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War-craft-3! - Card game

Discussion in 'Map Development' started by ZeusLT, May 11, 2011.

  1. zlowly


    Feb 8, 2012
    So are this map having a monster,trap,magic,and field card?
    or maybe even a power up card?
    fusioning the card with another card to having more powerfull card?
    so can i get the detail here?
    can i download the map to test it?
  2. Drunken_Jackal


    Apr 10, 2010
    Well it basically has yu gi oh mechanics.
    But, Zeus, think of some new brand of card types.
    By card types I mean spell, trap, monster, fusion, etc.
  3. ZeusLT


    Aug 5, 2010
    Yesterday I've been simplifying triggers, systems. Have been making effect systems and stuff...

    For now I'm trying to set up everything for w3 modeling, I'll make simple effect for bowman. Bowman will be able to use effect (target ability) on footman, and new unit will appear in place of footman. It will look like - footman with palantax animation in front and bowman at back, with higher attack/defense points.

    I should finish with effect system today, also there are still few glitches to fix, I know there are but I just don't stick to one thing at the time and loose concentration and just forget :bad poker face: . It is like oh effect is not finished, but I need to find a working dummy ability, oh look this system needs to be fixed... Anyway, expect good stuff soon. Feel free to give suggestions.
    Sorry, but I have some unexpected problems with computer I use to make map, Might be a virus or PC is too old or a windows overloaded. In other works - computer works like shit :p It worked fairly good few days ago...
    Yep, few trojans and other threads found. Hopefully that's the cause.
    I'm unable to fix it....
    OK... I've used computer for 2 hours and no errors occurred. I can run WE now but cannot connect to battle.net where I usually test it... and some random windows theme changes make me doubt it will work how it should :D
    ... And today it happened again...
    That is it... I had 2 operating systems installed on my machine. win7 and XP home.
    Win7 software got screwed (random BSOD, system crashes) and win xp was eaten by a virus and never actualy was used. I was unable to fix XP (network drivers don't work). So I now have to reinstall OS.
    This will delay everything about map by few more days :)
    So I've reinstalled, everything works.

    Testing map I've found some weird bugs... Like changing camera bounds for all players makes player_2 (player variable) to crash Oo. Also ability based on acid bomb triggers trigger Oo which is really weird and don't know how to fix Oo
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2012