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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is my first skin ever just for fun and to experiment with Photoshop and the whole skinning proccess. Any comments are always welcomed. Path: Textures\IronRaven.blp

UndeadWarden (Texture)

THE_END: Basic recolor and not that good freehand either




THE_END: Basic recolor and not that good freehand either
Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
crap skin, too much recolor, not enough freehand. the amounts of change are minor and it doesnt really change the overall concept of the unit. first skin might be low quality, but the efforts gotta be massive, but i dont see efforts nor determination in this skin.
Level 8
Oct 2, 2004
"...does't change the overall concept of the unit."

It was changed from total green foresty to red evilish. Also, i'd rather see good recolor/cnp/filter than crap freehand, expecially from a newb.
Level 3
Aug 27, 2004
Why doesnt wormskull get it that not everything needs to be completely different. If it looks good ingame who the hell cares if its not a total make over. Yes i came out of no where.

About skin. For first skin thats really good. Hope you keep trying cause it seems like you could get pretty good with some experience. Only thing i find outa place is the wings on the back. In game they seem to not contrast very well with the rest of the skin.
Level 5
Jun 10, 2004
-I agree. This skin embodies why I believe that my arguement that people shouldn't flame the work of others solely on the basis of how the skin was made, but should rate a skin based on how good it looks when attached to the model (unless it was a stolen work) is a valid arguement. I say this from the perspective of map makers, the people most likely to believe that the primary purpose of skins are to be made for use in maps and therefore should focus on looking great when wraped around the model.
-For a first skin, this is very well done. Keep skinning.
Level 1
Oct 14, 2004
I have a problem. The editor doesn't identify the skin. I put the path in the importrator and doesn't go. Please, tell me what to do. Thank you.