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Jan 1, 2006

Pete Stilwell, Senior Producer for Classic Games at Blizzard Entertainment

Noone can give the mass feedback, that we as a community can compile. Please post your thoughts and general feedback about Warcraft III Reforged on the links provided below. Comment about the things you have liked so far, things you didn't like, your concerns etc. Blizzard is listening. Please be constructive but also as clear and concise as possible.

Keep the feedback in the Patch Discussion forum and use the tag "Reforged". We also encourage users to create specific topics if they feel they are distinct and important enough.

Feedback Threads in Patch Discussion:
General Community Feedback (This Thread)
Visuals/Art/Textures/UI Feedback
More on the way, please contribute in patch discussion!

General Threads:
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Someone said cross-platform will be a thing. So players of both versions can play with each other.
If so, better support low-res / high-res versions of custom models, so maps made for the reforged version does not become unplayable for classic-version players.

Maybe even 'dynamic' model quality down-scaling on classic-version. So we don't get the 'poly-fiesta' that sometimes happen when too many vertices is present in 'classic' wc3.

Also shaders (custom ones too) in the reforged version. To give map makers even more power over the feeling of their maps. And to make old models look acceptable in the new version.
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Sep 2, 2018
I really hope that linux gets officially supported - got doubts though, especially since opengl has been dropped... probably I should hope it (still) works at all with linux m(

Also, I hope that playing offline will still be possible.
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Feb 3, 2012
I for one really like how they redesigned Stratholme to fit in with wow lore and look, can't wait to see how Silvermoon will look with wow styled elven buildings(tho i'd still like to keep hay roofed elven buildings for outskirts of silvermoon). Really looking foward to see if Captain Falric and Marwin will be present in the ROC human campaign :D

Really liking the new artstyle and proportions, but there are some unit model parts that could be changed a bit to resemble more their old counterparts (Spellbreaker mask, palading beard and hair come to mind)... Yes most of Hiveworkshop custom models will become obsolete in the Reforged version, but people can adapt (i hope)... And anyway a lot of really good looking custom models are "simple" geoset merges, which can in time be remade with new Reforged assets...

While i like the voiceacting of wow characters, i think some wc3 versions of voiceactors sound "better" and an option to chose between wc3 and wow voices would be cool.

The UI... The new UI is cool, modern and all, and i like it a bit... But idk, i really miss old styled UI that for humans looked like castle walls, and i miss the border for the unit portraits... Also with that change some of EPIC custom UI's on the Hive would not look the same. So, really mixed feelings on this one
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Aug 25, 2015
i hope blizzard designs a better world editor and wow style characters and maps, with new maps and campaign series. i don't like the characters and map design of reforged, and i think blizzard should create a new wc3 expansion, or WARCRAFT 4 instead "remaking" the old one.
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Deleted member 219079

I'm concerned that I can't squander my savings on a collector's edition to drool over.
Thank you Blizzard, you r awesome!

It`s wish list for WC3 Reforged

  • UI (Spell/Inventory/Unit bars. Also adding to each UI variotians for choose);
  • ENB Presets (If it`s possible);
  • SLK files and tables (with objects data, for simple customize adding new objects, classes and etc.);
  • 3D-models (popular formats: fbx, obj, etc. May be by addition tool)
  • Video files (for custom campaigns)
New content:
  • New campaign story (It`s really need for us, new story, new examples of great work)
  • New custom maps by Blizzard (Grand Prix, Hunters, Candy Wars and etc.)
  • New models (from other Blizzard games, for example and addition versions of units, it very useful for creating new maps and campaigns)
  • New icons / arts
  • New music and sounds effect
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Apr 9, 2013
I would ask to tonne down the animations, in the Culling cutscene there is so much pointless gesticulation and the lip sync could do more work. It really looked liked some anime series, I didn't get as emotionally impacted as I did when I first played through. Funnily enough the units in the old cutscene had more character than the new one.
I would advise to keep dialogue much the same while redesigns of the maps is most welcomed.
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Dec 6, 2009
I love what they are doing. I have waited for this since forever so it feels amazing. I like the artstyle and I know it will look alot better when finished.


  • Footmen shoulders need to scale down, as someone previously said in another post they look like a hero and not like a normal footmen unit.
  • I love the Mal'ganis model, it looks so amazing and so does every other model! I do agree with Grubby tho that some units have to be more recognizable to the original game.
  • WHY does the Infernal in the cinematic look so happy? He looks like a happy snowman with his face! It's like he came to Azeroth and was happy that he found life not that he was going to kill everyone and take over the planet.
  • The placements on the abilities in the UI feels really off, they should put the abilities on the bottom instead of the top.
World editor wants:
  • Native mouse support to make first person camera games
  • Full native keyboard support so that you can use more than arrow Up/Down/Left/Right
  • More than 16 tiles and cliffs, preferably unlimited
  • Not having to start off by making the map completely in water in order to make it look good and being able to use water anywhere you want.
Also if you change the models like the footmen to a more casual footmen look PLEASE KEEP the current model available in the World Editor for future maps, all models that you make can be used by someone in the future for their specific map.

