Tower Name Ideas Needed

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Apr 16, 2008
For the Advanced Elemental Towers, they all have various skills and such, but I haven't been able to come up with some creative or good names for them and their upgrades. So as a result, I have stuff like:

Meteor Tower
Meteor Tower 2
Meteor Tower 3

With the 2 and 3 representing Meteor Tower's upgrades.

I will describe below each of the towers that are currently assigned to the various elemental branches, and if people have some good ideas for names, please post them here! In most cases, I don't mind the level 1 name for the tower, but what I'm looking for more are names for their upgrades (rather than just having 2 and 3 as suffixes).

Advanced Earth Towers

Fissure Tower - Creates a fissure every few seconds in a random direction, blocking the path of ground enemies and builder alike.

Boulder Tower - Attacks with giant rocks, with a chance to launch a rolling boulder that will knockback ground creeps in a line.

Lurker Tower - Shoots out a line of subterranian spikes that damage ground units.

Artillery - Fires a powerful shell at a random location within the area, dealing heavy splash damage and knockbacking any enemies that are caught in the blast. Cannot be controlled.

Tree of Life - The tree drains HP from all enemies within range. Everytime a total of X amount of HP has been drained, a small faerie is created that hovers around the tree. If the builder is damage and comes within range of the faerie, it will rush and sacrifice itself to heal the builder for a certain amount of HP.

Advanced Fire Towers

Meteor Tower - Summons meteors to come down and damage creeps with splash damage.

Scorching Wall Tower - Creates a firewall that damages any unit that walks through it.

Shrapnade Tower - Launches grenades that split into shrapnel pieces that are grenades themselves, dealing damage wherever they land.

Fireblast Tower - Launches a fireball that knocksback creeps caught by it.

Incinerator Tower - Rapidly fires buring arrows at enemies, causing them to heat up and eventually explode, dealing damage to all units nearby.

Advanced Air Towers

Vacuum Tower - This tower sucks up all units within range and pulls them in towards the tower.

Generator Tower - Allows creation of a Link Tower, after which a link is established between the Generator and the Link Towers. This link is high intensity electricity, which damages all units that pass through it.

Splitting Lightning Tower - Fires lightning at an enemy that then splits and hits all other enemies within range.

Beamos Tower - Fires a powerful beam along the ground that damages all ground units caught within it.

Energy Blade Tower - This tower can create a giant spinning blade of pure energy, damaging all units caught within the blades.

Advanced Water Towers

Chilling Wind Tower - Fires a chain frost that can bounce between enemies and even your builder. If it hits enemies, they are slowed, and if it hits your builder, frost armor is cast on him.

Glacial Storm Tower - Summons ice to fall down on units around the tower.

Fountain of Destruction - This fountain spews out water in a circle around it, damaging all units that come in the way.

Frostbite Tower - Slows all units within range, depending on how many units are within range. The more units, the less each unit is slowed.

Geyser Tower - Creates a geyser on the ground that causes water to blast up, damaging any unit caught in the blast.

Currently we only have 5 towers per element, hoping to have more in the future. I'm considering moving Artillery to a different tech tree if I can get another nice earth spell.

Thanks for any help with names! :)
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Dec 7, 2008
I hope you don't mind if I don't give the explanations with the names because I don't have them. Just some names.

For fire towers:
>>Big Blaster
>>Sparker of Apocalypse
>>Nova exploder

Also if you don't get enough ideas & have time you can browse through idea factory. It can help.
Level 5
Oct 16, 2005

1 - Crack Tower
2 - Fissure Tower
3 - The Canyon Maker/The Canyonier/The Earthquaker/The Quaker/The Molder/Canyon Tower

1 - Rock Tower
2 - Boulder Tower
3 - The Crusher/Granite Tower?

