World of Warcraft Reforged 1.8.1

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This map is based on the original map "World of Warcraft Reborn" by EvilPitlord and DeMoNiKuS. It is a simple open world RPG map. It contains many bug fixes and new features such as computer AI support, backpack system, 24 players maximum, new races, new heroes, increased hero levels and a completely new Outland area.

HINT: This map is currently restricted to SD graphics due to performance issues with HD graphics when hosting the map in multiplayer. You can easily enable the HD graphics (see below).

The map is unprotected and you are free to modify it but I would like you to give me feedback or help me with the translation.
If you create your own version of this map please give me at least credit like I did to EvilPitlord and DeMoNiKuS.

This is the GitHub repository of the project: tdauth/wowr

Usually, it is the best to ally one Freelancer with one Warlord from the beginning.
The Warlord can support the Freelancer with units, resources and XP and the Freelancer can level faster.
Alliances can be made via Warcraft's menu. Build many custom goldmines as Warlords to collect gold much faster.
Defend your base with towers and close the gates if necessary.
Strong bases are almost impossible to conquer.
Find some good creep spots or enemies (maybe Warlord AI) to level your hero constantly.
A big army helps leveling much faster, so either train and upgrade units or get support from a Warlord.
Prevent hostile players from leveling and completing quests by hunting them down constantly.
However, this could lead to making them leave quickly and it's not the best strategy if you want to play a long game.
You can change alliances and offer others your services to get an alliance in return.
This strategy works best for new players who need some support in the beginning.
Killing bosses and completing quests will give you better items and a big advantage during fights.

You can enable the HD graphics for the map if you want to use it alone. It is disabled by default to prevent players lagging online.
Open the map in the World Editor and go to "Scenario -> Map Options" and select for "Supported Modes:" (at the bottom) "HD and SD".
Make sure that the JassHelper is enabled when saving the map.
Go to the "Trigger Editor" and click on "JassHelper" and enable it.

Here is a list of all older versions: Releases

Here are some of the new features compared to the original version:
  • 24 players instead of 10.
  • Backpack system.
  • Repicking hero with the chat command "-repick" but not if enemies are in range (except for Theramore).
  • Increased maximum hero level.
  • Increased maximum hero ability levels (normal hero abilities up to level 12 and the ultimate ability up to level 9).
  • Every hero has the ability "Attribute Bonus" which has 100 levels.
  • Increased boss levels.
  • New heroes from the TFT expansions are available.
  • Trees have 5000 hitpoints which allows longer harvesting before restoring the trees.
  • Night Elves workers harvest 10 lumber per interval as balance.
  • The race item can be dropped.
  • Naga can build a shop.
  • Naga villagers can walk on water.
  • Increased the maximum supply to 300 and the supply cost levels to 100 and 200.
  • Added Outland area with a new boss and multiple goldmines.
  • "-nowin" replaced "nodefeat". The game can be won by killing the final boss in the Outland area.
  • Hand of God at level 35.
  • Warlords can reward Freelancers.
  • Players can give units to allied players (except for buildings, heroes and workers).
  • The hideout can be fortified with an upgrade which has 100 levels.
  • You can select a random hero now.
  • Freelancers gain more experience than warlords from killing hostile units.
  • Basic support for computer-controlled players.
  • Chat command '-players'.
  • The number of towers is limited for all players.
  • Hero selection has been moved to the Outland area.
  • Secret chamber at level 40 for special heroes.
  • Chat command '-ping'.
  • Acolytes can build goldmines on Undead housings.
  • Spell books for crafting have no cooldown after crafting items.
  • Citizens can build harbours.
  • Ships and Zeppelins cost food to keep their number limited.
  • Theramore contains a market with killed creeps and dropped items.
  • Bonus heroes can be chosen at level 40.
  • XP bonus from Tier 2 and Tier 3 for every hero.
  • No Chaos damage for Naga and Blood Elf anymore.
  • Blood Elf can train Sorceress.
  • Blood Elf upgrades are not visible to Human anymore.
  • New race: Draenei.
  • New hero: Akama.
  • New upgrade: Evolution.
  • New Forsaken quest: Legendary Items.
  • New Lich King quest: The Burning Legion.
  • New building Workshop with units Ballista, Cage and Wagon for Blood Elves.
  • Male citizens can build Portals.
  • More different alliance chat commands.
  • Hideouts have Portal abilities from the new Portal buildings.
  • Computer AI player The Burning Legion with Demon race.
  • Different game types.
  • Bosses respawn.
  • New item: Magical Cutter.
  • New item: Magical Creep Summoner.
  • New profession: Sorcerer.
  • Second profession.
  • New profession: Runeforger.
  • New profession: Dragon Breeder.
  • New hero: Furbolg Ursa Warrior.
  • New building: Power Generator.
  • New race: Furbolg.
  • Camera distance chat commands.
  • Chat command for hero suicide.

Besides it contains fixes of several bugs from the original map:
  • Maiev can be moved to Illidan.
  • Creeps will respawn again after buildings around them have been destroyed.
  • Summoned units won't respawn again like creeps.
  • Undead housings can be used as Undead goldmines.

2021-11-28, Version 1.8:
  • Archimonde is owned by Bosses.
  • The Burning Legion and Bosses are neutral now.
  • Add more forces to let players start allied to each other.
  • Add Death Knight and Paladin heroes to Bosses for quests.
  • Reduce cooldown and duration of Divine Shield to avoid endless waiting.
  • Reduce chances for Bash but increase damage and stun duration a bit per level to avoid endless stunning.
  • Make Evolution available and use it for creeps at hero level 10.
  • Upgrade creeps every 10 hero levels at once.
  • Evolution adds more HP, attack dices and mana to units per level.

2021-07-30, Version 1.8:
  • Fix Undead and Night Elf AI building a Power Generator.

2021-07-23, Version 1.8:
  • Fix counting of Blood Elf Scout Towers.
  • Make more space at the Burning Legion base.
  • Add food cost, increase gold cost and add tooltips to the Captain available in Sunstrider Mercenary camp.
  • Allow Evolution at hero level 20 instead of 30.
  • Make Harpy Queen invulnerable from start.
  • Fix The Burning Legion AI by removing constants for farms and towers.
  • Add Goblin Laboratories to both Northrend bases.
  • Remove repick time limit.
  • Reset buff to Hero for custom hero glows.

