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World of Sedonia RPG 2.2

Submitted by JohnnyBoy
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


Made By

Sedonia RPG is an open world roleplaying game located in the world of Sedonia. Since the last big war Sedonia has been a peaceful place, but things are about to change...

A world in need of heroes to keep the peace. This is the beginning of a great adventure. Are you up to the task?

A 2019 RPG production - A slow-pace progressive RPG, filled with stories, quests, dungeons and exploration...

Patch news: JohnnyBoy and Mr.Goblin have been working on a huge update, and it has finally arrived! The new World of Sedonia has come!



  • 5 Classes - Ranger, Warrior, Mage, Rogue and Paladin,
  • Learn Abilities - Learn abilities from trainers. Including more than 20 class-specific abilities each.
  • Items - Over 200 attachable items that change your appearance. Polished and customized in 6 categories in 8 rarities.
  • Crafting - Almost all items can be crafted using materials found in the world.
  • The World - Consist of islands which you reach as you progress.
  • World Bosses (Elites) - 8 Elites that respawn and drop nice loot.
  • Dungeons - 8 Dungeons with Bosses. Can be played in 4 different difficulties.
  • PvP - An arena with possibility to engage in battle against other players.
  • Quests - Over 50 unique quests.
  • Specializations (Elements) - Earth, Fire, Nature and Water. Determines effectiveness of spells and attacks against each other.
  • Save/Load - Characters can be saved and loaded at another time.
  • End Game - Max level is 80, but there is a lot to do if you reach this point.

I have not mentioned all the features of the map since there are so many of them that impact the gameplay and make Sedonia unique and exciting. So instead i leave the rest of the game for you to explore. If you have any questions or want to find other people to play with - head over to our the Sedonia RPG discord: Join the Sedonia Discord Server!. Here you can also leave feedback, give suggestions or just chat. Here you can also get answers from more experienced players, if you have any questions about the map.

Hope to see you in Sedonia real soon! Enjoy!


Version 2.2

    • Added Godlike Amulet "Amulet of the Scorpion"
    • Fixed bug where warrior spells would deal 0 damage untill using defensive stance once
    • Hopefully fixed Crown of Eternal Winter effect.
Version 2.1

    • 9 new Godlike items.
    • Poison dagger poison bug fixed. Now deals 1% Current HP per second against non player controlled enemies. (Bosses and neutrals).
    • Mahogny is now spelled Mahogany. (Can't believe that misspell made it into 2.0)
    • Books now stacks up to 3, with shorter restock time. However the starting stock time has been increased.
    • The annoying overhead effect from killing bosses in the training grounds have been removed.
    • Hand of Tellus boss attack range has been reduced.
    • Vanish duration reduced from 20 to 10 seconds.
    • Offhand + Weapon Warglaives passives now stack. (Atleast I think they do)
Version 2.0

    • Reduced the size of the ambience sounds by 75%. (around 50% reduction of the whole map filesize from 155 MB to 84 MB)
    • Thorns damage return nerfed from 5/10% to 3/5% (Regular/Improved Thorns)
    • Anti Magic Shell cooldown increased from 5 to 8 seconds.
    • Increased mana per Int from 1 to 2.
    • Honor Points now show in the UI (instead of food).
Version 1.9

    • Paladin:
      - Defense of the martyr: Increased armor from 10-15, increased hp/mana regen from 2-3%, reduced cd from 16 to 8 seconds and reduced duration from 20 to 8 seconds.
    • Rogue:
      - Poison Dagger: Fixed the poison damage bug. Now the dagger poison effect deals 10% of the poisoned targets [Current life] as damage per second, lasting for 0-6 seconds.
    • Other Changes:
      - Fixed Badge binding upon purchase (hopefully)
      - Fixed trinket tooltips (It now says you are allowed to have more than 1 trinket per player)
      - Bone Bow now has an elemental alignment (Earth Spec)
      - Blizzard damage has been fixed so you always get full dmg done when channeling for the whole duration. (Hopefully)
      - Added custom ambient sounds. Each Area now has a customized ambient sound to them, increasing the maps immersion and overall experience.
Version 1.8

