[Melee] Tirisfal Glades 2.0

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Mar 10, 2019
im an old moviemaker for wc3
and mapmaker from Starcraft 2 ( Meerel Maps for Download ) and i really want to start making melee maps for Warcraft 3.

I played wc3 for Clan Demonknights around 2006 till 2010 i think. Never lost track in my sc2 time and with reforged coming i guess its the perfect time to start.

For the first project i took the ladder map tirisfal glades and changed it a bit to get a feeling for the editor.
i know alot of players dont like this map for several reasons. i tried to place the expansion closer for human fast expansion, added additional 2 goldmines and changed creep position and composition (less poison).
2 new ramps allow for more strategic moveability.

i have no idea if this is any good so please leave some feedback if you want.

Unbenannt-1.jpg Unbenannt-2.jpg Unbenannt-3.jpg Unbenannt-4.jpg Unbenannt-5.jpg Unbenannt-6.jpg Unbenannt-7.jpg

tirisfal Kopie2.jpg


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Sep 13, 2019
Googling "Tirisfal Glades Warcraft 3" every few years to see if it's gotten more (well deserved) hate is very enjoyable, as the map won me a signed copy of TFT in 2003 despite me knowing fuck all about what made a good War3 map when I was 16. I still don't tbh.

Frankly I'm amazed that people still talk about it, let alone got into the ladder earlier this year! LOL!

Anyway, I'm glad it's been used to give you some experience with the editor :) Keep up the good work!