Two New Empire Minor Heroes

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Gerard Salvos

Gerard Salvos is the Chapter master of the Knights of the Rose and Cross and the most valiant of all of the Empire knights. He was beloved by the people and admired by all of the Empire's military.
Gameplay: You can't get Knights of Rose and Cross until Gerard is level 10, when he becomes a real hero. Thus making him valuable.

Frederick Lion II

Frederick lion II is considered to be the greatest Weapon smith of the Empire, and the Imperial siege expert. His insights into the art of siege warfare are renowned throughout the land, and surpassed only by his superb craftsmanship of weapons.
Gameplay: If you lose Frederick Lion II the Revolt Event will occur even if you lose no forts. Frederick Lion II at level 10 unlocks the siege workshop at fort Tarin. Also, upon reaching level 10 you obtain a "Hammer of the Empire" a massive siege catapult with 5000 hp and 300 siege damage. Although, it only has 800 range, slow rate of fire, and is unable to target units.