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Addition for walls. Use this towers for building an arabian town\fortress. Seems that works correctly.

Arabian towers square saracens

Towers (Model)

12:33, 5th Jun 2016 The_Silent: Looks good and fits the theme. Approved.
Level 11
Apr 9, 2013
I have know idea how these will work in game when put side by side, from my knowledge I don't know if they will meet as this is shaped as a zigurat, so Walls that are perpendicular will have problems, though truly don't know maybe it doesn't have any problems, I can't say or test right now.
Another thing is the door, I could suggest removing it but I guess leave it there. If I were to speak in realistic terms that door would be a hazard to the people inside the walls but well it's Warcraft 3.
Overall the mesh is nice, it's quite different and unique I never would have imagined you would have made it this way, I can't wait to see the Gates (That will have vertical versions as well.. RIGHT?).