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War of the guilds!

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Level 10
May 31, 2007
I have made a thread for this in the idea factory, but after I decided to make this project come to life, I decided to make one here and stop posting in the other one! (If the moderators could close the other one I would be very grateful)

The Horde and the Alliance have been fighting for many years. After a great Siege the Alliance laid on Ogrimmar, the Horde decided to pay them back attacking Lordaeron during the winter. The Horde had set up forces in a hard to reach place and the Alliance set up some camps to drive them back. Many villages and camps are in the area where the battle will take place. Who will take over this area, who will win thsi battle? It's up to you!

The gameplay is quite simple. You choose a Hero, but items and command your troops. Each of the teams has a camp, where you can regenerate MP and HP. The whole map is full of small camps, outpsots, villages and so. You have ot push your enemies and drive them back to their camp, destroy it and win. Your troops will spawn every some seconds, as well as mass reinforcements every 5 minutes for each team to help you win.

I won't post the Heroes and their skills yet, cause I am not done with them at all. When I have some things ready, I will post some descriptions and so. Suggestions appreciated!
Heroes will be classified in groups:
Tank characters - STR mostly
Ranged characters - AGI mostly
Speed Characters - AGI mostly
Offensive Casters - INT mostly
Supportive Casters - INT or STR mostly

All items will be very weak compared to other games. Most of the items will be simple and be able to take some enchancements on them.
Item levels:
Special items and some of the Magiacal ones will only be found in the shops of the Hall of Glory, which will be available to players over level 10. This will encourage teamplay e.g. There is a tam with a tank, a supportive caster and a mage. The tank will aggro enemies, the mage will kill them and the supporter will help both of them with buffs. So, the mage will reach level 10 first, the tank later and the supporter much later. When the mage reaches level 10, he/she will get access to the Hall of Glory. The others will be able to buy some trade tokens which will cost 50/100/150/200/250 gold and give them to the mage, who will sell them in the Hall of Glory shops, get the gold needed and buy them the items they may want. So in a team of 5, all shall focus on leveling one player and then on gathering gold.

Special Features:
In-game events, like:
=>monster spawns to attack cities
=>army reinforcements
=>chaos events, killing lots of units in a specific area.
Also outposts and villages will sell you items and troops boosting the team that has the lead a lot.
Gold drops will be very small, so you'll need to kill 20 enemy creeps to buy a simple brass ring, but remember you don't command only one Hero, but a whole army of troops.
Life, damage, mana values toggled to very low ones (e.g. at first level you'll have 120HP only), but still balanced a lot.
Items focusing on their own abilities.
Item warehouses for all players.

More information coming soon!
Level 10
May 31, 2007
I am good a terraining. When I have it done, I will post some screenshots and you could suggest some things. Just keep the thread alive by posting and I will have the terrain done soon. I also want some Hero ideas and some item ideas as well. Creeps will be player-controlled and they will have ways of leveling.
Level 11
Dec 15, 2007
need some unique classes! mixed stats like having to balance agi and str, or any other combination, or customize the skills, mixing will be easier if you do and more unique. Mana and health could upgrade upon leveling up, and stats could be like ur own unique shit, came at a blank for examples to many things thinking about already.
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