Warbeast Kraal

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"When ya fight alongside raptors, ya want a mount dey can't eat".

The Warbeast Kraal is a training ground where troll dinomancers are using a series of fetishes and charms to maintain their control over the most repellant of creatures. All the beasts that haul troll goods, carry their armies, and fight their wars are born and bred here.

Based on this great concept. I believe it perfectly fits to Darkspear/Gurubashi trolls but feel free to use it whatever you want.

UPD.: Slightly improved Portrait camera angle, some sanity test fixes.

Warbeast Kraal (Model)

General Frank
Model seems to have broken. An easy fix would be to convert the model to .mdl, save it with War3ModelEditor and then convert it back to .mdx. Please do so.
Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
I absolutely love this execution of a fantastic concept. It feels like it came out of nowhere too. I've actually had plans on maybe one day taking a shot at the concept art.
My only point of criticism goes to the centerpiece here. I believe the Frost Wyrm skull could be improved a little bit - the texture doesn't fit the "dino" theme well, and is too low resolution. Even if the texture is kept, I believe you could flesh out some of the details more - give it 3D teeth for example.