We Need more CTF Maps!!!

What makes a CTF So good?

  • The Heros?

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  • The overal focus on the map or quality of the map?

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Level 3
Sep 5, 2004
Hello i just wanna make note that we have 27 ctf maps in the ctf maps area. And not many ppl make ctf (Capture the flag) maps... all who make maps, it would be way too easy to make a ctf map and id like to see a good ctf map sometime for anyone that wants to make a good ctf map. ive been looking for a good one and not many sites have anything like that. ive see some good ctfs but we need more of em. Any CTF Makers out there? Thats my challenge to a True CTF Map maker! It would be nice if it was based offa the new hit game Tribes Vengence or just a good old ctf with many heros and strategies. Good terrain is also a good idea and items too. :shock:
Level 6
Feb 15, 2005
Haha seriously super-human, I also submitted a map recently into the CTF section, ITs not reaaallly CTF, but it was the closest category it would fit under. It is a very basic game.

It's Like a sport. When people ask me what it's like, I say, basketball with lasers. So you are not so much capturing the flag, but you are trying to fight over the ball which starts in the middle, make it to the other team's goal, and shoot a goal. Only this takes skill and aiming, aswell as alot of teamwork and strat. There are no items or different classes, just a really basic game. But someday I plan on making a BeamBall 2.0. With a bigger field, different classes to chose from, and perhaps even a gold system with upgrades.


Another rather interesting thing about this game, is that it can be played in first person, which takes HECKA lot of skill. I recomend using pansey cam until you get really good, and then go to using the normal cam.