Voice actors needed for a campaign near completion

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Aug 30, 2004
I am finally nearing completion on my Talislanta-based campaign. There are some bug squishes, and I need to do the music integration, but the main limiting factor is the voice acting. I need a lot of it.

If anyone is willing to help, please let me know. I need many voices: male, female, tough guy, foreign accents, you name it. I have some very large parts (the main heroes still need to be done) and some insanely small parts (some just need a few lines). I can do simple sound editing as well, so I can do pitch transforms and things to make people sound a bit different. This will probably be necessary for some of the giant voices.

If anyone is willing to help, please contact me. You can see the work I've already done here:

[Campaign] - Flight of the Snow Witch

Check the Trailer out if you want to hear some of the excellent voice work by Elf_Lord and others.

I am hoping to release the campaign at Christmas this year.


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Jun 4, 2009
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Aug 30, 2004
Thanks guys! I've heard from a few volunteers so far, so hopefully we can get to work on this soon.

That Fiverr site looks pretty good, and I'll definitely keep it in mind. Given the size of the campaign I don't think it's practical to buy all the parts (it would be thousands of dollars), but I can certainly get some of the harder roles or ones people don't volunteer for.

I'm starting to get excited about moving this along.
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Apr 21, 2013

Thanks for suggesting me man :3


This is a campaign id like to play. Check my samples and tell me if you'll need anything. Feel free to PM me some lines and check if you'll like what I can offer.
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Aug 30, 2004
That's a great idea, Kyrbi0. I have a lot of tiny roles that need to be filled. Here are a few:

((notes appear in double parentheses))

1. Trapped Aamanian warrior.
Character: part of a witch-hunting cult. Think 1600s inquisition soldier.
Voice: Old English, proper and emotionless (except for a, which is a bit desperate).
Spoken lines:
a. ((muttered from inside a cage…should be soft)) Help Me
b. ((relieved)) Thank Aa, I've been saved.
c. ((grateful, but emotionally distant)) Thank you for your help, but I must return to my post.
d. I serve another of more pure faith. I couldn't expect someone like you to understand.
e. Those who have not been seen by the Eye cannot see with it. I must go.

If this is done well, I also need someone to do the unit response dialogs for the Aamanian characters, and another to do the Aamanian Hero (very small role: 85 words).

2. Dracartan Desert Warrior.
Character: fire-throwing siege unit. Civilized, but tough. I plan on using the Starcraft 2 Firebat unit voices (link here)
Spoken line:
a. We're with you, Tora.
((Tora rhymes with "four huh"))

3. Arimite Instructor.
Character: Sounds like the bandit units. Here, the unit is explaining to the player how to do the mini-game.
Spoken lines:
a. Okay, boss, here's how to sail. Right-click to tack in that direction. The river current will pull you, though, so compensate accordingly.
b. Press W to raise more sails and increase speed, S to lower them.
c. Press Q to fire your forward-mounted ballista. It fires at a 20-degree upward angle, but you can ratchet it up (press A) or down (press D). By adjusting the firing angle, you can hit air units and far away units.
d. Press X to climb up or down the Crow's Nest. Being atop will give you a good bird's eye view, but being down on the deck will allow you to line up shots with your ballista.
e. Press E to fire your side-mounted catapults at ground units.
f. Press "F" to just blast an enemy air unit with your magic spells. It's good if you get a Stryx on your tail.
g. Finally, if you're in a panic, press R and right-click to do a club haul with your anchor. This will give you one very rapid turn.
Good luck.

I also need a bandit-like character to yell:
h. Help! We're under attack!

And another to be defiant right before he is sacrificed by a Witch:
i. You can take my flesh, but my spirit will live on.

4. Astramar (female blood elf unit).
Character: She's essentially a blood elf sorcerer.
a. ((genuine relief)) Sir! It's so good to see you.
b. ((Satada rhymes with regatta)) We were taken two years ago; sold by Satada to a Za conclave.
c. Slave labor. They had us constructing our buildings here.
d. ((genuine relief)) It's so good to see you, Defender.
e. We were taken two years ago, they had us building these structures.
f. ((genuine relief)) Commander! It's so good to see you.

5. "Thrall" warrior (not Thrall the Warcraft character).
Character: Thralls are a race of twins so they all look and speak the same. See picture here.
Voice: Very tough, soldier like. No emotion.
a. ((shouting an order)) The Submen have stormed our barracks! Fire upon it immediately!
b. ((they respond “Are you sure?”)) No time, fire now!
c. ((calmly giving permission to enter)) Come inside. The Commander is at his Citadel.

6. The Za people (multiple roles, all male adult).
Characters: These are savage bandits (I use the Orc Raider model and unit command voices). There is a tournament where they all introduce themselves and their clan (think of the beginning of Gangs of New York). Many of them have some dialogue later as well.

6.1. Zitara (an orc-like character, though a more human-like voice is fine; male)
a. ((addressing a crowd; he is the announcer for the tournament game)) We gather here on the plateau where our ancestors forged the alliance among our tribes, during the day of the great Conclave, to witness a battle of champions.
b. At stake: the sacred hammer of Zaran and rights to raid the Phaedran Causeway.
c. The fighters will announce their names and their tribes.
d. And who do you represent, La'Shanta?
e. So be it. Commence the fight!
f. ((the fight is over; declaring victor)) By right of combat, I hereby bestow the hammer of Zaran to La'Shanta the tribeless. May the merchants and gold hoarders tremble at his approach.
g. ((later, inquiring at the entrance of a tent)) Are you safe, Witch? We saw debris flying toward your tent.
h. ((reassuring)) Good. That windship was the last of their proper defenses. You are safe.

