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Underground Fortress (8)

Submitted by sentrywiz
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Here is my map for the 3rd melee mapping contest!

Phew, deadline almost got me.

So here's what happened:
Even though my original idea got scraped, I kept the theme and the ideas, most of them ...
So here are the things you will find in my underground fortress !!!

1. Center gold mines have 1kk gold. (1 mil) default gold mine has 12500
2. Creeps guarding buildings have 100% item drop, others have a chance! usually creeps guarding pathways

3. Map was remade symmetrical in design. made with balance in mind
^players start out as 4 vs 4, each team to their own side.
^players get a guaranteed expansion and another one across trees and rocks.
^as players progress deeper into the maze, creeps will grow in power and numbers.
^expect unusual creep placement and army size. expect both random and certain item drops.
^within the heart of the dungeon, houses the elite rewards.. and the deadliest foes.
^only death awaits those that venture alone. the maze is vast, your enemies many.

I wish everyone happy new year and holidays.
Good luck to all other participants, can't wait to see what everyone made.
Oh and if you plan to play it, keep the replay :) send me a PM


Underground Fortress (8) (Map)