2021-07-21, Version 1.8:
  • Use custom target locations per Outland portal to improve path finding.
  • Fix setting 3 heroes for the Burning Legion AI.
  • Disable Carrion Beetles for Anub'arak NPC.
  • Translate tooltip of Carrion Beetles into English.
  • Kill neutral hostile units in the Maelstrom.
  • Set unit level of Boss Kil'jaeden to 60.
  • Use Archimonde boss as guard of the Burning Legion base.
  • Reset cargo hold number for Gobiln Zeppelins from 3 to 8.
  • Reset level skip requirement for ability Shadow Word Death.
  • Replace Dreadlord Inferno with Rain of Chaos.
  • Change owner of creep spot Akama to Bosses to fix hero revival.
  • Remove buff from custom hero glow ability.
  • Fix counting of Blood Elf and Demon town halls and of Draenei Boulder Towers and Fortified Infernal Juggernauts for AI to reduce the number of buildings.

2021-07-13, Version 1.8:
  • Add Book of Mercenaries for Freelancers to summon units depending on the current area.
  • Add hotkeys and fix icon positions for Furbolg buildings.
  • Fix tooltips of Furbolg upgrades.
  • Increase the priority of the Power Generator.
  • Change icon of Corruption.
  • Change unit skin of Corruption.
  • Add inventory ability to more Furbolg units.
  • Add chat commands "-far", "-close" and "-camdist X".
  • Add Lumber Camp to Furbolg.
  • Add upgrades for abilities to Furbolg.
  • Remove Chaos damage from Furbolg Champion.
  • Add Corruption to Furbolg Shamans.
  • Add Shadow Meld to Furbolg buildings.
  • Add Auto Repair aura to Power Generators.
  • Add two more abilities to the Freelancer book.
  • Add neutral passive buildings to Archimonde's area.
  • Add chat command for hero suicide.
  • Add Give Units to another Player and Reward Freelancer to Furbolg Tribal Center.
  • Add tower limit to Furbolg towers.
  • Fix some icons and requirements for the Furbolg race.
  • Add housing limit to Furbolg housings.

2021-07-12, Version 1.8:
  • Green Dragon Egg summons a Green Dragon now instead of a Green Drake.
  • A leaving player is still hostile to Neutral Hostile, The Burning Legion and Bosses players.
  • Add new building "Power Generator" to protect your main base.
  • Add percentage of damage bonus to the tooltip of Command Aura.
  • Add new race "Furbolg".
  • Make Furbolg Tribal Center a tier 1-3 and altar equivalent.
  • Furbolg Huts produce 20 food now.
  • Add more heroes to the hero equivalent in the gameplay constants.
  • Reset hero ability skip level from 3 to 2.
  • Remove spiders from the Furbolg Cage to reduce the number of possible units.
  • Increase defense and hitpoints of Furbolg buildings.
  • Change classification of the Furbolg Tribal Center to town hall.
  • Add Furbolg Backpack upgrade.
  • Add Naga Backpack upgrade.
  • Swap crafted items for Advanced and Adept for profession Runeforger.
  • Increase collision and pathing of the Furbolg Tribal Center.
  • Add Battle Stations to Furbolg Huts.
  • Add warrior upgrades to Furbolg Barracks.
  • Reduce the number of Polar Furbolgs to be available for the race Furbolg.
  • Rename Furbolg Cage to Wolves Cage.
  • Replace abilities of Furbolg Ursa Warrior and remove Chaos damage.
  • Add ability Ensnare to the Furbolg Trackers against air units.
  • Remove Chaos damage from Furbolg Elder Shaman.
  • Add Devour to Giant Wolf of Furbolg.
  • Add upgrades for Furbolg Shamans.
  • Massively reduce the range of the Power Generator.
  • Reduce the defense bonus of the Power Generator to 7.
  • Reduce the damage of Draenei units.

2021-07-11, Version 1.8:
  • Reduce gold bonus for Undead and Night Elf AI from 10 to 5.
  • Start with full number of lumber workers for AI.
  • Add chat commands like "-friends".
  • Change icon of the Magical Cutter.
  • Add item Magical Creep Summoner to respawn dead creeps.
  • Add new profession "Sorcerer".
  • Add second profession selection at hero level 25.
  • Decrease the cooldown of Blink with every level.
  • Fix the number of Avatars in the tooltip of Vengance.
  • Fix registering dialog button events for higher player numbers.
  • Translate tooltips of Frost Armor back into English.
  • Add new profession "Runeforger".
  • Add new profession "Dragon Breeder".
  • Sorcerer crafts now a Wand of Reanimation.
  • The Illusion summoned by the Sorcerer's Wand of Illusion causes 10 % damage.
  • Fix resources bonus upgrade for game type fast.
  • Add checks before changing the construction and upgrade progress in game type fast.
  • Disable fast hero revival in game mode fast to avoid game crashes.
  • Add new hero "Furbolg Ursa Warrior".
  • Make Akama hero in hero selection invulnerable.
  • Add custom hero glow to Eredar Warlock and Furbolg Ursa Warrior.
  • Blood Elf Castle requires Altar of Kings now instead of of Blood Elf Lumber Mill.
  • Add Hand of God to Blood Elf Castle.

2021-07-10, Version 1.8:
  • Replace creep Akama with hero who is not invulnerable.
  • Respawn level 22 Dreadlord in Azeroth.
  • Revive creep heroes instead of recreating them to keep their XP.
  • Respawn creep bosses.
  • Reduce the chance of dropping items for creeps.
  • Disable wrong Evolution available message.
  • When a player leaves make him ally with full shared control to all players and drop all of his items on Theramore, so quest items from the backpack won't ever get lost.
  • Replace mount on summoning it.
  • Show some feedback as game message when using the alliance chat commands.
  • Profession books use shared cooldown again to prevent cooldown reset.
  • Add function GetPlayerNameColored and use it for the player name of the killing player for bosses and leaving players.
  • Fix tooltip of Shadow Word Death.
  • Add AI resources bonus to Blood Elf workers.
  • Fix gold AI bonus for Night Elf.
  • Magical Cutter has 1 charge but is 3 times in stock.
  • Increase the map size to make it equal width as height again and fill the areas with water.
  • Use custom unit type for Undead non-AI goldmines to add gold bonus to the regular ones.
  • Do not enable Demon Fire by default to fix technology requirement.
  • Add missing technologies to Blood Elf AI.
  • Blood Elf Archer, Worker and Swordsmen is affected by Evolution now.
  • Make more space on Sunstrider Isle.

