[Crash] Weird bug with WE campaign editor

Level 2
Jul 4, 2016
I am making custom campaign and I am getting weird crash:
There is a map in my campaign "UDsyl01.w3x", but after editing and saving it with campaign I can no longer open it in the editor. Other chapters of campaign can be opened.
But if I export "UDsyl01.w3x" out of campaing - the map can be opened and edited.

So the facts:
1) Corrupted chapter INSIDE campaign can not be opened in WE (it causes a crash).
2) Corrupted chapter OUTSIDE campaign can be opened and edited.
3) Other chapters of campaign can be edited.

What can I do to fix this?

Thanks in advise.
You can try to import the chapter into the chapter it is supposed to be next to.
So let's say chapter 2 doesn't work, you Import it into chapter 1 and instead of using the Game-Victory trigger you can use the Game-Set Next Level trigger. Now, you can use the Submap trigger to load in the missing chapter. From that, you are now able to use the trigger Game-Show/Hide Campaign Button to make it show up in the Campaign like it should.