Troll Manhunter (Pack)

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A remake of my old Troll Manhunter model. I uploaded this one as a separate pack and not as an update to the old upload because some people might prefer the old version's look rather than this one.

I expanded upon the primitive and hunter theme that I was going for on the old version, utilizing combat tools such as two blades for its melee and a spear and blow gun for its ranged. I also made the variants have different blades, hairstyles and masks (The ice troll's mask is supposed to be a magnataur head, I hope its clear with the tusks) I also went for a more top heavy and less lanky look for these trolls, they are supposed to be an anomaly among trolls after all kinda like how Dire trolls exist.

The alternate form changes him to a spear user and makes his animations take on a more stealthy stance. I suggest using the Druid of the claw's Bear Form ability for switching in between melee and ranged form.

Big thanks to @Kyrbi0 for helping me bug test the model and creating a test map which utilizes the model's alternate animations. Thank you!
Big thanks as well to @Vinz and @General Frank for helping me with ribbon effects and animation names, thank you both!

-fixed blood event objects not showing up during his alternate death animation. Thanks @Deolrin for pointing it out

Dark Troll Manhunter (Model)

Dark Troll Manhunter Portrait (Model)

Forest Troll Manhunter (Model)

Forest Troll Manhunter Portrait (Model)

Ice Troll Manhunter (Model)

Ice Troll Manhunter Portrait (Model)

Manhunter Spear Missile (Model)

Troll Manhunter (Model)

Troll Manhunter Portrait (Model)