2021-07-09, Version 1.8:
  • Fix Eredar Warlock Bash tooltips.
  • Increase attack damage and not dices with Evolution.
  • Increase target levels by 1 and make the final level 100 for Transmute and Doom.
  • Improve the Infernal unit for the ability Inferno and increase AOE and stun duration.
  • Make AI upgrades for lumber and gold harvesting affect workers.
  • Increase AOE of Blizzard, Flame Strike, Frost Nova, Healing Spray and Cluster Rockets with every level.
  • Translate tooltips of Healing Spray back into English.
  • Move the Northrend portals and increase their area to avoid blocking.
  • Replace strong Demon creeps at The Burning Legion's base with Draenei creeps.
  • Goblin Laboratory sells Magical Cutter to cut down trees.
  • Increase the Evolution attack damage bonus from 1 to 2 and increase the maximum mana as well.
  • Increase Evolution for creeps only every 5 hero levels to keep the creep levels lower and the creeps a bit weaker.
  • Increase collected resources with game type fast.
  • Add game type descriptions to the dialog.
  • Show the game type in the quest title.
  • Change number of players to 23 in the map description.
  • Add delay to game type fast to finish the construction of a building.
  • Increase the hero revival speed in game type fast.
  • Fix portals.

2021-07-07, Version 1.7:
  • Fix Pit Lord Rain of Fire ability code for AI.
  • Fix Tauren Chieftain War Stomp ability for AI and change the ability in object data.
  • Give Undead and Night Elf AI a gold harvesting bonus of 10.
  • Always drop the Mask of Death when Orc quest 3 is enabled and not completed.
  • Translate tooltips of Volcano back into English.
  • Finger of Death of Eredar Warlock can only target enemy and neutral but no allies anymore.
  • Fix the chance in the Bash tooltip of Eredar Warlock.
  • Translate tooltip of ability Infernal back into English.
  • Fix formula for Evolution level.
  • Increase attack dices by 1 per Evolution level.
  • Fix skilling of hero ability Shadow Word Death for Death Knight in Undead AI.
  • Give all races a lumber harvest bonus of 10 for AI.
  • Move Outland creeps away from the Naga base.
  • Fix automatic recreation of the town hall of the Burning Legion.
  • Move the creeps away from the base of the Burning Legion.
  • Translate Chemical Rage back into English.
  • Add Summon Wyvern Mount to Alchemist.
  • Add Summon Wyvern Mount, Invisibility and Attribute Bonus to Alchemist morph form.
  • Give Rexxar Storm Bolt of Mountain King.
  • Translate tooltip of Summon Bear back into English.
  • Fix the duration for the last 3 levels of Inferno.
  • Translate tooltips of Summon Hawk back into English.
  • Translate tooltips of Summon Quilbeast back into English.

2021-07-04, Version 1.7:
  • Decrease the handicap of creeps in hardcore gametype from 500 % to 200 %.
  • Fix setting the rect for creep spawns which are based on existing units which fixes not respawning them when buildings are around.
  • AI revives all dead heroes at random altars which should help the Burning Legion to revive their heroes.
  • Try to fix alliance chat commands by setting all aspects.
  • Move the portal to Archimonde to Outland.
  • Add a portal description to the Archimonde Portal.
  • Move the lever on Sunstrider Isle.
  • Remove a Doodad on Sunstrider Isle to make more space.

2021-07-03, Version 1.7:
  • Drop Skull of Gul'dan on hero death.
  • Demon Parasite uses Unholy Strength and Armor from Demon instead of Undead.
  • Translate Forked Lightning, Tornado, Robo-Goblin, Transmute and Stampede into English from German.
  • Make more space for the base at the World Tree.
  • Finger of Death of Eredar Warlock can target non-heroes.
  • Decrease the chance for Bash of Eredar Warlock by 5 for every level.
  • Try to close a gap between trees in Ashenvale.
  • Try to move creeps in the Arch Lich dungeon away from the border.
  • Fix number of Ziggurats for Undead AI.
  • Fix message when Hand of God becomes available.
  • Fix enabling/disabling the bridge at Sunstrider Isle.
  • Increase space at Sunstrider Isle.
  • Cobra Wards and Zerberus do not cause Chaos damage anymore.
  • Increase the cooldown with higher levels of Serpent Ward.
  • Increase cooldown of Hex and decrease the duration for regular units.
  • Increase cooldown of War Stomp.
  • Immediately hide Demon buildings without proper death animation.
  • Draenei buildings and Engineer towers require Ground-pathable pathing to be build.
  • Set fixed number of workers, buy Zeppelin and attack with mount for all AIs.
  • Give Slyvanas Evil bonus hero Invisibility ability.
  • Give Lich King bonus hero Berserk ability.
  • Give Tichondrius bonus hero Invisibility ability.
  • Add all hero descriptions for bonus heroes.
  • Add missing mount unit types to AI scripts.
  • Add initial Draenei unit upgrades.
  • Increase number of workers matching the housings.
  • Add game mode selection in the beginning of the game with the initial game modes: Normal, Fast and Hardcore.
  • Fix the exact level for Evolution for existing units by creating a dummy with the original level next to the unit.
  • Game mode hardcore uses handicap to increase the creep HP instead of Evolution.
  • Add player The Burning Legion with a base around Archimonde to make the game more interesting.
  • Do not allow to change alliances to every player.
  • Disable town hall recreation for AI in hardcore game type.
  • Add custom minimap preview.
  • Draenei Demolishers are affected by Draenei damage/armor upgrades.
  • Salamanders get Devour even though they have to research for it.
  • Draenei Thorium Ranged Weapons and Thorium Unit Armor have no requirements anymore.
  • Fix the trained unit types of Draenei.
  • Increase HP of Draenei shops.

2021-06-29, Version 1.7:
  • Add more descriptions for Bonus Heroes.
  • Reduce Eredar Warlock initial life, mana, life regeneration and mana regeneration.
  • Add life and mana regeneration auras to Blademaster of Blackrock Clan.
  • Make Portals unavailable for AI.
  • Remove commented lines for portals from AI scripts.
  • Add more basic towers to AI scripts which can be upgraded.