Thanks for doing this Blizzard and thank you for giving the community the tools to be able to make models/reskins/textures easier in the new editor!
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Jul 15, 2015
Well I love the new models and look for units and heroes. But for buildings they look kinda weird, now buildings look too small! :p
Because now buildings have a lot more details packed into such a tiny entity it now looks smaller then ever before.
I'd love to see larger buildings so those details on them can actually be looked at.
I mean a Tauren warrior is about the same size as Human's Keep lol. Or at least do something with them to give us the illusion that they are bigger...

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Deleted member 238589

My main concerns are optimization, readability, art style consistency and keeping the editor as simple to use as it is now.

I've noticed that in the gameplay trailer that the Paladin hero didn't have hero glow, but in the Culling mission that Grubby played, both Arthas and Mal'ganis do, so I'm not sure which way they'll go, but I hope they keep it. It's good to be able to clearly see team color on units and buildings, as well as recognize them easily ingame, and I think some human units could use work in those departments. In culling, units with dark grey armor (footmen and knight) are too
I especially like how they did Gryphon Aviary but, from that screenshot, it looks like it need more team color.

I also hope they keep system requirements reasonable so people who play it now can run it.

Since they've decided to change up the campaign maps a bit, I'd suggest avoiding gimmicks and making sure that they are fun RTS maps, first and foremost. If they'd go as far as remake the maps, I'd suggest making most micro maps marco, or at least making micro mission more engaging, and not a-move fests we have now.

The Panda

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Jun 2, 2008
Here are some things I hope they implement onto the game.

- Making the world editor the same as it is but add more doodads and all the new things towards it.
- Make the races more balanced for melee maps and bnet.
- Make new melee maps instead of having the same old ones on the game, the old ones are nice but there over played.
- Keep the same game mechanics but adding 4k hd on all models and skins and such.. I don't want it to be a whole different game, then it wont feel like Warcraft anymore..
- Capability to import models and icons easyly into new editor instead of importing model and then you have to change the file type and type in or edit the text area.. not sure why you would have to do that anyways.

Just some thoughts.
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Jan 29, 2008
In an article on a german site, they said something about maps should mostly still work in the new version, except "complex" ones like DotA. So ... what "complex" things do not work anymore?

Since I want to try an idea I have for a new map, should I wait until Reforged is available or can I start right now?
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May 29, 2013
This is my personal wishlist.

1. Custom game makers should be able to choose old modeling or new modeling.

2. Unit pathfinding ai must be improved. mass unit moving lag is Warcraft3's Valkyrie missile bug.

3. Who are out of the game must be able to rejoin the game.
(NetEZ server is known to support this.)

4. When many units on screen, unit graphics breaking bug must be resolved.

5. Make it possible for multiplayer to change the map during gameplay like the Rexar campaign. It would be awesome.
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Dec 4, 2007
The most important thing I can imagine it would be to fix the unit lag when enough stuff are on the map. It makes some maps pretty much unplayable after a certain point (Eras Zombie Invasion, some types of Risk, etc)
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Jun 20, 2017
Here's the things what I like they can change. I'm trying to make wc3 real, not modern.

In the editor
1- Add section above Gold Bounty Awarded called "Experience Bounty Awarded", because it's easier than the trigger we use for each of them.
2- Add section under Unit Sound Set called "Unit Sound Birth" and "Unit Sound Death".
3- Add section under Export All Files... called "Delete All Files" on the Import Manager, so we can remove all the files at once, it's better than delete one by one.
4- Add Data of "Strength-Agility-Intelligence" to Upgrades.
5- Add protection of the map on the menus.
6- Add section under Use Imported File called "Use Upload Screen" so we can upload some screen of our pc then that tools make it to 4 part with hd thing.
7- Add one "Dummy things" to every section like dummy unit, dummy hero, dummy building, dummy item, dummy doodad, dummy ability, dummy buff, dummy upgrade, So everything is default as none or 0.
8- Make jass read easier like jass newgen tool.

- Add Death Arthas without horse.
- Add statues of each hero.
- Add human spirits.
- Add the horse chariot.
- Add rail route.
- Add raven.
- Add eagle.
- Add roseflower.
- Add something for halloween like "Scarecrow" and "Pumpkin".
- Add something for christmas like "Santa clause".
- Add something for new year or celebrate like "Fire Ball".
- Add radar.
Weather Effect
- Add Rainbow.

In the game
1- Add section under Always show Health Bar called "Always show Mana Bar".
2- Add to every section of options called "Restore Defaults".
4- Edit Allies section in the game that you can type amount of gold or lumber to transfer, it's better than clicking.

Tools for wc3
1-Add warkey tools for warcraft, as we like to use standard and original things.
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Jul 26, 2013
My view/opinion over the general development
-I am worried that WoW will influence this game too much
-The art style isn't the worst, but it feels too much like Hots/Starcraft. I think many people prefer the cartoony look over the realistic?
-I hope this is will be a one time buy, without a shop or anything of the kind

What would be cool (in the future)
-If this game could expand on the Warcraft story but separate from the WoW story line. I would pay for another expansion (like frozen throne)

Melee area

-Keep the Pitlord a level 5, don't let that big butt level 6
-I hope the way the unit feels, such as weight and collision would be similar to Warcraft 3's, and if not, better! (The AI movement especially)

Thank you for working on my favorite game of all time !


