Warcraft Alternative: Reborn

Level 7
Jul 28, 2019
Hello to the entire Hive community, for quite a few years I've been making an alternate universe about
Warcraft 3 and I think I'm ready to publish it in chapters, eventually I want to do some campaigns
custom on this story, but the problem is that the editor keeps confusing me in the aspects
more basic (not even with Hive tutorials I have been able to do something), and the other biggest problem is that I am a
complete lazy for almost everything except exist .-. XD.
I will try to rewrite almost everything with which I do not deny that I can fall into conflict with the lore, I do not
I know every tiny detail of the lore of Warcraft so I ask you to point out where it contradicts itself.
The last thing before telling the story is that I warn you that I am going to use Google Translate, so
It is normal that several parts are misspelled, with which I ask you for some consideration, those who
They know Spanish, they can speak to me and I can give them the original document in that case.

Chapter I: The End of the Titans:

Aggramar is still dismayed by Sargeras' words, he still does not assimilate that his former teacher
He said something like that, but this titan does not want to stay with his arms crossed and leaves to look for his
old friend in the vastness of the cosmos, he spends eons searching and searching but cannot find him,
he tries to track his energy ... but he doesn't feel it, it's as if he has vanished from reality itself,
Weary from the search, he takes a break to check on Draenor. When Agrammar left that
planet left a very powerful artifact to the elementals of the planet, this was "The Eye of Aggramar", his
function is to allow Aggramar to communicate with the furies and so that they communicate to him everything that
had passed since the last time, the advances and retreats of the eternal frond, the evolution of its creatures
and the state of the planet.
-Mr. Aggramar, it is a pleasure to see you again- says a fury of fire that attends the call of the
artifact, -I want to know a summary of everything that has happened in Draenor- Said the lethargic titan, -Ha
There have been many wars, but nothing out of the ordinary, neither faction has an advantage over the other, some
Sometimes the eternal frond advances but then your creatures fold it back- Fury says it almost like something
monotonous and unimportant, -ahh at least everything is still under control, I want to know about my creatures and their
evolution- says Aggramar with a somewhat decayed tone, -Another new race has come out, they are called ogres, they are not
so intelligent and their strength is low, but at least they have population groups larger than the
ogrons ...- The fury is interrupted by the titan, -Apparently they continue to regress more, it is all that
I want to know- Then Aggramar cuts the connection with the artifact somewhat irritated by the news, begins
to meditate on Draenor somewhat decayed, after so much meditating he comes to the conclusion that eventually the
Eternal frond will fall, even if his creations continue to regress, as he noticed a pattern that passed through
high previously, the more their creations regressed, the more and more they were organized, their strength no longer
resided in the pure power of the Titans, but in the union of each member of the species guided towards an end
common, when finding that answer Aggramar calmed down more and dedicated himself with better courage to look for his old
friend Sargeras.

After so long Aggramar found a group of much more organized demons that lashed out at
certain star system, but these did not seek to corrupt the world, but rather to destroy it of all life,
Although his job is to destroy the demons, he decided to investigate them a bit to see if they were the same
demons who wanted to corrupt worlds or if they were rebels who escaped from the void. Aggramar runs out
words and he begins to feel an unequaled confusion, knowing that the person responsible for these demons was
nothing more and nothing less, than his former teacher Sargeras, Aggramar does not know whether to feel sadness, anger,
tranquility or surprise, but he decides to go and confront him about the current situation and look for the cause of it
Because he supports demons, it only took him less than a century to find where Sargeras was, no
It might be more of his surprise when he saw his old friend from a long time again.
-Sar-sargeras- Aggramar stutters his name, the one who had been the defender of the cosmos seems a
full-fledged demon, immersed in a veil of vile magic more concentrated than he had ever felt
any being from this reality, a frightening demonic appearance even for a titan, and a court of
demons under his command fulfilling all his demands, Aggramar feels that Sargeras noticed his presence and
that a cloud of demons nearly swooped down on him, causing him to adopt a defensive stance, when the fallen titan
when the fallen titan raise your hand and all the demons return to their places, just for a couple of seconds this titan
Fallen looks into the eyes of his former apprentice, seconds Aggramar feels like eons, and Sargeras begins to