2021-06-28, Version 1.7:
  • Fix Akama hero for Draenei AI.
  • Disable Portals for AI to prevent game crashes.
  • Add Scout Towers to Human AI to allow upgrading them to Watch Towers.
  • Reduce initial attribute for Eredar Warlock.
  • Disable Splash damage for Eredar Warlock.
  • Reduce base damage for Eredar Warlock.
  • Create loop to fix number of workers for Demon AI.
  • Add second attack for harvesting trees to Demon Imps.
  • Move Doodads at Sunstrider Island to make more space.

2021-06-27, Version 1.7:
  • Add Eredar Warlock as selectable hero.
  • Move Dreadlord to the Demon heroes.
  • Move Dark Ranger to the Undead heroes.
  • Switch Dreadlord with Dark Ranger in the Undead AI.
  • Add Eredar Warlock to the Demon AI.

2021-06-26, Version 1.7:
  • Hand of God requires Hero Level 35 upgrade.
  • Improve Demon AI: More Imps, more gold collecting Imps and lumber harvester and purchase a Zeppelin on attacks and use the mount if it exists.
  • Upgrade Spirit Walker research to level 2 and Orc backpack for Orc AI.
  • Upgrade Evolution to level 100 for AI.
  • Fix Demon citizen tooltips.
  • Add Portal abilities to Hideouts.
  • Fix Night Elf AI to build Chimaera Roost and less Moon Wells.
  • AI builds one Portal.
  • Fix hotkeys of Portal abilities to avoid same hotkeys as Hideout abilities.
  • Add Hideout info to the Portal abilities tooltips.
  • Only Advanced Boulder Towers for Draenei AI.
  • Add missing upgrades to Night Elf AI.
  • Less towers and frost towers for Undead AI.
  • Less Blacksmiths and Houses for Human AI.
  • Less workers and exact numbers of gold and wood workers for Human AI.
  • Less workers, Houses and more Towers for Naga AI.
  • Fix the bridge model for Sunstrider Isle.
  • Archimonde boss causes Chaos damage.
  • Add Waygate ability to Hideout buildings.
  • Empty Vial has an English tooltip now.
  • Remove Monsoon Ulti from Alchemist.
  • Remove Elf Runner from Sunstrider Island Mercenary Camp.
  • Disable abilities for AI Portals to avoid crashes.

2021-06-25, Version 1.7:
  • Restrict to classic graphics again to avoid lagging players.
  • Readd increment to upgrade Evolution.
  • Allow allying and unallying computer AI.
  • Add chat commands to change alliances.
  • Only allow setting destinations to fully constructed Portals.
  • Reset summoned mount on repick.
  • Fix Lich King quest 4 Demon spawn after hiring Draenei units.
  • Reduce duration and cooldown for Divine Shield.
  • Add upgrade Temple of Demigods Blueprints to the AI.
  • Add Hand of God as ability to the Tier 3 halls.
  • Allow upgrading Evolution in Guardian´s Citadel already.
  • Remove ground texture from Guardian's Citadel.

2021-06-22, Version 1.7:
  • Increase maximum unit level to 200.
  • Add Draenei Haven to auto revival for AI.
  • Add Portals.
  • Blood Elf Lieutenant is affected by Evolution.
  • Evolution HP bonus is not increased with every level.
  • Evolution requires Temple Blueprints.
  • It should be possible now to walk around the Fountain of Blood.
  • Summoned Doom Guard is affected by Evolution.
  • Tiny Great Hall will always build a Great Hall.
  • Fix level bonuses from Evolution of trained, summoned and respawning units.
  • Add Select Unit later to Mercenary Camp for Lich King Quest 4 to enable sold units.
  • Fix defense in tooltip of item Cloak of Flames.

2021-06-20, Version 1.7:
  • Fix AI recreation of town halls for: Naga, Blood Elf, Demon and Draenei.
  • Add condition to avoid building multiple town halls for Blood Elf and Demon AI.
  • Allow Death Coil to target the hero himself.
  • Add Blood Elf Workshop with additional new unit types Ballista and Cage.
  • Fix the Forsaken Quest 4.
  • Add Lich King Quest 4.
  • Add talk to me special effect to the Lich King from the start.
  • Fix enabling Lich King Quest 4.
  • Decrease Blizzard damage of Runeblade.
  • Add Improved Siege Weapons upgrade to Blood Elves.
  • Add Burning Oil upgrade to Blood Elves.
  • Blood Elf Wagons and Cages can only transport organic units.
  • Increase the transport size of Blood Elf Wagons and Cages to 4.
  • Fix capturing of Blood Elf Cages.
  • Add food cost to Blood Elf Cages.
  • Improve the bonuses of Crown of the Lich King.
  • Add new unit types and upgrades and the Workshop to the Blood Elf AI.

2021-06-20, Version 1.6:
  • Add Evolution upgrade to AI.
  • Nether Drakes for Demon and Draenei require any tier 2 hall and have a Demon Fire icon now and Demon Fire requires the upgrade first.
  • Evolution requires hero level 30 not 40 now.
  • Replace Dispell Magic from Succubus with Incite Unholy Frenzy.
  • Add all spells to tooltips from Succubus and Eredar Sorcerer.
  • Add Draenei quest 1 to the "-ping" chat command.
  • Add a second Outland portal to Northrend East.
  • Add boss quest markers to all bosses.
  • Replace reward item for Draenei quest 2 (Legion Doom-Horn) with a Claws +12 since the horn is available in the Black Market.
  • Increase hero level of Magtheridon and give him Demon Master.
  • Add Forsaken quest 4 Legendary Items.
  • Tranquility restores trees.
  • Add Attribute Bonus to Magtheridon.
  • Murloc Sorcerer has Crushing Wave now.
  • Bonus hero Illidan causes splash damage in alternate form and has Attribute Bonus and unit abilities.
  • Rokhan's Voodoo Spirits has 9 levels now.
  • Increase cooldown of Monsoon.
  • Use standard hero abilities for Chen and Rexxar.
  • Automatically haunt all goldmines in range when recreating the town hall for the Undead AI.
  • Change the hotkey of Breath of Fire to G for Anasterian Sunstrider.
  • Fix the required hero level in the info quest for Evolution.
  • Remove buff of Weaponsmithing - Novice.
  • Rename map to World of Warcraft Reforged.
  • Allow HD graphics.
  • Add Guards to Kil'Jaeden and move old creeps to Orc base.
  • Add weather effect to Kil'Jaeden.
  • Rename Kil'Jaeden from Warlock to The Deceiver.
  • Release 1.7.

