Warcraft Footman

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This is a heavily edited version of WoW's Footman. Made to fit Sc2's universe.

Extra Feutures for Sc2:
Team Colors.
Cover Animation for Shield upgrade if you want.
SplitBody Animations for merging Walk Animations with most other animations (FPS Footies! Yay!)
Polished Diffuse, Normal and Specular Maps (not simply click and convert).
Basic Animation edits.
Ribbon Emitters for Wc3 looking slashes.
Attachment Points.
Collision Objects.

Original Model: Blizzard Entertaiment.
Edits, polishing and reconversion: BlinkBoy & Statharas

Import the textures to "Assets\Textures\"
The model requires Liberty.Mod since it uses some in-game textures.
This model is just a sample of a Warcraft to Startcraft Conversion project of a set of Human Models. It's useable, but not on final version, so stay tuned, it may recieve more changes as needed.

Warcraft Footman WoW Converssion Starcraft Unit

Footman.m3 (Model)

Footman_Diff.dds (Texture)

Footman_Normal.dds (Texture)

Footman_Specular.dds (Texture)

14:10, 5th Oct 2013 Statharas: N/A (Worked on the model)




14:10, 5th Oct 2013
Statharas: N/A (Worked on the model)
can we make custom trigger like in warcraft III?

Great model, it even looks better than the WoW model. 5/5
That's pretty much the human model as a basis, equipment and textures (improved/altered), sword and shield are geometry edited and retextured, and last but not least, particles.