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just made a nice skin for Red_Fox's Troll Slasher model in mind. ofcourse this skin can also perfectly good be used as a wichdoctor skin, but i havnt changed the staff or any object that does not appear in Red_Fox's model.
and oh yeah, the yellow crap around the skull on his cape, thats actually team colored. ;)

Model Link

Icon Link

Troll, Slasher, Red_Fox, witchdoctor, imp, molten

WitchDoctor (Texture)

THE_END: Very nice erwt, another classic
Level 3
Aug 31, 2004
wow just awesome high detailed and much freehand i think it can get a 5/5 pls do some more skins
Level 4
Oct 10, 2004
Take a troll, breed it with an imp, throw it into a volcano and let it stay there until it actually turns into lava and BAM, you got this :D

Where do you get all of your ideas from erwt? I´m jealous of them..

Great skin, btw.. but you already knew that..
Level 4
Nov 23, 2004
The only thing i dont like on this is the deep ridges on the face, i dont like how they goto black. Would be better if it was a very dark dark orange/black, or ashy, just not black.

Otherwise, this is awsome, and for all you noobs, this is how lava skin should look...
Level 12
Sep 13, 2004
daisha said, please do some more skins...

check out my skins gallery

when B&B is done and released, most of the skins that re not used in B&B will find their way to a download post near you.

hmmoh yeah about the ridges, they where dark purple at first, wich is my primary shading color i use everywhere, but i blackened them... lets just say its part of my stylos.