2021-06-19, Version 1.6:
  • Draenei Haven can be upgraded to Demigod temples and has Reward Freelancer and Give Units to Another Allied Player now.
  • Prevent creating buildings on Theramore.
  • Increase cooldown of healing Paladin and restoring Jaina to 60 seconds.
  • Add new bonus heroes: Illidan Evil, Drek'Thar, Rexxar, Rokhan, Chen, Anasterian Sunstrider, Magtheridon and Murloc Sorcerer.
  • Kill summoned Mount below hero level 20, so other hero abilities won't summon it.
  • Replace Summon Nether Mount base ability to prevent summoning with Feral Spirit.
  • Tichondrius has a Frost Wyrm mount now instead of a Nether mount.
  • Dark Ranger has a Frost Wyrm mount now instead of a Nether mount.
  • Beastmaster, Brewmaster and Tinker have Wyvern mounts now instead of Nether mounts.
  • Add Invisibility to Akama.
  • Improve Earthquake: Reduce Area of Effect to reduce lagging, increase damage per second to buildings, slowdown percentage and duration with each level, make trees a target for each level, keep mana cost at 125.
  • Add research Evolution.
  • Give bonus heroes Berserk or Invisibility.
  • Remove two unit abilities from Admiral Proudmoore.
  • Translate Monsoon from German into English.
  • Give Admiral Proudmoore Monsoon as ulti with only 9 levels.
  • Add initial info for bonus heroes.
  • Remove Hide from Akama.
  • Add Evolution to unit types.
  • Make Evolution available at hero level 40.
  • Increase costs of Evolution, do not increase time and decrease HP bonus.
  • Add unit and item types with 1 initial charge to the marketplace on Theramore.
  • Add quest explaining the marketplace on Theramore.
  • Limit Housings to 4.
  • Limit Towers to 15.
  • Add unit type Nether Drake to Draenei to give them a flying unit type.
  • Fix number in quest update message for Orc quest 4.
  • Try to fix not summoning Mounts.

2021-06-13, Version 1.5:
  • Demigod heroes gain XP bonus from tiers.
  • Drop Maghteridon's Heart from killed heroes.
  • Reduce life regeneration from 20 % to 10 % for the quest reward item of Night Elf quest 2.
  • Turn global distribution of hero XP on.
  • Add tiny town hall items to Warlords in the beginning.
  • Translate tooltips of Death and Decay into English.
  • Reduce the percentage of Death and Decay.
  • Do not reduce the cooldown for Avatar for higher levels.
  • Cold Arrows has 12 levels now instead of 3.
  • Fix the tooltips of Unholy Spirits.
  • Increase the cooldown of Impale with each level to avoid permanent hero stuns.
  • Increase the cooldown of Hex with each level to avoid permanent hero hex.
  • Do not create profession items for AI.
  • Increase the boss unit levels to prevent AI from attacking them as creep camps.
  • Change color of Archimonde to boss colors.
  • Add Outland boss Kil'jaeden with legendary artifact Skull of Gul'dan.
  • Add name Archimonde to the victory condition text.
  • Add initial Demon AI with either Dreadlord of Pit Lord as starting heroes.
  • Remove Forgotten One building and Demon Monster unit from race Demon.
  • Add Blood Elf Lieutenant to Blood Elves.
  • Add unit Wagon to Blood Elves.
  • Fix hero selection info for Akama.
  • Add Draenei AI with Akama as hero and with a 50 % chance to be used by Orc players.
  • Release 1.6.

2021-06-06, Version 1.5:
  • Fix giving profession items to Warlord AI instead of creating the item at the map's center.
  • Store player profession and race as integer variable.
  • Prevent picking up a profession and race item which does not belong to the player by checking the integer variable.
  • Remove profession and race item on repick from the backpack correctly.
  • Paladin´s Head (Trophy) can be dropped.
  • Only summon 2 permanent Sappers for Engineering - Adept instead of 2 permanent and 2 limited.
  • Disable Charm for summoned units to prevent taking over other workers and building a base.
  • Do not allow becoming a Demigod when controlling Illidan.
  • Give feedback which Dragons are missing when becoming a Demigod.
  • Add note about +10 fire damage bonus to the tooltip of Mithril Long Sword.
  • Add note about +12 lightning damage bonus to the tooltip of Blessed Dragon Lance.
  • Change the hotkey of Light of Righteousness to U to avoid collision with the hotkey of Gate.
  • Use a custom unit type for the Bonus Hero Sylvanas to avoid sold unit types.
  • Fix Akama hero type when selecting him as hero.
  • Change number of centaurs in tooltip of item Totem of Thunder Buff to 7.

2021-06-05, Version 1.5:
  • Add links to Discord and Hive to the quest log.
  • Fix setting summoned Mount correctly.
  • Fix disabling Illidan for the repick block when completing the quest.
  • Make Undead Head (Trophy) droppable and invulnerable.
  • Translate item Heart of the Harpy Queen into English.
  • Heart of Aszune can heal now.
  • Fix wait in final attack wave of Naga AI.
  • Add Blood Elf AI.
  • Remove Chaos damage from Naga units.
  • Add Hideouts to the requirement tooltips for tiers.
  • Fix creep respawn rect of group 141 which removes creeps from the center of the Maelstrom.
  • Move some Dragons away from the goldmine in Azeroth.
  • Remove some trees at the entry of the goldmine at the Tree of Life.
  • Dragonhawk Rider does not cause Chaos damage anymore.
  • Mention upgrade "Blood Elf Animal War Training" in the tooltip of Dragonhawk Riders.
  • All heroes have now Any Tier 2/3 Hall as requirement and no Altar which fixes the tier XP bonus.
  • Make Spell Breakers and Control Magic unavailable to Human.
  • Translate Cleaving Attack tooltip into English.
  • Translate Howl of Terror tooltip into English.
  • Massively reduce the percentage of Cleaving Attack to a maximum of 150 % instead of 300 %.
  • Add many more upgrades to the Human, Orc Blood Elf and Naga AI.
  • Let Orc AI train Spirit Walkers.
  • Reduce the number of attacking units of the final wave for Human and Orc AI.
  • Add Sorceress to Blood Elves.
  • Update game information.
  • Add Akama as selectable hero.
  • Add initial Draenei race.
  • Fix hero skill levels of Akama.
  • Fix removing quest effect from Illidan after completing the 4th quest in Outland.
  • Fix storing Illidan's owner to prevent repicks.
  • Add more upgrades to the Undead and Night Elf AI and reduce the number of units for the final wave.
  • Fix some upgrade levels for other AIs.
  • Replace the ability of the item Shield of the Undercity Forge with a Death Coil based ability instead of a Holy Light based ability.
  • Fix Hideout gold cost to 1000 gold (makes Fortified Hideout cheaper).
  • Fix gold repair costs of all hideout tiers.
  • Fix requirement of Sorceress Master Training to any tier 3 to make it work for Blood Elf.
  • Human and Blood Elf AI upgrades Masonry to level 3 now instead of only level 2.
  • Increase the cooldown of Demon Master.
  • Fix icon dependency of Animal War Training for Blood Elf.

