Version 3.0.31 Released!

Level 18
Nov 1, 2006
Just in time for Christmas I've released Against the Darkness version 3.0.31. This version contains an entirely new ability for the Architect, as well as tech-tree changes, gameplay tweaks, and AI improvements. If you're interested in playing, DarkBot hosts on all realms in as well as in several rooms on Garena. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Version 3.0.31 (current) - View Here
Released December 21, 2014

1. New Ability: Architect's Bravery Aura replaced with Leadership
2. Units: Wheat Storage is now Wheat Farm with new model. Hitpoints increased from 100 to 125. Collision and pathing size increased.
3. Units: House of Knowledge now requires a Trading Outpost instead of a Recruitment Lodge
4. Units: Catapult Defense System now only requires a Harvesting Center
5. Units: Hover-Gunner Defense System now requires a Harvesting Center, College of Research, and Trading Outpost.
6. Units: White Magic Defense System now requires a House of Knowledge instead of a Recruitment Lodge
7. Items: All Gold Coins removed from map
8. Item Nerf: Staff of Nature's Might damage bonus decreased from 30 to 25.
9. Item Nerf: Sacred Force Blade damage bonus decreased from 45 to 40.
10. Items: Tiny White Magic Defense System added to creep drop and now purchasable by the Death Knight
11. Gameplay: Normal Mode Hero Respawn extended to cover the duration of game time until Doom initiates.
12. Gameplay: Hints have been shortened to be less distracting.
13. Fix: Infernal Strike tooltip fixed
14. Fix: AI Death Knight will use all healing items more intelligently
15. Fix: Fixed/Updated Architect's tooltip when clicked for information during Hero Selection
16. Code: Minor improvements to conditional logic for several spells (replaced == false with return not)