Weapons of Warcraft

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In my tireless hunt to find the perfect sword model for the first model I posted here I decided to spend today extracting every single weapon found on units in WC3R and made it an animation-less item you can equip to your favorite, non-weapon wielding models!

I gave up when it came to the dark trolls, forest trolls and ice trolls and those neutral hostile units where I didn't feel like this library needed another small axe with barely any difference. I hope you can forgive me.

As I was checking through the models in the Object Editor I noticed that some sizing was off, though. Which should be expected, I literally just deleted the entire model around the weapon and then removed the animations. Mannoroth's cleaver for example would not fit in a peasant's hand. I'll think of something though.

axe_bandit (Model)

axe_banditenforcer (Model)

axe_banditlord (Model)

axe_banditrogue (Model)

axe_centaur (Model)

axe_centaurkhan (Model)

axe_centauroutrunner (Model)

axe_chieftain (Model)

axe_felguard (Model)

axe_foresttroll (Model)

axe_garithos (Model)

axe_grom (Model)

axe_gromred (Model)

axe_grunt (Model)

axe_gruntchaos (Model)

axe_hatchet (Model)

axe_mountainking (Model)

axe_nazgrel (Model)

axe_peon (Model)

axe_peonred (Model)

axe_rexxar (Model)

axe_seagiant (Model)

bow_bansheeranger (Model)

bow_centaurarcher (Model)

bow_centaurimpaler (Model)

bow_highelfarcher (Model)

bow_jennalla (Model)

bow_moonpriestess (Model)

bow_nagaseawitch (Model)

bow_nightelfarcher (Model)

bow_shandris (Model)

bow_sylvanas (Model)

bow_sylvanashighelf (Model)

bow_tyrande (Model)

bow_vashj (Model)

hammer_arthas (Model)

hammer_garthok (Model)

hammer_gryphon (Model)

hammer_margoth (Model)

hammer_mathog (Model)

hammer_mountainking (Model)

hammer_muradin (Model)

hammer_paladin (Model)

hammer_pitlord (Model)

hammer_thrall (Model)

hammer_uther (Model)

hammer_warlord (Model)

lance_bandit (Model)

lance_banditspear (Model)

lance_chen (Model)

lance_dryad (Model)

lance_hawkrider (Model)

lance_headhunter (Model)

lance_knight (Model)

lance_magtheridon (Model)

lance_mannoroth (Model)

lance_nagasummoner (Model)

lance_windrider (Model)

shield_bandit (Model)

shield_banditenforcer (Model)

shield_banditrogue (Model)

shield_banditspear (Model)

shield_captain (Model)

shield_footman (Model)

shield_hawkrider (Model)

shield_margoth (Model)

shield_paladinboss2 (Model)

shield_spellbreaker (Model)

shield_warlockgreen (Model)

shield_warlockred (Model)

shield_warlord (Model)

staff_antonidas (Model)

staff_archmage (Model)

staff_centaursorcerer (Model)

staff_chaplain (Model)

staff_emissary (Model)

staff_farseer (Model)

staff_forestpriest (Model)

staff_foresttroll (Model)

staff_guldan (Model)

staff_highelfarchmage (Model)

staff_humanmage.mdx (Model)

staff_hydromancer (Model)

staff_jaina (Model)

staff_kelthuzad (Model)

staff_malfurion (Model)

staff_medivh (Model)

staff_necromancer (Model)

staff_priest (Model)

staff_skeletonmage (Model)

staff_talon (Model)

staff_voljin (Model)

staff_warlockgreen (Model)

staff_witchdoctor (Model)

sword_blademaster (Model)

sword_blademasterred (Model)

sword_captain (Model)

sword_chenfire (Model)

sword_dagren (Model)

sword_dawnseeker (Model)

sword_deathknight (Model)

sword_demonhunter (Model)

sword_elfswordsman (Model)

sword_footman (Model)

sword_frostmourne (Model)

sword_halahk (Model)

sword_knight (Model)

sword_lieutenant (Model)

sword_maiev (Model)

sword_paladinboss (Model)

sword_paladinboss2 (Model)

sword_raider (Model)

sword_raiderred (Model)

sword_samuro (Model)

sword_shadowhunter (Model)

sword_skeletonwarrior (Model)

sword_spellbreaker (Model)

sword_sunstrider (Model)

sword_warden (Model)