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To the Bitter End

Submitted by Soul Reaver
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

To the Bitter End
Created by Soul Reaver



For centuries, the people of the Plane of Ithia have suffered under the iron-fisted rule of the immortal sorcerer Morganem and his Council of Six. Now finally their pleas for help are answered: five legendary heroes arrive from beyond the crimson storms of the warp, seeking to topple Morganem's corrupt Empire.

But Morganem will not step silently into the darkness of history, and he prepares to fight these interlopers to the bitter end.

A story-driven, single-player action RPG, "To the Bitter End" has been over six years in the making and features an original setting and with completely original characters, abilities, items and spells.

Control a small group of legendary heroes as they travel throughout the Plane of Ithia, battling the forces of the tyrant sorcerer Morganem over eight Chapters and two cinematic-only maps.

Be prepared to react quickly to changing battlefield conditions and use your abilities strategically to counter whatever the enemy throws at you. Face a variety of challenges, from sneaking out of a prison to taking on a whole army head-on to duelling enemy immortals one on one.

During your battles, gain experience and grow in power to truly superhuman levels. Wield abilities that can break the backs of armies. But beware, for your foes are powerful and relentless enough to be a match even for your mighty heroes.

Be prepared for a challenge as you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and conquer enemies that seemed insurmountable.

Now also available:
To the Bitter End Manual

(Click the image to view, or right-click to save)

A lovingly-crafted illustrated manual, detailing not only basic gameplay instructions, but also delving into the background stories of the campaign's setting, heroes, villains, and monsters.

Prologue Cinematic


The Sphere of Annihilation spell obliterates everything in Soul Reaver's path.

A companion consumed by vampiric madness.

The companions fighting side-by-side against Morganem's forces.

Readme File

To the Bitter End
Version: 1.0.07

Single Player Action RPG/Campaign

For centuries, the people of the Plane of Ithia have suffered under the iron-fisted rule of the immortal sorcerer Morganem and his Council of Six. Now finally their pleas for help are answered: five legendary heroes arrive from beyond the crimson storms of the warp, seeking to topple Morganem's corrupt Empire.

But Morganem will not step silently into the darkness of history, and he prepares to fight these interlopers to the bitter end.

Official Site:


Installation instructions:

Put the .w3n file into your Warcraft III 'Campaigns' folder.

You can play the game by starting The Frozen Throne, then selecting 'Single Player', 'Custom Campaign', and then navigating to the campaign titled 'To the Bitter End' and selecting it.

It helps to have your video settings for Warcraft III set to high quality, or some custom skins in some of the campaign might look a little... weird.

Note that To the Bitter End is more hardware intensive than a standard game of Warcraft III, so your computer will need to exceed Warcraft III's minimum system requirements to run smoothly.


To the Bitter End is supposed to be very difficult.

However, for those finding it simply too tough, as of version 0.7.04, I have added in variable difficulty levels, and the mechanics of this were revamped in v1.0.07. Once in-game, press Enter to bring up the chat window, then type in 'easy', 'medium' or 'hard' (without quotation marks) to change the difficulty at any time. Difficulty persists until you enter a command to change it again, even between Chapters. The default difficulty is 'hard'.

Easier difficulties will (usually) reduce the damage you take and increase the damage you inflict from all sources. In-game stats and tooltips will not reflect this change however.

Remember though: real heroes play on hard!


If for some crazy reason you want to turn off the in-game music for a given Chapter, type 'music off' (without quotation marks) into the chat text in-game. To turn it back on, type in 'music on'.

This special command is required because the way that 'To the Bitter End' handles the in-game music sometimes prevents Warcraft III's in-built volume control from properly affecting the music volume.

Note that even with the 'music off' command, music will still play in a few key cutscenes.

Other Notes:

For further info and an extensive manual, check the 'official site' at www.warpstormstudios.com/tothebitterend

This is the full version of To the Bitter End, and contains all ten Chapters (two of which are cinematics-only):

Prologue: Shadows Rising
Chapter I: Dark Dawn
Chapter II: The Dream of Blood
Chapter III: Juggernaut
Chapter IV: Heart of Ice
Chapter V: Reunion
Chapter VI: Harbingers of War
Chapter VII: Grim Harvest
Chapter VIII: The Bitter End
Epilogue: New Beginnings

To check the version number of your campaign, type 'version' (without quotation marks) into the chat text in-game and it will display (or if nothing displays, then your version is definitely out-of-date). The newest versions are always available on the official site.

Although I am solely responsible for creating this map, several central character featured in this campaign were envisaged by the writers at The Administorum (http://theadministorum.yuku.com/) and its newest incarnation, the Administorum 2.0 (The Administorum - Index).

A word on cinematics:

It is possible to skip any of the cinematics, just press ESC.

You are advised to watch the cinematics at least once. They will often give you instructions as to what to do next and offer clues as to what to expect. Making sense of the game plot without them would be pretty difficult.

One 'bug' that occurs if you skip the cinematics is that any items or abilities that might have 'cooled down' and become available over the course of the cinematic will now not do this. This means that if you want to use those items/abilities often, you may have to wait around more... and if there's a timer counting down while you wait, that might not be advisable. This isn't a major thing, but it does mean that the game might be slightly more difficult if you skip the cinematics.

If you want to be sure to experience the game how it was meant to be played, then don't skip the cinematics. That's how I planned the level out and how I spent the most time testing it.


