Warcraft III Medivh Soundset

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Soundset for the Prophet himself, enjoy.

MedivhPissed1 (Sound)

MedivhPissed2 (Sound)

MedivhPissed3 (Sound)

MedivhPissed4 (Sound)

MedivhPissed5 (Sound)

MedivhReady1 (Sound)

MedivhReady2 (Sound)

MedivhWarcry (Sound)

MedivhWhat1 (Sound)

MedivhWhat2 (Sound)

MedivhWhat3 (Sound)

MedivhYes1 (Sound)

MedivhYes2 (Sound)

MedivhYes3 (Sound)

MedivhYes4 (Sound)

MedivhYesAttack1 (Sound)

MedivhYesAttack2 (Sound)

MedivhYesAttack3 (Sound)

MedivhYesAttack4 (Sound)

Level 9
Jul 5, 2013
While these edits are good, I'd say that if someone wants to make a playable Medivh, this soundset would be a lot better since it's designed specifically for a playable Medivh.
If i wanted to be that lazy i would have done so myself and call it a day :D The point of my edits is to create a soundset solely from Warcraft 3 game, no lines from World of Warcraft or Heroes of the Storm. The only exception would be characters that dont apppear in Warcraft 3 at all, like Varian, Garrosh, Baine etc.