Tint Corrected Tilesets

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Bringing the reforged tilesets more in-line with classic color palletes...

ashen_cliff0 (Texture)

ashen_cliff1 (Texture)

ashen_dirt (Texture)

ashen_dirtgrass (Texture)

ashen_dirtrough (Texture)

ashen_grass (Texture)

ashen_grasslumpy (Texture)

ashen_leaves (Texture)

ashen_rock (Texture)

ashen_vines (Texture)

felwood_cliff0 (Texture)

felwood_cliff1 (Texture)

felwood_dirt (Texture)

felwood_dirtrough (Texture)

felwood_grass (Texture)

felwood_leaves (Texture)

felwood_poison (Texture)

felwood_rock (Texture)

felwood_vines (Texture)

lordaeronsummertree (Texture)

lords_cliff0 (Texture)

lords_cliff1 (Texture)

lords_dirt (Texture)

lords_dirtgrass (Texture)

lords_dirtrough (Texture)

lords_grass (Texture)

lords_grassdark (Texture)

lords_rock (Texture)

ruins_cliff0 (Texture)

ruins_cliff1 (Texture)

ruins_dirt (Texture)

ruins_dirtgrass (Texture)

ruins_dirtrough (Texture)

ruins_grassdark (Texture)

ruins_largebricks (Texture)

ruins_roundtiles (Texture)

ruins_smallbricks (Texture)

I've been wondering, is there a way to properly replace all the cliff files without having to import them over to editor?
I think you can do these paths as well, not sure. Do you mean some one step to locally override files? I think probably, maybe itd be cool for someone to package it together and make it easy to install whoknows


Edit: ah yes Local files
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Jan 3, 2022
I agree with @MWM. The files should be placed inside _hd.w3mod/... inside the archive, so it can be imported as a whole folder inside the map and then it will only override the textures for HD players. Of course reducing the size by eliminating unused textures is still the map maker's job.