2021-06-04, Version 1.5:
  • Fix tooltip of Murloc Hut.
  • Add Naga AI.
  • Add some more information to the file.
  • Reduce the number of units from the final waves for all AIs.

2021-06-03, Version 1.5:
  • Use fixed races set in the lobby for computer player Warlords.
  • Add portal to Theramore.
  • Improve Warlord AIs: Remove spell breakers, add more upgrades, reduce the number of buildings and units.
  • Remove ability Invisibility from AI heroes.
  • Add lever to enable/disable the bridge at Khaz Modan.
  • Do not use Town Hall Outland 4 position for AI.
  • Add note to item Tiny Hideout that it can only be used by Freelancers.
  • Add more notes to the quest log about repicking.
  • Do not allow repicking while having control over Illidan.
  • Translate the tooltip from German to English of the Demon building "Dungeon of Pain".
2021-06-02, Version 1.5:
  • Use variables for races in the trigger editor.
  • Remove the Fountain of Life on Theramore for AI which is Warlord.
  • Recreate Undead town hall for AI.
  • Remove Goldmines, citizens and housings from Night Elf and Undead AI to fix progressing.
  • Rename some variables into English.
  • Undead AI starts with 3 Acolytes and 1 Ghoul.
  • Move start locations of AI closer to goldmines.
  • Fix completing Night Elf quest 4.
  • Increase cooldown of War Stomp with higher levels to avoid permanent stuns.
  • Night Elf AI creates less Trees of Life.
2021-05-22, Version 1.5:
  • Change the game data set to the latest patch.
  • Add Attribute Bonus to all bonus heroes.
  • Add mount abilities to all bonus heroes.
  • Change damage and defense type of all bonus heroes to Hero.
  • Show the player leaves message to all players.
  • Fix translations and tooltips of Guardian and Destroyer hero abilities.
  • Lord Garithos' Avatar has 9 levels.
  • Lord Garithos' Shockwave has 12 levels.
  • Archimonde has his original Dark Portal ability with 12 levels.
  • Gul'Dan has Hero damage.
  • Change Finger of Death of Lich King.
  • Mannoroth's Reincarnation has 9 levels.
  • Replace Mannoroth's Earthquake with Demon Master.
  • Kill existing Mount when summoning a new one.
  • Berserk does not require any upgrade anymore.
  • Fix setting udg_Hero for computer-controlled heroes.
  • Hideout buildings work as Tier 1 - 3 now which increases the XP rate for the hero.
  • Change hero abilities of Admiral Proudmoore to the ones from the campaign.
  • Let computer players revive their hero automatically in a random Altar every 15 seconds.

  • Baradé: Creator.
  • Deranor: Tests.
  • Runeblade14: Tests.
  • EvilPitlord: Original map.
  • DeMoNiKuS: Original map.
  • World of Warcraft logo

World of Warcraft Reforged 1.8.1 (Map)

I see no reason why an enhanced version (especially 24 players) wouldn't be approved too. I has not gotten any updates since 2007. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map...


Map Reviewer
Level 56
Jun 4, 2009
I see no reason why an enhanced version (especially 24 players) wouldn't be approved too. I has not gotten any updates since 2007.

If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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  • A detailed changelog in the first post would be helpful to reviewers and notify fans about the newest implementations to your map.
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Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
I have updated the map with the following changes:
  • Outland Portals
  • Outland Creep Spots
  • More English Translations.
  • Fixed research dependency for Backpack of Demons.
  • Maiev will be revived.
  • Fixed enabling control over Illidan.
  • Made the Lich King much stronger.
  • Made some quest items invulnerable.
  • Improved hero selection camera.
The whole map contains many dark portals now which allow you to enter the Outland area and to return to the different areas.
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Another update with more English translations and new features:
- Repicking in the repick area does not reset the level to 1 anymore.
- Increased food limit to 999.
- Added research to improve infernals from the Hand of God.
- Added demigod research to the large demon gate.
- Increase the number Demons summoned by Demon Master.
- Added upgrade for the hideout to improve the armour and hit points.
- Add spellbook for hideout.
- Reset hideout flag on repicking.
- Hideouts produce more food.
- Fixed some icons.
- Fixed duration of big bad voodo.
- Added Draenei quest.
- Fountain of Life produces more food.
- Increase repick time limit to 60 seconds.
- Repicking is not allowed when enemies are withing a certain range.
- Players can give units to another allied player (except buildings, workers and heroes).
- Changed next and previous icons.
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
The file name is fine when hosting manually, therefore the hostbot is broken.

I cannot reproduce the desync since I am not able to host games. Are you getting the desync when the camera pans to the selected hero? I had removed this pan before, so I will remove it again.

The only thing I can do about the lag is to pre-create all heroes somewhere and remove them.

I made these updates:
  • Filename is now "wowtsr.w3x".
  • Preload heroes in the beginning (the units are created for player neutral passive and removed immediately afterwards).
  • Disabled camera pan in the beginning which hopefully fixes the desync.
Last edited:
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Another small update:
  • Reduced the supply freelancers can have since warlords can give them units now.
  • Freelancers gain 10% more XP from killing hostile units.
  • The game mode cannot be rechosen when repicking. Otherwise, you could level a freelancer and then repick to build a base.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting a random hero.
  • More English translations.
Level 3
May 21, 2018
with army its a little easy to defeat the boss... but only me without the army its much better, but more difficult

And for the base there is some upgrade that it can be upgraded, like the primal structure

and i think its some bug with the quests...
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Nice remake of an old classic.