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Jun 4, 2009
-If this game could expand on the Warcraft story but separate from the WoW story line. I would pay for another expansion (like frozen throne)
Sadly, they are modifying the story to connect it to WoW so this kind of wish becomes invalid, at least from an official perspective. From a modding perspective, however....
-Keep the Pitlord a level 5, don't let that big butt level 6
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Mar 28, 2007
Probably received this one already, but I'll post it anyway.

- Make clans, profiles and friendlists work for both Classic and Reforged. I've got a clan that's 14 years old and I'd hate to lose it. Same with my profile with stats and icons.
- Create more and more diverse automated tournaments. Maybe even add some custom games into the mix? (Battle.net hosted DotA, Legion TD, etc. tournaments, how cool would that be? :D)
- Tweak the channel system you currently got. In StarCraft 2 it doesn't invite you to communicate with other people, the 'in-your-face' ICQ style of Battle.net1.0 has worked really well. Hope you guys build on that.

- I'm sure the current UI is not final. While I appreciate the minimalistic design, I'd like to have a more prominent place for unit buffs.

- The buildings need some work in my opinion. They don't really fit in with the rest of the world. Maybe this will coincide with extra work on the surface palette.
- For competitive play it is important that you can instantly see what kind of unit you are fighting and what kind of buffs these units do or do not have. I hope units will be different enough so that this is possible. (The rifleman in The Culling is the best example, that's recognizable.

And thank you for doing this. I've been hyped this whole weekend. I appreciate this very much and I know it is in good hands, just by seeing the panel and the reveal at BlizzCon. You guys love this game as much as we do.


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May 9, 2006
Do you have any concerns that none of the mediums through which you're accepting feedback have a notion of measuring agreement? hive workshop and battlenet forums don't have upvotes/downvotes/emoji responses like github/reddit/facepunch have.

- lots of feedback will be of the form "cool new graphics, reminds me of wow". You should expect and take seriously that there are *lots* of people who loved D2 and W3, but won't lay a finger on WoW or HotS because of the childish, family-friendly art style. Some of us hate anime, and think WoW lore is for children.

- lots of modders have no trust at all that the classics team won't break the world editor and modding. What's the deal with people saying "all maps will work in reforged"? That's fundamentally untrue since lots of maps that have been made over the last 15 years don't even work in 1.29 because of JASS changes

- 1.30 has bugs and problems. Don't you think it's worth talking about the state of wc3 now, and how you're addressing issues now, alongside the cashgrab marketing release?

I'm in a very neutral boat. I work on and with WurstScript • Home , and I will be surprised if it works with Reforged without @Frotty spending months to catch up.

I won't preorder, and I think preordering is a lazy business practice.

But I'm an optimist for Reforged. Keep up what you've started. The microtransactions thing is okay. I hope there's a comfortable way to play modern custom games with everyone on battle.net without the WoW era models.

Your promises and goals should be formalised. "We hope for cross compatibility" is pretty rubbish compared to "we promise full cross compatibility from day 1". Which is it?
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Feb 17, 2018
First of all I would like to say that what has been shown doesn't look warcraftish enough to me. If i was shown reforged footage I wouldn't tell that this is warcraft related. Also I would like devs to keep old spell and items icons the same but in higher resolution like 128x128 or 256x256. UI doesn't see to be finished yet. And finally I really don't want Blizzard to chop off Dreadlord's tail, please Blizzard keep it. Tail life matters. If I got to make a remaster I would keep the cartoonish style but in HD so when you scroll in to looke closely you could enjoy all the beauties of detail.
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May 10, 2018
I hope that the new sound engine will be fully repaired (still buggy in 1.30.2), and third party games like DotA would go well with WC3R.
I am trying to accept the new but ugly art style, since I know staff from HotS are taking over WC3.
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Dec 6, 2009
Just a list of things which would be cool!

1. Jass VM performance: this is very important, the current VM is very very slow even with not very complex algos, JIT compilation would be nice, although at this point adding an alternative support of something like LuaJIT (it's sandboxed by default, battle tested and is very easily embeddable) would be ideal.
2. Pathing lag beyond a certain amount of units is crippling.
3. Http request natives for implementing custom stat gathering, ranking systems, storing player profiles, etc, etc.
4. Complementing #3 a native to get something like a battle.net user id would be very very handy.
5. UI API: by far the most lacking part of modding seemed to be an inability to create truly custom UIs. In all honesty even an API to draw rectangles, images and text (with font metrics support) would suffice (for example in immediate UI-style), although that seems like a quite large undertaking. Looking at dota2: UI code is fully separate and requires event-based communication with "backend" code, kind of like on the web.
6. Channel should have a setting to enable instant execution without interrupting movement
7. A Channel-like buff template, which would allow specifying various things like the amount of slow it applies, or if it stuns or roots the target, kind like a universal buff. Having those things controlled through Jass API would also be amazing.
8. A native to apply buffs to targets without creating a dummy ability and casting a spell etc etc.
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Mar 18, 2014
I really liked the way Blizzard is going I got only few critics

A) Yes giving campaign maps more fitting look with WoW is nice but I think it is best to keep 2 versions one replacing stuff with current lore but also make old designs in HD without changes example: Wc3's draenei were 'lost ones' so make them but also make fitting versions of current lore 'broken draenei' for campaign and make it chooseable like we do with diffuculty option maybe legacy\reforged campaign option would be nice I'lld love to see both broken Akama and Lost One Akama (in melee maps they should be Lost ones)

