Tom and Jerry Winter Finale

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i just edit the map, i don't own the theme but I tried to trace/track whom the maker Is. every version of this map has different names so thanks to "Anonymous Someone"

Credits to:
Jas.per = for helping me how to edit, use triggers. and helping me make the Loading screen(I don't care if for you "PRO EDITORS" it was easy)

and thank for my testers:
pugna12304 and somnambulizz

Objection of the game:
Tom = kill all the jerry's. if killed, revive yourself using the "Cat Research Silo" but you were still count as killed. ex: 2 cats, one cat has been killed, he revived him self(count as dead) the other cat died but the other cat is still alive but he was count as dead, YOU LOSE!

Jerry = kill all the tom's, you can save your ally mouse by attacking/destroying their cage at the middle of the map.
Who the F cares about my grammar?

cat, tom, jerry, mouse.

Tom and Jerry Winter Finale (Map)

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Jul 31, 2010
hello, judging from our beloved rules:
Original Work
Maps must be significantly worked on, or entirely created, by their submitter.


Resources should be unique. Largely similar resources, such as icons or skins that are hue-adjusted version of each other, simple reskins that don't change the shape of the model, or maps that are effectively clones of each other, such as most LOAP and Footman Wars maps, may be rejected.

its a careless way of terming the real author to be "anonymous someone" then breaching to the author's resource and gaining it as your own with much no commendation to all of the must credited people

so we all know were this is going to aye? lastly
Who the F cares about my grammar?

the person who now takes position in this section