- I think you should do something about mob spawns. It would be nice with each artifact boss being an actual boss fight instead of just a very strong creep using a few auto abilities. This would improve the map tremendously. Same can be said for Freelancer play in general. At times it is just a camp feast with no variation.

- The quest system should be reconsidered. In the old versions by Pitlord, every player could race against each other for a quest, but in your version, first player to get the quest item has basically won. I don't think that is fair.

- Consider all heroes - do they have meaningful abilities? Maybe allow heroes that would be useless as freelancers to have slightly modified abilities: An example would be the Paladin. He is strong except for the fact that his lvl 6 ability is useless with no army. Maybe give freelancer paladins a modified level 6 spell - something dealing a bit of damage for instance.

- Consider improving the terrain with better models. Now we can have huge file sizes for maps in Warcraft 3, so you may as well add some higher poly beautification.

Nice map overall!
Last edited:
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Thanks, I will consider your suggestions. I think the quest system was the same in the previous map. If you pick up a quest item and your hero gets killed, the quest item should be placed at the location of the quest giving NPC. Maybe this doesn't already work with the backpack.

I will consider improving the gameplay for freelancers. In the latest version freelancers and warlords should play together in a team. A warlord can give units to the freelancer which the paladin could revive. Besides, a warlord can reward freelancers which should increase their XP.
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Also a bug:
There are only 12 revive fountains with 24 players!

Furthermore: this map has a problem with the game memory limitation. Since you can easily play for hours and hours, the WC3 crash ruins the map at a certain point. I'm not sure what to do about it. Hopefully Blizzard will fix the hopelessly outdated system soon.
Level 1
Oct 12, 2014
Remake seems okay, few minor bugs though
1. Magtheridon heals himself and everyone around him even when you fight him
2. Illidan's immolation in Outland damages you
3. Sylvanas orc skeleton quest is bugged and does not end when you give her the skeleton
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
Please add AI to the map. A simple freelancer ai with ally/unally functionality would be fine, but of course more advanced ai would be a blast.

Also, please make a Discord for the map. It's almost impossible to find people to play it.
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
What do you mean by ally/unally functionality? You want to ally/unally a computer player? I could maybe try to add AI to build a base. I am not sure if the AI of Warcraft III can handle the Freelancer mode.

I have created an issue with some suggestions: Add AI support · Issue #85 · tdauth/wowtsr

I think it will be hard to create the main building with the current staff and to start an AI for creeping.
I would wait until the human players choose their start location and then choose them for computer players and make only one Warlord per Goldmine.
Last edited:
Level 14
Jun 22, 2007
yes Barade, that's what I meant by ally/unally. The RP aspect of the game is through interactions, and so if the AI is to be meaningful you have to be able to do basic things such as ally or fight them.
Level 4
Sep 22, 2011
Loved the map since i first played some 10 years ago and i love what you did whit it.
Some suggestions:
1) The cliffs in Outland really break the immersion, use the other ones that have been used on other continents, also place some dootats to obscure it and make it more pleasing to look at, for example Northrend looks like it despite the map being made in the sunken ruins tileset.
2) Since the new zone you added covers the Burning Crusade Expansion and Legion Expansion somewhat, i would suggest you scrap the Maiev, Kil'jaden and Ilidan vs Lich king quest and place Pandaria there with some new quests... (Even a new panda race would be nice, but i realize that is just to much to ask :D)
3) Lich King could be an awesome boss battle (This would cover the Wotlk expanison)
4) Adding some more quests and changing some existing ones to be more lore like, for example Thrall could send you to battle some Burning Blade Warlocks instead of the letter to Tyrande.
5) And, I strongly believe this map would benefit from custom heroes and custom abilities, also using some custom models from the site for heroes, citizens and the like.

All in all, only the first suggestion I believe is a must, the other ones are entirely up to you :)
Also if you decide to edit heroes and make custom ones i volunteer, you have my crappy triggering skills at your disposal :).
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Loved the map since i first played some 10 years ago and i love what you did whit it.
Some suggestions:
1) The cliffs in Outland really break the immersion, use the other ones that have been used on other continents, also place some dootats to obscure it and make it more pleasing to look at, for example Northrend looks like it despite the map being made in the sunken ruins tileset.
2) Since the new zone you added covers the Burning Crusade Expansion and Legion Expansion somewhat, i would suggest you scrap the Maiev, Kil'jaden and Ilidan vs Lich king quest and place Pandaria there with some new quests... (Even a new panda race would be nice, but i realize that is just to much to ask :D)
3) Lich King could be an awesome boss battle (This would cover the Wotlk expanison)
4) Adding some more quests and changing some existing ones to be more lore like, for example Thrall could send you to battle some Burning Blade Warlocks instead of the letter to Tyrande.
5) And, I strongly believe this map would benefit from custom heroes and custom abilities, also using some custom models from the site for heroes, citizens and the like.

All in all, only the first suggestion I believe is a must, the other ones are entirely up to you :)
Also if you decide to edit heroes and make custom ones i volunteer, you have my crappy triggering skills at your disposal :).

thx for the suggestions. I agree that the Outland terrain needs some work. Unfortunately, I didn't play World of Warcraft so I decided to add missions matching the lore of the Frozen Throne alliance campaign.
I guess that I would have to play WoW or at least read about its lore to add better quests but I am not sure if I have time for that.

Custom heroes are always nice but hard to balance.
Even the existing heroes are really hard to balance. At the moment I am trying to balance/make the gameplay as freelancer more interesting for example with the features of rewarding freelancers with XP and gold or giving them units.
It would be great if someone could play a long game with many players and report issues.
I guess that warlords do always have a benefit of big armies etc.
Level 3
Jun 9, 2017
Actually i kept trying to become a demigod but nothing worked. i kept trying to put each dragon in their respective place,on the rune,in the fire,in the circle itself. nothing worked
Level 5
Jun 7, 2016
There is a bug in a Champion Belt reincarnation (A Item which you get after finishing Arena Contest Quest)
If you got reincarnated from it and then died again, your hero disappear permanently and you can't revive it. I use Mountain King for this when this bug occur.
Also if you do the Illdan's Quest to kill Arthas, Arthas won't fight you, it just stand there like statue. When you killed Arthas, it doesn't respawn which makes impossible to acquire the quest to him after you completed the anubarak and Kel'Thuzad quest.
Btw why the Doom Guard sometimes spawn in the Maelstrom? Lol
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Hey, the final Lich King quest could not be done because you were not an Undead hero. The final quest can only be done by Undead heroes. I will add a hint when you enter the quest area as non-Undead hero. I could also revive Arthas after you killed him as Illidan.