  • Mage
    - Summon Water Elemental: Increased armor from 0.1x Int to 0.2x Int.
  • Other Changes
    Amulet of the Moon is no longer castable from the PvP Arena.
    - Fixed some PvP bugs
    - Dragon spirits for the lvl 80 dungeon can now be bought for a high price.
    - Extra PvP armor now only applies for Int and Agi classes (25 Armor)
    - The entrance to the Waves game is disabled while a game is still going.
    - Backtrack is disabled for 3 seconds upon a Rogue dying.
    - Honor requirement for badges reduced from 50 to 30 Honor points.
    - Boss drop chance for Royal Quarter increased from 10% to 15%.
    - Added attachment for trinkets.
Version 1.7

  • Rogue
    - Critical Strike: increased damage from 200% to 300%.
    - Killer Instinct: no longer makes the character take 25% extra damage and reduced cooldown from 10 to 8 seconds.
    - Sprint: Increased damage bonus from 40% to 70%.
    - Evade: Makes the player invulnerable for 1.5 seconds, regardless of the player leaving the phase shift or not. (Enhanced by reduced animation cast point, making the evade trigger faster upon casting. See more on “Other changes”).
  • Ranger
    - Rejuvenation: Reduced cooldown from 11 to 8 seconds.
    - Summon Bear: Increased Bear armor from 0.1x Agi to 0.2x Agi.
    - Patience: Increased Evasion/Critical strike chance from 20% to 30%.
    - Rapid Fire: Increased duration from 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Warrior
    - Taunt: Increased cooldown form 8 to 10 seconds.
    - Aggro: Increased cooldown from 4 to 5 seconds.
    - Frost Armor: Increased cooldown from 8 to 10 seconds.
    - Frost strike: Increased cooldown from 6 to 7 seconds.
  • Mage
    - No changes
  • Paladin
    Divine Sacrifice: Reduced cooldown from 22 to 16 seconds.
    - Blade of Justice: Increased damage from 2x Str to 3x Str.
    - Prioritize: Now adds +50% effectiveness of some Paladin spells when targeting a prioritized target. (Both damage and healing spells).
  • Other Changes
    - The Godlike bow now has the proper tooltip rarity
    - Spider quest now rewards the right amount of experience.
    - Reduced droprate for Godlike items from Bosses in the Royal Quarter from 20% to 10% chance.
    - New Item category: Trinkets! Ascended rarity items that can drop together with the other ascended items. The trinket is an active item with an elemental specialization. At the moment there is one trinket per element. You can only wear one trinket at a time.
    - Waves-game now drops godlike and ascended items. 100% chance for ascended drop on all difficulties. For Godlike items: 12,5% chance (Normal), 25% chance (Heroic), 50% chance (Mythic) and 100% chance (Ascended). The Waves-game also has a new customized music theme.
    - Level 80 dungeon now has a 8% chance x2 on dropping a Godlike item. Meaning if you are really lucky you can get 2 Godlike drops.
    - Animation times have been reduced from a wide range of 0.3 to 1.0 seconds to be 0.2 to 0.3 seconds for all characters. Meaning there is less time spent in between basic attacks an movement on casting spells. Spells are being cast quicker. In addition to this the backswing has also been reduced by 50% from most character. This will mean damage triggers faster than before and casting the spells feel and look quicker.
    - Reduced base attack speed for all characters from 2.5 to 2.25.
    - Pint of Beer: Increased restoration from 100 hp/mana to 200 hp/mana.
Version 1.6

  • Hotfix: Textfile now hopefully saves for only the saving player so the codes wont overwrite or flood the CustomMap location.
  • Attack speed has been changed back to 2.5 from 3 sec per attack.
  • Some other bug fixes.

Version 1.3

  • World of Sedonia RPG [1.3] “The Balance Patch”
- Evasion: replaced by Evade.
- Vanish: reduced fade time from 2 to 0.5 sec.
- Blind: cd reduced from 20 to 13 sec.
- Critical Strike: reduced damage from 250% to 200%.
- Backtrack: cd reduced from 11 to 7 sec. Armor increased from 10 to 20.
- Liquid Slash: damage increased from 2x to 3x. Cd increased from 11 to 18 sec.
- Garrote: damage increased from 2.5x to 3x.
- Cyanide Bomb: No longer reduces attack speed (fixed bug where it increased instead)

- Bear: all stats reduced by 50%.
- Flaming Arrow: damage increased from 2x to 2.5x.
- Flaming Lasso: damage increased from 2x to 3x.
- Rejuvenation: reduced healing from 0.5x to 0.25x per second.
- Leafspin: reduced damage from 3x to 2.5x.
- Ensnare: cd reduced from 11 to 8 sec.
- Arrow Rain: damage increased from 1.5x to 2x.

