V for Vendetta

Level 24
Jun 26, 2006
I've seen like the last hour or so. Perhaps a little more than that. It was epic. If ever anything deserved :thumbs_up:, it was V for Vendetta.
Level 12
Aug 31, 2005
Its kinda funny how a character who wears a mask the entire movie has so much emotion about him. Overall I think the movie was great. From beginning to end its worth the watch. Id just recommend paying close attention throughout it so you dont get lost. I had a friend who watched it with me and has no idea what went on lol.
its with Hugo Weaving right? im not sure if it is but i thought i was. anyways hes a great actor.

Well, first they had another actor, but he wasn't comfortable with wearing a mask constantly. So they quickly changed to Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith, Elrond...) and had him voice over the other parts.
Level 21
Jan 5, 2005
i like the film, there were a few things i personally didnt like but overall it was good. reminded me alot of equilibruim and children of men (both amazing films) but it had its own personal style. i didnt like parliment being blown up in the end because i think thats one of the most beautiful building in the world, still its a film so meh. 8/10 i think.