Btw. Illidian did not drop his item from slot 2, I will fix that (I hope he has no special item in this slot).
Besides, the Lich King will attack Illidian after getting neutral hostile.
I will also create a magic circle which indicates that you can take control of Illidan.
Last edited:
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Updated the map:
  • Show a message how to revive your hero when he/she dies for the first time.
  • Fix bug Champion Belt reincarnation bug: Fix reported bugs · Issue #88 · tdauth/wowtsr
  • Fix villager icons and soundsets.
  • Fix Fish Market English tooltip.
  • Neutral hostile buildings belong to neutral passive now.
  • Basic Computer-controlled AI.
  • Better description on the loading screen.
  • Hide mount abilities in hero selection.
  • Chat command '-players'.
  • Naga can build Murlock Hut with researches.
  • Add magic circle for Illidian's control.
  • Lich King is neutral passive in the beginning.
  • Lich King's crystal gets neutral hostile when it becomes vulnerable.
  • Do not pause Lich King in the beginning of the game.
  • After losing control over Illidan drop his item from slot 2 as well.
  • Add hint for LichKingQuest3 for non-Undead heroes.
  • Only allow completing LichKingQuest3 when destroying the town hall of an enemy.
  • Legendary artifacts are moved to the initial locations when the hero dies.
  • Add JASS function "DropQuestItemFromHeroAtRectByDyingUnit".
  • Add cheat "-revive".
  • Do not use JASS function "UnitRemoveItemFromSlot" in "DropQuestItemFromHeroAtRect" anymore which led to dropping the item.
  • Fix JASS functions "DropBackpackForPlayer" and "DropQuestItemFromHeroAtRect" for items which are visible on a page which has not been changed yet.
  • Reduce black area in Outland.

The basic computer AI has a main building, five workers and a hero but at the moment it seems that the computer player is not able to build buildings or to go creeping.
Last edited:
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
And another update:
  • Restore something like the old hero selection.
  • Show supply limit message on "-give" command only once.
  • Show info message where items are dropped on repick.
  • Show player colors in chat command "-players".
  • Do not revive Maiev anymore after capturing her.

Especially the fix of the Maiev bug helps to prevent Maiev running around with level 20 and killing your stuff.
The old hero selection was easier to use for many players. Hence, I have tried to restore something similar.
I would like to improve the AI support since I do not get more than 4 or 6 players on to join at the moment and many players leave as soon as their hero dies.
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Another update which adds basic AI support for computer-controlled players:
  • Show hint after choosing the hero to choose a portal.
  • Male citizens are classified as workers to fix the computer AI.
  • Improve the Human AI to build more buildings and units.
  • Support all human heroes for the Human AI.
  • Create AI main buildings etc. in the beginning.
  • Translate armoring abilities back into English.
  • Hero revival does always take only 30 seconds.
  • Improve the description on the loading screen.
The AI is now able to build stuff, collect resources and attack players/go creeping. However, only Humas are currently supported.
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Another update:
  • Do not destroy the backpack trigger when a player leaves or repicks the hero.
  • Do only remove the backpack unit if it has already been created.
  • Fix the color of Orc citizens.
  • Fix highlighted hotkeys of Beast Master abilities.
  • Limit the number of towers for all races.
  • Automatically reconstruct the townhall for computer players when necessary.
  • Disable slow chopping for the AI to collect more resources.
  • Wait before launching AI attacks.
  • AI builds upgrades as well.
  • Use constants in AI script.
  • Add support for Orc AI.
  • Add support for Night Elf AI.
  • Hero selection has been moved to the Outland area.
  • Add note for Outland that it contains very strong creeps.
  • Give goldmines which human players would use a lower priority for computer players.
  • Add hero to the attack groups for computer AIs.
  • Add secret chamber at level 40 with special heroes.
  • Fix restoring XP on repick.
  • Translate Dark Portal back into English.
  • Translate Unholy Spirits back into English.
  • Classify Undead housing as Undead.
So basically computer can choose between Human, Orc and Night Elf now. If his base will be destroyed, the town hall will be reconstructed again. The AI does not use necessarily use goldmines where players spawn.
The AI works much better now and should use their hero as well.
The secret chamber at level 40 allows you picking heroes from the campaign.
Last edited:
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
And another update:
  • Make Kel Thuzad invulnerable in secret chamber.
  • Share full control with allies when a player leaves.
  • Goblin laboratory sells lumber.
  • Add initial "-ping" command.
  • Citizens can construct harbours.
  • Ships and the Goblin Zeppelin cost food to keep the number of units lower.
  • Stock gets killed creep unit types and dropped item types.
  • Undead housings can be used as Undead goldmines.
  • Fix black mask for secret chamber.
This basically means that when an ally leaves the game you can control his army and hero. Otherwise, the units would just stand around. Selling lumber helps freelancers to get it even without a shop from an allied warlord. The "-ping" command helps you to ping the current quest locations on the minimap.

Constructing harbours is just a new fun feature to be tested as weell as the market on Theramore.

I still have to analyze why the game does suddenly end from time to time. I am currently collecting all crash and desync replays here: tdauth/wowtsr
Level 1
Mar 20, 2020
gotta play again to write some suggestions, for now just comment to rate the map on 5stars for reworking:goblin_boom:
Level 5
Dec 25, 2014
Okay.. you said this is unprotected right? but why can't i open it? it still says 'unit data missing or invalid'

Edit : it also says 'level info data missing or invalid' i don't know which one is true.
Last edited:
Level 17
Feb 2, 2006
Fixed the completion of Forsaken quest 3. It could not be completed before and there was no reward.
Also tried to improve creep respawn and fixed something with the order of units in a creep group.
Hopefully, everything will work as before.

Sorry, but even although I don't use any Reforged natives I am not sure if I can create a copy for the 1.31.1 patch.
I don't really like Reforged either but I think it will be the way to go since it's t he official Warcraft version which hopefully will be maintained in the future.
You could try to open the map with the classic editor.
The map is Open Source.