied warlord. The "-ping" command helps you to ping the current quest locations on the minimap.

Constructing harbours is just a new fun feature to be tested as weell as the market on Theramore.

I still have to analyze why the game does suddenly end from time to time. I am currently collecting all crash and desync replays here: tdauth/wowtsr
Level 1
Mar 20, 2020
gotta play again to write some suggestions, for now just comment to rate the map on 5stars for reworking:goblin_boom:
Level 5
Dec 25, 2014
Okay.. you said this is unprotected right? but why can't i open it? it still says 'unit data missing or invalid'

Edit : it also says 'level info data missing or invalid' i don't know which one is true.
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Level 23
Feb 2, 2006
Fixed the completion of Forsaken quest 3. It could not be completed before and there was no reward.
Also tried to improve creep respawn and fixed something with the order of units in a creep group.
Hopefully, everything will work as before.

Sorry, but even although I don't use any Reforged natives I am not sure if I can create a copy for the 1.31.1 patch.
I don't really like Reforged either but I think it will be the way to go since it's t he official Warcraft version which hopefully will be maintained in the future.
You could try to open the map with the classic editor.
The map is Open Source.