- Firehammer: cd reduced from 11 to 9 sec.
- Rage: reduced healing from 0.5x to 0.25x.
- Frost Shield: reduced duration from 30 to 15. cd increased from 6 to 8 sec.
- Aggro: cd increased from 3 to 4 sec.
- Slam: replaced by Tactician
- War Stomp: replaced by Shield Slam

- Water Elemental: all stats reduced by 50%. Frost Attack replaced by Critical Strike.
- Meteor: cd reduced from 12 to 10 sec.
- Flamestrike: cd reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.
- Holy Light: healing reduced from 1x to 0.75x.

- Hammerforge: cd reduced from 9 to 7 sec. Healing reduced from 2x to 1.5x.
- Blessing: healing reduced from 0.5x to 0.25x. AOE increased from 500 to 800.
- Blade of Justice: cd reduced from 8 to 6 sec.
- Divine Sacrifice: increased channel from 3 to 4 sec. AOE increased from 500 to 700.
- Divine Protection: armor reduced from 40 to 30.
- Hammer of Justice: stun duration increased from 5 to 7 sec.
- Luminessence: reduced self healing form 1x to 0.5x.
- Healing Rain: healing reduced form 1x to 0.75x.
- Judgement: completely reworked.
- Control magic: replaced by Prioritize.

Other changes
- Codes are now saved in a txt. file (WarcraftIII/CustomMapData/WorldofSedoniaRPG).
- More Ice Dragons spawn.
- Nazulu boss bug fix.
- Medusa boss bug fix.
- Bear tooltip fix.
- Fire attack bonus reduced by 50%, bonus still applies to basic attack.
- Ice Dragons now drop the proper summoning stones.
- Summoning stone drop chance increased by 25%.
- Orbs are now worth 200 instead of 1000 gold.
- New shortcuts for movement in the following regions: Lbachal, Rurodunumia, Xishun.
- Fixed some materials spawning inside walls.
- Base stats changes: Increased HP per [Str] from 2 to 3. Decreased base attack speed from 2.5 to 3 sec per attack. Removed attack speed gain from [Agi].
- General slow by frost attacks and spells reworked: movement speed reduction reduced from 50% to 25% and attack speed reduction reduced from 25% to 15%.
- Lifesteal has been nerfed in general (around 50% reduction)
- Corruption has been nerfed in general (around 50% reduction)
- Invulnerability potions has been nerfed in general (around 50% duration reduction)
- Honor rewards for dungeons reworked to fit the Fibonacci-numbers. For all you nerdy OCD people out there (DashRat). From 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4 to 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.
- Fixed some item bug fixes
- Fixed some saving issues

- A new Game/Dungeon has been added where you fight of 18 waves of enemies in an arena. Same difficulty-settings as the dungeons, and you play the games with a timer. So try and beat hardest dif you can in the fastest time you can.

Extra thanks to DashRat for providing valuable feedback on balance changes and to WorstGamer for helping me solve the text file save issue.

Enjoy the new patch!

Version 1.2

  • - All classes can now pick up nature speed potions
    - All bridges should be walkable
    - Added more pathing blockers
    - Elementals and Bears should work properly now
    - You should not get extra gold upon loading
    - Spiders spawn properly
    - Keys are harder to get from opening chests
    - Some quest items get removed upon completion
    - Critters dont activate text triggers
    - Hotfix
  • Other changes:
    - Devotion aura has been nerfed from 15 and 30 to 8 and 15 (Regular and Improved)
Version 1.0

  • Too much to add here...
Version 0.88

  • Fixed some reported bugs, (not all the typos)...
  • All major cities now has a fireplace
  • Summon Water Elemental and Summon Bear: 100% increased hp and dmg
  • Entangling Roots: Increased duration from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Anti-Magic Shell: Reduced duration from 16 to 10 sec.
  • Sleep: Reduced duration from 10 to 7 sec.
Version 0.87

  • Fixed a lot of leaking triggers (unit groups and locations).
  • Leaving players now gets removed from all multiboards.
  • Quest dialog button flashes upon acceptance.
  • Removed profession information and reworked the picking area.
  • Fireflies are now a thing.
Version 0.86

