Unmodern Warfare 1.16

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Herohatcher presents:

Alternative World War.
Select one of four factions and battle other player or bots. It is an important part of the game to gain experience from kills, killstreaks and production to skill active and passive abilities for your army. Each faction has it's own abilities, buildings and units.

What makes Unmodern Warfare a special map and worth it to try ?
For me, it seems like a mix between Starcraft and Warcraft III. Factions are designed individually and the required micromanagement is somewhere in between the both mentioned above.
In addition killstreaks and special weapons give it an individual taste a la C&C.

Category: Altered Meele

Average Game Time: 20min

Minimum Players: 1

Credits for in-game models:

General Frank: All German Tanks (Fenris, Stalwart, Thunderlord V2)

Norinrad: Battle priest model


Mech Spider


Minimap Preview icon -> Steam Fortress
GoblinHeavyHelicopter -> Chieftain Helicopter

Space_Trauren Trooper -> Invincible

BloodElfAnihilator -> Impaler Tank

Light_Infantry -> Ranger



Gilneas Gunship


Goblin Soldier -> Strelet
Goblin Engineer -> Elite Strelet
Nuke Strike -> Nuclear Impact
FirstAid -> Healing Effects
ArtilleryStrike -> Heavy Artillery

donut 3.5:

Goblin Mobile Turret -> Raptor


Multi Purpose Airship -> Remote Drone


Human Airship -> Flying Fortress


Goblin Zeppelin -> Hospital Zeppelin


MechWolf -> Wolfbot


Pillbox -> Bunker

Weird Human:

TlenoTech Mechanic -> Engineer Germany






Credits for in-game icons:

Marcos DAB:

Warrior Strength -> Toughness Research

Have fun and enjoy Unmodern Warfare by
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Website: UMW-Website

Rate please & comment your opinion!

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Level 18
Jun 15, 2012
Have tested it only once, and very quickly, but I could notice that when you product units like marines, which spawn 2 at time, it happends that with the 2 unit you go over the food supply.
Also fix other minor things like the "not enought food/wood message"
Level 4
Jan 28, 2013
Good Things
  • Experience system
  • Purchasable steel mills gaurded by creeps
  • Good use of models
  • Good terrain and good size a lot of altered maps over do the size
  • The AI
  • Many unique races

Bad Things
  • Slow movement speed of most units
  • No heroes
  • Since kill streaks and such matter I would like to see better micro opportunities
  • Can't rally workers to the Gold Mine
  • The factions I tried had no non mainbase structure that could act as a drop off point for steel
  • Hotkeys were not identified in anyway

As the map is now I vote 4/5 and hope to see it approved.

I would really like to see how the game would feel with a faster move speed on all units.
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General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 71
Nov 19, 2005
I've played some matches against the AI with and without human players on LAN and I come to the conclusion that this map is in fact quite cool.
The factions are rather interesting to play and the systems are well put together.
However there some bits that I don't really like:

- You cannot 'harvest' steel. Steel is a product of iron and carbon. So I think you cannot get those from steel mines or something. Just use iron or just metals.

- Way too many information on the units. I don't need all their stat. I just need some description, its strength and weakness and perhaps some fluff text.

- A.I. is pretty damn hard when you play alone against them.
Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
This is cool although the ai is kinda difficult its very challenging,I like the models you've used. 5/5 the only thing I don't like here is snow, I liked forest or village tile sets. Well anyway that's just me I'm not saying your map is bad or I hate it just becuz of the snow thing OK.
Level 1
Jan 28, 2013
This is indeed an awesome map, i just found a little Bug/Problem or maybe im just a little bit blind. The Upgrade/Building Valhalla, to get the Ultimate German units, is nowhere to be found. Next Problem, even if i destroy every ohter main building there is no text field or popup that i won the match. Im still giving 5/5
Level 3
May 3, 2011
Love the map! I downloaded your other one though, the gold fever one.

Having alot of fun with it, together with a friend of mine. Is there a difference in difficulty of the AI between easy, normal & hard?

Thanks for the updates ;D




09:01, 6th Sep 2015


Another wonderful map form from your Altered Melee series, I couldn't much say anything about the un-modern materials being represented in each race. But I got to say, its quite creative and very tech-worthy when it comes to infantry units and vehicles.

The terrain is game worthy as well, however my first test in the map was I thought the shallow waters are customized for being a deep sea variant, then I realize I can actually walk into it, especially when the AI also behaves like it doesn't move in other regions through the shallow waters as well in the first minutes of the game.

Lastly, the position of the button about Self Destruct for buildings seems a bit out of place, I suggest you move it just in the left corner of the coordinates tab, that way it won't make the upgrades/cancel buttons go jumping on all vacant coordinate buttons.

Map Approved.
Level 11
Apr 5, 2011
Very nice mod indeed! Fun to play, dynamic and versatile. Well done!

Some positive points that I want to mention particularly:
+Nice Control-Point system
+Nice, creative and properly functioning commander system. Not too micro-intensive, fitting, useful.
+Good resource system. I like that steel has healthbars, very convenient.
+Working AI. I imagine that took a lot of time and effort, so well done!

Some negative issues - all of them fairly minor:
-Grammar and typos. 'Attackdamage' is two words, as much as I understand your inclination to unite them. 'Ressources' has one 's' and I've seen a typo or two in other places ('dmamage', one of early USA buildings/units, don't remember which exactly). Also, Control Points are probably 'captured' rather than 'conquered':xxd:
-Hotkeys. They are mostly functioning as QWER, but not everywhere. Example: USA buildings (Engineer build-tab), which had some incorrect hotkeys. The fact that you often don't indicate them is alright, but not perfect, IMO.
-Some misspelling in Russian (for USSR): 'Na zdorovye, comrade' and 'Strelets' is what I spotted.
-Buildings that have passive abilities (auras) should not have them while under construction, right? That is easily fixable with simple GUI triggers (begins construction>remove ability; ends construction>add ability). I had this issue in my mod as well.
-Another minor improvement that I did in my mod: upon selecting a race, workers should ideally be offset towards the gold mine (like in War3), not 'south'. This can also be easily done via GUI triggers (point with polar offset: player start location offset towards a random gold mine within 900 range).

Overall, fun to play, with no encountered bugs and just some minor aesthetic flaws, which hardly damage the gameplay at all. A well-deserved 5/5!
Level 5
Dec 10, 2008
Hi Len,
The load abillity was made with the help of triggers: when a Ranger is loaded into a tank or carrier, the tank recieves a modified "phoenixfire" abillity, which fires automatically at enemies. When the unit is unloaded, the tank loses the abillity.
The abillity can stack and is also affected by weapon upgrades :)
Hi Len,
The load abillity was made with the help of triggers: when a Ranger is loaded into a tank or carrier, the tank recieves a modified "phoenixfire" abillity, which fires automatically at enemies. When the unit is unloaded, the tank loses the abillity.
The abillity can stack and is also affected by weapon upgrades :)

Can you PM me the step-by-step list if you can? I have like zero knowledge on custom spell triggers.
Level 5
Dec 10, 2008
Hello fellas,
Version 1.10 comes with a big change:
Resources gathered are greatly reduced to slow down the game.
It would be great to hear your opinion about that :)

Units and especially infantry move quicker.
Japanese Samurai got nerved down by ca. 10%, due to reasonable complains.

The bots are overall reworked to challenge you in solo play or fill those spots
on your next LAN-Party. But beware, they give you a tough time up from 'medium'.

Looking forward to read your comments and suggestions :)
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