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War of the Shifting Time

Submitted by Dregonx
This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
NOTE: This game was made years ago before Warcraft III Reforged, for details of why it took so long to release, check this thread out here: My Megathread of Multiple Warcraft III Games I've made (Primarily Third Person Action Games)

NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: Dregonx ( Dregonx ) - StreamerLinks will lead you to all of them, this includes YouTube, Twitch, Twitter etc.

(NOTE: This game is a VERY High End game for a Low End PC, so if you can't handle intense games, this one you may need to lower settings, and not use the AI at all)
Engage in this VERY Fast-Paced Third Person Action Based Game, as you battle in a FREE ROAMING(NO LANES) MOBA Style war in one of THREE Factions! Up to 3 Characters/3 Players Per Team, 2 teams have access to 4 characters they can choose from. You battle and level up to unlock more abilities, but as you hit certain levels you Rank Up with the Ranking System! This allows you to purchase more equipment from shops making you even stronger, as you obtain gold via enemies weather they be player, units, or buildings, just about everything is destructible in this very chaotic game! Also use the Reinforcement System with 3 different characters for tactical use, as well as one character can create Portals for tactical teleportations of the entire team. There are also HIGH LEVEL creeps in a cave nearby, beware! But they also drop amazing items you need to be a certain level to obtain! At the start of the game you can either Enable Cinematics for up to 13 unique different endings depending on what team wins in what order! Or you can Disable Cinematics for a purely gameplay experience!

-Up to 9 Player(Online or with AI)
-Epic Fast Gameplay! (Teleports, Speed Enhancers, Agility Gains, and Charges for getting around the game FAST! + Spammable abilities!)
-Up to 3 Factions
-Up to 3 Characters Per Faction(2 Teams get 4)
-Cinematics Enabled can have to to 13 different endings based on what teams win in what order!
-FREE ROAMING MOBA Style Game(No lanes!)
-Energy System (Build your energy by using attacks on enemies, when its full, unleash it for a devastating ability!): Healers heal for twice as much, but to balance this, if a battle takes too long it just means you get to use your ultimate to bypass the healing altogether!
-Reinforcement System for Tactical Uses!
-Different Buildings do different things, so taking out certain ones will disable the enemy's ability to fight back and eventually even lose!
-Portal System for one character, to enable the entire team to Teleport from one side of the game to the other. (Portals can be destroyed however)

Play as the "Good Guys" Faction as Braska the Shining Knight!

Or Zane on the "Neutral Side" Faction as the Swift Knight!

Or Triax on the "Evil Side" Faction as the Endless Time Fighter!

Cinematics if you decide to Enable them!


War of the Shifting Time (Map)

A credits list in the map description with the names of the authors whose resources you've used is mandatory. That includes models, skins, icons, custom spells, systems. Also, sounds, music and everything outside this site. This helps you with the...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    A credits list in the map description with the names of the authors whose resources you've used is mandatory. That includes models, skins, icons, custom spells, systems. Also, sounds, music and everything outside this site.
    This helps you with the models, skins and icons from Hiveworkshop: Resources in Use by War of the Shifting Time | HIVE (hose are a lot by the way).

    Basically the same stuff I mentioned on your other map threads.

    Awaiting Update.

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