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Village Fall

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Level 24
Nov 9, 2006
Used 1-2 hours on this shit, dont think im gonna be terraining much more.
Just happend this once that i was really bored and figured out i do a little terraining! :)
Anyway so i tried to make it realistic and make an early fall morning setting to it.
Mostly inspired by the nature of Norway when i made this! ^^
Oh and i didnt bother making it look good from all views due to boreness!.. . z Z ZZ



  • Terrain screen 1.jpg
    Terrain screen 1.jpg
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    Terrain screen 2.jpg
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    Terrain screen 3.jpg
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Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
You definitely are very good at playable terrain. Looks awesome.

Have you done much non-playable? I can't remember.
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