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[Tutorial] Mad Mazers v1.61

Submitted by SeriousEnemy
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Mad Mazers

Update News v1.61

This map is slowly getting bigger and bigger!
This map now has a complete new spawn trigger!

To give you a little visual stuff for what I've changed, take this 2 screenshots.




This map is made for everyone who is interested in map making, but didn't found the right way to start.
Tower defenses are a great basic to learn map making, because most important parts of a tower defense are very easy to create!

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Please do not upload a changed version of this map!

I am very sorry that the last update took so long, but I wasn't enjoying warcraft for a long time. But I am back now.
So if you want to see more stuff, just write me a message here on hive.

Comments and bug reports are highly welcome!

This map contains:

spawn triggers
move triggers
restart triggers
music triggers
Choosable difficulty
level depending requirements for towers
sell ability for towers
player left notification
painted black background of tooltips
hint system
player commands (like: -roll, :message (ingame message contains 'message'), -lifes and much more!)
player control panel (dialog menu)
tower abilitys (selfmade with JASS)
Multiboard with kills, gold, leaks and next level infos

Future updates and changelog

Future updates

-More towers with more spells


Version 1.6 up 1.61 - 16. January, 2013

Reworked trigger:
-Misc RuneLureAbility
-Misc RuneLureAbilityUpgrade

Changed triggers:
-'Spawn' (and all reliances)
-'Prevent Difficulty' changed to 'Prevent Collision' (difficulty is changed by handicap instead of removing life)
-'Map Init' - removed all level (wave) settings

Renamed trigger:
'Level Special' into 'Get Level Requirement'

Added trigger:
-Finish Level
-Get Gold (to change the bounty via triggers)
-Create Multiboard
-Init Levels

-Added 30 new wave units
-Changed almost any value (armor, hp,..) for the wave units
-Changed Bolder towers attack speed and damage
-Changed almost every level requirement for towers

Version 1.5 - 29. December, 2012

Little bit better Jass script for following triggers:
-Misc PaladinAbility
-Misc BoulderTowerAbility
-Misc ColdTowerAbility
-Misc EnergyTowerAbility
-Misc FireTowerAbility
-Misc Map Initialization
-Misc Base Stay
-Spawn Effects
-Life Loose Effects

Overworked trigger: Misc Hints
Overworked 2 triggers: PCom ControlPanel Analysis(+2) - added the playlist stuff
Added Trigger: Misc ChangeFoodMessage
Added Trigger: Misc Music

Changed display time from trigger 'Misc PlayerLeaves' from 100000.. to 5 seconds
Changed unit data
Changed all turret attacks to chaos
Fixed max and min movement speed of units
Changed the value for damage reduction
Changed the loading screen and map preview - decreased the size alot

Ability Frozen Area fixed (slows 50% now, instead of freezing to min. movement speed)

Changed missle speed from all 3 fire towers

Added Towers:
-Darkness Tower

Version 1.4 - 19. November, 2009

-changed name of trigger "Getting Started" to "Autostart map"
-added a Difficulty System
-better seperation from spawn stuff, loosing, etc (Trigger: Spawn)
-changed mapname from "How to create a Tower Defense" to "[Tut] Mad Mazers"
-doubled the max. hp of every mazer

Version 1.3 - 18. November, 2009

-added a loading screen and a map preview
-general overwork of all hints

Version 1.2 - 17. November, 2009

-fixed trigger *Getting started* (map double started)

Version 1.1 - 16. November, 2009

-fixed trigger *Restart* (map restarted, but waves didn't stopped counting.. result: no spawns)

Credits and thanks to:


-Blizzard Entertainment (human emblem on my loading screen)

Thanks to:

All listed people don't changed anything from the map but gave me some hints for the stuff you can see in the brackets.

Falke13 and kola [shorter map name]
13e13ie [loading screen]
Battle_Lord_NL [difficulty system]

Tutorial, Tower, Defense, Open, Source, opensource, Maze

[Tutorial] Mad Mazers v1.61 (Map)

  1. vince759


    Dec 24, 2012
    hi SeriousEnemy, do you know how to add some Sound effects ? doesn't work to my TD map..
    and also the effect that when a Unit Enters a Region..
    i want to add " if you unit enters a Region, splash water would spawn" just like you do to your map..
    the Town Portal Thingy..
  2. SeriousEnemy


    Nov 15, 2009
    Sorry for the late respons, been very busy.

    You can check out the triggers when opening my map.
    If you're still having problems understanding or importing parts of it, just let me know it.
    I will try to take a look here at least once every weekend.