6.2. Zaratan (another orc-like character, though - again - a more human-like voice is fine)
a. ((introducing himself to the tournament; with pride)) Zaratan, representing the hundred Ear-Slicers of the East!
b. ((offering a quest to the hero)) A good base needs watch towers, but it ain't as easy as just stacking logs together. If you want, I can train your darklings to build them. But you have to do something for me.
c. ((continued from 6.2b)) Seven Kingdoms' troops use the valley behind me as a transport route. Take a small force of yer choosin' and get 20 kills. Pick your moments though.
d. ((quest turn in response)) Impressive. You will be a force against our enemies. Send your workers to me and I will instruct them.
e. ((later; to a reluctant ally)) Victory is upon us! Come share in the spoils, my Queen.

6.3. Zilistra (as above)
a. ((announcing himself; with pride)) Zilistra the blood-bringer, and I will forever serve the forty bandits of the Hungry Oranges.
b. ((angry; complaining to a group)) Erd shit! We are giving the right of banditry to a man who has no bandits! What sense does that make?
c. The witch is escaping! Kill her!

7. Gluglug the slave
Character: this is an imp-like rat-person. Think D&D kobold. Should sound tiny and scheming if possible.
a. Oh great one, please help! My family is being held by dastardly mudmen... Save us, and we will serve you with eternal loyalty!
b. ((Hero responds, "I've never met a loyal slave")) Yes you have, master.
c. ((obsequious)) Thank you, great one! We will humbly serve your army.

8. Florian (Russian accent needed)
Character: this is a priest and attendant to the good Witch. These people speak in a Russian-like accent. While it doesn't come up in the game, I always imagined that the Witch's attendant was gay. A more effeminate voice would be great, but let's not overdo it to the point of offense. His role is largely to console the Witch as the drama unfolds.
a. ((to the Witch, his friend and superior)) I'm sure he'll come for you. I only worry about what the Seven Kingdoms will have to face because of us.
b. I think he loves you, my liege. He'll come.
c. I'm sure he'll come for you. I think he's fallen in love with you. They all do.
d. I worry about you, my liege
e. You have faith in him, then?
f. Well then I hope he can win.
g. ((concerned)) What is it, my liege?
h. ((encouraging; she’s worried, he’s saying not to worry, the hero will win)) He's winning, my liege. With your strength he will win.
i. ((powerful)) He's doing it, my liege. Victory is ours.
j. ((concerned; friend is bleeding)) Are you okay?
k. ((reassuring)) Be strong, my liege. We're doing everything we can.
l. ((quiet; he's speaking to an enemy that has him captive)) I will mend her wounds.
m. ((to his friend who is suffering; he’s lamenting the bad treatment she’s received)) Why does he treat you like this?
n. ((still sad)) I do not understand.
o. ((to his friend; still consoling, but this is a genuine question)) Why is he afraid? Your love makes him powerful.
p. ((despondent… they’re out of options)) What can we do, mistress?
q. But if they kill him, you will die. You are linked.
r. ((to himself; resigned)) Then our people will die.
s. ((panicked; defending himself from accusation)) I healed her as fast as I could! Her body was just torn apart...lacerations everywhere. There was nothing I could do!

There's a lot more, but if anyone can help with any of these that would be great. I have larger roles too, so let me know if you're interested.

Thanks so much guys, and please do let me know if you have any questions,

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Aug 30, 2004
I could do a voice or 2. I'm a baritone with a pretty wide range. I can do very boyish to very deep and masculine shit. I can also sound like I eat cigars for breakfast.

Devine, that would be great. Do you want to take a stab at #5 and #6.1?

5 should sound like a muscle guy, but fairly monotone. Think Kurt Russell in the movie Soldier. Actually anyone in the movie Soldier.
6 can sound like a more standard orc.

I also have a giant character that I have a hard time filling. He's the same race as the main narrator in my trailer. If you think you can do a voice that deep let me know and I'll send you the script (it's a also a very small role).
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Sep 2, 2007
Devine, that would be great. Do you want to take a stab at #5 and #6.1?

5 should sound like a muscle guy, but fairly monotone. Think Kurt Russell in the movie Soldier. Actually anyone in the movie Soldier.
6 can sound like a more standard orc.

I also have a giant character that I have a hard time filling. He's the same race as the main narrator in my trailer. If you think you can do a voice that deep let me know and I'll send you the script (it's a also a very small role).
Perhaps I can start with the Giant and go from there?
Send me the script in PM and I'll give it a look one of these days.
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Aug 30, 2004
I can do monsters, orcs, demons, and beasts voices. Pm me if interested. I would like participate and be added to the team.

Excellent, I sent you a PM with some small scripts.

The voices have been coming in nicely so far; and I'm still hoping for a Christmas release. I do have more slots available of course, so any volunteers out there should contact me.

Thanks everyone for all the help so far! It's so nice to see this coming together finely.