1 - Spike Tower
2 - Lurker Tower
3 - The Impaler/Impale Tower

1 - Cannon Tower
2 - Artillery Tower
3 - The Bombardier/Bombard Tower

(You could just use tree of life - ages - eternity if you want too, but...)
1 - Fairie Tower
2 - Life Tower/Heal Tower
3 - The Healer/The Reviver/The Life Giver/Life Tower


1 - Meteor Tower/Comet Tower
2 - Asteroid Tower/Meteor Tower
3 - Rain of Terror/Rain of Doom/Rain of .../Asteroid Tower

1 - Fire Wall Tower
2 - Inferno Wall Tower/Scorching Wall Tower
3 - Forest of Hell's Flames/Forest of Flames/Wall of Hell/Inferno Wall Tower

1 - Grenade Tower (Maybe the tower starts out just shooting grenades?)
2 - Shrapnade Tower
3 - Ripper of Flesh/Splitter of Doom/Cluster of .../The Cluster Bomb/Cluster Tower

1 - Fireball Tower
2 - Blazeball Tower
3 - Hail of Destruction/Ball of Destruction/Crushing Tower (Sorry I was running low on fire words ;))

(I think you should change this to a flamethrower... Makes more sence than arrows)
1 - Burning Tower
2 - Incinerator Tower/Flaming Tower
3 - Flame of Obliteration/Flame of Incineration/Incinerating Tower


1 - Suction Tower
2 - Vacuum Tower
3 - Cyclone/Cyclone Tower/Black Hole

1 - Link Tower (hear me out)
2 - Bind Tower
3 - Connection/Connection Tower

1 - Spark Tower
2 - Flash Tower
3 - Lightning/Lightning Tower

1 - Shine Tower
2 - Ray Tower
3 - Beam/Beam Tower

Consider dropping the energy blade tower and do a tornado tower instead!
1 - Whirlwind Tower
2 - Tornado Tower
3 - Cyclone
But if you're goin with the energy blade thing here are some names for that:
1 - (Energy)Disc Tower
2 - (Energy)Blade Tower
3 - Slasher/Slash/Slasher Tower/???


1 - Cooling Wind Tower/Cooling Tower
2 - Chilling Wind Tower/Chilling Tower
3 - Arthas' Breath

1 - Snowstorm Tower
2 - Hailstorm Tower
3 - Kel'Thuzads Breath/Kel'Thuzads Wind/Kel'Thuzads Storm/Kel'Thuzads ...

1 - Spring Tower
2 - Fountain Tower
3 - Lady Vashjs Wrath/Lady Vashjs ...

1 - Winter Tower
2 - Arctic Tower
3 - Ner'Zhuls Aura/Ner'Zhuls Wrath/Ner'Zhuls ...

1 - Spew Tower/Gush Tower
2 - Geyser Tower
3 - Antonidas' Power/Antonidas' Magic/Antonidas' ...(Maybe he made alot of water elementals? ^^)

If you go for special names for the final upgrade, like I have suggested ;), try to keep a specific theme for each element, like i have tried too :)

Earth: The something somethinger
Fire: Something of Doom something
Air: Short Words?
Water: Something with the names from warcraft lore(Like I tried)? Or maybe Poetry stuff?
Tech: You should consider having a tech/electronic "element" ;)

I hope you can you use my names :) Send me an E-Mail on [email protected] if you need help understanding my cryptic writing ;), want to ask me something or have an update :)

LASTNOTE: So you don't think I'm too much of a freak, I googled (or looked them up in WE) the names for the water towers ;)
LASTNOTE2: I had to post something besides the spelling correction ;D
Level 6
Apr 1, 2009
Here's my suggestions:
1.Boulder Tower
2.Mountain Tower
3.Quake Tower
4.Fissure Tower
5.Avalanche Tower
6.Cataclysm Tower
7.Spire of Neltharion
8.Throne of Khaz'Goroth
9.Altar of Demeter
10.Portal of Atlas
1.Searing Tower
2.Immolation Tower
3.Incineration Tower
4.Cremation Tower
5.Inferno Tower
6.Apocalypse Tower
7.Den of Alextrasza
8.Construct of Eonar
9.Forge of Hephasteus
10.Pit of Perses
1.Coral Tower
2.Tsunami Tower
3.Drowning Tower
4.Tidal Tower
5.Sea Tower
6.Whirlpool Tower
7.Nexus of Malygos
8.Temple of Norgannon
9.Shrine of Poseidon
10.Lake of Oceanus
1.Gust Tower
2.Storm Tower
3.Shock Tower
4.Blowing Tower
5.Cyclone Tower
6.Tornado Tower
7.Sanctuary of Nozdormu
8.Church of Aman'Thul
9.Citadel of Hermes
10.Glacier of Typhon