Warhammer 40,000 TD - Systems


Level 69
Oct 6, 2004


This is a list of all the systems I implemented in WH40kTD.

Banking System

This is a system that works like a bank. You deposit money before each round and you get 10% interest each round and 15% if you are player 9.
There exists many commands for this system and you can read them all at:
The system also allows you to use the Auto Banking System which will deposit and/or withdraw your money before each round and after each round, for a little fee at 20 gold though. This means that it's too expensive to use in the beginning but nice in the middle and end game.

Fuckoff System

This is a system that allows you to kill/sell teammates units in your area. You can either use the command for it to remove ALL teammates buildings or use the Fuckoff Tower which attacks the given unit.

Give Gold & Lumber System

This system allows you to give your gold or lumber to any player in the game. Ofcourse this is already implemented in WarCraft III but I disabled the WarCraft one and want you to use only mine. You can give as less as 1 gold and as much as 1.000.000 but only 1 lumber each time.

Give Unit System

This system will allow you to give a unit to a teamplayer just by pressing the Give button on the unit.

Sell Unit System

You are able to sell your units for 75% of the original cost. It also works for upgrades. So let's say I have a unit A, it costs 50 gold and I upgrade it to unit B, the upgrade cost me 50 gold so now when I sell it, I get 75% of 100 gold.
You sell your units by pressing the Sell button on it.

Admin System

This system gives admins control of the Admin Tower which can sell everyones buildings and you can also kick by simply typing a short command for it.

more to come... I can't remember anymore right now...