Warcraft 2: 2nd Generation

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Warcraft 2: 2nd Generation (Map)

Level 6
May 26, 2004
THe next version of the engine for War 2 2nd generation mod is here.
Hopefully engine is finnaly without bugs. Would be great if people can now balance/bug test the enhanced version heroes by selecting that option as the game type.

- VERSION 1.16
- This version needs people to test out the heros in the enhanced mode
as they are in some cases buggy and may be unbalanced.

- Computer Players now have the version of the AMAI engine listed next to
there name.

- Fixed some issues for observors
- Fixed an issue where destroying oil platforms while oil tankers where
harvesting still made them collect oil and appear much later after its
- Fixed an issue where rescource workers failed to enter inside of drop
off sites when delivering rescources.
- Fixed compatability of use of map options e.g. Random Hero and Fully
Revealed map.
- Fixed issue where oil indicator does not show for Player 12.
- Fixed an issue with Siphon Soul where it would not create a soul for
the unit.
- Slash of Fury spell no longer allows blademaster to do extra damage
while occuring and no longer damages structures.
- Fixed an issue where death coil would fail to fire more than 1 missile
at a bunch of enemies.
- Ai never builds town hall when low rescources is enabled.
- More memory leaks fixed.

- Trees have been re-balanced and found to contain double the amount of
lumber that they should contain.
- Siphon Soul only has a 75% chance of providing a soul and warlock
can only carry 1 at a time.
- Due to fix of workers entering drop sites, workers stay in mines for
half the time it used to be.
- Fireball damage has been slightly tweaked upwards.
- Sappers once again harm all units both enemy and friendly.
- In an attempt to make blizzard/death and decay more useful against units
it now affects a larger area of 128 from 64 and deals 1 damage per shard
down from 2 to take account of this. Therefore units actually take more
damage overall but buildings will still take about the same damage.
- Layon hands cooldown reduced to 40,30,20 from 45,45,45
- Layon hands now costs 0 mana from 10
- Layon hands no longer restores mana and instead at level 3 drains hero
of mana by the amount of hp the paladin has.
- Eye of Kilrogg hero ability renamed to Eye of Sageras.
- Eye of Sageras can cast heal from level 2 and above.
- Eye of Sageras can damage enemies at level 3.