-Aggramar has been so long since, since we last saw each other ... it's a pleasure to see you again-
Sargeras says with an attitude that reflects some nostalgia in his words, but Agrammar only feels that
For every word he mentions the cosmos he trembles at his voice, -I've been looking for you for eons
Sargeras ... the ancient guardian of the cosmos- Aggramar's attitude is somewhat defiant, Sargeras notices it and
just outlines a miniscule demonic laugh, -I've been missing you too Aggramar- Sargeras says with
sarcasm, Aggramar although he feels the darkness of his former master, still wants to try to reason with him.
A couple of eons spends Aggramar in dialogue with his former master Sargeras, none of them want to abandon
his ideals, but still some progress is made between disciple and teacher; -Aggramar ... I offer you to join
to me, together we can end the problem of root demons and re-create a pure universe without
corruption ... A universe where order reigns- Sargeras offers Aggramar this proposal, the dark titan
wants to reunite with his former disciple, he feels that he would not be able to finish him, even with everything
what happened, he keeps the feeling of friendship with Agrammar as something very special. Agrammar notes those
feelings in Sargeras words ... And he begins to doubt, he also has great respect for his
Former master, still in that demonic form, Aggramar asks Sargeras for some time to think about it.
better, the fallen titan noticed something else ... Happy?, and he grants that.
After a couple of centuries, Aggramar comes to a decision that could change the fate of the entire world.
cosmos hopelessly, Sargeras with a smile extends his hand towards his friend, Aggramar seems to
shake his hand with the fallen titan ... But in the end he pulls his arm back, Sargeras shows something sad already
that he manages to know the decision of his disciple, Aggramar opens his mouth to pronounce the following words,
-I'm sorry Sargeras ... but although now I understand that your ideals are noble, I notice that your methods are the
wrong, at least for me ... But, with your knowledge of demons and emptiness you could help a lot
more to the pantheon, than you ever did before, I propose to rejoin the pantheon, maybe at
At first others may be horrified, but they will accept you again when they see all your new knowledge and
armies, then together we can continue with our mission to defend the cosmos, now thanks to your legion
we will be able to cover a much larger area than before, Please accept ... Master Sargeras -Aggramar with
an iron attitude tries to convince his old teacher, Sargeras although he tries to look annoyed, it shows very
Thoughtful about the proposal of his former disciple, Sargeras thinks about it for a moment and the fallen titan accepts
reuniting with the pantheon once more, Aggramar is overjoyed by the master's response to him, but Sargeras
says the following words, -Don't get too excited Aggramar, even if I agreed to meet with the pantheon once
more, I am still considering my reincorporation, everything will depend on what happens in this meeting-, Agrammar
calms down a bit and begins to have a more pragmatic stance, both titans nod and begin their journey
towards the pantheon.

After such a long time ... apparently the fallen titan will return to the pantheon, Aggramar on the way
shares only some stories of his journey with his, but still mistrusts Sargeras a little ... -The energy
fel doesn't seem to have just altered his body-mutters Aggramar, he tries to evade that feeling, but he doesn't
He achieves.

Aggramar trying to calm down from everything that happened, it occurs to him to contact Draenor, perhaps listen
on how his creatures develop distract him a bit from everything that is happening.-Greetings titan
Agrammar- A fury of water had heard the call this time, -How can I help you sir? Cortezly
the fury of water asks him,
-I want to know the position of the planet in its eternal war, and also learn a little more about the evolution of
my creatures- answers the titan Aggramar, the fury nods and begins to explain the situation ...
Wars, advances and setbacks, but in the end, nothing transcendental -If there is no more news then I will cut the
connection right now- The titan is more than frustrated, bored with the same speech, it seems like a war that
It will never end, normally he could just ignore Draenor, at the end of the day he is a titan,
but ... He used some of his own energy to create life from a mountain, life that ended up thriving and
evolving, to some extent Aggramar considers them his children, and he is not willing to leave in the
I forget these life forms, they are somewhat closer than those forged by the titans for him, -Sir?
fury interrupts the titan's thoughts in his tracks, -Well?, speak- Aggramar tries to hide his anger for
having interrupted his thoughts, -I have news about your creatures, this new species are called
orcs, smaller and weaker than the ogres, but have achieved a greater organization than these, live in
several different tribes with different cultures each, and that's not all, some of them have achieved
in tune with nature, they call themselves shamans and are willing to learn from the elements.
Once the fury is heard something surprised, Aggramar noticed it and cannot help smiling, he feels that after all,
in the end if there is hope to win the war and prevent the imbalance from before from returning, but in the end
Seeming fury also has more to say -Not only shamans are the only ones who wield magic, a couple
of orcs of the most advanced clan have managed to tune into the eternal frond, they call themselves druids ... but
their intentions are not dangerous as we believed, in fact they have managed to avoid armed conflicts during
a time, and we furies believe that a time of peace can come between both lineages, apparently the
Eternal frond can resist your desire to return and begin to live side by side with the orcs, of course ...
not always at peace, but this may be a good solution- Fury mentions this event with much
Curious about what may happen in the future, -This is very interesting, is this the solution to
Eternal frond problem? ... Or a preamble to something much worse ?, only time will tell if this is good or
bad, but as always keep an eye on them ... even shamans, we want to avoid another disaster from the
same caliber as the eternal frond, so be very careful, especially with the secrets that
reveal- By saying such a warning Aggramar cuts the connection with his artifact.