B) Keep the old designs for units etc mostly like ghouls make them like the old concept and include the new epic concept you made as skins

C) Maybe texture and sculpture style would be more like WoW but current style you choose is perfectly fine

For referances you can see our mod, we are nothing compared to you Blizzard but maybe we can help in someway ( Maybe we had cool concepts etc )
Warcraft Rebirth mod
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Nov 9, 2006
World Editor:
1# When making dummy unit cast the spell cloud, it only supports player 1 for some reason, please fix this.
2# Please add better support for coldown reduction, some spells cause crashes like Tornado when messing "set coldown" function. I tried to make a coldown reduction aura, but it was too hard without causing desyncs.
3# Feature suggestion: Make movement speed easier to change with triggers. Because if you try to add % movement speed via triggers on a unit with slow and then change it back, the base movement speed has been changed permanently.
4# Feature suggestion: Dummy projectile spell similiar to "Channel" where you can change all kinds of stats, stuns, slows, dmg reduc, duration, etc.
5# Feature suggestion: Make tree target possible with "Channel".
6# Feature suggestion: Checkbox on point target spells in object editor: Can be targetted on unpathable terrain.
7# Feature suggestion: Since sci-fi maps are pretty common, why not add energy shield as a feature on the same line as hp/mana.

Overall impression:
1# Saturation: I'm of personal bias about the game looking too desatured. From a historical perspective Warcraft has always looked saturated and cartoony. It just doesn't make sense to change it now when people have such personal ties with the game. It's why people meme about the "soul vs soulless" when it comes to remaster.
2# More bounce: Overall i feel like animations could use more bounciness. It's that one thing Valve couldn't get right when adapting Dota from Warcraft. Warcraft's lively and bouncy animations are very unique to this game. It's a bit overexaggerated and makes the units look overly alive.
3# Realism isn't what we want: I've heard the devs state this, but the realistic take on the game was done to differentiate itself on the market. Personally i just feel like it looks like WC3 with a Starcraft tone. It just looks so dull and boring. This is why people spout the "soulless" meme. WC3 is what it is because it doesn't take itself too seriously. Just look at the colors, the bouncy animations, voice lines and general body proportions. The reforged version just looks less of that. Like you can really tell the developers had fun making WC3 because it doesn't take itself too seriously. It's just something that shines through all aspects of the game. The voice lines are most evident of this.

Unit Portraits:
1# Buildings: Let me just say, the buildings look amazing with this type of portrait.
2# Unit Portraits: I absolutely hate the new portrait for unit models. What made the old one so great was that the personality of the unit shined through. The frame was always cut into the units face so you could see all of it's expressions. Units were always some sort of charicature of their traits. Use grunts as an example, big gruff units, always bobbing their head and looking all lively. You could tell what kind of unit it was based on it's portrait and voice lines.

Unit Models:
My general impression is that the models look nice, i've got a few gripes with the looks:
1# Footmen: I feel like it could use slightly less detail on shields. Since they're supposed to be basic fodder units, they will stack up and when they do theres a lot of eyeclutter. Just tone down the details. Also the giant ass "WoWish" shoulder plates look ridicolous.
2# Headhunters: They used to haunch more in WC3 vanilla.
3# Paladins: Arthas, Uther, etc: Please reconsider the ridicolous size of shoulder plates.
4# Knights: The new ones have no personality what so ever. I remember the old model specifically being very arrogant and boisterous. With a sleazy gruff beard.

Few gripes with doodads, most look really good. I'm happy about the greenery stuff.
1# City Buildings: Slightly less details. The city looks cluttered when the doodads have too many details. Like my eyes were drawn all across the picture. When it should be naturally drawn to "unit" models first.

I'm kind of excited about the remaster, it does look good, but i'm pretty certain i'm not the only one that don't enjoy the more "realistic" and "serious" tone that the remaster is going for. If i were to speculate it's because the intent is to make it visually more pleasing for e-sports or just to please WoW fans. The new tone isn't in line with what the fanbase of the original want though, which i think is a major mistake.
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Jun 23, 2010
Firstly thanks Blizzard for hear us.
It would be cool can choose the clan simbols from every team, for example: human stormwind tabard blue, kultiras tabard green same with orc clans (also it can add aesthetic features, like leather white wolf for frostwolf clan), or even mix tabard with colors.
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Mar 6, 2008
Even though I hope for an advanced modder experience concerning the World Editor I do at the same time hope that Blizzard doesn't overdo it by complicating it too much. For me the StarCraft2 World Editor and especially its Data Editor (or what was it called?) was just far too complicated compared to the new scripting possibilities in the scripting editor. At least to me scripting is a lot more convenient than having to learn how an entire Data Editor is working as it was designed in StarCraft 2's World Editor.

That Data Editor was actually one of the many reasons I lost motivation in modding for SC2.


Hosted Project: BoW
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Feb 28, 2010
Your promises and goals should be formalised. "We hope for cross compatibility" is pretty rubbish compared to "we promise full cross compatibility from day 1". Which is it?
^This I agree with.