  • Fixed some bugs that were reported from the discord channel
  • Changes to Boss-mechanics
    - Lvl 40: Shorter duration to get to the right fireplaces.
    - Lvl 50: Pigs now also have bash on ascended difficulty.
    - Lvl 60: Spawns elementals faster.
    - Lvl 80: Energy Flares now deal damage to nearby units upon dying.
  • Doubled the cooldown of silence from 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Reduced crate hp from 20 to 10.
  • There is now permanent daytime (trying to resolve the issue of vision being disrupted, may be changed back in the future if the problem still persists).
  • There are now more bosses to fight through completing quests in the Royal Quarter.
  • Traveling and learning abilities from trainers can now be done with a full inventory.
  • Professions are no longer required for crafting, all classes can pick up all crafting materials.
Version 0.85

  • Changed the size of gold coins so they are easier to click on.
  • Increased the amount of gold you get rewarded from killing mobs.
  • Following spells have been changed:
    - Cleave: Increased cleave dmg and radius (from 200 to 300 aoe and dmg from 25% to 50%).
    - Incinerate: Increased damage from 1.5x str to 2.5x str.
    - Brawl: Increased crit- and dodge chance from 10% to 20%.
  • Changed some quest regions so they are easier to pick up.
Version 0.83

  • Fixed some crafting issues and bugs.
  • Moved Professor Antonidas from Rurodunumia to Embergia.
  • Fixed the Level 80 Dungeon boss guide drop.
  • Added some ascended boss mechanics and visuals.
  • Added a DPS-meter that calculates damage done/taken (healing coming in the future). Use "-dps" to show the multiboard, and use "-dps reset" to reset the values (before a boss fight or pvp battle begins for example).
  • Added a new residence "The Royals Quarter" which is a place you can enter when you have aquired the last honor badge.
  • Added an Honor System: Honor Points is aquired from doing quests while being at level 80. Honor Points can be used to purchase and upgrade badges that show your honor points, and it is also a way to save the honor points you have earned. You can show your current honor points by using "-honor".
  • Reduced experience you get from killing bosses in higher dificulties from 100%/200%/300% to 100%/150%/200%.
  • Added custom aura visuals for ascended items
  • Changed the way shops work to increase the difficulty of leveling, and enhance teamwork and interaction: You can no longer buy equipment (Armor, weapons etc.) from merchants, instead you buy crafting materials from them. This means you have to craft items as you level up instead of buying them directly.
  • Added Professions (kind of): Arranged professions among the different classes when it comes to Metals, Leather and Cloth. Warriors can only pick up metals (Mining), Rangers can only pick up leather (Leatherworking) and Mages can only pick up cloth (Tailoring). This means you have to cooperate to craft equipment. All classes can still pick up wood, flowers, berries and crops.
  • Reworked the spell "Insight": It now works as a buff which you can cast on allies. It instantly restores mana for the target and increases its life regeneration for a few seconds.


- Total Units: [690]
- Doodads (Trees/Destructibles): [
- Doodads (Other): [
- Regions: [
- Triggers: [
- Variables: [
- Sounds: [
- Custom Objects (Total): [
434 Standard, 1497 Custom]
- Custom Units: [
30 Standard, 260 Custom]
- Custom Items: [
275 Standard, 446 Custom]
- Custom Abilities: [
61 Standard, 483 Custom]



  • Thanks to the following community creators for creation of resources i have used to create the world of Sedonia:

