Where to find Dota icons?

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Jan 1, 2020
Please let me know if this is the wrong forum.

I've found a whole lot of icons here:

Warcraft III Icons

and here:

Category:Warcraft III Icons

But I can't seem to find for example Phase Boots, Berserker's Call, Blade Mail and Battle Fury.
This leads me to believe that these icons (and probably some more) where added to later versions of DotA.
I've skimmed through some related threads here and many people (from older threads) recommends getting icons from playdota.com.
It seems playdota.com is reachable through some of the wayback machine links in the DotA wiki article. But the icons I find on playdota.com, however, is of bad quality (low resolution) in comparison to the icons of the above links.

Does anyone know anything about this? Where to get proper resolution DotA icons? :)

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Mar 31, 2020

icons modified for dota map are included in the map (for example: Power Threads Blue/Green, Bloodstone, Manta Style etc.). I replaced all old icons (normal, disabled, passive) with new ones from reforged, but it is still necessary to change these "special" icons directly in the dota map.

I intend to edit the Dota icons to HD versions and later I will probably upload them here to the album.

I hope I helped a little.


I changed UI and Terrain Art, as you can see this image is from 1.27/1.30 version of Warcraft 3.