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Toy Soldiers v1.56

Submitted by SnaKy
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
- shooter map, in conclussion it's mix of various FPS games given into WarCraft3
- great for LAN party
- fast-paced action
- 5v5 gameplay
- Bomb/Defuse mode and Zombie mode
- realtime, round-based gameplay
- takes just few moments to learn how to play (if you ever played ET it will be piece of cake for you)
- 7 unique classes to choose from, even if it's very similar to play with every class, everyone has got another pros/cons
- more types of ammunition, not just one per weapon
- hiding in trees and bushes, giving it realistic touch
- 4 types of grenades, airstrike, artillery barrage
- unique 3D positional sound, also walking sounds (like in Counter-Strike)
- still in development so things may change (any suggestions you give I take in consideration)

You thought maybe that the name of map doesn't have any connection with gameplay itself except the word soldiers. well yeah, the game is not toys, I made it more or less realistic. I took it more poetic. ;)
Even the map is not as colorful as the map preview picture. The game is a lot of dark green while picture is light, flashy, etc. It's done on purpose.

Also: map is unprotected.

Follow thread at forums // old screenshots




-- 1.55-1.56
- Added new map Thousand Canes
- Bunch of changes I don't remember

-- 1.54-1.55
- Added very simple AI (will be better with ongoing versions)
- Added new command for host -mode , to change actual map/mode
- Added new command for host -ai , to enable/disable cpu taking over leavers (default: enabled)
- fixed stacking system, now item stacks even with full inventory (if item is bought)
- Increased hp of zombies; Main zombie 3000 -> 4000 / Infected 1500 -> 2000
- Increased hp of Minion Lair; 300 -> 500
- Barricades get destroyed on every new round (in Zombie mode)
- changed item name; Antipsychotics -> Neuroleptics
- Added Team Deathmatch mode to Inferno
- all ammunition is now cheaper; Bullets 20g, Shells and Sniper Rounds 30g, Stun 90g
- fixed bug when unit had LSD before changing to zombie
- fixed many other bugs with zombies
- fixed issues with selection

-- 1.53-1.54
- New mode - Zombie
- tweaked grenades physic
- improved graphics a bit
- added sound for airstrike's bomb whistle
- fixed portrait bug
- Sticky bomb's clusters do more damage now
- bigger collision size for Riot Shield (better protection)
- Bomb don't have hp regen now but hp increased from 50 to 60
- technical fixes

-- 1.52-1.53
- Medic can heal himself but it's only 50% effective
- New item - Riot Shield
- New item - Goggles
- Text-tags seem to be fixed more or less
- a lot of other technical fixes

-- 1.50-1.51
- tweaked Bear Trap to be weaker (cd, no dmg,...)
- Stalker's cloak uses less mana
- cloaked Stalker is now less visible a bit
- changed some things about LSD Grenade
- fixed -rr command
- fixed -kick command (for host: type just -kick to display player list
for player's ID, then type -kick # , where # is player's ID from 1 to 9)
- fixed bug with conditions of winning for blue team
- fixed bug with leaving when picking class
- cover aura does more translucency by 10%
- fixed Stalker's minimap icon when cloaked
- smoke from Smoke Grenade does less damage
- Sniper's ammo now come in pack of 8 instead of 6
- Sniper's attack cooldown has been reduced to 4 from 6
- fixed camera issues in replay
- Recon has new ability - Painkiller (increases temporary his hp)
- Morphine now gives 2.5 sec invulnerability to ressurected unit
- Turrets have more intelligent shooting pattern now

-- 1.42-1.50
- improved INFERNO terrain
- new class - Stalker (Infiltrative role, comes with Bear Trap,
Cloak and well known Smoke Grenade)
- upgraded code a bit
- smoke from Smoke Grenade now actually blocks vision and does little damage in it's area
- a lot of minor stuff changed

-- v1.20
- decreased cost of Stimpack from 90 to 65
- reworked Operator, now he has Artillery Barrage instead Smoke Grenade and Sentinel instead Support Aura
- created *beep* sound when you hit somebody in fog of war (the most usable for Sniper and MG classes)
- minor changes

-- v1.19
- increased Mortar's cooldown from 7 to 14 seconds
- increased Sentry Turret's hp from 400 to 600
- increased Barricade's armor from 0 to 20
- decreased cost of Stimpack from 100 to 90
- tweaked Medic's gun (shots faster and smaller spread now)
- decreased hp drain on revive from -5 hp to -3 hp per second
- decreased duration of Medikit from 25 to 20 seconds'
- added Destroy ability to Barricades