    Taur, Mc!, Nasrudin, Callahan, NoobyStance, General Frank, Epion, acapulco, Lubbe, Hellish Hybrid, Kitabatake, JetFangInferno, gratheo, Sven, Dargoth, EciL_BuddhA, Daelin, Chriz, HappyTauren, .KC, Tenebrae, communist_orc, Tranquil, S4nji, perfjert, crill-myster, Thrikodius, NhazUI, Gottfrei, Aquis, Matarael, Fingolfin, EvilCrizpy, Shadow_Killer, Hellblazer, Sunchips, Quech, noypi, ikillforeyou, chilla_killa, Forgotten_Warlord, Cavman, Boneknight, Kuhneghetz, Mr. Bob, War_Golum, Teaspoon, PROXY, DTuGuR, SatX, Dionesiist, ZIR, MassiveMaster, Just_Spectating, Direfury, Paladinjst, -Peper-, darkdeathknight, maynhe, Tr!KzZ, Deolrin, -Grendel, Usedwell, Tarrasque, Graber, eubz, ratamahatta, Fingolfin, TheWhiteWolf, diosilva16, Sin'dorei300, Hexus, Sliph-M, InfernalTater, JesusHipster, bisnar13, UgoUgo, Astaroth Zion, Epimetheus, imforfun, KayS, Blizzard Entertainment, xyzier_24, Vortballat, Blood Raven, Lender, Mythic, HerrDave, Solu9, Grey Knight, Talavaj, Inhuman89, Zeatherann, Gollum_KoMe, bgcy_ro002, 0123456789, LoDown, Gwen Stefani, InfinityNexus, CRAZYRUSSIAN, FrIkY, KelThuzad, Goos, Huinipachutli, Deon, The D3ath, Darkmoon Hero, Stanakin, Mr.Goblin, bigapple90, kola, PeeKay, Big Dub, lelyanra, NFWar, The Panda, Hemske, 67Chrome, Hellx-Magnus, viiva, jaret, maxor_gan, Marcos DAB, Brombie, Chucky, Captain_Rufar, xDeathKnightx, JollyD, JusticeBringer, zbc, morbent, Hadeis, BlazeKraze, ~Nightmare, venger07, DEE-BOO, Darkfang, MiniMage, BloodSplintzy, Athur12A2, Uncle Fester, Wildfire, PrinceYaser, KILLCIDE, MisterApple, Karkul, Ujimasa Hojo, PrincePhoenix, KPC, Ceterai, Inkarnate, Mythic. Also thanks to Tabletop Audio - Premium Ambient Audio, "Nobue Uematsu" and "David Fesliyan" for the music and ambient sounds.

  • Thanks to Daued for creating the discord
  • Thanks to DashRat, Lamaen, Makio and the other alpha testers on the discord, for testing the map during development and giving valuable feedback.
  • Thanks to all the people in the discord for showing interest in the project an participating in the release of the new world.
  • Of course a big extra thanks to Mr.Goblin for helping out a lot with the map. Not just the terrain and textures, but also giving me motivation to work even harder on the map.

World of Sedonia RPG 2.2 (Map)

Nice map and is one among the many maps in warcraft universe which could be fun to play. I love the gameplay, the terrain and overall the experience you will have as you play. This might have some flaws but some of them will never affect the overall...
1. There should be the possibility to craft higher tier corp, using 5 lower tier corps, like it is with the rest items. They were so interesting for me at the beginning. But when there was nothing to do with them instead of weak potions, I could only...
[spoiler] EDIT: [spoiler][spoiler][spoiler] EDIT 2: [spoiler][spoiler][spoiler] EDIT 3: You can't take the elite boss quest again if you fail it. Took me some time to figure out that the Huntress statue zone is the shrine. Summoned dragons run...
  1. Jumbo


    Jun 22, 2007
    The "You" about the Discord channel was not aimed at you specificially but at the small fanclub of WoS on its Discord channel.

    - It is odd not to acknowledge the weight of an rpg champion's words compared to the words of random people who surely didn't play RPGs as much as SaikoDemon.

    -Yes, I know a lot of RPG players because I am in other RPG Discord channels and a lot of people are complaining about this map for the mentioned reasons.

    -2-3 years: Well, you may be right here if we forget the fact that Gaias got its latest update in 2017 - still fine if you think I got this one wrong, the point still stands that this is not a good map at the moment.

    -My personal - and the mentioned people's - opinions carry some weight because we played RPGs as die-hard players in WC3 for more than 10 years. Of course new players will not be able to judge quality as well as us. This is not arrogance, just pure logic. I'm sure I couldn't decide whether a Melee map is good or not since I'm not good at melee and don't know how such maps should be.
  2. tulee


    Jul 26, 2008
    I have no issue with the criticism you and the others made. I am sure Sedonia will continue to improve over time, with the help of constructive criticism from players like you and the others. My main issue was that this map was given a 2/5. But yes, I might be biased, since I thought this map was very immersive~~
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nope. The first screenshot has the main menu with 1.31.

