Warcraft Lands

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Wow. My 3rd map. It might not end up like the other 2. I hope this is 10x more thrilling and balanced than the other 2. It is a melee map and ENJOY!


Legends has it that once, there was a great war and nations were sperated from there homelands. In a unknown envoiroment with nothing familiar, do you have what it takes to stand up to golems, dragons and more? Do you have what it takes to get to the goblin shipyard just to purchase a ship? Only you will find out.

This map Contains:
-26 or 25 Gold mines
-Many creeps
-locations from the world of warcraft
-3 goblin shipyards
-some teleporters

~ change log ~
22/07/2010- upploaded map
23/07/2010- map protection added (something told me to do it) (it also means you cant open it with editor)

-will have screenshots once i learn how to

world of warcraft, melee

Warcraft Lands (Map)

22:51, 8th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 6
Oct 21, 2009
BB Codes
[rainbow]:DD[/rainbow] <<< Mouse Over Me

Exactly 26 goldmines, 2 for each player, and an extra 6 for lucky ones. Not bad for a start.
Level 1
Jul 23, 2010
Well this map is popular but it needs a bit more.....

Nice work man:thumbs_up:
Just that there needs to be some balancing with the gold mines, and HOW do we get to the middle? I'm telling you we get full houses going on and were still Wanting more!!!:xxd: Any way great map keep it up!!!:mwahaha:

PS:Really think about them extra races we'd love em!!!
Level 6
Aug 22, 2009
Melee CPUs will not use Goblin Shipyards.
Screenshots are made in-game by pressing Print Screen on your computer. If it is protected, it is not a melee map and therefore you can screw with it and add the custom races. Even so, the elves are worthless as they're almost like Humans, except most units are missing and the ranged units are weaker. Just saying. Anyway, it's a good melee map, even if my CPU enemies just are standing there. Protection should not be used until it is properly judged by the moderators.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009

As a Reviewer of the Map Reviewers Group, I joined the THW Cleaning Event.
end up writing a fast review, or just posting the end state of the map, rating is not always included!

Current State for this map: Rejected

I will contact the moderator to Approve/Reject the map, depending on what you recieved.

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