Tournament of Legends v1.2

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This is a map made by me and it is all about the Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors games.

Map Maker(s): Sun-Ce (main idea man and Terrainer) and KenshinUesugi. (triggerer)

Description: You start of as either Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Musashi, Yukimura, Tadakatsu or Ma Chao. You got a base and some soldiers, also you got a War Builder which basically is your builder. You get 100 income each minute and will get bounty for killing, so the best way to get money is to attack the other players. The gole of the map is ofcourse to stand as the sole survivor at the end, there is no alliance mod so you have to fight all by yourself.
And since this is all about the hero game, if you lose your hero, your defeated. There is yet not a spectator mode for those defeated, therefor you will exit the game as soon as your hero dies.

Current vertions units:

(Trained from Command Post (standard units))
- Spearman. Normal foot soldier.
- Archer. Normal Archer.
- Cavalry. Normal Cavalry.
- Sumo. Has Taunt ability.
- Barbarian. Has Bash ability.
- Ninja. Has Shadow Meld, Blink and Evasion.

(trained from Military Academy (advanced units))
- Samurai. Has Critical Strike ability.
- Sky Ninja. Has Burrow, Shadow Meld and Evasion.
- Sorcerer. Has Curse ability.
>> More to come in next vertion.

I am currently working on a vertion 1.1 where the Orochi event will be fixed, and the terrain will be more andvanced, gameplayvice. And more units for more flexible use. For now >.>

The Bug Helper:

When Orochi event happens you will all ally, to break this bug, since you will ally with orochi as well >.> You just go and kill orochi, then you have 10 secs before unally :p

If you download and play this map online or offline, please come back here to give me some feedback on what you think about my map, and maybe come with some ideas? ^^

UPDATE v1.2:

New version, with the following:

- You will no longer get instant defeated when your hero die, you will become "Conquerd" meaning you will ally with the player defeating you.

- New building "Factory" which makes siege units.

New Units:

- Elephant Rider, a stronger Cavalry type of unit.
- Officer, a bit weaker than the Cavalry but got Devoution Aura.
- Fire Ninja, light siege unit.
- Juggernaut, heavy siege and combat unit.
- Catapult, normal siege unit.
- Ram, siege unit that can transport, got large health and armor. But can ONLY attack structures.
- Cannon, strongest siege unit.

- Terrain have been updated to add more flexibility to the game, and to give more choises and escape routs.

DW SW Dynasty Warriors Samurai Warriors Tournament of Legends Lu Bu Tadakatsu Honda

Tournament of Legends v1.2 (Map)

15:00, 19th Jul 2008 Rui: According to our reviewers, the map is good enough to be approved.




15:00, 19th Jul 2008
According to our reviewers, the map is good enough to be approved.
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Dec 11, 2007
Hi Keiji! Here is my review for your map:

[+] great models (congrats to the modeler).
[+] good terrain but since you're a great terrainer it could be done better.
[+] the map can be very fun in multiplayer.

[-] if you have custom models in your map you should also have custom icons for them.
[-] the Hero icons don't have DISBTN's.
[-] you have too less information about your map. You should add a credits section, a small guide, something like that in the Quests Menu.
[-] Hero spells were a bit boring.
[-] a small bug with Ninja's Burrow ability. He changes into an arachnatid whenever he burrows.

[!] i know is hard to make an AI but maybe you will make one for this map.

Overall: 3.5/5 (Approved)

I have reviewed it already :p
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Nov 24, 2007
I have made a v1.2 the 1.1 wasnt really interesting >.> So, when a friend of mine gets around and portects it for me ill releas it here :p thanks for the review ady! Ill improve the terrain, though i cant use custom icons since the file size si allready too large ... <.< sorry. Anyways, for the hero thing, i dont really care about that :p and the quest menu how it works, will add.

The spells is simply cause im not a skilled spell triggerer :p and the bug with the ninjas, if you can tell me how i can make them burrow WITHOUT changing model i will be happy ^^
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Nov 24, 2007
Updated the map.

And for the burrow, its an animation, there is nothing i can do, only thing would be to go in on the ninja model and make a animation that has him burrow and unburrow, and i cant do that.

Cause if i change the model it wont burrow.
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