Use your quest log if unsure of what to do next... that's what it's there for.

Read the tooltips if you want to know what an ability or item does. In fact, this is strongly recommended.

The Sphere of Annihilation and Cataclysm abilities are appropriately named, because they will pretty much obliterate ANYTHING in the target area. That includes things you might prefer to keep un-obliterated, such as yourself.

Your items are re-usable. However, they have long cooldown times. Save them for when you need them, and then unleash hell.

To the Bitter End is very unforgiving. SAVE OFTEN.

You can find Chapter-specific hints (should you need them) at the official site at http://www.warpstormstudios.com/tothebitterend.

Don't expect to find Raziel from the Legacy of Kain series in this game. I've been using the name Soul Reaver for my RPG alter-ego since long before even the first Blood Omen came out. The Soul Reaver in this map is an original character.


To the Bitter End designed, written and created by:
Andy Krieg

Title screen and concept art by:
Stephen Cousins

Chinese localization by:
Heishimo (He)

Russian localization by:

Original Character design:

'Soul Reaver' by Andy Krieg
'Fei Serumen' by Anthony Passmore
'Cameron Aileron' by Sean Britton
'Kitharsis' by Bryon Laird
'Sera Poi' by Anthony Di Cesare
'Slayer' by Eric Rodseth
Additional characters by Andy Krieg


'Kalki (edit)' by E.S. Posthumus

'Pompeii' by E.S. Posthumus

Chapter I:
'The Wretched' by Nine Inch Nails

Chapter II:
'The Becoming' by Nine Inch Nails

Chapter III:
'Tikal' by E.S. Posthumus

Chapter IV:
'Nineveh' by E.S. Posthumus

Chapter V:
'Karma' by Kamelot

Chapter VI:
'We're in this Together' by Nine Inch Nails

Chapter VII:
'Welcome Within' by Godsmack
'Ultra' by KMFDM

Chapter VIII:
'Yamiiro no Yume/Anger (edit)' by Kasamutso Kouji
'Missing Time' by MDFMK
'Kalki' by E.S. Posthumus
'Ashielf Pi' by E.S. Posthumus
'Kuvera (edit)' by E.S. Posthumus

'Indra/Arise (edit)' by E.S. Posthumus

Additional Concept art donated by:
Chris Oldland
Tom Hering

'Void Breach' based on 'Black Hole' model by:

Weapon models extracted by:

Hero Glow model by:

Damage Detection based on GUI Friendly Damage Detection v1.2 by:

Special Thanks to:
The Administorum
Blizzard Entertainment
The Hive Workshop
You, for playing

Extra Special Thanks:
Ji Xu


Tell me what you think! E-mail me (meet_soul_reaver@hotmail.com) if you have comments or questions about 'To The Bitter End', the Multiverse, or Soul Reaver.


Please do not redistribute or modify these files without my permission. These files are not to be sold for profit.

Action, RPG, Campaign, Epic, Fantasy, Hard, To the Bitter End, TTBE, Cinematic, Story, Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Cameron Aileron, Kitharsis, Sera Poi,

To the Bitter End (Campaign)

Date: 12:36:51 13-Nov-11 Map Moderator: -Kobas- Map Status: Approved 6/5 Contact map moderator: Visitor Message / Private Message! Useful Links: If you have any complaints or questions about your map, please make a thread here:Map Resource...
  1. Againstallodds


    Sep 16, 2019
    Ha. I am currently watching your video on youtube with the tutorial.
    Goddamn really a lot going on. I really enjoyed it though. I ll play on when i have the time...
    My comment on your work is honest.

    So my work has nothing to do with fantasy related staff.
    I do contemporary art.
    If you are still interested just out of curiosity i can send you a link in email or something.
    I dont want to post art in this forum.
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
  3. Meilstoer


    Mar 17, 2018
    Hello! Soul Reaver! I had finally complete To The Bitter End Saga and yeah! is so freaking epic!! The Morganem final boss I complete was surprising the first try without fail attempt, thanks hint (especially on Youtube) and yeah I trick using slow gameplay to make easy, especially the Void Child to clear.

    Also, the clear note I play Warcraft III latest version (Jun 5, 2019) it might gonna expect some bug, but only minor like music does not trigger

    In Chapter III: When I collected some acorns, the tree army and druids (including my three companions) attack on Juggernaut that music does not trigger.
    In Chapter VII: The five companions fight each The Council of Six, minus Morganem. The music triggers cinematics on a battle, but its music stops when I move on the entrance behind the gate, even Soul Reaver vs Maelstrom too.
    In Chapter VIII: When Morganem once goes 1% health it triggers Apocalypse, but it does not trigger the channeling I guess I stun him hard.

    Anyways! 5/5 Campaign.
  4. Soul Reaver

    Soul Reaver

    Jul 15, 2005
    Thank you Meilstoer. Congratulations on completing the campaign, and I'm impressed that you managed to beat the final boss on your first try, that's no small feat!

    I'm aware of the issue with the music. You're right in thinking it's been caused by the latest patches to Warcraft 3 - it got introduced a few patches back - and it affects other maps as well. I'm not 100% sure as to the cause or what I can do about it though. I had hoped that subsequent patches might address the problem but I'm not convinced that's going to happen now. If I can find a solution to it I'll release a newer version of the campaign.