Tzeentch Hero Pack

This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.
I separated Heroes and Unit so that the pack will not be hard to review and also can be easily updated

Ahriman the Exile (Model)

Aspiring High Sorceror (Model)

Sorceror Lord (Model)

General Frank
Lots of unused materials and textures as well as geosets assigned to two geoset animations. This is a huge bug. Please fix.
Level 17
May 6, 2007
I'd suggest working a bit more on the head- The skull mas right now looks like its resting over his nose with the maw proturing a bit. Ingame will not be that easy to spot, but the portrait might be a bit too silly. Also why so many dark colors? Tzeentch is rather colorful to denote change, I think you can try some other textures on the model, maybe a faceless one and see what the weird textuures can give to it. Right now I think thats your weakest one at the moment, still can be useful tho.
why so many dark colors?

IDK but ingame those TC texture are not dark, maybe hive viewer. Anyway hive viewer is good enought and it can detect Model problem

btw are those space marines I see kneeling before him?

I'm planning to make it into a space marine but we are in warcraft 3 not in DOW
Level 5
Jul 11, 2012
Looks quite amazing! Looking forward to see more chaos warhammer related stuff! Slaanesh (must be), Khorne and Nurgle! I hope you do it! This guys tho... Look amazing (Sorry, my fandom for warhammer realms is too great!) :'D
Level 12
Oct 12, 2016
That staff on Ahriman the Exile... is it supposed to move like that?
I need some good chaos sorcerer models, and I think Ahriman would be perfect either without the staff, or while holding it with a different animation.
Level 10
Jul 4, 2016
I have to say this is easily one of my favorite packs on the hive. Looking toward to see what you come up next for this pack!
Level 4
Mar 12, 2016
And again I am lucky to have old versions of these models! Of course, some of the new ones look much better, but some of them look completely different and can not be used in the same way as the old ones (such as War Wagon, for example).