    @lancar try the x86 executable.
  4. lancar


    Nov 22, 2017
    tulee, I've dowaloaded a patch of 1.31 not 1.29, I'm playing with windows 64 bit.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  5. Venkolm


    Jun 1, 2014
    No need to explain my point it seems. Comments after mine were the opposite of yours. But that's just my opinion, about the opinions, opposite of yours.
    Damn, so many opinions. How about one truth?
    - In one month, the guy improved his RPG map immensely.
    That's not my opinion, for those who paid attention, he was updating and upgrading his map 2-3 times per week. But maybe, when it shows there is an update, it's just Hiveworkshop's opinion...
  6. Venkolm


    Jun 1, 2014
    Okay, here is my Review:
    Map's good, kinda simply made, but feels good nonetheless. You level up fast if you know what you're doing. Keys for chest should drop less frequently and the gold awarded from them should not be so much. As well as so many orbs, becauce you can be level 10 noob, who crafted a Legendary item already. Not that i complained when i did... Its just not right. Why Intel. increases mana by just 1? And then you changed Strg increasing Hp from 2 to 3? This is kinda discouraging for Mages, they will never have mana as much as health. You could increase it to 2 now, along with the increased HP from STRG. Or if you think it will pump up stats too much, you could revert Health back to 2 from STRg. That way, when i actually had mage in the 0.87 version, he had as much as mana as health, ever a lil' more. Paladin deals more dmg than Warrior, which is bullshit, because Paladin is able to heal, while the Warrior barely heals himself, but it is in his right to deal more damage than Paladin, in order for the Warrior to be able to stand up against a Paladin in PvP. Now, here is why Paladin deals more damage - Blade Justice deals 3x Strg as damage. Warrior's Frost Strike deals only 2x. WHich is more, Blade's Justice stuns for 1s. Frost strike for half a second, come on man. And why is the Paladin able to wear only 3 pieces of gear? If that was your idea for balancing it out, don't. You can balance the damage compared from/to Paladin-Warrior, i mean
    reduce Paladin's damage, increase Warrior's and add appropriate Boots (or even Shield, in many games, Paladins can wear Shields) for the Paladin. But as far as i can see, your idea is that only Warrior should be used as a main tank. But even if you allow shield for the Paladins, you can still balance it out somehow.

    Also, the real problems now, why did the map jump'd from 40mb to 150mb in size? What did you do? Nothing that much in ur Changelog.
    Now, the real problem with this map is, that my RAM usage spiked to 89% once i started the map. Then it went to 99% at some point, when i was level 26. Crash, error. I played till Level 27 by saving and loading frequently, but after some time, it was of no use, for it is saying that i don't have enough memory. Mind you, this game req. 512RAM, as far as i remember. I have 4GB. How is this even possible? There is something wrong with your map, leaks or dunno, but the more i played, i noticed, the bigger in size my save file became. It's always like that, in many maps, i know. But it grew few times it's size after some point. Now i can't even load that save of mine.

    Waiting for a fix to those. (Hopefully)

    P.S. Was going to rate it 4, accidentally clicked 5 :D But its ok tho.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
  7. 3nemy_


    Jul 21, 2013
    Size jumped because of music author added and he didn't want to compress it more to retain best sound quality.
    As for fatal error, I've been experiencing that same error as well frequently in latest version, albeit after long playthrough sessions only.
    My game crashed only once in 1.8 but it was just a normal crash I get from other maps as well sometimes, however never this memory error, so there's definitely something wrong in 1.9.
  8. Venkolm


    Jun 1, 2014
    Yea, i saw. He added music. Few months of 35 to 40mb RPG map. Now, 110mb music is added in 1.9. :D The music is three times the size of the map itself.
  9. laserdemon


    Aug 4, 2012

    Warrior water (Q) and fire (Q) deal no damage.
  10. VictusNoctus


    Jan 9, 2020
    I have also noticed that the Warrior is buggy.
    • Frost Strike - water (Q) does 0 damage
    • Taunt - nature (T) does 0 damage
    • Rage - fire (R) does 0 heals
    Basically everything stat based is broken. He's still playable with a buff build but having this working would be nice.
  11. JohnnyBoy


    Mar 10, 2012
    Known bug with last patch, will be fixed for next. Fix in current patch: If you use "defensive stance" once, you should be fine for the rest of the game.
  12. laserdemon


    Aug 4, 2012
    Feeling excited for the next patch
  13. woolferok


    Jul 3, 2015
    I can’t go through the Fake miners quests - I used dust in the whole village of miners, near each unit - then I ran around the island and used it there. It found absolutely nothing. Also, I can not pass the quest Lost Crates. These damn boxes are simply nowhere to be found.
    And finally - the same problem with RAM - it eats up just 95-99% of my memory and starts to lag. Just as bro wrote above. You can play a little only with saves