-- v1.18
- created system for changing maps
- reworked Satellite, now it is less laggy and more comprendious
- reduced self-fucks with Mortar
- Mortar is now a bit weaker
- trees can be destroyed now
- fixed old grenade bug (disappearing)
- terrain less messy
- added an item - Stimpack
- two shops instead of one now
- Smoke/LSD grenades now use the same grenade item as explosive ones (more limited)
- increased max of grenades from 5 to 6
- a lot of other tweaks I don't remember

-- v1.17
- a lot of small changes have been done
- added an ability for Machinegunner - Mortar
- automatically finds and uses new ammo from your inventory when the currently selected is depleted
- Scout renamed to Recon
- teamcolored nametags
- added an item - Barricade/450hp
- changed C4 Detonator from item to ability + it has got an new icon (easier to control)
- added towers to terrain
- new messages for kills that anyone can see
- minor changes on terrain

-- v1.16
- increased duration of Rune of Heal from 5 to 10 seconds (it's healing slower now)
- team with lesser players now get more gold on end of round
- increased cost of Sentry Turrets to 85 from 70
- changed damage of Sniper Rifle, now it takes 80% of max hp to unarmored and 40% of max hp to kevlar armoured targets
- Sentry Turrets get removed on end of round now
- tweaked Rune of Heal
- fixed swap command
- fixed detector of allied players

-- v1.15
- changed UI
- changed hotkeys
- added muzzleflashes
- added glow on grenades
- machingegun is now faster shooting
- effects of LSD are now shorter, 30->20
- changed color of LSD Grenade from white to yellow
- every player can be revived only once now
- fixed bugs with game camera

-- v1.14
- increased Machinegunner's hp up from 505 to 600
- Machinegunner have now same movement speed as Sniper
- nametag now comes with class name
- players spawn with temporary invulnerability (10 seconds)
- minor changes on terrain
- minor changes on tooltips

-- v1.13
- added class: Machinegunner/505hp
- added an ability for Sniper - Scope Mode
- added an item - Sentry Turret
- decreased Operator's cost from 140 down to 120
- Sniper now wears a bush (better cover)
- added new sound for Knife
- fixed minimap bug with Operator

-- v1.12
- added unique detector of position of allied players
- added class: Operator/450hp
- added abilities for Operator - Support Aura, Airstrike
- now you explode when you carry Explosive Barrels and die
- some locations (like bushes etc.) gives you partialy invisibility when you don't move
- added an item - Satellite Screen
- better preload
- improved tooltips

-- v1.11
- increased Scout's movement speed from 460 to 490
- increased Scout's hp up from 500 to 525
- increased AOE of LSD Grenade from 400 to 600
- changed cooldown of LSD Grenade to 10
- minor changes

-- v1.10
- new model for AP bullets and Stun shells
- increased cost of Stun shells to 80 from 60
- morphine now do not use mana if no usable corpse is near

-- v1.09
- improved tooltips for all explosives
- HP of classes are now: Marines and Scouts/500hp , Snipers/425hp, Medics/400hp
- fixed minimap bug
- minor changes

-- v1.08
- added an ability for Scout - Binoculars
- added an ability for Medic - LSD Grenade
- improved tooltips for all ammunition
- fixed morphine bug (hopefully)
- increased bullets damage a bit

-- v1.07
- fixed crash when purchasing grenades

-- v1.06
- balanced vision of every class now

-- v1.05
- grenades can be purchased now
- minor changes

-- v1.04
- minor changes

-- v1.03
- every weapon has its own ammo now
- added classes: marine, medic, scout, sniper
- added 5v5 gameplay
- grenades are limited now (max 5)
- fixed camera
- fixed leaving players bug

Toy Soldiers, Toysoldiers, Toy, Soldier, Shooter, Physics, Grenade, Action, Hide, Projectile, Bomb, Counter Strike, CS, TS, TF, Stalker, Operator, Mar

Toy Soldiers v1.56 (Map)

03:51, 2nd Oct 2008 VGsatomi: Another elaborate, high quality tactical map by snaky. teamwork is essential and each class played very unique roles. Interaction with the terrain and variety of weapons, abilities and items in a modern tactical combat...
  1. Winimasker


    May 30, 2015
    It's great as what all supporters have said.