Unite and Destroy

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The opposite of the known melee map "Divide and Conquer". Made this in my free time.

Unite and Destroy (Map)

Level 3
Nov 11, 2009
Give him a break i would do the same thing i can't come up with any new maps of my own because i am not the artictic mapping type he probably the same way either way i think he diserves a 5/5 from me he did his best thats #1, #2 i like the name very cool, and finaly its better the the Divide and Conquor that one is boring,now VergilThazaar ,and StrategyMaster if you two are working together and if you two would like i can help a little i have found a site where you can get world of warcraft model file rips that you can use to get these guys to shut up and make them quit calling you a mapstealer. for the rest of you TAKE A CHILL PILL!!