I don't think that I'm alone when I say that the single most important thing is that you can open your old WC3 maps that you have been working on/are currently working on inside the new world editor and that everything WORKS. It shouldn't matter how big the map is, how many triggers the map has or how many doodads the map has - this is the single most important thing! Make SURE that we can open our projects in the new version of the game just like we can do now.

Even though I hope for an advanced modder experience concerning the World Editor I do at the same time hope that Blizzard doesn't overdo it by complicating it too much. For me the StarCraft2 World Editor and especially its Data Editor (or what was it called?) was just far too complicated compared to the new scripting possibilities in the scripting editor. At least to me scripting is a lot more convenient than having to learn how an entire Data Editor is working as it was designed in StarCraft 2's World Editor.

That Data Editor was actually one of the many reasons I lost motivation in modding for SC2.
This is very very true. Do not complicate World Editor, do not attempt to fix what is not broken. I'll repeat myself here, do not attempt to fix what is not broken.

How about fixing this?
I did some testing. As theorized, the Preload native seem to have a hard limit of 259 characters (at least on patch 1.29.2).
//! zinc
library PreloadTest {
    function onInit() {
        string chunk = "0123456789ABCDEF";
        string str = "";
        integer i = 0;
        while (i < 64) {
            str += chunk;
            i += 1;
        BJDebugMsg(I2S(StringLength(str))); // 1024
//! endzinc
function PreloadFiles takes nothing returns nothing
    call Preload( "0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF012" ) // 259 chars
    call PreloadEnd( 0.0 )
One workaround would be to split the string into multiple chunks using either multiple preload calls or multiple pld files and then merge the strings after loading.

Also, I'd like to request something that I know a lot of ORPG map makers are wanting, a way to apply a new skin to a unit ingame. A native for this would be lovely.

For the future, add support for databases so that we don't have to rely on save/load codes - this is where magical things could happen.
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Jan 8, 2015
I got calmer than before, but i still advocate for artstyle to be more inline with originals, or at very least animations to be exacly alike originals but with improvements - which can be done since we seen overhauled 100% faithful animations in Warcraft3HDassets for Starcraft 2 with heroes and demons. These have hands adn got facial expressions added, why not atleast attempt this for new models. And partially tone down on realistic texturing to make it resemble original's and wow's ingame style? Animations are most important, same with sounds these shouldnt be replaced but improved if nessesary which as i said was already done in 2015, please consider this. I was outspoken...even aggressively, because i care for this game so much..... For sake of Wc3's legacy try to make it feel like original visual and soundwise with animations and spell effects as close to original as possible. There were several reason to why WC3 had cartoony artstyle one most important was unit recognition and how it would allow game to endure and look still fine, since obviously early 3d that tried to be realistic, especially with poorly done reflections aged terribly, case and point Warcraft 2 and Starcraft 1 cinematics which were alike graphics from games few years later in the period of 2000-2001.

Team Fortress 2 has this artstyle for similar reasons and there are commentaries by Valve on how important it is for unit recognition with sillouttes and defined characteristing movements(animations). Grubby mentioned it during his playthrough and later interview with out of your developers. So please consider to remake the animations to be like originals but with improvements. 20 frames dont matter as limitation since animations could be linerized, pretty much creating infinite amout of frames and that's how it works ingame for most part. You dont need to make it realistic forcefully, it makes it look silly aswell since of the speed up animations that try to fit in the timing frame. So please remake the animations from originals like it was done in 2015 Sc2 Wc3hd assets, it will do only good for the game in several ways.
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Nov 7, 2014
Regarding the visuals:
  • You took too much from the HotS and Starcraft and too little from Warcraft 3 itself; People still praise WC3 to this day, and there are reasons for it. Do they praise HotS the same way? No. Then why take inspiration from there?
  • Everything is wrong with the style and the atmosphere; The models are fine, majestic I would say, but the overall feel that the game gives you literally feels like another warcraft mod for Starcraft 2. What people say is true - the colors are too dark and washed off; The proportions are questionable*; And some things look like cheap, plastic toys.
  • The tile textures literally look like they are from Starcraft 2 and not from Warcraft 3. The same goes for doodads - they don't give you the same feel of a fantastic fantasy game that is Warcraft 3. (though they look good on some screenshots)
  • I wish for tools that are easy to use and which would allow us, the modding community, to rebuild the huge resource data base that we already have for the old game. That includes everything you may see in the resource section on this site - Maps, Models, Skins, Icons, etc.
  • As for creating custom abilities, I simply wish for more natives. That includes Events for when a unit is hit by an attack, a way to detect a unit's Armor and Attack types, and an easy way to manipulate the stats such us Movememt Speed, Spell Resistance, Critical Strike, etc; that would surely benefit a lot of the different maps.
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Nov 4, 2018
I personally am overjoyed at the fact that warcraft reforged is coming and i hoped it would for a long time. But one thing always bugged me about warcraft. The Naga were playable in some storymissions with a someone complete unit and building roster but were never fully implemented into multiplayer... which is the singlemost thing i would wish for warcraft reforged ^^
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Aug 25, 2005
love the announcement, like many others i would prefer if they stick closer to the original unit proportions and overall look, adding subtle details to bring the game to 2018 is just fine ofc, but when looking at an army of more generic looking footmen and knights with their high contrast shiny plates, fights will get much harder to read that way

if they get this right i think they are on a good track
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Mar 1, 2009
Reforged / Feedback on simple improvements

specific errors in editor

Trigger editor
Keeping track of damage taken is crucial for some triggers like energy shields, PLZ make it easier for to be observed by the editor. events / gerneral units / plz add unit takes damage event

