Warhammer - Athel Loren

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Warhammer - Athel Loren (Map)

Level 6
Jun 29, 2004
Warhammer - Athel Loren Beta

This is the first released version of this map.
There may be alots of bugs thought. But I still hope you enjoy my map :)

This map is based on the Wood Elves of Athel Loren in the world of Warhammer.
Chaos and other evil armies is attacking the Forest of Athel Loren. Alots of the forest has allready been burned down to ashes! In this Hardcore RPG map you play as a Noble, Ranger, Spellsinger(mage) or a Dryad Branchwraith. There is real Warhammer Creeps, items, units, characters and spells. Even the Forest cities is from the map
(map of loren in the Wood elves armybook)
Use the -Save and -Load option to save & load your character.
Hope you enjoy the map, I used alot of time in the map maker :p
BTW! try my other maps to: Warhammer War II and Warhammer Winds of Magic! you can download them both at this site :)

Level 12
Aug 3, 2005
I hosted it online.

Skins seemed ok, the Icons were very cool
Terrain seemed pretty good
Spells seems pretty good

The overall game seemed pretty boring thou. I played it for bout 5 mins just walking round killing the same spider creeps over and over, so just left...
Level 2
Dec 19, 2007
Great map especialy since its warhammer hehe, no actualy even if its not the best I think its pretty good. Still I have to say a couple of great effects, videos and a big story line would make it super.