Wolf Horde Race

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Wolf Horde Altered Melee

How to play?
To play this faction, choose Orcs to play this race.

All units are in HD so go to Reforged mode and play this Altered Melee map.



The Wolf Horde is an elemental-based Orc race that based on the Frostwolf Clan and the Stormreaver Clan. But more on elemental magic. Unlike the Desertborn, the Wolf Horde is a de facto splinter faction of the Orcish Horde, instead they rely on the elements and nature to use their advantage to maximize their abilities to even the odds against their enemies. However, they are less brutal but much noble, which the Imperials and the Orcish Hordes present this faction a threat on both sides and they must fight for their survival to achieve victory.

Thanks to Raddazong, Bagysta, and Tamplier777 for the four imported Orc units.

1. Great Hall
- Command Center and drop-off point for resources, trains Peons. Has Pillage and Backpack. Can upgrade to Stronghold and then Fortress.
2. Burrow - Food production building for Wolf Horde units. Has the Battle Stations ability and Defensive Masonry upgrades.
3. Barracks - Troop production building, trains Shield Grunts, Spear Throwers, Wolf Hunters, and Demolishers. Has the Defend, Brute Strength, Ranged Master, and Burning Oil upgrades.
4. Altar of Storms - Summon heroes, revives slain heroes.
5. War Mill - Drop-off point for lumber and upgrades for weapons, armor, magic enhancements, and buildings.
6. Spirit Lodge - Trains Shamans, Stormbringers, and Warlocks. Has the upgrades on Shamans and Storbringers, as well as Spell Hijack and Elemental Sentry.
7. Wolves' Den - Trains Raiders, Frost Wolves, and Wind Riders. Has Ensnare, Envenomed Spears, War Drums, and Siege Claws upgrade.
8. Champion's Guild - Trains Champions and Gladiators. Has upgrades of Frenzy and Shock and Awe.
9. Hoarding Vault - Creates a shop with purchasable items. The items available depend upon what level of upgrade your Great Hall has (Great Hall, Stronghold, or Fortress) and which buildings you have.
10. Watch Tower - Defensive structure. Has the Defensive Masonry and Elemental Sentry ability.

1. Peon
- Basic worker unit, gathers resources, builds and repairs structures, and ability to garrison Orc Burrows for defense.
2. Shield Grunt - Basic melee Orc unit. Has the Defend ability and Brute Strength upgrade.
3. Spear Thrower - Basic ranged Orc unit. Has the Ranged Mastery upgrade.
4. Wolf Hunter - Advanced ranged unit. Has the Ranged Mastery upgrade.
5. Demolisher - Slow-moving artillery. Has the Burning Oil upgrade.
6. Shaman - Basic spellcaster, has the ability to Purge, Lightning Shield, and Bloodlust.
7. Stormbringer - Mixed caster, has the ability to cast Healing Storm, which uses lightning to restore and heal multiple units. Can also cast Monsoon and Forked Lightning.
8. Warlock - Assault caster, has the ability to cast Abolish Magic, which removes debuffs or Spell Hijack to steal the buff to your units. Has Feedback and Spell Immunity.
9. Raider - Fast-moving unit. Effective against structures and Ensnare air units to the ground.
10. Frost Wolf - Supporting unit with Command Aura, Critical Strike, and Pillage. Can upgrade to Siege Claws to attack structures.
11. Wind Rider - Flying unit, can upgrade to Envenomed Weapons to deal poison damage.
12. Champion - Powerful unit, effective against land and air units. Has Frenzy to increase attack speed and movement speed.
13. Gladiator - Powerful heavy hitter with Cleaving Attack. Has Shockwave to deal linear CC damage.

1. Blademaster
- Warrior hero, dealing critical strikes and deception. Can learn Wind Walk, Mirror Image, Critical Strike, and Bladestorm.
2. Warmaster of the Wolf - Warrior hero, excel at disruption and crowd control. Can learn Shockwave, War Stomp, Endurance Aura, and Reincarnation.
3. Elder Seer - Mystical Hero, excel at scouting and ranged attacks. Can learn Chain Lightning, Feral Spirits, Far Sight, and Earthquake.
4. War Mystic - Mystical Hero, excel at healing and recovery. Can learn Healing Wave, Lightning Shield, Brilliance Aura, and Tranquility.

The Wolf Horde is a splinter faction of the Orcish Horde. Their knowledge of both savagery and brutality of the Orcs with intellect and nobility of Humans. They resembled the neutral status of their side and they posed a threat to both Imperial, Orc, or Demonic side.

Pros and Cons:
- Powerful units
- High survivability
- No spiked barricades
- Expensive units in later game and food caps are high


Frostsabre (Map)

Level 7
Feb 15, 2021
Nice work, Superfrycook. Can you add "The Ravagers" faction with the music using Steve Jablonsky's Battle from Transformers: Dark of the Moon?
The background music link: youtu.be/Dj34nSGDlNU
Level 4
Mar 30, 2014
Will you ever made a campaign out of all those factions ?
Well I said this but I forgot that campaign hasn’t been release….