Voice actors needed - Hero Sound Sets in Chapter 4

Level 6
Jun 16, 2004
Are you a voice actor? This is your chance to contribute to the dwarf campaign!

We are considering to make custom sound sets for the heroes in the chapter 4 of the dwarf campaign. These sounds are played when the hero is clicked or commanded to do something. Note that these sounds are not the dialogues for the characters. We are looking for professional-level voice actors for the job. The level they have in Wanderers of Sorceria is ok.

If you want to be a voice actor, send a few voice-over samples of one or more Chapter 3 heroes:
- Tollusek the Black (dwarf, male, old)
- Bark Sharpnose (gnoll, male, young adult)
- Thorp Blackpaw (gnoll, male, mature adult)
- Philiastrasza (dragon/human, female, adult)

Hero sounds include
- "What" sounds
- "Attack" sounds
- "Yes" sounds
- "Pissed" sounds

A good acting performance that adds soul to the characters is essential! Creative phrases are a big plus! Heroes in Chapter 4 are not necessarily the same as in Chapter 3, and the voice-overs are used mainly for evaluation purposes.

Send email to [email protected]. The mail should include your contact details, your profile as voice actor, and the sound samples. There is no deadline for the participation for the time being.