What are some core features every modern W3 map needs?

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Dec 11, 2014
If you're dealing with large amounts of gold one should increase the sending amount in the gameplay constants

If your map is bright and not weather/time dependant then one should put an option to change the time to night

If players can grief eachother in a co-op game one should put in stuff to prevent that, a kick command is a simple solution.

There should be a place where a player can learn about the features of the map, most of the time this is put into the Quests tab.
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Jul 2, 2011
custom spell/abilities and if you can't provide that then at least provide the option to pick your powers

new units, at least in campaign maps

new means of tactics (hidden traps would be nice but they are really ever used)

a means to reciprocate mana and health without using a potion


a lot of the new maps have game breaking problems due to the high values you can get (like health points and mana) this calls for preventatives

mana tied to damage. in the later game having loads of mana becomes virtually useless because you can never use it all. therefore having a damage system that drains mana will mean your heroes/units can always give it their all.

intelligence limit. having a hero with an intelligence over 15000 means they have 95, 9% resistance to damage. having some means of limiting that but rewarding the hero would lessen the chances of an impossible to kill 100% resistance hero

ranged attacks. ranged attacks can be bloody annoying and over powered in a later game. especially if you can be one shot without even seeing who killed you... and you can't run away from them as easily. providing items that reduce ranged and melee damage will at least give players some protection and reassurance.

unique items... a must no matter what! people are super tired of warcraft default items

arenas! battle arenas that allow a game to be paused at any time to either resolve conflicts between players or allow for bathroom breaks without having to use the in-game pause which can only be used twice as well as the fact that not all players want to stop playing

contribute power. when plays leave a game mid play it sucks to have them just abandon everyone else while they still have a hord of resources and tomes... contributing that would be an epic good bye
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Jun 2, 2004
Aside from some quality of life things (like the camera options)... nothing, really.

It's bad when creative communities start having memetic rules. IE, things that are deemed required for anything and everything to even be considered, or things that are immediately decried as terrible for including, spread in the same way as other memes. You know when advice becomes this when it starts being treated as a hard-fast, unbreakable rule instead of a guideline. Suddenly people feel forced to follow these flimsily justified rules they're constantly barraged with even when completely inappropriate and it brings the overall quality of things down.