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Tournament of Might and Magic

Submitted by biridius
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
* Players: 1
* Genre: minigame
* Version: 1.62, unprotected
* Game version: 1.24+

Tournament of Might & Magic
This map emulates turn-based combat like in HoMM5.
You play against 20 randomly selected opponents, one after another, on a grid of 120 squares.
After each fight you level up.
- functional AI
- Turn based combat with Initiative scale showing turn order
- Action camera
- you may re-arrange your army, skills and item choices between battles
- 8-slot inventory system and 131+ different items, as well as 30+ item sets giving additional bonuses
- 12 races with 10 different creatures each + mercenaries
- 20 fights with 99 different randomized opponents + 20 bosses
- 60 spells in 4 lores
- 11 skills, each with 5 secondary perks
- unlockable talents and achievements

  • [​IMG]
    How to play
    1. At the start of the game, pick one of the 12 races available, each represented by their Hero.
    2. Choose skills. You start with 3 skill points, +1 after each battle.
    Use the button with two swords to continue, or cancel button to reset skills and rearrange skill points.
    3. Choose troops. You get points for troops after each battle. Clicking on a unit once hires a growth, for example, 22 Gnolls at once. You can rearrange these points between battles.
    4. Choose items, you start with 4 item points +1 for each battle
    5. Deploy your army. You can split stacks by pressing R. Press Z when ready.
    Use Escape to open the settings menu, W to order troops to wait, S to open spellbook, D to defend.

  • There is a lot in the map that would take too much space to fully describe in-game or here in the resource page.
    So I'll be adding some pages with descriptions of spells and such.
    Chaos magic
    Summoning magic
    Light magic
    Dark magic

  • Credits for models:
    - Tranquil
    - Urkdrengi
    - Amaruak
    - Vermillion Edict
    - Lord_T
    - HerrDave
    - Direfury
    - Eagle XI

  • [​IMG]
    By pressing Escape at any point during the game, you may chose your preferences:
    - Language: English or Russian
    - Text adjustment: on some wc3 versions the engine shifts text tags to the right. This option allows to correct that.
    - Action camera: how often the camera angle shifts to show the attack.
    - Replay losses: if this is turned on, when you lose a battle you don't level up, and the next fight will be against the same opponent
    - Mirror matches: turn this off if you want to avoid ever playing against your own race
    - Hints, Unit speech: you may turn them off if they are annoying you.
    - Difficulty: each level increases the AI's stats and army

  • Each hero has access to 7 skills + a unique innate ability, and may hire 10 different types of creatures.
    After every battle the hero levels up, gaining points to spend on skills, units and items.
    They can be reset and re-arranged between battles.

    At level 1, you get the first two creature types, access to Tier 1 spells, 4 item points and 3 skill points
    Each level you gain +1 skill point, +1 item point, and a number of army points.
    Level 3: the third creature type is unlocked.
    Level 4: you get access to Tier 2 spells
    Level 7: you get the fourth creatures, and access to Tier 3 spells if you have the appropriate Basic skill, like Basic Chaos magic
    Level 10: the last, fifth creature type, and access to Tier 4 spells if you have an Advanced magic skill
    Level 14: Tier 5 spells with Expert magic skill

  • After chosing skills, you buy an army using the army points.
    Click on a unit to hire a growth, like 2 Knights. Units without teamcolor will be available later.
    You may press the cancel button to reset and re-arrange your army.
    If you press on the button with two arrows, it changes the choises to alternative creatures, or back.
    Press on the two swords to proceed to the Inventory and chose items.
    The flags allow you to change your team color.

  • [​IMG]


ToMM v1.62 (Map)

Changes made, Approved. By the way, the enemy has the same colour as you now if you choose another than the default one. You should make it so that if you right click the action/spell cancels not executes. Melee heroes still fly and overlap the...
  1. biridius


    Apr 3, 2018
    Added info on Light and Dark magic perks and spells.
  2. biridius


    Apr 3, 2018
    Update 1.62
    Mainly bug fixes - a couple of them were gamebreaking (making the game stuck)

    Bug fixes
    - fixed logistics perk of questing knight breaking melee units
    - fixed interaction between abilities "counter-attack" and "assault"/"attack twice" breaking the game
    - camera center after clicking in the cintematic mode is now reset immediately on escape instead of at the start of the next turn
    - fixed Crusade special effect appearing on dead stacks
    - Retribution buff correctly removed when the affected stack dies
    - boss speech when doing their unique abilities


    New Boss: Grail Knight [level 3+]
    - 5 random mercenary units
    - casts retribution on two stacks, then crusade and bashes with normal attack
    - Reward: The Holy Grail [offhand, 6]: +2 knowledge, +20% magic resistance, 3 charges of Resurrection.

    - added goblin soldiers, flamethrowers, steam tanks and tinkers; high elf archers; orc raiders

    - new model for the hero "Questing Knight" (simple re-texture with a few new animations, made it a few years ago). The old knight model looked too similar to Bandit lord on the title screen, and had no "Spell" animation.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2020 at 5:27 AM