Unit editor
Abilities that don't level up proper when transformed to heroes or other wise

Frost breath
Inventory (Hero)
Unit Inventory(all races)
phoenix fire (bloodmage phoenix)

Item abilities that don't level up proper

Item Mana Bonus (any)
Item Life Bonus (any)

Ability Errors

a number of the orbs when used for new orb ability cause the hero to deal no damage (item attack poison bonus for example), only shadow orb ability doesn't have this problems and i don't know why.

Game Freeze/Crash errors

Lighting orb ability(purge on attack), when this ability is given to a unit that doesn't use the lighting orb missile art (example a melee unit) the game will crash.

Reforged / Feedback on direction

This is NOT world of warcraft!!! world of warcraft has a terrible story!! I need to make that clear... crystal clear... their story is pathetic I can't really even call it a story.... its more of a narrative...

1. locate bad guy
2. travel to bad guy
3. slay bad guy
4. locate another bad guy.... ect....

PLZ do not change the wc3 story line for reforged, PLZ do not stray away from the wc3 hand book that came with the game.

Lastly I want to talk about format, hard question coming up, why is wc3 reforged not in a expansion format?

The value of this endeavor would go up vastly, at least in my eyes, if this were officially announced as a expansion of wc3. I say this because the only value real value for us moders is going to be the skins, models, and improved editor that comes with this game

The Frozen Throne expansion added a few new models and a new category in unit editor
Art - Model File - Extra Version , when this is clicked their will be two boxes reign of chaos or frozen thrown. I PROPOSE A NEW BOX NAMED REFORGED this would be how all the new models would be incorporated.


THIS WAY you can have

1. old and new models in same map
2. a but load of models in the editor, models that don't even have to be used any were else in the game they could just be there.
3. people wont be too upset about how different/lame these new models are...

the point is THIS IS THE MOST COMMUNITY FRIENDLY WAY of making this.

if we had all those cool wow models to work with and we didn't have them contribute to the size limit, nice worth the buy.(regardless of how you may have butchered the story)

i can probably come up with a good wish list and i will post that to.
PLZ do not comment on my FEEDBACK it's not what this forum is for.
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Nov 3, 2015
I love all this attention for Warcraft 3.

Feedback: You're doing great! Keep up the good work!

  • Give us a better, easier way to paint pathing for walkable/buildable/flyable.
  • With a new look and a new editor, do you think you could give us the ability to create smoother terrain and possibly more terrain tools?
    • Example: "Ramp" - Instantly creates an even ramp from two terrain heights.
  • You know how entering a unit description gives you a text box to enter text into? Give us a live "Preview" as we type.
  • Also get rid of the lag when finalizing what you enter into a text box.
  • Allow us to use all terrains at all times, without limit.
    • Personally, I don't use Blizzard cliffs because the heightmap will always look better, but some terrains are locked because they're used with cliffs.
  • Improve the minimap.
    • Everything looks so blobby on the minimap, and gets worse the smaller the map is.
    • Reduce the size of the building squares.
    • Give the option of a minimap grid for people to use in the editor or in-game.
  • Make creating scoreboards/multiboards easier.
    • Also, a preview would be nice, instead of having to start the map every time.
  • Allows us to rotate buildings naturally, instead of us turning them into units and back into buildings.
  • Improve the loading screen.
    • Allow us to use various fonts.
    • Allow us to place text anywhere.
    • Allow us to use higher quality images.
  • Try your best to remove the unit lag that occurs with a very large number of units on the map!
I had more in mind, but I didn't want to clutter this page more. If you need anything, please message me anytime!
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Nov 23, 2013
Campaigns, lore, cutscenes
  • I would like to know how far Blizzard is planning to go with campaigns: is there going to be a full revamp of all the maps, like Stratholme in the demo, or just a few adjustments here and there? Also, how common will references to WoW be? I really hope there won't be too much of them. I have seen a lot of people concerned about how WoW seemed to be everywhere in Reforged. As some people previously suggested, ok with a bit of WoW connection when appropriate, but not too much. And please, don't change all campaign maps to fit WoW's environment. We wouldn't feel like we are playing Warcraft III but a whole different game as a replacement, and it is not what anybody has asked for.
  • However, I understand it may be a good approach to remove or change some stuff from Warcraft III, like the Greek columns that a developer mentionned recently. They don't look so good and don't match the overall style of Warcraft (Warcraft 1 and 2, and WoW too). I'd be happy if some detailed like that were tweaked, but please keep it reasonnable.
  • Generally speaking, I would suggest to keep WoW aside as much as possible. Many people don't like WoW, because of its style, or its lore, or whatever. In my case, I stopped WoW because of the lore becoming too disconnected with the first three Warcrafts, and also because of some aesthetics and gameplay choices. And yet, I am a huge fan of Warcraft. Anyway, my point is that Blizzard should remaster Warcraft III so it looks like Warcraft III and respect its spirit and atmosphere, not WoW or HotS.
  • And speaking of WoW: please, no retcon... I agree with what someone said about this: it is not the players' fault if WoW didn't follow the previous games (when it should have...). It is really annoying that the story changes every once in a while to fits some obscure gameplay purposes. Leave the story as it is as much as possible, and I'd be grateful forever.
  • More specifically, from what I have seen in Stratholme mission:
    • The map of Stratholme looks very small compared to the original one. I read someone saying that the original mission felt like there was an urgency and a lot of tension because the town is huge and there are so many people to "save"... Let's quote him: "Stratholme being reduced in size takes away another important part of that chapter. The sense of hopelessness that came when you entered the city and realized how big it was and impossible it was to truly save anyone or even stop the plague from leaving the city had an impact on the player and seemed to have one on Arthus too" (Hoovehead, from Grubby's feedback video)
    • Why hiding the purple undead base? In the original mission, it wasn't hidden. Just make it hard to attack, and then it's up to the player to decide whether to attack the enemy base or focus on the plagued citizens. Either choice will have repercussions, since attacking the base will be a waste of time. But don't hide stuff from us, like you did in SC2, it's not necessary and it feels too different from classic Warcraft III.
    • In the bottom left corner, we saw an orc grunt and two Darkspear troll headhunters: are they gonna stay there, or was it just for demo purposes? An orc here, ok why not, maybe he got lost, but it's not too startling to have an orc in Lordaeron. But two Darkspear trolls, that's very uncanny considering the fact that by that time, most of these guys have sailed to Kalimdor with Thrall!
    • I read many comments about the cutscenes being a bit off. This is quite true; in the first cutscene, you don't feel the tension that mission is supposed to have. One of the key moment is when Arthas climbs up the small hill, talking to his troops - it is pretty intense, but there is nothing like it in Reforged. In Reforged, characters are too stiff, they sound almost like they are talking about the weather. And close-ups are too... close. It would be more appropriate to have a view of the scene from a distance, so we can take the measure of what is really going on and who is there.
    • What is about those hay carts? They are huge! Bring on the hay! No, seriously, their size needs to be dramatically reduced :)
  • Is the prequel campaign Exodus of the Horde going to be remasterd too?

