War of Argent v2.04

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a old war of argent. I am waiting approve or reject of my map. If this map approve, i will update this map.

War of Argent, rpg, aos

War of Argent v2.04 (Map)

Moderator: -Kobas- Contact: Visitor Message / Private Message! Date: 05-Oct-13 (14:54:32)Critical Errors:Map presentation is poor or missing. Useful Links:The Important Site Rules. You can use Map Development Section for testing and improving your...




Moderator: -Kobas-
Contact: Visitor Message / Private Message!
Date: 05-Oct-13 (14:54:32)
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Map presentation is poor or missing.
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You need a proper description to be approved. Check the Map Submission Rules. You can do it using simple BBcode key and making catagories like "Story", "Screenshots", "Features" and so on. You might list all of the neutral buildings you used. If you want to save some time you might try using one of these Map Discription Templates. Also, I really like this simple yet useful Beginner's Guide to Map Making and Text Colors and this Advanced Terraining. You can even have a Map Preview Screen. Finally, you should always try Polishing Your Game, to make sure it really shines. That last one also has a section on making a description. Good Luck!!!
I will add a description. if my map approve. I know how to make a good description. Look my other maps :D

The map submission rules state that a map must have a description but your other maps are really good, so if you want to risk it, I'm not going to tell you what to do :)

Your screenshots are really nice on the other maps, but the descriptions are all a bad template. You should use [table][/table] or [box=Name][/box] to keep the top inline at the very least. I don't know why so many people use that description template and leave the top off center. Good luck! Nice map +rep for that. I don't review maps without descriptions though.
Level 21
Aug 27, 2013
War of Argent v2.04 Review by Rheiko

I don't know what the point of playing this map, i destroy all towers and go to the dimensional portal, and fight the demon lord.. when i beat him nothing happens
also your Abilities icon is not used properly (Command Buttons is used as Learning and Active ability icons and Passive Buttons is used as passive button)
Balance your tower a bit, it's really hard to destroy only one tower
and when spawned units enter the dimensional portal, they don't move to boss' region?
Other than that, no problem

in my opinion, it's a nice and decent terrain. i like how you decorate the gates and all
keep it up!

Balance Your Tower
Balance Your Item's price
Balance Your Boss (well, i think it's not really necessary)
Fix your PASBTN and BTN icons
Add description at here (ingame description, i think it's descriptive enough)
  • Use BBCodes
  • VK's Description Generator
  • -Kobas-'s Map Description Template
And where the hell is win condition???

It's an ordinary AoS, but with decent terrain and also bosses
what could i say? i love boss fight!

I rate it
2/5 (until you fix your description) and +REP

Personal Comment: reminds me to DotA
If you have any question about this review, contact me through VM / PM