Warcraft III Archimonde Soundset

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Another set of dialogues repurposed into unit soundset, this time it's the Defiler himself.

ArchimondePissed1 (Sound)

ArchimondePissed2 (Sound)

ArchimondePissed3 (Sound)

ArchimondePissed4 (Sound)

ArchimondePissed5 (Sound)

ArchimondeReady (Sound)

ArchimondeWarcry (Sound)

ArchimondeWhat1 (Sound)

ArchimondeWhat2 (Sound)

ArchimondeWhat3 (Sound)

ArchimondeWhat4 (Sound)

ArchimondeYes1 (Sound)

ArchimondeYes2 (Sound)

ArchimondeYes3 (Sound)

ArchimondeYes4 (Sound)

ArchimondeYesAttack1 (Sound)

ArchimondeYesAttack2 (Sound)

ArchimondeYesAttack3 (Sound)

ArchimondeYesAttack4 (Sound)

ArchimondeYesAttack5 (Sound)