Aggramar had already gathered all the titans, he tried to prepare them for what they are going to witness, but
he himself knows that this can be completely useless, nothing will prepare them for what they are going to see
continued ... You can only hear each Titan sigh as Sargeras enters the meetinghouse.

There is only silence ... it is not known how long this took ... years ... decades ... or centuries, right
moment Aggramar decides to break the ice and begins to explain to the Titans that Sargeras, despite his
appearance of him, he is still the same ... or so he thinks, Aman'Thul looks furious and when he goes to speak,
Sargeras takes the floor before him, - I have never stopped doing my mission, you never accepted my
methods, but these turned out to be very effective, but now that I have an army and all the knowledge
about the Void, I want to hear the options you have considered to end the problem of
Root demons- The fallen titan in a tone of defiant mockery tries to show the lack of solutions of the
rest of the Pantheon, everything is silent again ... but the rest of the titans are annoyed with
Sargeras, but they try to moderate themselves, Sargeras takes the floor again and tries to convince them of
purge existence, the Pantheon again rejects Sargeras unanimously, well ... "almost" unanimously,
Aggramar decided not to side with either side, Aman'Thul begins to suspect Aggramar upon seeing
that ... but he really notices what he's trying to do, so he calls the entire Pantheon to calm down and decides
take another approach.

Aman'Thul begins to speak in a more pleasant way with the fallen titan, begins to tell him the
events that happened since he left the pantheon, the other titans join him saying all the
feats they managed to do for so long, Sargeras relaxes more and begins to behave more like
before, he decides to share to the other titans the knowledge about the cosmos and the emptiness that he had been able to
gather, leaving the other titans speechless from so much they had ignored, the more the
The rough edges began to be filed away little by little, when Aggramar believed that everything was perfect and that Sargeras was the
same as before ... He he changes his voice and his attitude again, asks for solutions to apply them, begins to say
his uncertainty about whether the demons have already corrupted another world soul, makes him ask to act
fast and forceful way.

Attempts to convince Sargeras are very unsuccessful, none of the proposed options
convinces, each time the Pantheon runs out of options, Sargeras sighs and looks Aggramar in the eye, just
he can see more impatience and discomfort in his gaze, followed by the fallen titan turning his back on the
pantheon and decides to leave ... But Aggramar stops him, Sargeras turns half ready to listen to his
disciple for the last time, Aggramar decides to tell him about Azeroth and its immense power, much more than
Sargeras may possess, this turns on the fallen titan's gaze and it begins to demand explanations, the
Panteon is encouraged to talk about this new soul, still sleeping world, each time Sargeras becomes more thoughtful
with all the information about this future sister, - This can solve the problem of the demons of
root ... she will be able to purge all existence as quickly as possible-, this declaration of the titan
Fallen makes the rest of the Pantheon start to fear ... Sargeras then asks for the location of the world soul, to
secure it and that the demons do not go to corrupt it ... No one wants to respond, rather they begin to
take a more defensive position, this act saddens Sargeras, -although he knew that eventually this
It would happen ... I still tried to delay it as long as I could, because eventually you guys would get in the middle of me.
purge ... Don't mess with Agrammar-, the fallen titan drew his sword at an incredible speed and destroyed
Aman'Thul in one fell swoop, everyone shocked by what just happened began to furiously attack
Sargeras, but the fallen titan began to dominate the battle quickly, not even in a group
they compared ... But Aggramar decides to attack Sargeras too, - I didn't want to get to this old friend ... But
You are just another damn demon! -, the scale begins to balance the scale in favor of the Pantheon, since
each time Sargeras hit with less force, he does not want to fight Aggramar and that is why he is eliminating one per
one until only his former apprentice remains, Aggramar makes one last effort and ends up placing all his
strength in one last blow ... but Sargeras only receives a scar since he managed to cover himself in time. Aggramar
He is not only physically destroyed, but also mentally, closes his eyes this last member of the
pantheon to accept his fate, -Do what you have to do ... master-, instead of a blow he felt as if
his whole being was moving towards something ... Sargeras just trapped his former disciple inside a
"collar of the void", - This was the last thing that remained of my old self ... my last effort to order- Last
Sargeras' words that I manage to hear Aggramar.