[Solved] Trigger functions dissapeared

Level 5
Jan 12, 2011
All GUI triggers got their all functions dissapeared - the trigger 'functions' window is completely blank.
Anybody can help please?

What I was doing, when it happened:
I just created hashtable variable, in one trigger created hashtable and saved it to the variable, then I wanted to store ability in the hastable, but I wasn't able to even set it properly and after closing it, because it wasn't possible to save it really, all the functions have dissappeared.

When I try to convert it to custom text, I can see the actions, however, when I press CTRL+Z, the functions window is still blank.

Thanks for any help provided.
Level 20
Jul 14, 2011
Well, your map is there, the scripts are there, and GUI functions are there, you just can't see them. Try re-installing JNGP OR changing the triggers windows size, I do it sometimes when the screen goes blankl.