  • I would be disappointed if there was too much audio re-recording, because sounds are a very important part of the game and the atmosphere relies on it a lot... But most of all, it has a strong connection with nostalgia! Think about us old fans :)
  • Therefore, I would be very happy if current audio was remastered in high quality, instead of replacing it with new material.
  • However, I wouldn't mind if more audio was to be added, but without removing the existing one: new music, new ambient sounds, new weapon and spell sounds, etc. It would add more diversity.
  • If you really can't refrain from changing the audio, please give us the choice to switch back to the good old sounds.

World Editor
  • One of my main concern is about compatibility between current projects and Reforged. Blizzard stated that older stuff should be working, but I can't help fearing it might not. Please, try as hard as you can so all our stuff doesn't break!
  • There are tons of great suggestions about World Editor, for those who don't know themn it's here: and here
  • With Reforged new graphics, current custom models will not be used, because they would feel out of place. In addition, 3D modeling and texturing will be much harder than before, because high-poly models and high-definition textures won't be easily accessible for beginners. Also, the process of modeling is likely to much longer, since models are more complex. Therefore, at least at the beginning and probably for a long time, the modding community will have two choices: either dealing with the existing Reforged assets and nothing more, or stick to the original game in order to use the numerous and fantastic custom models we have. So, my question is: apart from providing the tools that was used to make Reforged models, is there any plan to help the modding community with this issue? For example, would it be conceivable that Blizzard provide some new assets that was not in the original game, in addition to the remasterd assets?
  • Will all new World Editor functionalities be available for modders who don't own Reforged?
  • Any plan to make walkable walls? When I saw those walls in the Culling of Stratholme demo, I immediately thought of this.
  • I'd love an option to control, via triggers, the speed and intensity of the trees and plants bouncing, in order to create wind effects and awesome atmospheres!
  • I light a candle every night to have multi-language management for maps and campaigns, and to have an advanced building button like in Warcraft 2 or Starcraft... :)

Graphics and art
  • Some people and I tried to provide feedback with many specific ideas and suggestions about visual changes here.
  • In a nutshell:
    • Most units look quite nice overall, but some are not recognizable enough (footmen, ghouls...), and some look like plastic figurines (grunts, taurens).
    • Many units have proportion issues: oversized weapons and armours (especially spaulders), tiny heads, grunts looking too bulky...
    • Buildings seem to be out of place, looking like plastic toys. Also, they are too round/curvy - don't be afraid to keep them linear (walls generally are linear!)
    • Balance between realism and cartoony design should be adjusted. Right now, it looks like environment, units and buildings come from three separate games. Graphics are quite inconsistent. Units are somewhat realistic, except for some oversized or undersized parts, while buildings are way too cartoony. Environment is too bright, too smooth.
    • Overall artstyle should be as close as possible as the original Warcraft III spirit and atmosphere.
    • Also, any plan to make shadows follow the sun? Shadows keep the same orientation at any time of the day, it would be interesting if they didn't (and to have an option to deactivate the rotation, for interior maps for example)

As a conclusion, I would like to say there are many things that would need to be improved, but there is still time before the game is released. Anyway, I hope Warcraft III will stay Warcraft III.
But I don't want to sound like an ungrateful child: I am worried about many things, but I am also thrilled that Warcraft III is getting some love again, I appreciate a lot how the classic team is so committed and passionate, and I'm very happy that the community will be listened to. Thanks for that. If everything goes well, the game should be a blast.

