UNSC Cruiser and Frigate

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As many will immediatley realize, these are the Frigate and Halcyon Class cruiser from the Halo Series. The models were scratch made in Solidworks, textured with in-game textures in 3ds-max, and exported using NinToxicated's .m3 exporter. The use of in-game textures allows the models to be directly imported into the editor without any set-up/pathing. They now include death animations!

Things that are missing:

Update: As per request, made some of the cruiser textures less blurry, and more interesting on the top.

Halo, Ship, Capital, Human

Cruiser Death.m3 (Model)

Cruiser.m3 (Model)

Frigate Death.m3 (Model)

Frigate.m3 (Model)

05:22, 22nd Aug 2011 Dr Super Good: Model appear well made and visually pleasing.




05:22, 22nd Aug 2011
Dr Super Good:
Model appear well made and visually pleasing.
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Nov 17, 2008
For the United Earth Directorate! We shall name the ships in the memory of Admiral Du Gaulle and Vice-Admiral Stukov!

Anyhow, Halo ships arent really StarCraftish looking, doubt they can be used for anything except cargo ships, gun cutters and the Supercarriers in StarCraft maps based on lore, but this has large area of use in everything else. Good work!
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Mar 23, 2011

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@ tleno,how to fix the texture?
As you folks probably recognize/read, I used ingame textures to texture these models, specifically Command Center for the Cruiser and Barracks for the Frigate. While I do feel they are adequate, they could use some work, I agree. I do not intend to go through the process of re-doing the UVW map, as it took me many hours (these models were made in solidworks, which means they have "thickness", there are a lot of useless inward facing surfaces which really, really cluttered up the UVW map). However, if you can point out specific areas on the models which you think need work, I can work with scaling up the surfaces on those portions to make it less blurry. Remember, some of these surfaces had to fit into texture slots not desinged for them what so ever, so I may need to choose either an entirely new area to place them, or I might not be able to do anything to change them at all. Even with the places that need work, it may be another month before I can implement them. The computer I made these on is laid-up at college, and the UVW-Wrap modifier doesn't appear on the versions I have been working with at home. This may or may not mean I can manipulate them without screwing them up.