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Warcraft Evolved: RoC Human

Submitted by Silva424
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
UPDATE: fixed a few things (still don't know how to fix the caravan thing unfortunatly... there where no broken triggers relating to the caravan so...)​

The Reign of Chaos Human Campaign using the tech of a map i am developing, Warcraft: Evolved.

I am uploading this to hive because the others in the Azothan discord told me to and, in all honesty, i need to put at least something of this map out there. I will put up the actual map it'sself eventually... but in the words of Alexandros Mograine(i think), "That day is not today".
(note: i also have the RoC Undead and RoC Orc ones done, but will not be putting those up just yet...)

Known issues: the Undead Caravan in The Defence of Hearthglen does not appear until after it has apparently taken over the final town...
(if anyone finds something, please either message me or say it in the comments)

There's a list of credits within the campaign, but because hiveworkshop also requests that there's a list within the description here it is.
Mike, MatiS, skymarshall, Ujimasa Hojo, HandCLAW, Norinrad, Rizz_Boomer, AndrewOverload519, Direfury, PROXY, Geries, MiniMage, Tenebrae, Sellenisko, Eagle XI, Cavman, Kuhneghetz, Mephestrial, Mister_Haudrauf, Zephyrius2412, Callahan, The Weird Human, Stefan.K, Tranquil, Infrenus, -Grendel, OgeRfaCes, Morbent, San, Misha, HerrDave, 67Chrome, Edge45, General Frank, Hayate, Himperion, Mythic, Reflex, Frotty, Kino, _Guhun_, CRIS, eubz, Hexus, Kangyun, Ket, Kitabatake, Skipper, Red XIII, Skrab, Unknown102, Uncle Fester, Tarrasque, PeeKay, HappyTauren, Lord_T, Grey Knight
and, obviously, Blizzard​

>wishes they knew how to do that "spoilers box" thing

Warcraft Evolved: RoC Human (Campaign)

Had a quick run, and I can barely discern new contents in the first few levels. The new axeman guy uses icon same as a footman, and archer uses the female icon? excuse me? Apart from that, there's zero difference I can spot at the first level. Can't...
  1. Shar Dundred

    Shar Dundred

    Map Moderator

    May 6, 2009
    Awesome words from an awesome man (me ofc). I can work with that.
    Shar out.