I'll try to edit this post when I think of more feedback.
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Apr 12, 2018
Also, I'd like to request something that I know a lot of ORPG map makers are wanting, a way to apply a new skin to a unit ingame. A native for this would be lovely.
You can actually do this already, even if it is in a hacky sort of way, using the Eat Tree ability and specially-created models (the latter being the biggest reason why it's not that common).
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Jul 27, 2007
Having consumed almost all the information that is currently available, I gotta say I am extremely thrilled, and don't have much of a negative feedback to provide. Most of the customization options are already here, especially for map makers (including the ability to change the UI!).

That said, as others have said, unit proportions are way out of scale. It worked for the original game due to its comical style, but the stylization of Reforged does not allow for such discrepancies in size. Heroes are towering behemoths when compared to the generic units, and while this works for the Dreadlord and other "unique race" hero units, it really makes Uther, Jaina and Arthas stand out as sore thumbs.

And I do agree the option to change skins would be nice as well. As well as the option to provide an interface for new races, different than a custom map -- e.g. you just select the melee map of your preference, and 'import' a custom race or rules script through the game itself.
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Mar 2, 2014

I just have to ask, since you seem very confident about current version WC3-Maps being compatible with Reforged.
Can you confirm that WoS will essencially work on Reforged?

Krolan (Big Time Fan of your Campaign)
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Jun 5, 2018
Complete compatibility, cross-edit, and cross-play between classic and reforged versions are most important for map makers and players.

I just concern the cross-edit of high-quality BLPs, models and sounds. Can the high-quality arts be indentified and translated into the corresponding classic ones if the map being reopened in the classic world editor such as JNGP?

I just suggest that any map can be opened by both reforged and classic editors no matter which editor it originally made with. The classic editor can read the high-quality arts by the classic mode, while the reforged editor will try to read any art by advanced mode into high-quality version.

In addition, not all players throughout the world will choose to use the reforged version after released. Many players from china (probably more than half of all players) prefer to use patch 1.28, 1.27a, 1.26, 1.24e or ealier of the classic version even if the classic version has been updated to patch 1.30.2, because most maps were made by YDWE which doesn't support patch 1.28+. Therefore, the reforged version should consider these maps and patches, and give compatibility as much as it can. So I suggest that the reforged should serve as a graphical/visual framework like the classic, on which almost all patches can work. Or make the reforged as an installer that can be installed on any patch to enable the graphical enhancements. Players can also switch the patch version on the reforged by patch installation like on the classic.

The situation after the reforged wc3 released may become a bit complex like that of windows OS. New OS like Windows 10 just provides better user experience and visual effect, comparing with the old ones. Today even Windows XP are still used by people, but it will not bring troubles because any OS can work together with others no matter new or old.
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Aug 16, 2013
Art Style: Cartoonie and simplified.

Animations: Use the same or similar from the original. (I don't like most of the new animations.)

Models: Some models are too different from the original. Like the tauren, grunt, and footman.

Too much change isn't good in my opinion. I would prefer just re-skins of all models and textures.

That's all I want from reforged.
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Aug 10, 2018
Some feedback:

The art style is pretty much on point in my opinion. It's not too realistic, but also not too cartoonish, a sweet middle ground that suits Warcraft 3 perfectly. I see some complaints about it, but I really can't relate. Perhaps when they see the game running at 60 fps it will change their minds. There was obviously SOME hiccups here and there and tiny things off about the art, like maybe the Riflemen were too big, but I feel like that just comes with the territory of an an unfinished game. I noticed the special effects for abilities were using the old Warcraft 3 assets, which surprisingly stand up to the test of time extremely well. They're obviously a placeholder, and i'm thinking maybe that was what was turning some people off to the art.

I was also happy to hear that the World Editor would be improved. I'm excited and hope that means it will be improved in more ways than what the patches you've been releasing recently have done. The patches are great and all, but I am hoping you guys REALLY open up the possibilities with the editor. It would be great if you kept it's simplicity, and just expanded on what you already have. I love being able to throw an idea for a map together in a few hours, where as with the StarCraft 2 editor, albeit powerful, it can be extremely time consuming to do the littlest thing.

What I want:
-Improved Editor that retains the original one's simplicity.
-More and more editor additions: UI manipulation, increased file size limits, breaking the movement speed cap of 522, adding a PAUSE unit action that doesn't freeze cooldowns/buffs, better options for controlling units (uncommandable/uncontrollable/etc), changing alliance for a single unit, adjustable Armor formula, built in hero glow/better team color options, better sound control (play a sound for a specific player), efficient alternative to Dummy units casting spells for you, a Channel ability that allows you to create a more customized spell without the need of triggers, making abilities have their own cast points/backswings, and the list goes on.
-Improved Matchmaking
-Don't change anything too drastically!

Thanks for listening Blizzard!