Who Let The War Dogs Out!

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I reworked the wolf creeps by reshaping their bodies to be more wolf-like, removed the cat-like side swipe attack animation, enhanced/recolored their textures, and added glow to their eyes. (I removed the derpy pupils, too.) You'll notice many of these wolves have saddles on their backs. I figured it'd add something to the visuals besides, "Getting hairier!".
You have my full permission to use these models however you see fit. Want to use them in your map? Go for it. Want to add riders? Be my guest.


Artic Wolf (Model)

Artic Wolf Portrait (Model)

Cavern Wolf (Model)

Cavern Wolf Portrait (Model)

Dire Artic Wolf (Model)

Dire Artic Wolf Portrait (Model)

Dire Glacial Wolf (Model)

Dire Glacial Wolf Portrait (Model)

Glacial Wolf (Model)

Glacial Wolf Portrait (Model)

Grotto Wolf (Model)

Grotto Wolf Portrait (Model)

Hedge Wolf (Model)

Hedge Wolf Portrait (Model)

Meadow Wolf (Model)

Meadow Wolf Portrait (Model)

Tundra Wolf (Model)

Tundra Wolf Portrait (Model)

Valley Wolf (Model)

Valley Wolf Portrait (Model)